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  1. I bought tumblr account years back based on PR and they didn't have any impact. Also, aren't tumblr links completely useless now that they modify the links like twitter does?
  2. No no, that's not what i am saying. I just had the site showing featured snippet, of course never ignore good site structure. That would be crazy, the only reason i can even survive in this niche is other websites have no clue about seo, they have just lucked out with old ass sites with natural links built over time. You guys here obviously know far more than me and have better PBNs etc, anyone decides to dive in and its game-over for me. But i'll tell you this, it has links from billion dollar government organizations websites so the links are very powerful, PR8-9 sites. It doesn't look that great upon first glance because there aren't that many referring domains (and the links are on deep inner pages) but like they say its about quality not quantity.
  3. Would you advise good site structure when competing against link powerhouses of sites? Just to give you an idea, this is what i've to compete with I agree about the good site structure but a bad site with good links is still gonna win. And this is the whole point of my post, G has lied to us so much about content that people still think its the only thing that matters and you will just magically rank. Look at google fred, a lot of innocent sites have been punished but no comments from them to help them recover, i think they're a bunch of douchebags no matter what reason they give to justify themselves.
  4. I laughed
  5. WARNING: Has some rants I understand why Google have to lie but now i seriously believe the people they choose are chosen based on their complete lack of morality and how well they can lie. From my time here and somewhat positive experiences with link-building, i understood the puzzle a little bit and this is what i believed - links help but yes the content does matter slightly, spun or bullshit content won't rank even with the best links. I am sure i am not alone in believing that, the content lies have been spread so well, how "RankBrain" is so smart etc. Back in November last year, i bought a bunch of network sites and i put a couple to use (i hate setting them up, the whole thing is just too boring) and they were just meh, i didn't saw any ranking boost or drops and i forgot about them thinking i wasted my money(deciding not to buy from that guy again) until a few days ago, i thought to myself i bought 5 and am just letting them go to waste, i should at least test each one, maybe one of them is worth something. So imagine that, for all these months the sites were just dead or parked with bullshit ( 5 months to be exact). I setup one of the sites a week ago with a few bullshit posts just to let Google know its alive you know (the whole myth about expired sites losing juice bla bla) and in a month or two, post actual content and I KID YOU NOT, those bullshit posts RANKED #2, #3, #3! I thought i was seeing private results, nope then i thought its the fresh posts getting ranked higher thing, nope! - 4 days after, the #2 post moved to #1 spot. What magic was this? i checked the links and nothing spectacular, just 80 referring domains(domain cf/TF is in 20s) - i have had better domains with 300-400 ref domains that didn't rank this good until i saw the links. It had some good links from "elite" sites (i don't want to mention the type of links) and a site that was linking to my every post (automated scraper/crawler). If i post with just the keyword i want to rank as title and the rest of post about me farting, it would still rank in top 3! Google just doesn't give a crap about the content. And its competing with 17 year old established sites with thousand of links, i still can't believe what i am seeing and that i thought this site was shit 5 month back. I am afraid it will lose some of the links (i hope not, if it didn't in 5 months i hope it won't in future) and the magic but its an amazing feeling. Now i learned a few things or just one. Links are the only thing that matter, everything else is a lie - content, social (we already knew that but there is still some propaganda spread), rankbrain are all bullshit. But not all links are equal (i am not talking about spam), i think G has given absolute power to some top sites that it doesn't judge, the rest it judges and do google dances and bullshit like that. I am not sure, viperchill did say something about this..getting a footer link from the "big" powerhouses of site will give you positive effects for example but if you do that with a "normal" site no matter how good the link profile, you will get punished. And i am mad at Google, i think only scum lie to the scale G has. If you don't want to let people know your algorithm and rightfully so, don't mention anything about it, why the lies and propaganda? All google has succeeded by doing this is give power to a select elites who know the formula and are exploiting it, crappy sites appear out of nowhere and rank at the top. But even if they tell it like it is, how in the hell does your average joe grab links from those powerful sites ? Its hard if not impossible. I am dreading losing any of the links on my site because i can't recreate them, a link from any of the other network sites i have combined don't have that power that just one of those 80 links has. And i am mad at myself for believing the lies but i never saw anything as concrete as this with my own eyes. Link building was 50/50 for me, either it would help or it won't do anything and it was hard to tell if it was links or something else. PS: oh case in point, look at how they are silent about the fred update, they are not lying just silent. Why couldn't they do the same about links and content and social, i guess they won't be as successful in deluding the people like they have now and G is not alone, scum like Neil Patel and other bloggers who know the secret but lie through their teeth and sell bullshit.
  6. After a month and half, yes.
  7. So if anyone is interested what happened, it was indeed google figuring out the site (content different from old site) and has stopped disappearing my pages. Some of them have come back, lower than their old rank. I also learned a thing called sticky posts in wordpress (dunno if theme specific) so i can keep my best posts at top. Oh and i love the domain, can't believe i found such an amazing site and i was gonna use it as a pbn!
  8. The first time to get google to index your site takes time especially if reviving a dead domain. What i like to do is post random posts each day (wordpress pings google each time you post), in a week google starts indexing quickly within hours, that's when i post what i really wanted to. It depends on the quality of domain though. What works without fail is a backlink to your post but i prefer not to do that because then i can't really judge how good the site is. If its a brand new site, you can use fetch as g tool and index it.
  9. Guilty, i did buy a link last year when all links were do follow and the rank boost was very apparent (#7 to #3) stayed like that moving up-down until they introduced the nofollow policy. That's when i just disappeared off first page. It wasn't even exact match, the anchor text totally unrelated to the page stayed #1! (making me regret not using an exact match keyword). So they are useless now, as useful as a link from wikipedia. I think there's still buzz around it because the sellers still don't mention it as nofollow and the people are clueless. Like the whole deal with PR thing, concepts in this business die off really hard and its full of scammers. I wouldn't want a link from there for 10 bucks now(it does NOTHING) unless it is dofollow which is almost impossible now.
  10. Huh didn't think of that. You might be absolutely correct, i make like 6-10 posts per day (its a software review type site) and new posts don't stay on homepage for longer than a day. I just had an idea, for posts that are really important to me or rank well, i could just pin them to frontpage so they don't lose the ranking.
  11. Dynamic (new posts appear on frontpage)
  12. I recreated old pages that had links from those big sites and added new posts but yeah the content isn't same (old site covered a different topic), the category is though (gaming). Anchor text is different yea I just love how amazing it ranks, for the days it keep ranked i bank hard. Maybe it will settle down in a few weeks.
  13. I bought this really great domain originally for my PBN but it ranked so good surpassing my main site that i switched to using it as my main site. And it's really amazing how well it ranks without any effort on my part. There's a problem though, some of the pages especially ones that rank #1-#5 end up disappearing after a couple days. Some comeback with lower rank and some don't. I thought it is probably Google figuring where the site stands but this has been going on for two weeks now, its definitely not penalized or the other pages wouldn't be ranking. When i added it to google WMT, the previous owner had set localization to US only which i immediately changed to target whole world, maybe that is why its doing this. I am so clueless to this lol, any of you experienced something like this? The site has some incredible links from huffpo, theguardian and other top magazines back in 2014. Died in 2015 and i grabbed it this Jan so it was down for sometime.
  14. Yeah just noticed it myself a while ago. The questions are completely unrelated though, G might remove it