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  1. Fair enough...except, the figure was NOT 70% of the studies, bit rather 70% of the researchers. Do you not understand the distinction? And FYI, I did not call the journalist a "Low IQ" journalist.
  2. I'm never rude to folks who bring facts to the table. Obviously, I've hurt your feelings and I apologize for's not your fault, you're not the smartest person in the room. To be fair, however, it's also not my fault that you continually post content that's questionable. I warned you previously that if you post bullshit, I will respond. Therein lies the root of the problem - you read something you want to believe and immediately glom onto it as truth. Unfortunately, because you completely lack any real scientific training, you can't accept just how flawed your viewpoints actually are. As to questioning my beliefs, that's just another example of your woeful misunderstanding of science. I believe in factual data, not skewed opinions based upon popular theory. You might believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, but you consistently cannot back up your beliefs with actual data. So who's the idiot here? I'm pretty sure it's not me...
  3. I didn't call it fake or inaccurate, I called it bullshit. Pretty simple distinction, right? What's sad is that you cannot see that for yourself - because both you and the reporter don't understand what Peer Review is all about and lack the education and experience to understand what is is that you're reading. And just for clarification, I don't always think I'm always right...I'm always open to new ideas, I'm always willing to question my opinions, but I am never, ever, willing to question proven facts (empirical data). The core problem here is that you like to read and believe in pseudo-science, because you clearly lack the credentials and expertise to debate these concepts intelligently. Just an FYI - I've been a member of Mensa since I was 8 years old.
  4. So exactly where can one obtain African Raping Crickets? I've never been raped by a cricket, but am always open to new experiences and might add that one to my bucket list.
  5. And yet another bullshit article by a British journalist who doesn't have a clue about science...but likes to write about it as if he does, because he attracts readers who ironically don't have a clue either. Beyond that I'm not going to waste my's awesome being the smartest person in the room
  6. I do, but all my girls are tough....
  7. Trust me...she'll have the Riffles in the kitchen in a heartbeat.
  8. LOL...I actually get asked that a lot, but she's my daughter. She has a niece who's 19 and a nephew who's 18... And, I found out earlier this week that I'm about to be a great-grandfather....
  9. My wife is fifteen years younger than me...LOL
  10. Here's his potential future wife...Emily. Older woman though - she just turned two...
  11. Are you serious? Can you give me an example link over there?
  12. Don't worry, the foreskin (or is that forensic) evidence will get you acquitted.
  13. And your penis?
  14. Good looking kid - he's got Claude's ears though.
  15. If they're round and have a hole in them, what's to discern?