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  1. I have never seen one.
  2. It will be interesting to watch if a competitor tries to step into the space and offer affiliates a better deal. I've been paying attention to WalMart recently. They have been trying to compete with Amazon online. They recently started offering free shipping on a number of household items, and they are very quick to point out that no membership fee (Amazon Prime) is required.
  3. For organic search traffic that is true. For AdWords, you get the full data. There are no (not provided) in your AdWords data.
  4. Yeah, it looks like they are no longer ranking. They were though. When I checked it myself before posting it they were still on page one, but around 6 or 7. Lots of people were talking about it including Danny Sullivan, so I would not be surprised if Google caught wind of it and manually made the adjustment.
  5. I would be curious to know what percentage of their sales come from affiliates. Amazon has grown so much, I bet it is a much smaller percentage than it used to be. Lot if businesses have been built on the backs of affiliates who then get unceremoniously dumped.
  6. I know a lot of people really like SerpFox. I never liked the interface, but my real problem with it was it seemed to go down a lot and sometimes go days without updating rankings.
  7. I forgot that is one other cool thing they do. They will call you up and do a live demo with you on how to use it. The email address associated with my account is mike@theseopub.com. Not sure if they will give credit after the fact or not if you did not click on an affiliate link. Appreciate it though.
  8. WebMeUp was the only other one that I really liked, but they shutdown. I've been through RankRanger, SerpFox, SerpWatch, Rank Tracker (SEO PowerSuite's tool), Advanced Web Ranking, and a few others that I've forgotten. All suck in comparison to RankWatch in terms of accuracy, usability, and reporting. Actually, Rank Tracker and Advanced Web Ranking are not too bad, but they are desktop apps, and I hate desktop apps for rank tracking.
  9. Negative keywords might be the biggest money saver and way to improve CTR out there. Also might be one of the biggest mistakes people make by including the wrong negative keywords and tanking their whole campaign. This is the article I published, and I do include a section about negative keywords. http://theseopub.com/cut-adwords-costs-half-understanding-quality-score/ The example I use is if you have a website selling healthy snacks. You might be target healthy snacks as a broad or phrase match term, but people may search for healthy snacks for pets. You don't want that traffic, or even the impressions for your ads because it will kill your CTR. You need to add things like pets, dogs, cats, birds, etc. as negative keywords.
  10. I have a huge boner for RankWatch. I used to get ticked off at ranking software all the time and switch about twice a year what I was using. I have been using RankWatch for two years now (maybe longer). It's been great.
  11. I have an article that will be published tomorrow on my site that discusses Quality Score in Google AdWords. It was prompted by a consultation I recently did with a business spending thousands per month on AdWords, and the team in charge of their campaign did not understand how Quality Score impacted their ad positioning and cost per click. I put together this simple chart to explain it, and figured others might benefit from it too. For those not familiar with Ad Rank, the higher your Ad Rank, the better ad position you get. Quality Score is given on a range of 1-10. Google developed it as a way to level the playing field a little bit. Instead of AdWords just being a straight auction, they made it a little more complicated to give smaller advertisers a chance to compete with companies that have deeper pockets.
  12. So you know that silly you need unique content to rank myth? Yeah, not so much. They are ranking in both the US and UK right now using Google's own content.
  13. Just be aware you will lose the GCLID tracking code for analytics with a 301 redirect. I think all the AdWords traffic will show as organic search traffic instead. I believe there is a workaround for that, but I don't remember it offhand.
  14. The rules on signatures have been updated. http://spartanmarketingacademy.com/forums/topic/605-signature-rules/ English only. Please update your signatures accordingly.
  15. Updated the rules on signatures. Signatures must be in English only.