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  2. Good morning, I'd like to purchase some gramophone recordings of the artist known as Ossie/Ozzy Osborne. Oh I'm sorry sir. We do not have anything for an artist of that name. We do have some stuff by a singer known as Ozzy OSBOURNE with a "U" Hey, that's him, when did he add a "U" to his surname? Well sir, he did not, you see sir, he's been Mandela'd. His names been changed by some as yet unknown quantum effect, currently afflicting thousands of others too. What do you mean? It's a reality change sir, currently in full swing. Names, place's continents, human bodies, statue's, paintings name it.. are all changing. Sometimes they even change back. Like the "Flinstones" that Steve Martin and John Candy were singing about on the bus in "Trains, Planes & Automobiles" thankfully the Flintstones again. Most people are quite happy with the change as their memories, the history, related artifacts in their home are adjusted accordingly, but millions still remember, and, for some reason, it is not comprehensively done, more like a makeover, like when they put a more corporate shell over the BBC website, but if you dig in a little you see the old style pages, clue's still remain. You remember the Christ The Redeemer statue gaining 100 feet in height overnight and now looking down, not straight ahead. But, But, they said it was an act of God..Really sir? Anyway.. I have not got time for this..out of the 330,000 people who remember his original name on Google, is there anything left physically that I can buy with the original spelling. Well sir, there is this from Amazon, via a third party seller. A bit pricey sir, a 7 inch picture disk limited edition rarity, but it has the correct old spelling and he's signed it with what looks like the original correct spelling. However, you can't quite make it out however much you blow it up, such a lousy signature and photo. Well I don't care, I will buy it, reminds me of home, my reality. Thank you sir. You must be from the Earth that was referred to as the little Blue, Green Planet on the outer Western spiral arm (Sagittarius) of the galaxy, you know, like Carl Sagan thought and Tyson the Astronomer think we still live in. But, But, we still do don't we? No sir, we have moved 80,000 light years over to The eastern side and now occupy the short Orion's spur arm, much closer to the center of the Galaxy. But sir, you can still see old depictions of where you used to live if you look, take this screenshot from the Starship Troopers movie that reflects this memory. Ahh that feels so right. Yes sir, it does for you and millions of others. But this is where you are now since about 2015. Wow, we would have been much closer to that hostile planet. Yes sir.. As a special bonus for your purchase I will leave you with a picture of your old reality, this is the original name, just "Home Depot", before it got changed in 2015 to "The Home Depot" Why thank you, it helps me remember. And sir..a word of advice. What? Don't antagonise the natives too much, you must understand that we have a different set of memories to you and many others. Our kind will just get upset with you and think you are insane but some of us, or at least I, know you are not, they are just your 100 percent bonafide memories... Thank you, I will take under advisement.
  3. Michael: I am a victim of a hate crime. Stanley knows what I'm talking about. Stanley: That's not a hate crime. Michael: Well I hated it. The crime was, someone pooped on the floor in Michael Scott's office.
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  5. Then I worry you. If I have to kill someone to save myself or someone else from an attacker......that's the way it is. You wouldn't kill for revenge. You kill to relieve a society of a proven and active danger. Killing for revenge would entail something like killing someone for sleeping with your spouse - not a danger to you or anyone else other than hurt feelings.
  6. Had it done about a year ago. Best thing I ever did. My vision wasn't horrible but got tired of dealing with glasses when in front of a screen or driving. I could read a page online without glasses but had to really focus at times (causing eye fatigue, dry eyes, headaches, etc.). The lasik consult where they do all sorts of measurements took almost 2 hours. The actual procedure a week later probably took 3 minutes. They usually give you a Valium pill to help you relax but I don't even think I needed it. The procedure was entirely laser so nothing ever touches your eyeball. Some of the older technology uses a blade to "shave" your eyeball so if you see a cheap price, that's probably why. For a couple seconds during the procedure, you see nothing but gray which is a bit freaky but they warn you ahead of time. Drove myself home afterwards and vision was already better than before. Vision kept getting better for a few days and then peaked a bit better than 20/20. Been that way since. Worst part was having to use eyedrops for about a month afterwards since they got dry pretty quickly. Trying to convince the wife to do it but she wants no part of anyone being that close to her eyes.
  7. Whatty didn't say anything about torture. I have to agree with you. Torturing someone for revenge is sick and demented. But killing them for revenge? Much better. Nothing twisted or demented about that at all. Am I right, Guys?
  8. If you are thinking of having lasik surgery, do some thorough research on the risks first. For example, this website: One person I know who had lasik surgery, afterwards I literally did not recognize her. Her eyes had no sparkle any more. They looked dead, and to me it made her look unattractive. That's the only way I can describe it. It was really creepy to me. The other thing I remember is that there was a guy on the same Mt. Everest expedition as John Krakauer, who wrote the book "Into Thin Air" who had had laser surgery on his eyes and had severe problems seeing at high altitude. Those two stories/incidents were enough to convince me that messing with your eyes just to get rid of glasses isn't worth it.
  9. You're lucky. The eye doctor I saw (pun intended) wouldn't give me the OK to drive until I'd had both done and there were no complications with them. Perhaps it's dependent on how bad the cataracts were in the first place.
  10. No, I just had cataract replacement surgery. Same thing Kay is going through.
  11. Maybe, but you are an Eww-wok. Enjoy your day. Thank you.
  12. No. But then again I couldn't kill someone either. If you can, you worry me, no matter what your reason for doing it.
  13. Um..yeah.......I'm not into torture - for any reason. If someone is demented enough to do this, they are a danger to all society and need to be gotten rid of. Torturing them isn't going to do anything. It's not something that they can "learn their lesson" about. I find needing to use torture for revenge as sick as the original act. It won't make things different, it won't bring back the skin - it won't revive the dead. It just makes the torturer into the same twisted beast as the demented psycho. Shoot em - clean kill, because we need to be rid of demented psychos. Seriously - can you torture another living being? If you can, you worry me, no matter what your reason for doing it.
  14. Too quick and an easy way out for them. They should be made to suffer for the rest of their long lives, like their victims do.
  15. Probably not as great as you would think. If you consider the conditions many of those women live in to start with, there's probably not much else you can do to them to beat them down any further. Half of em would be beaten raw or stoned for showing their faces in the first place.
  16. Yeah - we were remote from Fri to Monday. Carried more and climbed more than I should in my condition, but I knew that would happen. Kinda unavoidable. We all had a great time. My members got some great rock, too, so they were really happy. That's one thing about guiding trips is you get a little stressed about people finding good stuff. I did a lot of sitting out under trees and watching them all foam at the mouth. Still got the prize of the weekend, LOL - gold sheen obsidian. I already have a lot of that rare chromated wood from the one site I discovered, so they all got some extremely rare petrified wood and were so happy I could have slapped them and told them to shove off and they'd still have been smiling. Love to see people find something that is just beyond their imagination that they could find.
  17. Last week
  18. I see. As you can imagine by it being New Jersey, there are a lot of electrician in my densely populated area. My business currently shows up in the 3 pack of 2 towns and further down in the map listing of at least 2 others. And that's fine. What I am doing now is condensing my service area to the closest towns to me. So I just wanted to be sure that making my service area smaller in My Business wasn't going to hurt me in any other way.
  19. Sounds like a blast. Did campfires and rock hunting ??
  20. I would be curious to see the suicide rate for those who have been massively disfigured from this unspeakable crime. I suspect it's relatively high
  21. Frank is an Ewok. And he mated with a Keebler elf. And that gave us Riffle.
  22. Whatti, has!
  23. I think what it is impacted most by is the number of neighboring competing businesses. If you are the only electrician for 20 miles, you could show up for any search in those 20 miles. If you are one of 10 in a 5-mile radius, that's different. I do not get too hung up on it. I always just put the actual area the business covers and move on. Its impact really depends on the market.
  24. Frank is an ewok? That explains a lot.
  25. You idiot! Everyone knows who they are. You are furry little friend.
  26. Thank you to the member that brought this post to my attention accompanied by a plea for a response. You know who you are.
  27. Has anyone here had lasik eye surgery? I've been considering lasik but I keep putting it off because I'm too chicken. Really I'm afraid they'll make my vision worse.
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