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  1. Bear in mind I haven't kept up with SEO for a long time, but I do notice things When I'm searching Google, there's a button for "Tools, which allows me to define the date range, among other things. Since I mostly search on programming related topics, I almost always select the "Past Year" for the most accurate results. Just for the hell of it today, I did a search on autoresponders with the date set to "Any Time" - the first result was Aweber. When I switched to "Past Year" the first results were MailChimp, ArpReach, GetResponse and then some others - Aweber isn't anywhere on the first or second pages. That said, I'm just curious if anyone else sees this and is impacted by it? With Google coming up on 20 years worth of data, it seems to me that the more savvy folks out there use these tools to refine their results which completely ignore out of date sites.
  2. I've been seeing this for quite a while now - it's actually pretty accurate and tends screw everyone else below it. They also position these in the middle and bottom of the page - for example, in the middle of the page, it's titled, "People also searched for" and then the list.
  3. I use a tablet now instead of a Kindle, but don't have any particular problem holding it. However, sometimes (usually when I'm about to fall asleep) I just prop it up on a pillow and problem solved I bought my first Kindle years ago mainly because of the shipping costs and delays in getting books delivered here. Wasn't too sure I'd like it, but I never looked back. Not sure why, but I went through a couple of Kindles and they just didn't hold up, so I switched to tablets, which are a lot cheaper and available locally. I only use them to either read or watch Netflix - there are a lot of good ereader type apps out there, so haven't had a problem reading in any format. I was re-reading an old paperback a few days ago (not available in electronic format) and to be honest, it was uncomfortable. No back lighting, having to turn pages differently and the type was just small enough that I had to wear my glasses. And my wife bitched endlessly about my having the light on half the night, LOL.
  4. Came across this on CNN - thought it was cool:
  5. And a lot of site (even huge ones) do a piss poor job documentation. Still, I'd rather use an API than scrape data....
  6. This is all really easy to do if the data sources offer a decent API - you can easily do it in PHP, jQuery, etc., to get exactly what you want for free. Google offers a fairly robust Charts system that's free to access. So you pull your data, plug it into Google Charts and just do whatever layout you want that meets your specific needs. That includes being able to drill down into the data with solid visualizations I did something like this with Amazon KDP a few years ago because their reporting system really sucked. Unfortunately they didn't have API access so I had to scrape and they constantly changed shit over there (I eventually abandoned the project).
  7. Happy Birthday Claude....
  8. I know...
  9. These companies (and many, many others) just flat out missed the boat on how technology would so dramatically change commerce worldwide. What's interesting about this is that all of these brands are relatively old ones that didn't want to risk their (then) current profit models by shifting them to something new and untried. The epitome of these is the Eastman Kodak company - in 1976 they had something like 90% of the US market share for film and cameras. Back up a year to 1975 and they had already developed the word's first digital camera and the brainiacs in management decided to not move forward into digital photography because of their fears of losing their film and camera profits. By the time they finally entered the digital market, there was already a lot of competition and more to come. I remember reading a couple of years ago that they ended up selling off many of their patents to Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. when they were coming out of bankruptcy. No matter how successful your business is, no matter what your market share is, you either adapt or die.
  10. Sure...but they don't come even close to meeting my profuction needs. Besides, that's like telling a Buggatti owner he can buy a nice road rat for $600 to get around in. LOL...
  11. No, I built a custom computer with highly specialized components that I continually upgrade - I've got around $10K invested in it.
  12. When my kids look up from their phones, it's to argue about who's getting my car, the beach house and my super computer
  13. Labeling people as stupid is a misnomer - people may do stupid things, but it doesn't necessarily follow that they are stupid. I would hazard a guess that everyone posting in this thread has done something stupid at least once in his or her life. And in looking over the thread, I don't see anyone displaying evidence of ongoing stupidity.
  14. Yeah..Santa only comes once a year
  15. I'd probably start out on a search for the premo dope I was smoking the night before...