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  2. What's wrong with the tablecloth?
  3. I'm building a list of people who deserve to be mooned.
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  5. At least Frank didn't make any toilet paper references, amm, toilet paper,.....never mind!
  6. Enough of these off the cuff remarks
  7. I call that my sleeve. Frank
  8. Ebay has a special on African Raping Crickets, but some are from Mexico, so they tend to want to stay in the box!
  9. No, if he goes in with his Smart Phone and a power lead, he could amuse himself for a month, (probably a year).
  10. You have just made my day! Serviettes, or Napkins or the white, square things you wipe your mouth with after eating, (l know that l shouldn't have said that). But AU, and other civilized countries call them serviettes. PS Bill dying sucks!
  11. I hope that you didn't bring back any moon rocks Princess, after watching Apollo 18, they tend to turn into nasty little spiders! Certainly gives the facehugging spiders in Aliens, a good run. If Elon Musk sent a few there first, one way, l am sure that l could compile a short list, pretty quickly.
  12. Well worth the personal shame of having done so. Frank
  13. They had to find a cause of death so they took him to the morgue and put him on the bench. An angel came down to take him off when he died, and said to him: "All Rise"
  14. Yesterday
  15. I'm totally devastated. So young! Frank
  16. Hey — I was never there. No way am I gowin' back. Gonna snuggle up sweet on Terra Firma an' loon out on shit like a breathable atmosphere an' toucha dependable gravity like a squirma.
  17. Claude experiences that at the Trampling fetish club he attends. Dan's stiletto heels often slip.
  18. I have no idea what that means and I'm not going to look it up. I've made it this far in life lacking that bit of knowledge. I'll make it to the end, I'm sure. Frank
  19. The manager was probably British and didn't know what he was talking about, he should have asked for extra Serviettes
  20. Truth be told, he was put out of his misery before having to deal with the horrific possible outcome of the lawsuit brought by the patron that sued for $1.5m for "undue mental anguish" because he wanted more than one napkin. Oh, the humanity. Frank
  21. Curses, you have to login, I'm one of the few who does not indulge.
  22. I heard he first scalded his mouth from a Mcdonald's coffee and then burnt his insides to a crisp swallowing a hot apple pie whole
  23. Sorry to say. He was poisoned in a fit of jealous pique by the Hamburglar. Frank
  24. Ronald Mcdonald, Dead??
  25. Not until you can pry it from his very tiny hands. Frank
  26. I'm going to ask Dan if he will share his dunce hat with you. Terra
  27. Uh, OK. You do realize that he's just an actor and someone I'm willing to bet you've never met? I'm afraid to tell you that Ronald McDonald isn't a real person. Not sure how you'd handle that. :-) Frank
  28. Yes, seriously devastated. Terra
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