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  1. Adding a city twice in My Business

    Doing it both ways makes sense to me because it allows you to go local by county or zip code. It couldn't hurt...
  2. CSS selector setup

    You don't need to select all 3 unless you're targeting something very specific (depends on what else is in your design). So ask yourself this - is this the only h1 in the design or are there others? If others, will they all have a white border? If the answer is no, then: h1 { border: solid 3px white; } If the answer was yes, then I would do something like this instead: .white_border { border: solid 3px white; } <h1 class="white_border">Title</h1> Again, it depends on your overall design - I prefer working with the lowest, common denominator, because I often find that creating classes like this one can be used elsewhere in the design. Ask me about resetting and normalization next, LOL...
  3. CSS selector setup

    When you use a space between the ID and Class you're telling the browser to look for an element with that Class that's a Descendant of the element with the ID exactly as shown in your first example. In your second example, that space won't work because the element you're selecting isn't a Descendant - it's an element that is also a member of the Class you're targeting. Generally speaking (and there are always exceptions), the best practice is to minimize the number of Selectors being used as browsers parse them from right to left; meaning that it takes longer to parse 3 selectors than one or two. Obviously the latency or time it takes to parse them is negligible in terms of today's technology, but that latency does add up on really complex pages being rendered on a slower system. That said (and this is strictly my own opinion, based on what I've seen over the past 20 years or so), I think most designers tend to approach CSS with "Brute Force", i.e.; forcing styles as they go, rather than really thinking through the process for a leaner, cleaner design that genuinely reflects what CSS is all about. Bear in mind, I came up through the programmings ranks in the 70's and 80's when resources were limited, so I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to code, whether it's a script, CSS or anything else.
  4. Going back to 2001, I started out with individual web sites for each product (per what the so called "Gurus" claimed worked best at the time). By 2004, that had gotten really unwieldy, so I decided to centralize and just never looked back. Basically, we made one page per product (I had sort of an automated system for doing this) and just as you're suspecting, we made a lot of money on tertiary product sales that we wouldn't have if the customer didn't know about them. I also took a tip from Amazon and included a "Customers who bought this, also bout that" type of functionality. When it comes to software at least, I'd keep it centralized - it will increase sales and make your life a lot simpler brother!
  5. Twitter Increasing Character Limit

    Trump will be loving it, LOL
  6. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    Wow John, sounds like you've made some significant improvements - glad it's working out for you brother!
  7. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    I'm not in bad shape: EFL School Project - The core work was completed at the end of August as scheduled and now it's just in an ongoing development mode as we explore ideas for future features and functionality. Laser Clinic Project - Again, the core work has been done, but we've been held up finishing on change orders. To complicate matters, the client was recently diagnosed with cancer and is going through treatment, so it's been slow going in terms of communication. Organizer Project - This is slowly, but surely coming together as Theresa and I have time to focus on it. We've actually made a lot of progress and now that those first two projects are essentially done, I have more time to work on it. Secret Project - Although it's not moving forward consistently, it's benefiting from the work done on the first three projects, with certain core features/functionality ported over to it. NOTE: These four projects were all built using my Revelation Framework, which I'm upgrading with true "Mobile First" responsive functionality built-in. That's a bit of a November goal in Shay's latest, "Get off your ass and get to work" thread. Drunken Greek Blog - It's just sitting there collecting dust; aside from putting up the site I haven't found the time (truthfully, the motivation) to work on it. Ironically, this was the only online goal I started the year out with, LOL. Local Projects - No point in listing them all individually, but since these are my highest priority, everything is done or on track to be done by the end of the year. ADDITIONAL NOTES In June, I terminated my contract with the local university (no longer teaching there) and planned a fall schedule of teaching Proficiency EFL 2 days per week. The goal being that I'd have 3 days a week to focus on my own projects. Unfortunately, the EFL school got slammed with new students in September, so I've had to go back to 5 days a week for now. My boss won't cut me any slack, the bitch, (don't tell my wife I said that), LOL. However, I've managed to find the time to research several emergent web technologies that I'll be incorporating into new projects next year and upgrading some older projects, time permitting. Overall, it's been a very productive year both online and off.
  8. Back in the early seventies (I was a kid), I got a summer job going door-to-door dropping off a pre-stamped postcard with a questionnaire on it regarding water quality in the home. By filling it out and returning it, you were offered a free month's supply of soap, shampoo, etc. The secretary, who received these cards, would then call lead to set up an appointment for the sales rep to drop off the free products. While there, the sales rep would do a hard water test (he already knew they had hard water) and sell them a water softener, which this company financed through a deal with several local banks. This process worked far better for them than cold-calling as the response rate could hit has high as 50% (especially in newer subdivisions). I made something like $25 a week, which was a fortune for me and at the end of the summer, the sales reps all kicked in and bought me a mini-bike, which was awesome
  9. OK, I'll jump into this one - I've started really digging into the nuts and bolts of "Mobile First, Responsive" website design. Yes, there are numerous systems out there like Bootstrap, but these are bloated, "one size fits all", frameworks that continually change and are difficult to customize. So, my goal is to develop a robust, yet flexible CSS3-based framework with as small a footprint as possible to: Normalize CSS to the way I work Provide instant Mobile First Responsiveness Must Work Cross Browser When finished, I should be able to drop it into any project without any further changes to speed up development. My stretch goal for the month is to build a companion JavaScript framework to support the "Bells and Whistles" I typically use, again to expedite development. Lastly, I'll be integrating all of this into my Revelation Development system... Don't worry if it sounds too technical - it's an important goal for me to achieve
  10. http to https

    Yes, that's correct - I am making a couple of assumptions about how your server is configured, so if it doesn't work, you may need to contact your host for additional info.
  11. http to https

    Each RewriteRule is executed in the order it appears in the list - by using the [L] flag at the end of each rule, it tells the RewriteEngine to stop processing any further rules if that one was matched. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule URL1 Rewrite [L,R=301] RewriteRule URL2 Rewrite [L,R=301] RewriteRule URL3 Rewrite [L,R=301] RewriteRule URL4 Rewrite [L,R=301] RewriteRule URL5 Rewrite [L,R=301] ..... RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] So in the case above, if URL3 was rewritten, then then all Rewrite Engine processing stops.
  12. http to https

    In this case, you individually redirect the pages you're keeping and redirect everything else to the homepage - so you end up with 10 individual redirects and one global one to handle the remaining 90 pages.
  13. http to https

    Do this in htaccess or httpd.conf (assuming you're running Apache): RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] This is a site wide redirect to https that avoids the need to do individual page redirects. It preserves the the complete URI to every page so no broken internal links (unless they already existed). It does NOT redirect everything to the main page... The only reason you'd do individual page redirects is if you're changing the page name or eliminating it altogether (then you can 301 it to a different page or home page). There are countless variations on this to fit practically any given situation, so it's worth taking some time to learn more about the various redirect schema you can take advantage of.
  14. Crappy Halloween joke

    Why can't witches get pregnant? Because warlocks have hollow weenies...