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  1. Many people prefer to use PayPal for online purchases. And a PayPal business account can be useful for separating and organizing business expenditure. Also, even with bad credit, it's usually possible to get a prepaid card that fulfils the function of a credit card. So it's likely that anyone insisting on another method of payment would be doing so as a matter of principle.
  2. I agree. I haven't used a credit card in years, preferring debit or charge cards. I don't know if it's still the case, but credit card purchases used to be covered by the issuer's insurance policy - if so, that might be one benefit of using them. But I don't think it says anything about the status or credit worthiness of the buyer.
  3. You can't mean me. I never quip and drive.
  4. Quite so. For example, some would perceive Claude's juxtaposition of the words "perception" and "see" as an attempt at humor. It doesn't make it real. After all, that would require wit.
  5. False memories that are shared by many people would be strengthened by repetition, collecting more converts on the way. What's fascinating is that when faced with seemingly inexplicable phenomena, some people search for an internal explanation, while others apparently assume an outside force must be at play. Given how much of our reality is shaped by our own perception, in the vast majority of instances, the smart money has to be on the former.
  6. That's an optical illusion. They just look taller because they're upside down. Basic science.
  7. That's unfair. What he's really trying to say is that the population of Australia is more dense.
  8. I remember you as Spock.
  9. And Mike was concerned that newcomers might misinterpret the reputation of the OTers...
  10. The loss in speed is almost negligible, but I have a fairly good service. Bear in mind though that you don't necessarily need to run the VPN all the time. I have PIA installed on my desktop PC (which I use with a wired internet connection) and on a laptop which is usually connected by WiFi. The VPN is pretty much in play all the time on the laptop, especially when used in public places, but on the PC, I tend to connect the VPN only for data-sensitive activities like online transactions, banking etc. And you reminded me that I should probably take advantage of the yearly rate.
  11. Dan, while Mark is off no doubt pundering on the question, I'll chip in. The points to consider when choosing a VPN include factors like logging - do they keep logs, and if so, are they deleted after each session? Do they encrypt the traffic? Where are the datacenters located? Can your online activity be linked in any way to your personal details or account info? All VPNs will shield your activity to some extent, but running several datacenters is expensive, and free services need to recoup their outlay somehow. For that reason, I've never been a fan of free VPNs. It's a question of trust. When I researched VPNs about 3 years back, I went with Private Internet Access, which for me ticked all the boxes. And they guarantee not to keep any logs at all. I pay $6.95 per month and so far haven't had a single problem. By the way, I notice PIA are one of the sponsors of this forum so you might come across a link on the page. I mention that mostly to suck up to Mike.
  12. Actually, it was Tom Cruise playing Keanu Reeves playing Klaatu. Aliens like to mess with us.
  13. I have a slightly different view. I think religion will survive as long as humans do. What those who try to use so-called rational arguments against religion don't seem to get, is that religion has never really been about seeking the truth. Rather, it addresses the fundamental human need for meaning - which is why it has existed in virtually all human civilizations - often with several different belief systems existing within the same culture. All our discoveries and accumulated scientific knowledge hasn't, thus far, been enough to assuage that need. However, that's no reason for non believers to feel superior. Much of what we all perceive and understand effectively consists of illusions (and delusions) without which we probably couldn't function. What's one more? The discovery of extra-terrestrial life, IMO, would be the single most significant event in human history and would almost certainly have profound implications on how we see ourselves. But people will always find a reason to believe.
  14. That would partly depend on your age at the time of the test. But IQ is just a scale (I know you know this). If everyone suddenly became smarter, our IQs would stay the same as currently an IQ of 100 is taken as the median score, and numbers either side are relative to that figure. It's a pretty crude method of measuring intelligence.