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  1. Irish customer service

    Irish? I wonder how long she stood there before she figured out what the blu tack was for?
  2. New here!!!

  3. Shark? Pfffttt!

  4. The most interesting thing about this thread (to me) is the phrase used by Discrat, "kept mum". Only because I think Americans say mom instead of mum and find it thought provoking that when used in that phrase (if phrase is correct?) you spell it mum. Or maybe you do spell it mum in some places? I wonder if there's other phrases like that where a different spelling is used, but only in a phrase? I need to get out more.
  5. Haha, that brings back some memories. We had someone at our school who used to flick shit at the teachers and kids, just the ones he didn't like though. They couldn't help him though, the teachers spoke to him, they spoke to his parents and they couldn't do anything with him, sent him to see specialists, and nothing stopped him. Eventually they just had to sack him and get a new head teacher.
  6. Peace...

    Shame, I enjoyed reading your in depth seo posts, somedays they were the only laugh I got. Seriously I do think you made a lot of good posts, very in depth and appreciated even if I personally don't ever reply to them. You're a much better contributor than I could ever bother to be, anyway take care.
  7. It took me a few times reading that but eventually I figured it out and it makes sense. The only thing I was surprised about is that it wasn't at one of your thanks giving dinners.
  8. Why is it people say could care less over there? Over here I would say couldn't care less because I don't care, so I couldn't care less. But if you could care less like what you say over there then you do care somewhat because you could care less. Just something I've wondered before.
  9. Google Fined 2.7 Billion by EU

    Yes that may be fine but if your actively penalising your competitors out of the picture by writing algorithms that Googles own service is not subject to then that's anti competitive and abusing their power. They aren't allowed to do that. So they can pick and choose what laws to ignore then is basically what that means. Currently Rupert Murdoch is trying to buy Sky and the UK government are deliberating whether or not to allow the deal. One of the reasons is because they feel it might give Murdoch too much influence over UK news. But it's Murdochs money, can't he do with it what he wants? Maybe they'll ok it or maybe they won't but saying companies can do what they want just because they own something isn't very bright. Yes they can show their own ads but being anti competitive by unfairly removing competitors from the picture is abusing their power. And yes the dominance a company has does play a role. This video better explains it actually.
  10. Google Fined 2.7 Billion by EU

    The EU have had dealings with Amazon, and I guess if they have complaints in the future they'll also take a look into that, whoever the company might be. I'm not going into why I think G were right to be fined as I think it'll just be a waste of time but I linked to this on the WF and it pretty much explains it, and why the FTC failed to take any action also. I read it even though I don't like reading, took an hour or so, but anyway there it is. Just to add, if you go to a SEO company website you expect to see info on that company, and for it to be factual. If you go to G you expect to see the best or most relevant results for whatever it is you're searching for. And SEO companies don't have a massive dominance over other SEO companies with the ability to obliterate other SEO companies or many other companies in virtually any other market they might choose to. G does.
  11. Google Fined 2.7 Billion by EU

    An overview of the EU competition rules (PDF).
  12. Google Fined 2.7 Billion by EU

    Google deserves to get a fine. It may be their search engine but businesses still have to abide by rules and regulations. I own my car but that doesn't mean I can drive it down the motorway at 150mph.
  13. Is this the best headline ever?

  14. Meanwhile in the UK

    Got to hand it to JC and Labour, they ran a good campaign, the Tories were pretty dire all round.