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  1. Why do people fail?

    As the owner of a growing business that started small, one of the best pieces of advice I was given was to be sure to hire people smarter and better than me at their position, and then let them do their job.
  2. Google My Business website builder is live

    What about building one of these Google sites thru My Business just to link out to your real local site?
  3. Getting more calls

    I show up 1st in the local pack for my town and the next town over for any search involving electrician. I have 15 solid 5 star reviews which is more than any other contractor. But even from that, it seems like I am not getting enough calls. And then there are all the other towns surrounding my area in which I use town based landing pages to try and come up high in the organic results since I'm not able to get high in the local pack due to being located in another town. Those organic result also don't get enough calls, even though I come up before most other contractors. It just seems odd, and depressing lol.
  4. Awesome. It seemed to good to be true. But that's only due to my ignorance
  5. When it comes to link building for small local service businesses, such as plumbers, electrician, locksmiths, etc, are professional SEO's normally finding ways to get good links other than PBN's or directories? are those two methods the best way to and what should be focused on?
  6. The reason I was curious is because it seems like it's buying links, and buying them out in the open. I thought Google was against that type of thing.
  7. So if I were to spend the $1,300 or so to sign up with these directories, it would help my older website rank better? Or is this something better to do on a new website? Will there be a return on investment? Ive gotten so screwed that ive become really gunshy
  8. I have a website for my local service. First let me say this, it ranks very well in most local towns against other electrician. However, my biggest competition isn't other electrician, it's the big referral company and directory websites. Searching for "electrician near me", "electrician in -townname-", etc. gives 2 pages of Yelp, businessfinder.nj.com, thumbtack, porch, houzz, elocalelectrician, angieslist, yellowbook, manta, indeed, whodoyou, whitepages, homeadvisor, etc. etc. My website will come up as the first or second actually electrical contractor in the rankings. I also come up as the first company when they click the link to Yelp and a few other directories that show up in the Google results. Here's the thing, I don't feel like I am getting enough calls. I know electrical work is being performed in these towns, and I know my website is coming up for people using Google to look for electrician, and customers tell me they liked my site. So what gives?
  9. Google kills instant search

    Terra, this is different. It's not the "possibilities" that show up right under the text box. It's the actual results page that used to show up and change as you were typing something in.
  10. Google kills instant search

    I always wondered the resources needed to instantly show the results as you were typing. On the surface it seems like a small thing, but the staggering amount of data for a huge number of users at any given time is crazy.
  11. Google Posts

    Anyone do anything with the Posts yet? Ive put 2 up. Both showed when searching my company name for the first week or so, but now only one shows. They are both listed in My Business so I'm not sure why the other one isn't showing. I guess I can't expect much from them anyway. If someone is already searching my business name, then he battle has already been won.
  12. I see. As you can imagine by it being New Jersey, there are a lot of electrician in my densely populated area. My business currently shows up in the 3 pack of 2 towns and further down in the map listing of at least 2 others. And that's fine. What I am doing now is condensing my service area to the closest towns to me. So I just wanted to be sure that making my service area smaller in My Business wasn't going to hurt me in any other way.
  13. When setting up Google My Business for a local service business,let's say a locksmith or plumber or electrician like me, how do you setup the service area? -Do you enter only the cities that the company services? -Do you enter a much broader area, knowing that Google will shrink it closer to the business address? -Or do you enter a very small area, smaller than the company's service area, since this is only for the Local listings? What you choose here doesn't effect the organic ranking of the company website associated with the account, correct? So if it only effects the local/map listings, what's the purpose in setting a huge area when 99% of the time the company will only come up in their own city or maybe the one net to it?
  14. So I have a website for my local service. On that website are 35 town based landing pages. At this point I don't want to work in all of those towns anymore, I would rather focus on the 10 towns closest to me and just keep those 10 landing pages. What would happen if I just delete those 25 extra landing pages for the towns I don't want to work in anymore? Would it hurt my website as a whole? Would it help my website due to being less spammy with not as many landing pages? Or would it make no difference? Second, what would be the best option for 301 redirect? To the homepage? To the closes city landing page? To the service area page?
  15. Is this the end of local SEO?!?!

    I am in the NY/NJ Metro area, which isn't mentioned in the article. She said it should be live in a month. I did my background check, they gave me $100 in free credit to get it done within 1 week, so I guess they are in a rush to get contractors profiles up. It's actually $26/lead. I don't really like their policies because I have to pay for leads when they aren't actually leads, such as if a person is calling to ask how to do it themselves. I could understand paying for clicks on AdWords for that, but this is supposed to be a lead service. I am paying for leads to jobs, not for people to ask me how to do their own work. But I am still eager to see how this works out. One of the things I am ways hated about Home Advisor is how you pay for leads that are also given to your competitors, and then you find yourself competing on price, which is a race to the bottom.