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  1. Back in the early to mid 80's, I ran a mobile locksmith service - I cleaned up at lunchtime (11 am to 1pm) and after hours, especially weekends, because the established services rarely answered during those hours or priced themselves out of the ballpark because they didn't want the work. It was perfect for me, because I was attending university full time and I made far more for after hours service than I could have gotten during the day.
  2. Search engine history

    I was online back in the 70's and 80's, long before the "Web" which is but one type of "Protocol" for connecting to remote computers. Jumping into the early nineties, it was actually really easy to get listed in the various SE's - usually, within hours. Back then, SEO was the wild, wild west...SE's weren't the best place to go to find sites - instead, you went to website A and found links to websites B, C and D. From there, you continued to navigate from site to site to find whatever tweaked your interest. Google initially exploited a very simple concept - if a particular web site was really cool, a lot of other sites would link to it. Thus, their "Page Rank" for determining a site's popularity. However, it wasn't sustainable, which is why SEO has become so complex today.
  3. Why do people fail?

    Actually, I don't know Dan at all, that's why I asked - to me, a "Super Achiever" is someone who's been vetted in some form or another, like the other names you tossed out there.
  4. Why do people fail?

    Not being a smartass here, but how do you know that? Because he said so? I think Mike nailed some excellent points - and that leads me to think that the number one reason new IM'ers fail is: They listen to folks who are not experts in the first place.
  5. As long as your emails comply with CAN-SPAM and/or the rules and regulations of the countries you're sending them to, it's not a problem. IMPORTANT: Are you using an A/R service or emailing from your website? Even though your email may be compliant with CAN-SPAM, most hosting services have policies in place that require an Opt-In of some sort. That said, I agree with Mike - and I'd take it a step further...I'd try to get them to sign up to a new list to receive further info. I say this because you mention they are "High-Quality" emails, but don't say how you know this to be true. Have you marketed to the list before? Or were you just told that?
  6. Why do people fail?

    Technically, David, neither points are failures - they're merely a lack of trying. I've often seen these and other points mentioned in the context of why people fail to succeed, followed by a sales pitch on how easily they can turn that situation around. Some of the real reasons why people fail to "Succeed" in business, especially online, are (in no particular order): 1. Blue Collar Mentality - They're so accustomed to being supervised, given direction, that they can't do so on their own. This is the main reason for your first point and somewhat for your second. 2. Lack of Formal Business Experience/Training - Over the years, I've seen a lot of newbies jump into IM, for example, with absolutely no idea whatsoever in how to actually manage a business. They often end up working for their business, rather than making their business work for them. 3. Unwillingness to Invest - While it's certainly true that you can start an online business for a relatively low cost, eventually you are going to need to spend money and invest more in your business activities. I can't begin to count the number of times I've seen so called "Business People" looking for freebies, cheap solutions, etc., that actually cost them money in terms of lost business. 4. Poor Time Management - This stems from number 2; A lot of time is wasted chasing after the next new shiny object rather than focusing on their core business activities. They're like a mouse on a treadmill, working like crazy but getting no where. 5. Refusing To Outsource - This goes along with 3 and 4; at some point your business grows to a point where you cannot do it all yourself and if you're unwilling to outsource or hire staff, you stagnate. One of the biggest mistakes I've seen online is outsourcing or hiring the wrong people, based solely on cost rather than quality of service. There are many more, but hopefully that helps...
  7. Google My Business website builder is live

    Really, it's like setting up a Facebook page and aside from the zero cost, it makes sense for Google to get newbies into the product family. It is actually a little complicated to get started with it, but if you're basically looking for an initial presence online, it's not a bad option. For folks with zero technical knowledge/skills, it's a start...
  8. Yes, Google does see them - a "Short Code", simply tells WP to execute a particular script on the server, which is them delivered as HTML. Google doesn't actually see the Short Code at all - just whatever HTML is outputted by the results of the code.
  9. I'm getting published, Baby!

    That is just so freaking awesome - I know it feels good!
  10. Ran into a major snag on the project I'm doing with Diego but am confident that the problem will be resolved in the next 24 hours or I'll die trying, LOL. I've had to slack off a bit on the project with Theresa, mainly due to the urgency of getting the EFL school platform back up and running, but am getting back on track finally. Fortunately, Theresa is a very, very patient and understanding person to work with I've just hit the 20 lb mark on my weight loss program and am doing 5K a day (a little over 3 miles) pushing a stroller. My back is feeling AWESOME and am sticking to the therapy - well worth every moment of pain to reach this point. Time for a beer to celebrate
  11. Auto-playing videos in SERPs

    Same here...I like how FB does it
  12. Clubs

    I think this is a very cool feature
  13. Auto-playing videos in SERPs

    Sounds like they're copying Facebook, i.e.; the videos play muted unless you actively hit the play button.
  14. The Lights are Back On

    Love the new reaction emojis...way better than a thanks!
  15. The Lights are Back On

    Translation: I was drinking shots and beer when I thought it's be cool to see if I could upgrade the forum while randomly changing shit on my hosting because....because I can