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    Gotta say, Carter is lookin' kinda spunky.
  2. If You Ever Go to San Antonio...

    Anyone in Budapest, I can personally recommend a real classy place. As I recall, on their English menu, they describe themselves as "a grate place to get eaten out".
  3. eBay seller curses me for his mistake

    My analysis? I love how Marcia writes so eloquently, an' in a world fulla EVER MORE UNIVERSAL BUMMER, this kinda attention to detail is mebbe on the wano — like the superimpersonal superpersonability offered up by Internets Central kinda absolves us outta summa the basics. It is a gift to speak freely, is it not? Of whichowombsowhatevah. An' I would want always for kindness to inform any exchanges as may exist between individyools ... however upsum they would wanna meet. Thing is, hooman behavior got a rev-up when the internets dropped ... an' all shibboleths packin' desire got a MARAUD LEVEL UP. On a purely personal level, I skipped Yoga ... an' I wanna smack sum fucker in the face! Gotta figure I would want always to be the sweetest kinda monster. On a purely impersonal level ... 43% smarter than Riffle is my kinda math. Cos that is like nearly half a chance, right? Tellya, accordin' to the movies, Superman won out on way crapper odds — so, as a gal, natchrlly I am emboldened (but no way am I wearin' the big red pull-up pants till it is mebbe December an' my apartment is an icicle-themed tomb an' I got sum matchin' scarlet gauntlets offa EBay.)
  4. eBay seller curses me for his mistake

    What was your wife's replacement banner? "Buy, and then punch my halfwit husband in the chops"?
  5. eBay seller curses me for his mistake

    Better the non-existent replacement insole than the monstrously IYF FFS asshole.
  6. Australia to have its own space agency

    Australia to have its own space agency? Gotta figure you got fuckin' room. Outsidea Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne — & mebbe Tasmania STROKE Noo Zealand — you got nuthin' much but Total Hooman Vacuum gowin' on down there. Tellya, evryplace else, alla the supercompatible mammals smoochied up sweet ... grew into PETS. All you got out there inya effortlessly beautiful & unplundered MARSOOPIAL:ZONE is ... weirdo creepy shit only exists where uninhabitability rocks out on ZENITH POWAH. Thing is, I would love so to come there.
  7. Farewell my friends

    I jus' seen the False Apocalypse Hotline is open for death cults got any Why Oblivion Shit Never Work Out???!!! issues. Only problem is, Hotline number is randomly generated by AI.
  8. Farewell my friends

    tbh, I got no plans for spontaneous oblivion — stoopid planetsmack to monster lizard stompin' on Tokyo. I would jus' wanna be happy wakin' up each day to sum noo angle on Time's unfoldin' narrative says I can offer an' embrace with sparky flyin' offa the conflux. Guessya gotta love sparky cos it is kinda superopposite to oblivion ... where nuthin' ever smooshies up close together an' blitzes out. Prolly oblivion gonna figure supremacy over mortaility without anywan even noticin' — less'n Godzilla licks on our tinglydanglies with "aw, the spy movie Bad Guy explanation trope actshwally ends up HE WINS" kinda passo aggresso. Want my opinion? I figure we gotta bliss on out on moments we got, kinda love so the timeframe says we are smackin' on Perpetual Happnin' Thrusto's REAL FUCKIN' SPECIAL OFFER! ONLY ZERO TIME LEFT Anyways, gotta figure planetary smackdown oblivion got more plus points that any kinda synchronised ARACHNID ATTACK as may be summoned from any kinda deliciously diverse underbutta any planet uncollidin' with any kinda nuthin'.
  9. Farewell my friends

    Claude Whitacre... "Generous to cats, selectively cruel to certain individuals, plus also kinda girthy in WAYS WE LIKE" Forgive me for bein' generous here ... but evry vacuum store demands a killer strapline.
  10. Farewell my friends

    Even Whatto an' his sting all beings the fuck outtta their fanjholes kinda island-cum- evolutionarily-quirky-backwater. Thing is, serenity's angels flit about my (actschwlly frickin' ragged) mortal husko rn, an' shit is kinda sparkly. I would wanna suffuse forth into the Cosmos, always. Only problem is, gotta stay on toppa washin' panties. I so got problems with Practicality's lash rn. But I would wanna remind evrywan ... prolly the planet ain't gonna go skiddo sumplace terminally fucko.
  11. Farewell my friends

    Wanna say, I do not trooly hate anywan. I could never walk the Earth that way. I would want always to bliss out on love for all people.
  12. Farewell my friends

    Aw, c'mon Claude — gotta figure hatin' Rifflepops is like a knife cuttin' thru butter ... sumhow kinda ... can't. Thing is, reality fluxes out always on loobricants ... so mebbe we gotta slooshie up to "despisin'".
  13. Farewell my friends

    You guys OK out there? Oblivion beckons, so we gotta stick together.
  14. Farewell my friends

    Aw, gosh. Fearo an' Rifflepops're LIVE. Tellya, that is sum gig.
  15. Farewell my friends

    How trooly feeble we stand before Inevitability's Proclamation says U GONNA BE FUCKED! Gotta say, eternal optimist in me wantsta figure smartest options for formin' a frickin' queue. On a less smutty ticket, mebbe we all gowin' down together ain't so bad. I would love so for evry petit mort to black hole me fulla hoomanity's ultimate oblivion. Meantime, Halloween is comin'. I may opt for sum kinda lycanthropic dog theme this year, 'steada cats.