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  1. Why do people fail?

    To me, another reason are the roadblocks. The high failure rate has a few more reasons behind it. SO many people jump into the IM world because the sale's letters tell you it's easy. It's not. When you know nothing about how to even buy a domain let alone set up a website, well, now you have to learn. As BIG Mike said, most start with little to no cash. So, either they learn it or they 'hit the gate'. They never make it onto the racetrack. Each step of IM, no matter the niche has so many things to learn before you have an actual business. What little money folks had, has now been spent on learning materials. There is a ton of help out there, but who the hell do you trust? I really feel for the ones that need the help and you can tell they'll put in the effort and then you see them post on a forum and they get dealt more crap information than the right information. Well, now they're just confused! The stress of being broke, desperate for money, quick money, no time to waste on 'testing what works' can really throw a person into a tailspin. Age is also a factor. This goes along with BIG Mike and 'no formal business training'. They don't have any skin in the game. They don't know how to manage anything. It's really hard for most to pick a niche/business. "Which one is going to bring me in lots of cash!?". What they should be asking themselves is "Which one am I going work my ass off so I can make myself lots of cash?".
  2. Hello

    Just wondering out loud, but maybe a 'laws around town' section would be useful for this? How to start a club, accept members and stuffs? <-- see, I can pull stuffs off the WF, too! I (think) I have a pretty cool idea for a club but no idea where/how to start. Thanks Mike!
  3. Dang it! Couple of roadblocks but I powered through them.. LOL.. (that's what I'm telling myself). They did motivate me to get a project done that I have been stalling on. In doing so, I picked up a new client (ish), I think she's a one-off, but I'm sending her more information just in case! While August has been a really strange month, it's pushed me to get the mess on my desk cleaned up. Except for the cat. The cat stays.
  4. I made some huge progress this week! I have two of my products ALMOST ready to launch! AND, I have been fighting the rebuild of my main website but I think I have that stinker conquered! There have been a ton of distractions lately but I've been handling them, one dumbass at a time! Now that the smoke has cleared from all the fires around us, and the heatwave has passed, I'm going outside to play each day, too!
  5. YSSOABYDDAK!!! Everyone here knows you're fibbing BIG Mike. But, I super appreciate you saying this without spraying your keyboard with beer!
  6. Setting things up the right way from the get go! I didn't start out as a writer, I don't even consider myself a 'writer' now. But in my heart, I am. I get really frustrated at how to format things, which font, where to place headlines.. basically what I said, how to set yourself up the right way from the get to. I spend more time fixing my work than I do writing it. The other lesson is learning where and how to market yourself.
  7. Shane, around here, in the U.S., it's back to school time, or get ready for back to school. Even when we had brick and mortar businesses, August and September were ALWAYS slow. What makes things worse around here, is I know that most businesses are gearing up for winter. Meaning, sales have dwindled down and everyone in this area is going to prepare to hibernate! Money isn't really coming in right now and they're spending their money on back to school and the upcoming holidays. They don't think about business right now... but they should be! I'm focusing on what people are spending their money on right now. For instance, one of my client's is a landscaper. I know his work is going to dwindle down plus hunting season is coming up and you can't even find the guy. However, in the winter, he does snow plowing and sells firewood on the side. I advertise him in grocery stores, feed stores, anything local, plus on the internet. There's more, but you get the idea. These people need flyers! I make him pay me for the flyer design and the stamps (I mail out to Realtors) and the time spent hanging the flyers at local businesses. Halloween is a great time to make a flyer for a flyer! People have parties! Post your work at the costume stores/party stores and don't forget the pumpkin patches. (If you have them?).... I'm sure they're full of deadly spiders... lol! It's also getting close enough to start advertising flyers for Christmas parties and such. Just some ideas for you.
  8. UK shuts down business impersonating Google

    I get calls all the time saying that my listing will be removed! Funny, most of them come in on a Tuesday. They open their recorded message with a panic sentence. "You business is in danger of being removed .... " Then, if you listen, you'll hear the "we're a third party representing Google", or something like that. Here's something new-ish. We all know spoofing phone numbers has been around a while, but now, they spammers are somehow getting into your contact list and spoofing your number with the caller id so the receiver thinks it's you calling! ***There's an app for that!*** I can't find the link to the story because our news sites here, SUCK! I'll try and find it when I can. #spammerssuck Edited: Here's the link. Notice how the article says it's also legal for the caller to disguise their voice!?
  9. How much content?

    Thank you Shay!!! That makes perfect sense! It helps a lot!
  10. Yay! I finally got one of the blogs up that I've been working on. This included the auto responder to the newsletter too! Today I'll be adding a few more things to it like links to my products. I also need to add on a few affiliate links. I was really dreading this process (no idea why), but now that it's done and I'm through the learning curve I'm excited about getting the others set up and running! My next big hurdle is learning how to write a decent sales letter.
  11. How much content?

    I am getting ready to put some ebooks/PDF's up for sale. On the sites they will be available, I have been writing a lot of valuable content there, too. The content on the sites will lead a reader to possibly buy the product. My question is, how much content before you stop providing the value and urge them to click the link to the product? I don't want to give the whole ebook/PDF info away in the content. Any ideas or thoughts would be super helpful! Thanks!
  12. Clubs

    Dammit Mike! I was up all night thinking of secret handshakes! Thank you for the clarification!
  13. Clubs

    I think this is a great new feature Mike. Does the title of the club have to stick with SEO/IM or any particular theme? Like say I wanted to start a computer repair club, or a recipe club..... the possibilities are endless! What are the rules?
  14. The chainsaw challenge! It's actually something I've wanted to learn for a while. Girl can't have enough skills under her belt, right? Um, you all will keep this a secret, right? My husband won't let me use the chainsaw... something about dangerous, me being clumsy and then the vein in his forehead starts popping out.
  15. No problemo! Consider this a challenge! Does the size of the wood count? **runs out of here**