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  2. Maybe she should smash in some shop windows or burn a limousine or two, or go and fix that damn tooth gap in her front teeth, finally! Surprised DiCaprio didn't show up, he could have raised the titanic with one of his speeches, or inspired us with his Wolf of Wall street banter, or insited us with Before the Flood comments. And yeah, buckets are optional.
  3. I guess she's trying to remain relevant. Her last tour only grossed $360m. What a 'has-been.' Frank
  4. Chucking a bit - today Madonna is "walking back" her comments about wanting to "blow up the White House".....she is "recanting" according to one report. Of course, that's AFTER she shouted it and waved her fist and took the applause and repeated it....guess she's trying to be in the news two days in a row....? There is humor to be found....sick humor, but humor nonetheless.
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  6. Thankyou for those inspiring remarks WhaT, are certainly one of a kind! Yes, Terra, l guess some here expect to be living in a Soylent Green world in the next 20 years, and want to show their finest qualities. And as the years roll by maybe the hysteria will fade, and be replaced with something else.
  7. I just want to take a moment away from mocking Claude to commend Mark for the research he did while creating this thread. Most of you probably missed this - and you wouldn't know this unless you've researched Whitacre family lore - but the tags for this thread are also the motto found on the Whitacre family crest. Keep up the good work, Mark.
  8. Garfield is the obvious choice. Or feelix or Dexter if pressed. "Lord and Master" also works!
  9. I always love case studies. I always think they are going to go one way, and my predictions are sometimes off. Getting into the final days of the Case Study part, then working on writing everything up. Exciting!
  10. Your sick sexual fantasies have no place here. Let's leave them for our pillow talk. Ok, You made me laugh out loud twice...and I wasn't even pointing at you at the time.
  11. If Frank was in the same situation he would call his new cat Tosh.
  12. You and me both, Kay!! As my grama used to say," What's done is done and what will be, will be." She always meant, it's done now and you have to learn to live with it, or be miserable fighting something you can't change, wasting time, breath, and energy. Terra
  13. Frank
  14. We'll try to keep your seat warm at the table, join us for intelligent conversation, when you are able. I don't want to say that you won't be missed, I'll just leave it at that, so you don't get pissed. Frank P.S. Mike can speak for himself. I've seen no complaints from him and when he does complain, people respect his wishes. He doesn't need you to protect him from 'us.'
  15. Look, I think it's time we discussed the elephant in the room. <all eyes dart to Claude> No, not him, specifically. However, we know Claude likes to eat. Like, a lot. If he names his new cat Cheese, his cats' names, when presented in order of seniority (as common etiquette demands), are: Mac & Cheese Ta da! A name better fitting than Claude's pants.
  16. Though I know some comments were in jest - one has only to look at threads like this one with racist and sexist remarks....and you understand how people keep stirring the pots. My life goes on no matter what the drama in the streets or Halls of Congress....the quality of my day doesn't depend on pols or complaints or demands. It depends on me. I've had enough politics to last 4 years, at least...maybe 8.
  17. 2017 guide for the snapchat: 1. White hat 2. Blog posts C. Guest host 5. Viral content This is sincerely the most best plan
  18. It's a new day, a new week, and I've been thinking. Oh no, run for the hills, LOL! But this is what I thought... Hostility has been flying high, meaning manners out the window did fly, common courtesy said by-bye. When hostility rules the day, anger chases friends away, causing some regrets the next day. Ill feelings oft do linger, after someone points a finger, and leaves hurts like a bee's stinger. Why do some want to be jabbing stingers ferociously? Take pleasure in it, then tee hee? Hostility is contagious, I'm thinking it more advantageous to be courageous rather than and outrageous. If hostility is your thing, and anger you want to bring, With you, I won't be supping. I'll leave an empty spot at the table, and ask all those who are willing and able to join me and make Mike's OT once again, stable. Just thinking is all... Terra
  19. I figure when Denise Levertov said BE IN THE STREETS, THEY'RE OURS, you can kinda drop all shadesa opinion into her words — all mixa people an' purpose gonna wander out while we got blissa both. Who is walkin' here, where it is possible to step out? An' how these people (inspired by walkable narrativle) gonna touch on one another gonna lift 'em up into a better future? * next line is not a porno * I would want always to seek out an' flick the GO switch on all potentially kiss-sum fragmentsa wayward spin seekin' to meet up an' make out in alla their shamelessly naked wonder. Drift out, feel on sum stuff by dinta direction or reflection, an' combine it up real neat an' cool for finite peeps discoverin' mortality's dancea joy an' sorrow (same as evryone now dust), an mebbe your offer gonna inspire hope an' trust 4 hittin' the hot spot. * see — it was not a porno, it was kinda hyperbole * Any street lets me in on that ticket, I am there. Gotta want we can all walk out where heart an' step're fulla pep — singular streetsa diverse beings, combinin' perceptorial fruitsa alla their seeings. But I guess I am kinda lame that way.
  20. Bullshit. The government doesn't own any drilling rigs or employ any workers involved in the oil extraction industry. The extraction will be done by private enterprise(s). You think that private enterprise will extract the oil and then hand all the cash to the government? You truly are an idiot if you believe that. Plus Trump has promised to de-regulate the fossil fuel industry, so neither him nor the Secretary for Energy will have any say in how much is extracted. The market will determine that, and the companies will not allow a massive fall in the price of oil, so it ain't gonna happen. This is yet another area in which you know absolutely fuck all. Your statement (quoted above) proves this beyond all reasonable doubt.
  21. For all of those who don't understand why women marched in developed countries, here's why. In the Australian state of New South Wales, the Premier (similar to a US state Governor) resigned last week. His replacement is a woman, Gladys Berejiklian. She was chosen by her party as the party leader, and as that party is in government, she automatically becomes Premier. She assumed that role this morning. At her first press conference on the role, the second question she was asked was (from a male reporter): "Why don't you have any children?" Yep, her policies or plans or vision mean absolutely nothing apparently. The former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, another childless woman, also copped endless shit about it this as well. None of Ms Berejiklian's, or Ms Gillard's unmarried, childless male colleagues were ever asked that question, and nor was it ever commented on. That is why women (and men) marched in developed countries.
  22. No, if he concentrates on oil and gas reserves on gov, owned land, then the revenue will be gov, which should provide the US, with far more cash than it previously had. It is up to Trump or the guy in charge of energy to regulate how much they dig up.
  23. I agree. I always thought he was an awesome public relations guy and I loved the videos he did. I found him extremely helpful as well. I've always thought of Matt as "the face" of Google. I know I'll miss him. Terra
  24. It won't really have any impact on Google. The only thing his leave has impacted is Google's communication with the public. He had a tough job, but I think he was always as honest and helpful as he could be. Since his leave, the closest thing we have had to a replacement is John and he is... less helpful and knowledgeable.
  25. Not going to happen. He may well open up national parks and other spaces for drilling, but the oil companies aren't going to drill. It would be financial suicide for them to do so. There'll be so much oil produced that the price of oil would plummet putting their profits into a tailspin. Plus it actually wouldn't be economically viable for them to drill. It would cost them more to extract the oil than they could ever sell it for on the market. A brainfart, nothing more, nothing less.
  26. Mike, What kind of effect do you think this will have on Google, if any, now that Matt is out of the picture? I wish Matt well on his new and noble endeavor. Terra
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