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  3. Farewell my friends

    $7 refund denied. Note: You're banned for 30 days from participating in any additional apocalypses.
  4. Fox News saves man's life

    (Yeah, yeah, I know. It's complete bollocks, but it's funny nevertheless.)
  5. Yesterday
  6. Farewell my friends

    I jus' seen the False Apocalypse Hotline is open for death cults got any Why Oblivion Shit Never Work Out???!!! issues. Only problem is, Hotline number is randomly generated by AI.
  7. Farewell my friends

    Yep. A 24% success rate is not a good track record at all. To compensate for so many misses, the ones that did come true had to very, very bigly apocalypty.
  8. Farewell my friends

    In fact, over 76% of all predicted global apocalypses...never happened. True story.
  9. Farewell my friends

    I agree total crap, l mean all l am getting here is the sun rising at 12 midnight,.......and, .....and a few,....(looking out of my window) of my neighbors cats and dogs, rising into the air! But l am sure that it is just a Mandela, Sharknado even.................................................
  10. Posting this a little early so that you can get your ideas together. A Fresh Start for this Challenge means: starting a brand new project starting a new product taking a fresh look at an older product or project, dusting it off, and starting fresh with a new strategy or perspective I have a hobby site I'm starting, and I want to put some time, energy, and resources into it. What are you going to do?
  11. Farewell my friends

    Well, it's 7 minutes into the 24th in my neck of the woods and all I can say is that the promised destruction of the world on the 23rd has been the... WORST APOCALYPSE EVER! I demand a refund!!!
  12. Farewell my friends

    Edited for accuracy. Thank you
  13. Farewell my friends

    It's time to air our grievances before it's too late. Damn you all! kidding
  14. Dotard

  15. The Weird Mandela Effect

    Ok, this is a special for all my silent fans out there who look at my posts but never post comments: Four new ones in one post... Berkley California is now Berkeley California or "Berkeeley" if you want to say it literally. Always has been. Lol Chris Isaac the singer is now Chris Isaak ... so never get him to sign anything, he deliberately spells his surname wrong. Or is it just the original spelling? Remember the Uk band called "The Sex Pistols" I always knew them as that. Now it's just "Sex Pistols" Despite.... Or... Finally a more obscure UK Band called "The Strawbs" Rick Wakeman the Yes Keyboard player was with them in his early years. Now sadly just "Strawbs" Despite This.. All purchasable on Amazon or other places
  16. Last week
  17. Dotard

    Homer getting mad at Claude, a.k.a the 'special needs' adult
  18. Dotard

    So Doturd
  19. Dotard

    He smells.
  20. Dotard

    Actually he should learn how to spell Mandela
  21. Dotard

    Nonsense Claude knows when to roll em when to hold em, when to walk away, and,.....when to hold em. Pfft!
  22. Dotard

    You really should learn to spell your name correctly. Dotard.
  23. Dotard

    I do things. I do many things. I do the best things. Everyone says I do the best things. I have the best people working on the best things, and I'll let you know in two weeks (always) what those things are. You're going to love what things I do. You are Fake News because you won't fairly report the great...I mean Greatest things I do. I've done more things than anyone else ever has. Nobody knew how hard it was to do things. Sad. The Saddest. And everyone in the US had to look up Dotard. Other Sad. Added later... Whitacre, you idiot! Not Whitaker. Mandella.
  24. Dotard

    Plausible, but this definition doesn't correlate to Whitaker. He doesn't do anything.
  25. Dotard

    Actually when I saw the thread title I though it was yet another escalation of the war of words between serial pests Kim Jong Riffle and Claude J Trump.
  26. Dotard

    I think I've got it. A dotard is a tard that do stuff. A tard that do stuff again is therefore a retard. Yes? No? Maybe?
  27. Dotard

    Dotard is an anagram of "Odd Rat" Odd Rats have only been recorded in the store-rooms of Vacuum showrooms in the Wooster Ohio area. They are much lager that normal ones because as you know, most Vacuum stores in that location are run by fuzzy brained, overweight, dounut guzzling, Dotards
  28. Dotard

    There. It's been said. Have at it. (Bonus points for the best essay on how "dotard" properly sums up one Claude Q. Whitaker.)
  29. Farewell my friends

    So we won't be destroyed by man made global warming, that is a relief!
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