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  1. Is All The Buzz About Facebook Ads Just BS?

    I saw something a lady that owns a group I belong to, the horse trimming one, and she has also started using to put together some really cool mini slideshows for a topic. It really helps engage her followers into a conversation. Thanks for the tip about running ads for just the fans of a page. I think that will work well for a couple of my clients. You're right about the products out there ... they're old, and oh so tired. I'm anxious to get started on ads, probably this coming week I'll start. I'll be running one for 'services' and one for 'products'. Running ads is risky and I 'get' the fear behind it. So many start out just throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks and never really do any research, first. They miss the whole: A site filled with Adwords is ugly and frustrating. Posting CONTINUOUSLY on FB about your services and not engaging in our audience, never works!
  2. Is All The Buzz About Facebook Ads Just BS?

    I've been studying the ads that come across on my page(s) for a while now. Honestly, I can't see the value in them. ^^ This. I've joined two groups because of one of my 'friends' liking a business page. What I've really noticed, is the discussion parts. Each page has products for sale, and services, but they don't really promote them in the discussions. One, posts a lot of educational pictures (it's about hoof trimming), and how her product and her lessons can really help you get your horse back to 'sound'. Now, the ads that come across my pages, sure, I read them and IF they're of interest, I open a new tab and type in the URL. I NEVER click on them. I know a lot of people do, though. With my own personal page, I've noticed that FB selectively posts things. Out of the 27 friends I have (don't laugh, I'm not that damned social), I will only see 3 of my friend's posts, and the rest are all groups I follow. FB can make money off of groups/pages, but not personal. AND... their "2 years ago, so and so posted this!".. <-- who cares? Those type of posts are to promote FB and their agenda. Which, reminds people of something and gets them back involved with something 2 years old. Clever. With all that being said, I see more bang if you keep it social. Join groups, have discussions.. blah blah blah. I am going to be testing an ad in the next week or so to see if I get any action. With your various niches, they sound like they're popular, keep an eye out for the ads on the side banner. Going back to my horse trimming group, I noticed an ad that was AGAINST this method of trimming. It worked, it put doubt in my head and I wanted to read it. Again, I NEVER click on ads, but I do notice which ones get my attention. The one's that put doubt in my head or alternative solutions. That means there's a bazillion people out there doing the same stupid thing. They're using the same type of headlines and such. I don't think it's just marketers that are ad blind. "Ten crazy tricks to lose 150#s in two weeks!" "So and so used this product and you won't believe what happened!".. People are so used to those headlines now, they don't gather the attention the ad poster is looking for. People scroll through FB. You have about 2 seconds to catch their attention. Say we use the weight loss niche. Here's a popular headline; "Never diet again!" Me, I'd use a headline like; "I stopped dieting and finally lost the weight!" It's more believable. ?? Maybe? I hope you get where I'm going ... And........... that would be me! LOL! Sorry Wunderkind.. I need a nap!
  3. If I wouldn't get 'poo pooed' all the time, I wouldn't have to be so mean,... would I??
  4. ^^^This! My parents (and my sister) were/are very proud of being middle class. They've all worked hard their whole lives (very proud of them!), and they're all comfortable in their lifestyles. Nothing at all wrong with that. While my mindset is and always has been, you work hard to get what you want, I have a different map to getting there. I have no desire to work in a 9-5 all day. While I do put in more hours a day than that, I still have the freedom to go riding if I choose to do so, or whatever else I want to do. It also takes a whole new set of discipline to work for yourself. I was a great boss when I worked for someone else, but being my own boss .... I HATE MY BOSS.. SHE'S MEAN!
  6. Good Lord Shay! BIG Mike and I were just talking about this on Skype! I, too, grew up with very little money. Same as you, we always had food, lights and heat (never enough imo! LOL.), but we were taken care of. My father worked 18 hour days, I never saw the man. Our weekends, though, were dedicated to family time, period. We went camping, to the lake, or just had a water fight inside and outside the house! .. there's more, but it was always about family. My parent's mind sets were 'work hard for the man and save your money!' It was really hard for me because I've never thought that way. I have always made money, so has my husband. When our financial meltdown happened, I went from being the 'rich aunt, daughter', to 'I told you so!' in their eyes. Most of my friends disappeared, too. I've beaten the crap outta myself the last few years with guilt. Lately, I've realized that I know I can rebuild my 'empire', and I have been doing so. My huge change was what BIG Mike and I were talking about and that's working to just make money. Sure, we all go through it, you have bills to pay, but I have started to realize I know and can do more than most and I needed to stop taking on problem clients. They were sucking the life out of me. The biggest one, was to stop panicking when a bill needed to be paid! I kept finding myself reaching out for help when all the help I needed was right in my silly little head, but I just wouldn't believe it. <-- shout out to Mike Friedman for that one! Anyone that is struggling right now, I would recommend you stop whatever you're doing and really consider what Shay asked. What exactly is your money mindset? There really is a ton of money out there, now more than ever. Let yourself go get it! Stop thinking about the 'what ifs' !!! Roadblocks and disappointments are going to happen!! How you get through/over them is what makes the difference. Trust yourself! Surround yourself with successful people and never stop learning. Don't forget to give back...
  7. I'm just shaking my head Shane. The 'other freelancers you know', do they know how to market themselves outside of junk pay? Are they willing to LET GO of their blocked beliefs and actually think they CAN get a lot more revenue based on their talents? ... You're not listening. So now, I'm going to spell it out for you. I have a SHIT load of work on my plate and would love your help/skills to make things go faster for me. It's EASY WORK SHANE! And, most importantly, IT'S ONGOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine that! This forum has the BEST of the BEST in their members who can/will help you market yourself and you choose to ignore all advice. You fight it, argue it and go on about your day. I wish you the best Shane.
  8. Crap All Mighty Shane! Have you any idea that your skills can take you so much further? You rely on two companies (who I am assuming), take a commission for your sales to do your marketing. You belong to two of the best forums around (this one has more quality help and people willing to help), yet you refuse to learn how to market yourself. You have a built in customer base trying to give you money, my husband included, and you refuse(d) the business!!!
  9. Thank you Wunderkind! That was my whole point! I've seen Shane's work and he's really talented, but he is and will remain stuck in the fiverr world. Myself, I hate doing graphics (I mentioned that.. lol), but I don't have the time, nor energy, to go chasing down a graphic designer on fiverr. Nor would I want to. So, here I am, with very little skills, making a nice chunk of money (at times), for doing something Shane could be doing for me and I could scale up and produce more income, ergo, Shane as well. **Note to Shane** I don't do shit for 9 bucks and I SUCK at this. ^^^ This!
  10. Claude , get a hold of your boy...

    I agree Claude. When I read this, I too, thought there was something wrong. Get a 'hold' of your boy, to me, meant you had better call him right away. I'm relieved that it wasn't that!
  11. Um, Shane.... I think what Terra and Wunderkind were talking about is taking your mad graphic skills and branching out. There's a TON (me included) of people out there that need someone reliable to do some graphics for them. I AM NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER! .. but I find myself doing them all the time. I would much rather have someone do them for me so I can offer a better product for my clients. AND.... wait for it...... Many of the things I need are............. FLYERS! Tada!
  12. Why do people fail?

    Another roadblock that so many come to is pricing. Those who offer their services, it's a really confusing area. I've priced myself out of the market and I've undershot myself. It's a huge learning curve and even more so with people that deal mostly (like me) with local markets. It took me a long time and I'm still learning, the power of 'packages' and upsells/downsells and the beauty of how to market them correctly. One can try and learn from the 'experienced' marketers and service providers out there, but what they never talk about is the pitfalls in gaining the experience. It's a scary spot to be in. When you're starting out or even if you find yourself needing money, losing a sale over a price is gut wrenching.
  13. Why do people fail?

    LOL... I had a Broker who's website I designed, ask me about setting her up with Instagram. LOL.. um... "do you have anyone that I can follow?" Crap, her FB page is just a personal one. I'm still working on her, getting her to see the big picture of networking, but there is ZERO need for her to have an Instagram account right now. As you said Wunderkind, it was because she saw another Broker using it and fell for the hype. So, SO many people fall into a trap of their business needing to be perfect all at once instead of actually building it from ground up. It's really easy to get a mindset of thinking you need to learn everything, I'm so guilty of that (walk of shame).
  14. Changing main phone number

    Just thinking out loud here.... The only time I 'look up' a number is if someone called me. If you don't call people, then I am going to say, they're not looking you up by your phone number anyhow. I agree with Mike. I have seen multiple numbers on sites and if one doesn't work or goes to voicemail, I normally call the second one. People really like options, so I don't see a hurt, I see a benefit. You could, as Whatty said, and just forward, but if you're avoiding those particular calls in the first place, offering a new number, solely, will solve that for you. As far as ranking? Again, I don't see it hurting, at all. You could also add a 'post' of some sort that announces your new number in case someone does look up the older one. ... ? ~ Theresa