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  1. So my hobby site is awesome, and I love it, but it looks like it's just going to be a hobby site and not really the money maker I was hoping. But that's fine. Maybe as time goes on it might be a nice little niche site and bring in some money.
  2. When I first started out, I did HotSheets, and did them for several years. (Short reports: One problem, one solution, 20 pages or less). The biz model was awesome, and I have a few HotSheets that I haven't sold yet, but have them ready for the right time. (I sold them for 5 bucks.) It's also something a Newbie can do. Everyone knows something that someone else will pay to learn. I used to work with a lot of moms who wanted to MMO, and they would say "but I don't know anything that someone would pay to learn!" I'd ask: Do you know how to help a baby with colic? (How many parents pacing the floor with a colicky kid at 4 AM would pay 10 bucks to learn how to make it better?) How about getting rid of head lice? (Icky, but a very real problem that people will pay to get relief from, and it happens every school year.) How about breastfeeding tips? How about dealing with 2, 3, 4+ kiddos? (Organization tips, etc.) How about a craft? (Cross stitch, decoupage, basket weaving) How about organizing a garage sale? These are all ideas that moms (and others) can make good money with if they create a short report and sell it for a few bucks (or more). It's a quick exercise to show people that they really do have knowledge that other people will pay for.
  3. I grew up with very little money. Probably poor, truth be told, but usually we had enough to eat and we never had our lights/water shut off, so we had it pretty good compared to some. But money has been a difficult topic for me. Lots of negative stuff ingrained from childhood. "Rich people are evil/horrible/dishonest." "Rich people go to hell." "Money isn't important." "I'd rather be happy than rich." "Trying to get rich is a sin." And a lot more. So how do you get yourself into a mindset of making money? How do you learn to see what you're worth? For me, it was a few things: Reading tons of books Getting to know wealthy people (a real eye-opener) and hearing how they got wealthy Reading articles about how businesses were started and then sold There's a HUGE amount of money in this world, and I look at things differently now. I still have work to do, but I am beginning to see my true worth and the potential for my business. (One example: There was a time when I was grateful for $6 an article. Now I would laugh at that rate.) Did you always have a positive money mindset, or is it something you worked/are working on? What do you recommend for people to change their way of thinking?
  4. I think I have an idea for another thread. LOL
  5. Terra -- Doctor's orders come first! Take care of yourself. Yukon -- Nice project! I'm eager to see how it works out. Everyone else -- No worries! Maybe you can join the next Challenge.
  6. Twitter Increasing Character Limit

    It was mostly for techies. (I was invited by someone who is very much a techie.) Lots of programmers, app designers, video game designers, etc. (Many of the conversations were way over my head. LOL)
  7. Twitter Increasing Character Limit

    I have Twitter and love Twitter. I think the change is a good one. ADN already had a 256 character limit from the beginning, so I'm used to that freedom. I miss it. LOL (Sadly, ADN is no longer around.)
  8. I always liked these threads at The Other Place because they really gave me some good ideas. I always learned a new way to earn money (even if it wasn't my cup of tea, it was still good to know). So, here's the question: If you had to earn an extra $100 a day, how would you, personally, do so? This may not be something a newbie could do, but something you can (and would choose to do if you needed an extra $100 a day for something). For me, I like writing, so that would be my choice: Freelancing Books/e-books PLR if the mood struck me Digital Magazine publishing Anyone else want to chime in? (BTW - I am sick and under the influence of cold meds, so I may be posting a lot today.)
  9. Posting this a little early so that you can get your ideas together. A Fresh Start for this Challenge means: starting a brand new project starting a new product taking a fresh look at an older product or project, dusting it off, and starting fresh with a new strategy or perspective I have a hobby site I'm starting, and I want to put some time, energy, and resources into it. What are you going to do?
  10. The new "green" boom

    I don't know about stocks, but I know that since recreational cannabis was legalized last year in my state (Massachusetts), they are predicting a booming industry once the stage is set for opening shops, lounges/cafes, etc. Investing in stocks would make sense to me.
  11. My update: My life looks a lot different than I thought it would when this thread started in January, but I love every minute of it. I've adjusted some goals, taken a look at where I want to be this time next year, and made some progress in that direction. Overall, I am very happy with the way things are going.
  12. August went well for me (mostly), but I think that I am going to skip posting a Challenge for September and pick up again in October. Wonderful to see all of the progress for everyone!
  13. Clubs

    I'm definitely interested in starting a Club. I just need to figure out the focus of the Club and be realistic about how much time I can devote to it.