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  1. Changing main phone number

    It is important and having it all be correct would be ideal, but I think if you have 2 of the 3 (Name, Address, Phone Number), you will be okay. I just have seen too much evidence of local businesses ranking well that have incorrect or inconsistent phone numbers. Like the restaurant example I mentioned where the business has 2-3 valid phone numbers. Some listings have one number. Some have another number, some have all three, but there is a lot of variety. Still ranking #1. I think Google's algorithm has evolved from a hardline stance on that. There was a time when people preached that you had to use the exact same address throughout all of your citations. If you used 'Avenue', then it had to be Avenue on everything. No Av or Ave. Google has gotten smarter than that. If I had a choice, I would do what I could to make it uniform, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it or break my neck to make it happen.
  2. Bitcoin is Booming

    It won't be permanent. Several other countries did the same thing before going forward allowing it with new regulations. And even if it was permanent, cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere. More and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin and others as a form of payment. Plenty of countries have legitimized it. It is here to stay.
  3. Changing main phone number

    I don't think you will take a hit for that to be honest. The business name and address will still match for the citations. There are a lot of businesses with multiple phone numbers, but their listings in directories are inconsistent. Some have both numbers. Some have one number. I see it a lot with local restaurants that have more than one phone number for busier times to call in takeout and delivery orders.
  4. I don't watch them nearly as much as I used to, but I hated when USA chants would go up at UFC events. Could not stand it. Neither fighter is representing their country. The crowd was so stupid, half the time they would start a USA chant for a guy that happened to now live and train in the USA, but was actually from Brazil or some other country.
  5. Search engine history

    I was using AltaVista and Yahoo. Not really sure when I ended up on Google, but once I did, I never went back to anything else. I forgot about Cuil. I remember when news of that came out people were speculating they were going to do Google better than Google. That hasn't seemed to pan out. Haven't heard of them since. WordStream didn't give DuckDuckGo any love. That was supposed to be another Google killer.
  6. Changing main phone number

    You can use a service like Yext. Yext is directly connected to a lot of local directories. You basically have one dashboard. You make changes and they push them out to all of those directories and data aggregators. The downside is, you have to stay with them year after year or the rumor is they will revert back to their old data. I have not tested that though myself.
  7. The new "green" boom

    I have not looked into stocks yet, but I have a client who is branching out their business an in the beginning stages of opening a medical marijuana facility for which I will be handling their online marketing. Online, there is probably a good opportunity to setup a niche site around the topic covering questions like where is it legal, how to get a prescription, do I need a prescription, etc. Probably could get a lot of traffic and be profitable with banner ads.
  8. A thought experiment

    I watched Star Trek. I know what happens when you connect everyone's mind together. It doesn't end well. Resistance is futile.
  9. Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. all go nofollow

    My guess is they allow them for the traffic they bring. I'm sure a lot of that self-created content gets shared on social media by those authors and promoted in other ways. They have probably turned a blind eye to what was going on and just kept counting the dollars from their ad revenue. Forbes and Huffington Post were starting to remind me of Ezine Articles back 7-8 years ago. Remember when a lot of SERPs for low to moderate competitive keywords had Ezine Article pages on page one? Sometimes even 2-3 of them in the top 15 or so. I've been seeing a lot of that from sites like Forbes too. I wouldn't be surprised if Google silently gave them a whack.
  10. Pretty much knew this was coming. It looks like you can add these three to the list of sites that are adding nofollow to external links. Likely will only be on contributor articles which have been abused for a long time by link sellers, but who knows. https://www.seroundtable.com/forbes-inc-nofollow-external-links-24381.html
  11. I received this email last night from Google AdWords: They are getting rid of the bidding options to "optimize for clicks" and "optimize for conversions". Neither of those were recommended to use anyhow, and hopefully nobody was. What I do not get, and it is something you will need to change in your account on the 25th of September is that if you were using "rotate evenly" it will change to "optimize" instead of the new "rotate indefinitely". It would make more sense for that to change to "rotate indefinitely" to me.
  12. Link Building for small local business

    DA has nothing to do with link building. You should ignore it.
  13. So These Riots About Taking Down Confederate Hero Statues?

    Slavery had not been abolished at the time of the Civil War. It wasn't until the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, and that only "freed" slaves in the Confederate states, where Lincoln did not actually have the power to free them. The 13th Amendment was not ratified until December of 1865. The Civil War ended in May of that year. They are not heroes deserving of statues. That is the point. What did they do? They rebelled against the Union and fought to keep slavery as an institution. Many of them had a pretty dubious record of promoting equality during and after the war. Robert E. Lee for example. As an educator after the war, there are a lot of reports of him coming down harder on black students and overlooking violence against them. During the war, he refused a prisoner exchange with Grant on the grounds that trading a black soldier for a white soldier in a 1 to 1 exchange was not an equal exchange. Many of the statues were not erected until the 1960s, and it was in direct response to the civil rights movement. Again, I don't think they should be destroyed, but they should be removed from government property and put into museums.
  14. So These Riots About Taking Down Confederate Hero Statues?

    Actually, I think it had more to do with underestimating how many of them there are.
  15. So These Riots About Taking Down Confederate Hero Statues?

    You can't do that. Our citizenship is too stupid to understand that. There will be idiots that still see them as heroes and would never understand otherwise because that is what the plaque says..