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  1. Just so I'm clear...

    Sorry, but we are unable to recover deleted threads. They are banished to the void instantly. Members having the ability to delete threads was an oversight on my part. I know the forum was not always set that way. My guess is that when we upgraded from version 3 to version 4, it got switched as did a number of other settings that I have found since then. All of you have great words. The best words. The loss of this single thread does not cast any doubt on that.
  2. Adding a city twice in My Business

    Not spammy at all. They are different areas.
  3. Adding a city twice in My Business

    Yes. If Google is giving you the option to use both, they are certainly not going to penalize you for doing so.
  4. I see red

    They are actually the same color. It's definitely something with the monitor. It looks slightly off on one of my monitors. On another monitor they match. I use the "Eye Dropper" extension on Chrome. It lets you pull any color from a webpage. Pretty cool little extension. Anyhow, I checked with that and they match there too. The red reply button doesn't look right when I use the red from the header strip. Just making it black now I think.
  5. Someone recently asked me about DKI, and we had an interesting conversation about it. I thought I would share a little bit about it and my thoughts on why I never use it. Dynamic Keyword Insertion is used by AdWords and other PPC advertisers to allow advertisers to insert search variables into their ads. As an example, I can insert this into AdWords: The way it will work is if someone searches for cheap used cars and my ad is displayed, the heading will be Cheap Used Cars - Priced to Move If they searched for used cars under $8,000 and my ad was triggered, the heading will be Used Cars Under $8,000 - Priced to Move You can control the capitalization of the keywords by how you type the word "keyword" in the command. keyword produces "used cars" Keyword produces "Used cars" KeyWord produces "Used Cars" KEYWORD produces "USED CARS" If the search query is too long, the word or words you put after the KeyWord: are used in its place. In Adwords, you have 30 characters available in the headlines and 80 in the description. If someone searched for used 2002 Subaru Outback Legacy with leather interior, that would obviously be too long and would just be replaced with Used Cars in the headline. On the surface, this might seem like a very useful feature, but there are some issues with it. The first issue you can see in the second example I put up there. A heading of "Used Cars Under $8,000 - Priced to Move" is not an ideal headline. You are already stating they are under $8,000. The "Priced to move" tagline is somewhat redundant. And what if your lot doesn't have any cars under $8,000? Even if you are using only exact match keywords in your ad groups, Google has been expanding its definition of exact match and you may get some ads that end up not making a lot of sense or just not being very ideal. A second problem you can run into is a more serious one. You could violate someone's trademark. Someone might search for Joe's Used Cars , which is the name of a competitor down the street. If my ad is triggered, my headline is Joe's Used Cars - Price to Move It's perfectly okay to bid on keywords that are someone else's trademark, but you cannot run ads using their trademark in them. Not only could Google close your account for something like this, but you could also end up in legal hot water. Can you use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in your ads? Sure, but I would do so very, very sparingly and keep a close eye on what search terms are triggering ads. Make sure you are maintaining a good negative keyword list.
  6. I see red

    He was talking about red in the bar just below the header, not the header itself.
  7. I see red

    There has been some playing with that, but I have not found a shade of red I care for yet.
  8. We have done this the past few years. This will be a thread for useful Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for IM'ers. I'll post any I come across, and members are welcome to do the same.
  9. WordPress Plugin Idea

    That was the part I was wondering about.
  10. Adding a city twice in My Business

    I have never played around to see if there is a difference by entering both. I doubt it. I always just used the zip codes. Felt it was more specific.
  11. WordPress Plugin Idea

    Not a bad idea, but I'm not sure if Amazon even offers that sort of data. Do they?
  12. I was actually going to point to Mike's old site as an example.
  13. Bitcoin is Booming

    That hurts. I wonder how many people have tried to go there and start digging through that filth.
  14. Twitter Increasing Character Limit

    Looks like Twitter liked what they saw with the test. They have increased Tweets to 280 characters. https://blog.twitter.com/official/en_us/topics/product/2017/tweetingmadeeasier.html Kind of interesting graph they put up in that post. After the excitement died down from the initial launch for the test group, only 1% of Tweets hit the 280 character limit. When the limit was 140 characters, 9% of Tweets hit the limit. In other words, I wouldn't expect to see your Twitter feed drastically change with this new limit.