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  1. If You Ever Go to San Antonio...

  2. eBay seller curses me for his mistake

    First. Really funny. In fact, far funnier than anything Riffle could come up with. And even as a half wit, that makes me 43% smarter than any Riffle you can think of. I keep telling you, I'm not part of your Clark Kent fantasies. However...if you're talking real money...
  3. I hope no-one on this flight is superstitious

    That response was inspired. Believe me, there is only a 4% chance that the only woman legally required to have sex with lovely wife...will agree to it without massive gift giving involved. I know where I stand on the "Brad Pitt Meter" But the only people that call me Clark...are from my home planet.
  4. eBay seller curses me for his mistake

    This is not a joke. Years ago, I was thinking of buying a large banner to place above our sales counter that said "Buy, and then get out". Honest, I thought it would be hilarious. Thank goodness my wife has a better handle on how people would view such a thing.
  5. I hope no-one on this flight is superstitious

    Maya Angelou is simply one of the 3,500,000,000 women alive today that will never have sex with you.
  6. I hope no-one on this flight is superstitious

    Entertaining? You? Friends? Staying with us? Three obvious lies. And honestly, until this very second, I thought your member name was I_anfear63. I was certain of it. My memory is flawless. Now...suddenly you go by Lanfear63? I'm not claiming anything supernatural...but this is so are an alien. I hope your friends survive the two weeks without you depositing your eggs in their thorax.
  7. Star Trek: Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    And yet FOX News is not free. It costs you your ability to think rationally.
  8. Star Trek: Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    Seth MacFarlane. Yeah, I enjoy The Orrville too. Not quite a comedy, but a pretty good Star Trek imitation.
  9. I hope no-one on this flight is superstitious

    Who the heck is this "Mark"? But I do miss our old friend Marks. .................Mandela!.......
  10. I hope no-one on this flight is superstitious

    I knew a guy that lived at 666 Hemlock st. I thought it was hilarious. I think it would be funny to start a thread of Old Wives Tales and Superstitions. The funny part would be the people arguing that we are dealing with forces we don't understand.
  11. eBay seller curses me for his mistake

    I think that's terrible advice. They don't even know each other.
  12. No, Netflix, just no.

    Your address?
  13. No, Netflix, just no.

    You're half way there.
  14. No, Netflix, just no.

    My father is dead. And he died disappointed in me. In fact, his last words to me were... "You disappoint me" My cats love me. cats act like they love me....because I feed them. wife feeds them....and my cat's love my wife.....and I introduced By osmosis....somebody loves me.
  15. No, Netflix, just no.

    Fair enough...let me correct it... Great...the multiple times I have sex with the same garden gnome...and he's disappointed. Maybe if you were better looking......