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  1. I go back and forth. I can't decide if I like Craig that much or just like the newest Bond movies that much more. They are a little more grounded in reality, which I like. I did like Pierce. I thought he was good, but some of the movies he was in were not so greatly written. I think we can all agree that Timothy Dalton sucked.
  2. I don't think that was Spock. It was the woman from TWD. Forget her real name. Looks like she is also half human and half Vulcan.
  3. Not real excited about the casting. I'm not a fan of the woman from TWD.
  4. If you have to run it every time, that means it is not working.
  5. I like Daniel Craig to be honest.
  6. Damnit. He was my 3rd favorite Bond.
  7. Congratulations. Now the important question... What are you working on getting published next?
  8. Silos are a little more complex than just that. But yes you are going to want to do it throughout most, if not all, of the site. And you can have silos within silos that are within other silos. It can get as complex as you want or need.
  9. Someone recently paid me for some work in Bitcoin. The payment hit when it had dropped back down to about $1720. It's over $2200 today. That has worked out well so far.
  10. I understand that. What I'm saying is that Visa won't be so quick to do so on a case that isn't as obvious as a double charge. I saw it happen all the time.
  11. In simple cases like a double charge, it usually is reversed right away. In the case of fraudulent activity, it can take up to 2 weeks for an investigation to be done and the charges to be reversed. Some banks will provide provisional credit while the investigation is ongoing. Even that can take 1-2 days to get approved. It depends on the bank too. A place like Wells Fargo probably wouldn't do that for a customer because they are full of cock-juggling thundercunts. Funny story about customers complaining about fraudulent activity. Back when I was working at a bank, a customer walked up to the front desk with the branch manager and told her there was a charge on his account listed under GGW. He was kind of a jerk and being loud claiming it was our fault and the bank had wronged him in some way. He swore he never authorized the charge and had no idea what it was. She pulls up his account, and there is a 1-800 number listed with the charge. She asks him again just to confirm that he has no idea what it could be. He swears it is an illegal charge and that we need to refund him immediately. She calmly says, "Okay. Well let's just call the number and see what this company is. Then we can figure out what to do from there." She dials it on speakerphone in the middle of the lobby. Not intentionally. She just often would dial numbers like that and then pick up the handset when someone answered. This music starts playing and this voice announces, "Welcome to Girls Gone Wild!" Entire bank could hear it. The guy went from angry red to embarrassed red so fast. He quietly took his things and left.
  12. That is true. That can happen. I worked in banking for several years, so I've seen it happen. In every case, people did get their money back, but you are right, it can cause a short-term cashflow problem. However, what I do with my business accounts is I have one checking account separate for debit card purchases. It is not linked to any of my other accounts for overdraft protection or in any other way. So if anything happens, that is the only money that is ever vulnerable. I just transfer more money in as I need it.
  13. You can find banks that offer rewards on debit cards. Even PayPal does cash back on their debit card.
  14. I have them, but honestly I am the type of customer credit card companies hate. I never use them. They are losing money on me with sending out statements and new cards every 3 years. Why use a credit card when a debit card is accepted?
  15. People still use Norton? And norton.com/setup does not redirect for me. You had some sort of malware on your system before you went there that redirected you.