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  1. Why do people fail?

    Gotta pack this trio... 1) Intrinsic aptitood. 2) Intrinsic desire. 3) Intrinsic tenacity. to breach the wall fulla 7) Potentially beyond-yr control exterior crapola.
  2. So These Riots About Taking Down Confederate Hero Statues?

    Smoothies To Die For! Discover TOTAL LIQUID SLACK by powering up your dinky ol' DAN RIFFLE CURRENT ZEITGEIST BLENDER Merge the contemporary with the historical — at the flick of a switch! Transform all heartfelt sensibility into A BIZARRE KIND OF GOO! Develop your PECS and LEARN HOW TO KISS LIKE EVERYONE BELIEVES LEONARDO DI CAPRIO CAN! Give me just 10 seconds of your time, a selection of momentarily appealing fruit, and someplace to plug in my stuff — and I'll show you sweet-tasting intergenerational chaos beyond measure! I belnd slow, I blend regular, I blend turbo. BUY NOW — AND I PROMISE TO BLEND FFS. "So smooth, you'll believe infinite dancing rhino troupes had made a beeline for principle — and STOMPED."
  3. Neo-Nazi website "shut down" by Anonymous

    Thing about universities is how they reach out fulla open-hearted expertise. Kinda ... latest stuff .. here goes, ... mebbe...? Deal the Stormer guys got is so singularly unplural I would wanna pity misguided passion. This is screamin' way down the f*ckin' list, far as I am concerned. How else shit gets so bad you gotta drive a car into like sum actual people jus' cos you think you are right 'bout sumthin' clearly universal. Worst thing? I so wanna punch sum fucker rn. Thank my tits I am *yoga girl*, tellya.
  4. How Your Brain Keeps You Believing in Stuff That Isn’t True

    Tellya, I so believe Claude is actually male that my nostrils burn from Wooster-inspired pheromones from more paces than my Fitbit got count. Thing is, I am experimentin' with feminizin' the Cosmos rn. Course'n the braino is frickin' open to all shadesa bein' ... that is why it is so smart it got to a) Survive the dinosaur era. Dream up finger spinners oh look, see, I wanna be CLINICAL an' go but there is a glitch on the whole 'lower case 2nd lettera the alphabet + close bracks' deal. Can evryone try this? Nope. Nope. I so love it when I discover a fault line in the Cosmos. Or is this a plus point? SPARTAN MARKETING ACADEMY — where every 2nd qualifier is a SMILE. frickin' dun it again!
  5. How Your Brain Keeps You Believing in Stuff That Isn’t True

    Think is, we know El Braino got all kindsa tricks up her sleeve to deceive us, an' it works also for denying shit that is real. Jus' gotta develop strategies for creepin' up on those ol' synapses unawares, I guess.
  6. We now have reactions

    Thing is, Mikey, site was down when I las' looked in. I figured 2 options... 1) Aliens ate your ass. 2) Smart forum update. So ... uhm ... jus' checkin' I was wrong about (1)...
  7. Man faces 800 years in prison

    How the prison guys fixin' THAT? Tellya, whatever power they got says WE GONNA INCARCERATEYA FOR 800 YEARS gotta be worth SO MUCH MORE to anyone don't murdered nor raped nor unlawfully fucked on nowan. I demand 1200 years — jus' for stayin' with crap TV shows don't deliver. Throw in ghastly coffee 2go since whenevah & ima raiseya 1800, BRUTE CRAPOLA MATH REALITY.
  8. Did Claude Fart in Here?

    I wanna go see Rope Lowerer 3. rn, that gal is all I got. "This ain't a silhouette, sweetheart — it's a HAIRDO!"
  9. Did Claude Fart in Here?

    Gotta figure ebb an' flow powers all things. An' sumtimes there are real thrusts forward ... while other times are kinda characterized by mutually independent holdin' off. Thing is, it is summer, an' the world's open season is happnin' easier where suns beam 'steada screens shimmer. Plus also, gotta figure on how any Claude fart ain't gonna affect nuthin' cos prolly it gonna be reabsorbed on its travels before it reaches any hopea open atmosphere. Gotta say, Rifflepops, this has all the feela sum self-derailin' post gonna go sumplace.
  10. Microwaving an Airbag in Slow Motion

    Tellya, ever since Throat Razorblade Guy quit YouToob, I have been lookin' for sumthin' real frickin' dumb to try. You saved me hoursa fruitless searchin' here.
  11. Handy chart to identify Australian spiders

    Is this chart avaialable as a billboard poster? If so, I am ROLLIN' IT UP an' usin' it as A WEPPIN.
  12. Eye Fatigue

    Third Eye stuffs here. Purely filosophical cos I am havin' onea those moments rn. Question here is what is the max we got on what is kinda the permissively visualizible? What stuffs gotta function ... beyond like who is fuckin' who in Hollywood an' 10 KILLER METHODS FOR TRAINING YOUR PARROT TO *SPEAK ONLY THE TRUTH* ... ? I would wanna figure that focus beyond the immediate always gotta focus also on the eternal, othewise u gonna be shat the fuck out alla the time on swankily mis-confluxorial middlemen. yy so I want those guys in my ass rn, the frickin' charmers. Forgive Moi, but I love so the iconography an' transformative powera ... the lens. Guy lens is always TARGET, but I would wanna always figure on havin' a sweet paira realitifiers danglin' sweet sumplace before I even can see. Aperture holdin' out for sighta fancy. Lotsa thoughts 'bout stuff rn I am kinda slooshyin' around with In Contrast To What (exactly, O Princess?) — Your Typical ... and may i say, also 'tedious' ... Proclamations 'pon Sensibility's Essentials? You sayin' I am a drama queen cozzin I max out on the sensory-input-to productive-zoomcraft-output scenario, c/o it is Monday an' I am yet to regain consciousness from evrythin' went on before? Sorry, We Don't Give a TITS By meansa which lenso defineth thee thy tits? *lame headline* *rest is clearly gowin' noplace*
  13. Hier était l'anniversaire de Dan Riffle

    Thirda that guy is a red pointy thing. Concloosion? Gnomes're prolly filth.
  14. Too hot for humans

    The more we comment, the more Mikey's forum flagup gonna sear up beyond orange. *Too hot for hoomans*, betchya.
  15. The Weird Mandela Effect

    Know that thing whereya toon inta an old soap after mebbe a few years, an' after a coupla episodes it is likeya never been away? I would love so for that to happen with The Weird Mandala Effect. Where we up to? Or is it jus' we descended inta the same ol' trough, there to wallow without form or substance? I am thinkin' collywobbles here. Mebbe it is my dooty.