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  1. If you don't know math, you don't know science. So Lazy.
  2. Trump needs a black person to soften his white image. E.g. Mike Tyson is a devout muslim who is well travelled and went to Mecca. He would fit the bill perfectly as secretary of state or at least he would do a much better job then Hillary Clinton. "soft power". Ha ha ha! What a ridiculous concept!
  3. You know Shane, here your audience is rather limited. If you become a sandwichman with a megaphone in front of the Australian parliament and post a pokemon lure in front your message is bound to go viral. No Australian politician will be able to ignore you then. Now they can and do ignore you at will and you will enter the annals of AUstralia and they will fear your name.
  4. yeah. I agree with you 100% . Tabloid society,
  5. USA: The tabloid society
  6. I often wonder to what extent is this true. A lot of people will voice funny beliefs if goaded but won't voice them openly for fear of ridicule or conflict. When they do, they'll find a way to say it fairly indirectly without breaking taboos, as much as possible. Or simply because they are content at the moment. Even if they have this belief, they do not comment on it because it does not cause them enough pain to act.
  7. Really? What makes you say they are WASP? I thought most of the OTF were white blue collar stiffs or were raised in this environment.
  8. I read a fair amount of english papers but I seldom talk to Americans/other people from the Commonwealth outside the internet. I am curious: Do you think the OTF is a good representation of your society? Are the views expressed here very common around where your live? How about your own? Do the topics of conversation here often pop up in the offline world? Discuss.
  9. Vive la bombe! Vive De Gaulle! Vive la souveraineté française! Yankee hippies, go home!
  10. 'Je suis inflexible pour les oppresseurs, parce que je suis compatissant pour les opprimés ; je ne connais point l'humanité qui égorge les peuples, et qui pardonne aux despotes. Le sentiment qui m'a porté à demander mais en vain, à l'Assemblée Constituante l'abolition de la peine de mort, est le même qui me force aujourd'hui à demander qu'elle soit appliquée au tyran de ma patrie, et à la royauté elle-même dans sa personne.' -Maximilien de Robespierre,
  11. Vive Robespierre! Vive les Jacobins! Vive l'empereur!
  12. *Passez
  13. February 1997
  14. It looks cool.