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  1. I often used the prepaid debit cards for years. I paid cash for everything, so I didn't even have a credit score. At 40+ years old, when I went to buy my first car that I used financing, I was a "ghost" -- and the salespeople thought something weird was going on. That being said, I don't think that judgments can be made about people who don't have a credit or debit card. It might be a case where with a joint account, one spouse bounced numerous checks and so now neither spouse can get a bank account. (I've known several people like that.) Also, credit and debit card spending might draw the attention of a spouse, whereas PayPal might be the person's "play money" to spend however they want.
  2. This makes sense. I should probably change my message. LOL
  3. I suppose if my primary focus was writing, and I had 8-10 hours a day to do it, I could. I just have so much else going on that it seems crazy to me.
  4. I tend to think it's true, given the amount of products (PLR) she produces. It really is impressive.
  5. There is a writer who is formerly from the WF. (I don't think she goes there much anymore.) She talks about her writing output (I'm on her mailing list), and it's insane! She writes thousands of words a day. Pretty much every day. I am, quite frankly, in awe. And I wish I could do the same. My brain hurts after a while, you know? But then I think....maybe I could, if I broke it up during the day. A few hundred here, a few hundred there? After all, I'm on Twitter off and on all day. Maybe even writing 8 or 10 words at a time is the trick? What do you think?
  6. No worries about the content -- get it to me by the 20th, if possible, okay? Hope you feel better! And glad you're making progress.
  7. This sounds like an awesome idea! I'm tempted!
  8. How is everyone coming along? I'm making progress! This is a good thing!
  9. Isn't it strange how some parts of the country are? Where I live now is so non-religious that it's considered a mission field. Yeah. They plant churches here to help convert the heathens. (Not kidding.) Having a Christian-based business (like a cafe, or a bookstore, etc.) would be considered odd here. Where I used to live (deep in the Bible Belt), they would have prayer to open up biz meetings. Meeting with a client, most of them would ask me about my relationship with Jesus before deciding whether or not to do business with me. Lots of faith-based businesses (cafes, bookstores, etc.). TBH, I much prefer where I live now.
  10. Hoping he makes a quick recovery. Sorry to hear that is what happened, but glad it was something that could be taken care of.
  11. Glad to see so many people jumping in! Looks like it was a great topic, Khemosabi!
  12. I have a few things I am working on, but three things I am really behind on: Startup Guide for WAHMs Content for the 1st issue of Thriving WAHM Magazine 1st product for the Thriving WAHM site Those will all be done by the end of May.
  13. It's almost May, and how many projects are you behind on? How many New Years goals have you slacked on? Does your biz look the way you thought it would when you started the year in January? Do you have 8 piles of unfinished work on your desk? Well, thanks to Khemosabi's suggestion, we have a Challenge this month to help with that! Take this month and get caught up on your projects (or at least the most important ones). What are you going to be working on in May? Make a list and keep accountable!