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  1. I think what it is impacted most by is the number of neighboring competing businesses. If you are the only electrician for 20 miles, you could show up for any search in those 20 miles. If you are one of 10 in a 5-mile radius, that's different. I do not get too hung up on it. I always just put the actual area the business covers and move on. Its impact really depends on the market.
  2. Crossing my fingers for it to hit $499,000. Best of both worlds.
  3. I don't often look at the data in Search Console because it is usually dated and not all that accurate. I happened to check it today in a couple of accounts and noticed the average position of keywords was taking a nosedive. Rank tracking did not show anything like that. Well, it looks like it might be a bug in Search Console as others are seeing the same thing. https://productforums.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!category-topic/webmasters/QSNfBC0OxJo Here is an example of one of mine. The green line is the average position.
  4. Well, it's expanding. I figure this will be nationwide by next year. http://searchengineland.com/google-home-services-expands-philadelphia-279042
  5. Matt McGee also left Third Door Media which owns SEL, Marketing Land, and Martech. Wonder if there is something going on where some of them will be starting something new.
  6. Rand Fishkin is leaving Moz. He has not announced anything yet, but from this post, it kind of sounds like he is being pushed out. https://moz.com/blog/rand-to-move-into-advisory-role?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=rand_to_move_into_advisory_role&utm_campaign=blog_post
  7. Yeah, I'm sure there is money to be made in this particular niche all sorts of ways now that I think about it.
  8. If you work at a computer all day long as most people working online do, you probably have times where your eyes feel fatigued. And if you are not experiencing it, trust me. Some day you will. If you work a full-time job where you spend a lot of time on the computer, and then come home to work on your internet business, I really feel for you. I've been having issues on and off with my eyes for a couple of years now. I'm getting headaches more and more frequently. I used to get migraines about once a year. Now it is about 6 times per year. I have been trying to do things like scheduling some time away from the computer (and avoid looking at cell phones, tablets, etc.) for 5-10 minutes every 60-90 minutes. That has certainly helped. I also found some information about glasses that can help.They are commonly referred to as gaming glasses. What they are is glasses that shield your eyes from a lot of the blue light that comes from a lot of light sources like computer screens. If you have an iPhone, it makes your screen look a lot like when you put the "night shift" option on. Not quite as dramatic, but it is pretty similar. So I grabbed a pair. These are the ones I got. There are much more expensive and nicer ones out there, but I wasn't going to spend $80-150 on something I wasn't sure would work. Well, after a few days, it is a noticeable difference. My eyes are not bothering me nearly as much. The last two nights I had some late night work to do. I usually have some trouble falling asleep if I am staring at the computer right before bed. Not this time. Anyhow, I didn't know what section to put this in, but I wanted to share my experience. If you have issues with your eyes bothering from long hours staring at the computer, you might want to check something like this out. They also make ones you can get that will fit over glasses or you can actually get prescription lens versions from some manufacturers.
  9. Does the phone number actually show up? I thought I read it wasn't supposed to. You can have it text to any number you want, but no number appears to the customer.
  10. Supposedly it doesn't go by business hours. You know what, it probably only shows up on mobile devices though.
  11. You switched to phrase match from broad match I am assuming. I honestly would probably be running on mostly exact match keywords for a company like that to help filter out more of the consumer versus commercial traffic. I have a similar issue with my waste disposal client. There are a lot of people at home searching for waste disposal and what they really want is someone to pick up their trash or information like how to dispose of a leftover can of paint. Negative keywords are a big, big help, but we also pretty much just stopped targeting generic terms like "waste disposal". Too much of the traffic is irrelevant, and you can even tell that just by looking at the other ads for keywords like that. Another thing I would do is make sure you are ALWAYS running 2 ads in every ad group. You want to make sure you have the campaign set to show the ads an equal amount of time. Don't let Google try to optimize them for clicks or conversions. Nothing like that. You want a 50/50 split. Make sure the ads are fairly different. After you have enough data, decide which of the 2 ads to keep. Ditch the other one and write a new ad to replace it. Just keep doing this over and over. In fairly big campaigns, I do this weekly. In smaller campaigns, it might take 2-4 weeks to get enough data to pick a winner. Also, some ad groups are going to be smaller volume than others. This keeps you constantly testing your ads. You will also start to notice and pick up on trends of certain phrases that work really well. You'll find that you get better and better CTRs this way. Your ad writing for that campaign will just keep getting better and better. In your case, I would test some with the keyword insertion and without. I've always kept my ad groups to between 5-10 keywords, so I never felt the need to use those. If you are going to use them, I would test results without using them too.
  12. Looks like Google turned on a new feature in the US market. If you go into your GMB dashboard, you can turn on messaging. This lets customers send a message through your local listing that you can receive on your phone. So far, it looks like there is no option to set certain times where it is on or off. That is a little disappointing. Has anyone tried it yet? Anyone going to try it?
  13. I used to love the Little Ceaser's Tombstone pizza when I was a kid. The hot n' ready stuff now is pretty gross.
  14. I knew individual dates like this existed. I didn't know there were whole weeks like this.
  15. ...again. If you have not seen it in the news, the battle over net neutrality is here again. In a move that’s equal parts infuriating and exasperating, Ajit Pai, the FCC’s new chairman appointed by President Putin Trump, wants to scrap the open internet protections installed in 2015 under the Obama administration. Those consumer protections mean providers such as AT&T, Charter, Comcast, and Verizon are prevented from blocking or slowing down access to the web. Pretty good article about it here: https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/12/15715030/what-is-net-neutrality-fcc-ajit-pai-bill-rules-repealed And I would encourage you to visit https://www.battleforthenet.com/.