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  1. Is there a particular service you suggest for this? I've seen a few companies that offer this, and you just put a snippet of code on your site.
  2. So far I'm doing well. Hopefully I can keep the momentum!
  3. This is one I would love to have: And this is a biz I had thought about starting years ago, but didn't have the capital: The gist is that you let people rent a tiny house for a night or weekend to get a feel of what it's like before they buy one. I love it.
  4. After the kiddos move out on their own, I really want to live in a Tiny House. Not the 150 square foot ones, but around 400-500 square feet would be plenty. They actually have several examples in IKEA (with 200+, 300+, and 500+ square feet), and they are perfect for one person or a couple. I've seen some Tiny Houses that are simply breathtaking. They aren't cheap, but I think they are worth the cost. Any Tiny House fans want to post their dream home pics?
  5. For me, my daily goal is to write, every single day. Blog post, email, etc. -- write something business related every day.
  6. You know how sometimes you get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done? I know that for me it gets so overwhelming that I have no idea where to start, so I don't do anything. Maybe it's just me, but somehow I don't think so. This month, make some progress every day. Take one day off a week, if you'd like, but for 6 days a week, you make some kind of progress. Put up a blog post, tweak some ads, whatever. But do something. If you want, make a list of 30 things you need to get done, then cross one off each day.
  7. It's close enough to June to post an update. 1. I will be looking at a P&L report each month. I need to keep better track of my business numbers. I've been playing catch-up so much that the numbers are disappointing. Next month should be my turning point, though. 2. I have been putting off switching my biz model to one I can be more passionate about. I will make this a reality in 2017. This is coming along nicely. 3. I will have at least one new experience once a month: visiting a new place, trying a new activity, etc. I have been in a rut for so long that I can't do it anymore. Still very awesome. 4. I will be focusing on building new friendships in my new city, and going to new in-person meetings for fun and friendship. This is going well. 5. I am going to be more involved with activism. This is also coming along nicely.
  8. I'm a Trekkie, so I'll definitely be watching. I was not a fan of Sonequa Martin-Green's character on TWD. Her acting ability was not a factor in that. I just didn't like what the writers did for her development. From what the trailer shows, I think she does well, and I love the effects. I'm looking forward to it.
  9. Glad to hear the progress! I am catching up, but -- even more important -- I've gotten my plan in place so I don't feel overwhelmed. I have my daily tasks (about 30 minutes - an hour a day), and then I can relax. If I choose to do more, great, but I don't feel like I'm never finished.
  10. Congrats!!
  11. I often used the prepaid debit cards for years. I paid cash for everything, so I didn't even have a credit score. At 40+ years old, when I went to buy my first car that I used financing, I was a "ghost" -- and the salespeople thought something weird was going on. That being said, I don't think that judgments can be made about people who don't have a credit or debit card. It might be a case where with a joint account, one spouse bounced numerous checks and so now neither spouse can get a bank account. (I've known several people like that.) Also, credit and debit card spending might draw the attention of a spouse, whereas PayPal might be the person's "play money" to spend however they want.
  12. This makes sense. I should probably change my message. LOL
  13. I suppose if my primary focus was writing, and I had 8-10 hours a day to do it, I could. I just have so much else going on that it seems crazy to me.
  14. I tend to think it's true, given the amount of products (PLR) she produces. It really is impressive.
  15. There is a writer who is formerly from the WF. (I don't think she goes there much anymore.) She talks about her writing output (I'm on her mailing list), and it's insane! She writes thousands of words a day. Pretty much every day. I am, quite frankly, in awe. And I wish I could do the same. My brain hurts after a while, you know? But then I think....maybe I could, if I broke it up during the day. A few hundred here, a few hundred there? After all, I'm on Twitter off and on all day. Maybe even writing 8 or 10 words at a time is the trick? What do you think?