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  • Recent Posts

    • The site looks really good Sal!  I read through most of the beginner's guide.  Wow, a ton of info in there.  That section was a lot more technical than I expected!  I know the struggles you have gone through getting this site back up and running!  Good for you getting it built out and looking all new and shiny!  Your cover photo is awesome.   
    • This is perfect for me Shay! I just dumped a domain because I want to buy a more targeted one and expand the purpose of it!  Essentially it was a client's site, I fired them, and I wanted to put my ideas/content to better use and expand it!  It will be for all that you listed.  My products, some affiliate products and lead capture.  I will also be selling advertising space on there.  Glad I saw this a few days ahead of time!   
    •   I have read a ton of PDF's and each one of them is formatted differently.  Some the font and spacing are way out of control!  The only thing that matters, to me, is the readability and the information in it.  Everything suggested above is great!  If you're not publishing a book for a publisher of any sort, then what the industry standard is, isn't really going to matter.  Yes, each publisher has their own preference, so you go with that.  No brainer.  When creating a product/ebook or a PDF, I always consider who my target audience is, first.  And, with a few in here, I also, agree that a larger-ish spacing and font size for my crappy two eyes, is best.  But as BIG Mike pointed out, it's easy to zoom in.  I typically use 12 in my own ebooks (non published stuff), and when I really want to stress a section or sentence, I'll increase it to 14.  Maybe add a little bold.  I break things up a bit so it keeps my readers interested.  All in all, it's really up to you!  As you mentioned, it's 100% emotional.  What you put out there needs to draw your readers in and that mostly comes from the content.  Keep is simple.  Use your knowledge to keep them engaged. **P.S.   I think about the same things you do, too.  I stress over details to where I get nothing done. 
    • I know, I've written both.  Actually, all publishing houses (for print) require Times New Roman 12 point font spaced the way I described above. This format applies to picture books, easy readers, chapter books, and novel length work. The reason is because it is the easiest for the publishers to work with in formatting to their own in house styling preference. The writers/authors don't do that. It's along the same lines if you're writing a board or picture book. You DO NOT get your own illustrator. Publisher's prefer to choose artists who are well known in the industry to do the illustrations with the goal of helping sell the book. It's in their and your best interests. The only exception would be if you are both an author and artist/illustrator. Also, you can use any style that you want, the key is keeping it consistent whether it's Oxford or Chicago, just not a combination of both.   Terra
    • The only time I leave comments on sites are  1) I'm genuinely interested in the topic and discussion. 2) I think there is potential for direct traffic. I don't bother with blog comments for links and haven't in several years. Main reason being that if they allow your link, they'll probably allow others. Before long, that link is on a page with 50 other links or more. Unless it was an incredible site, the link will be extremely weak. And if it was an incredible site, chances are they made their comment links nofollow a long, long time ago.  Almost all worthwhile sites are using Facebook comments, Disqus, or something similar to those two.
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