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  1. " If reality changes, then everything changes, past and present, except for these little residuals like the clip." Why would a "changed reality" affect everything - the original books, the VHS video covers etc., but somehow leave an odd YouTube clip untouched? For what it's worth, I looked at those clips. Letterman speaks quickly and to my mind could easily be saying "the". It only sounds like "a" if that's what you expect/want to hear. As for the author - leave aside the fact that there are copies of the original book from 1976 physically in existence - she also says "the". In fact in the same clip, she goes on to say "I always thought the vampire was the interesting one" It's a story about one particular vampire. That's why it's called what it is and always has been. Seriously Mark. Unless this is all part of an elaborate and extended jape on your part, it's time to stop now and get back to the puns.
  2. Claude, there was never a "thanks" button in the OT section. And Pluto was never a planet. And wierd was never spelled weird. You're sleepwalking again.
  3. Mandola Effect.
  4. Mandela Effect.
  5. Ah, my apologies. I didn't realize you were just messing around. I took your thread at face value. Those examples are, of course, well-known misquotes - as I'm sure you're aware.
  6. If you believe the evidence has been changed, how would you explain the logistics involved in surreptitiously altering the cover and contents of every VHS video - and copy of the original book by Candace Bushnell - that have physically been in millions of homes around the world since the 1990s?
  7. Unfortunately, that would appear to be a 15-year-old walrus.
  8. Either that, or Mark's named his piano "Chicken Play". Not the first musical fowl, by the way...
  9. "Know yourself" quizzes aren't meant to educate or provide deep character insights. They're mainly an ego massage. Like horoscopes, it's mostly a bit of harmless fun as long as you don't take them seriously.
  10. Exactly. Having our uniqueness confirmed never gets old.
  11. Mark, I wasn't aiming my remarks at you - just reflecting on how these type of listicles are structured for mass appeal. There's no denying their attraction.
  12. It's probably about as accurate as a horoscope. My guess is that 90% of the people who spend their time cruising these type of YouTube videos would score themselves 8/10.
  13. It's still woking for me.
  14. "...a sign of geniality" Safe to say the narrator of the video is no genius with words.
  15. For sure, there are differences in payment preferences across various countries, but the swing from plastic cards to mobile payments is already under way. Even cardholders are getting used to contactless transactions which do away with the need for entering a PIN. In a society where just about everyone carries a smartphone, and with the emergence of systems like Apple Pay which currently allows smartphone users to pay without using their cards, it's not too much of a stretch to foresee a time when most retail transactions will be carried out by mobile apps - certainly up to particular value. Germany is unusual, at least in Europe, in preferring cash transactions - and being anti-credit in general - but even there, mobile payments are beginning to make inroads.