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  2. Uh most people consider Regcure Pro to be a scam.
  3. Well, l cannot leave it on all day without it clogging up so much that the Firefox browser starts to act weird, (mulitple images, etc). And l start regcleanpro and it goes into the red on some parts.
  4. Sean Hannity goes on Vacation as advertisers flee, last time this occurred to a Fox News honest, they did not come back to the show. If I was an advertiser, I would not want to pay for commercials to appear on a show that promotes conspiracy theories. What does that say about my brand? #FakeNews brought to you by : Honest Abe's Car Insurance - We stand for integrity, affordability, fairness, and we are an equal opportunity employer.
  5. Don't worry odd's on it is the same as the one we cannot see. Yep, afraid l am also, l sat through Enterprize, eventhough it got a bit dull. Even with Patho's.
  6. Possibly, if I could understand what you're saying. Maybe clear that sentence up a little?
  7. Ok, guys fair point, and eventhough l am not using my old laptop much, having some software that instead of holding back the floodwaters, starts to dimish it would be better. Any suggestions.
  8. I'm a Trekkie, so I'll definitely be watching. I was not a fan of Sonequa Martin-Green's character on TWD. Her acting ability was not a factor in that. I just didn't like what the writers did for her development. From what the trailer shows, I think she does well, and I love the effects. I'm looking forward to it.
  9. Or they just die and nothing happens.
  10. I'll read two of your posts and promptly forget you ever existed.
  11. Redshirt: Captain Clod, for a limited time, the Ladyboy Pleasure Planet is offering it's VIP vacation package for 50 percent off Captain Clod: Engage the Trans-Warp Drive
  12. I go back and forth. I can't decide if I like Craig that much or just like the newest Bond movies that much more. They are a little more grounded in reality, which I like. I did like Pierce. I thought he was good, but some of the movies he was in were not so greatly written. I think we can all agree that Timothy Dalton sucked.
  13. LMAO... Why is it $4600 in South Korea? Something is definitely going on dude. Also, the news sites on this subject might as well be fake news. Oh, I see, The "Fibonacci retracement", Yeah, that's A Proven Indicator for Cryptocurrencies... Mhmm... Technical analysis are for zero sum market places like Forex, or investments like commodities and futures... Where there are legitimate trends to analyze. Unless you're an expert at making investments by analyzing patterns in chaos, in which case, you're better off waking up at 3am and watching the news. " Currently, the bitcoin world is in "wave three" and according to Duke's analysis, $2,800 could be the level at which bitcoin begins its fall. " Uh buddy, they're paying $4600 in SK right now... My question is: WHY?
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  15. I'm okay with Daniel Craig. I liked Brosnan. I sorta like the Craig movies. But at the same time, he's a more emo Bond, and I've read that isn't faithful to the source material?
  16. Red Shirt: "Captain Whitacre, the race of donut beings are about to attack!" Captain Whitacre: "Set your phasers to delicious!"
  17. You mean Claude Luc Riccard sweeping across the galaxy to free it from cosmic dust.
  18. What next? A fat, bald, elderly captain?
  19. Racism!!! #BlackSpocksMatter
  20. Fixed that for you.
  21. I still have a landline phone. I didn't after we moved for about two years but just recently got one again. I prefer it because with all of the tall trees around here, our cell reception isn't the best. I'm happy with my landline as it has cleared a huge percentage of the annoyance out of my life, lol! Terra
  22. I will have to re-visit that bit, I'm obviously heading towards senility faster than my doctor predicted. Oop's what a giveaway
  23. It wasn't Spock. Mark is getting loopy in his twilight years. It was clearly Sonequa Martin-Green's character as a child. Mark, you do know that Spock wasn't black, right?
  24. Shane, the video you posted, available on you-tube in Australia is not working for me in Texas. blocked in my country on copyright grounds. How absurd.
  25. I'll watch two episodes and promptly forget it ever existed.
  26. I don't think that was Spock. It was the woman from TWD. Forget her real name. Looks like she is also half human and half Vulcan.
  27. It's important that we have a version with an Asian female captain Perhaps search for it on you-tube if your interested enough. This one is set 10 years before the Enterprise, kirk & Spock. The Klingon's look a lot different. Look and feel a bit like the reboot movies. Certainly spent some money on it. One thing though, you see Spock's father criticizing his early teen son for not being able to master the Vulcan language due to him being half human. Ten years before? Spock was never in his early 20's
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