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  1. Clubs

    I like the club option for Mastermind groups and also for 30 Day Challenges that wouldn't be public. It might give people a way to post more specific questions if they're stuck.
  2. If you were just starting out again as a writer, what lessons/advice would you like to have? What were the best lessons you learned along the way?
  3. How much content?

    The rule I've heard/had is "Tell them what to do for free. Tell them how to do it for a price." People who aren't new to things might be able to take your free advice and run with it, but chances are that someone is going to need more of an explanation of how to do things before they can make it work. Does that help?
  4. Auto-playing videos in SERPs

    I'm sure there will be!
  5. Auto-playing videos in SERPs

    As long as they are muted, I don't mind. As a marketer, it would be awesome if I have a video that gets someone's attention with visuals so that they click on it. Instead of just a still shot, moving video gives me a better chance at having them click on my vid. I would think this move would encourage more video makers to have some type of words or graphics in their vids instead of just a talking head.
  6. You owe me a new keyboard! I splorphed coffee all over this one!
  7. I'm posting this a few days early because the next two days will be busy for me. Post your progress on whatever projects you have going on. If you want added accountability: post your goals in the first post, then we can gently prod you for updates every week.
  8. Another update: I have all but two of my website pages done. I need to do the one with the sales page and one with the additional offer, then I am ready for launch.
  9. I like that idea. 30 Day Challenges, but with seasonal "themes." Edited to add: Winter months had a Product Creation theme (sort of). And that made sense, because you're inside a lot and could (theoretically) have more time to create stuff.
  10. Money Niche Sites

    LOL I must be old school. I have a notebook I use for jotting my notes down. Related: I have a file cabinet full of notebooks.
  11. @ Terra -- yes, it does! My update: My product is done (finally), and I am working to finish up the sales page. It should be up for sale next month. I can't believe that another month is almost over! Any suggestions for August's Challenge?
  12. This month has been a time of getting some clarity (finally) on the path I want to take with my online biz. I have a product done (it just needs some cleaning up and links updated), and that will launch in the next couple of weeks. I'm so happy to see everyone's progress!
  13. I have an idea for a site and it's bugging me. It's not related to my main site at all, and I don't want to get distracted! But I do think it would be a nice little money maker once it is set up. So, to those of you who have niche money sites, my questions: 1. Don't work on it until I have my other stuff done? 2. Don't do it at all -- it's a distraction and a time suck? 3. Work on it here and there and don't devote huge chunks of time to it? Advice is welcome.
  14. Hey Guys, Sorry For My Absence!

    Sending good thoughts your way!