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  1. May turned into kind of a crappy month - picked up a bug from my youngest a week ago and have been coughing my head off ever since. On Monday I lost my voice and still can't talk much (throat's killing me and I sound ridiculous, LOL). Congested, can't breath, recurring fever and haven't done anything more since my last post. My wife and 2 of my daughters have it now too Hopefully I'm on the mend and plan to start doing something productive today, even if it kills me!
  2. That's really awesome Terra - Congratulations!
  3. Yes, I was only referring to IM, since that's what the OP was really talking about (specifically MMO in his example). As to non-IM niches, absolutely - mainly because there's a completely different mindset in use. I don't hesitate to sign up to lists in niches that interest me and offer value through their content or products. But it's probably been 5 years or more since I knowingly signed up to an IM list, LOL.
  4. I read somewhere recently that in the US, 45% of CC Fraud happens online via eCommerce sites. Fraud has always been a problem online and it's only going to get worse - setting up those rules is a good step forward in dealing with it on the front end instead of weeks or months later.
  5. Again, for the most part, I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying - inexperienced webmasters are clearly their own worst enemy. But...none of that makes SSL a bad thing - and while it's not always necessary, with the prevalence of WiFi these days, it's safer for your users if you require any kind of login to your site. From a marketing perspective, it's also another point for credibility and a lightweight ranking signal. Given that it's free via CA's like LetsEncrypt, it almost doesn't make sense to not do it, especially for all the other reasons you mentioned
  6. No, I don't think Stripe supports them....have you tried defining "Rules" for managing this?
  7. No, I don't mean the phone number the customer supplied, I mean the phone number and billing address obtained through the merchant account when you process the card. That will get you the phone number (and other account details) associated with the cardholder.
  8. Nah, I'm not underestimating it and I'm not disagreeing with you either. In fact, your last comment is probably the best argument for using SSL - it's one more layer of security, one of many that should be implemented and probably doesn't happen, due to inexperience or poor hosting. Just because the risk is so widespread, doesn't mean folks shouldn't bother taking every possible precaution to mitigate as much of the risk as possible.
  9. Are you using a merchant account? If so, you can get that information (Address, telephone) from them via API or an actual telephone call.
  10. You make that sound easy - but in reality, they need access to the Local Area Network (LAN) or WIFI to do this. To be clear, this type of exploit is on the user's end, not the server. I agree with you that SSL or not, there is always a risk of being hacked, but SSL significantly reduces the riskof the current session being manipulated, especially if the CA is doing validated lookups on DNS.
  11. I'm in the same boat as many of your customers doing this Marcia - although I have plenty of cash, credit and debit cards, I can't make purchases easily outside of Greece, due to the capitol controls the government implemented a couple of years ago. I can and do use the cards domestically, but making a business purchase internationally requires jumping through hoops to obtain government permission. Actually, right after this happened I was in an awkward position because I was unable to renew several important domains and make monthly server payments. So, I went begging at the WF to borrow $150 from people there just to keep going. Now, rather than withdraw everything in my PayPal account, I let it accumulate there and use that for expenses/purchases. That said, for me at least, if a website doesn't accept PayPal, I can't buy it... It may also be that some of these folks are bending the truth a bit - I suspect that a lot of people are still uncomfortable using a credit card online when it's so much safer and easier to use PayPal. This is especially true with subscriptions because those who subscribed through a credit card can't easily cancel (remember all those forced continuity programs a few years ago?). I don't think you can generalize about people who don't have credit cards especially after the economic woes of the past decade. Whether they don't have them, can't or won't use them, the only real issue I see is in providing flexibility in your payment acceptance policy. So, out of curiosity, is there a particular reason why you only accept credit/debit cards?
  12. If you do a 301 redirect from http to https, you won't need to. While there is some measurable latency, it's not perceivable, at least to me. It would probably be more noticeable on shared hosting, but even then, the latency is minimal (unless it's a really slow server). My first impression on reading that sentence was that it raises a huge trust issue - when you log into a site using SSL, you expect that the entire site is secure, unless the site specifically informs you you're leaving a secure section of the site to a non-SSL page (I've seen this in the past). Given that speed really isn't an issue, I wouldn't recommend doing that.
  13. May is actually a bad month for me because our students are taking the University of Michigan ECCE and ECPE exams (Competency and Proficiency). It's a really big deal and a lot of extra work, but it will be starting Saturday for the written parts and next weak for the speaking exam. Despite that, it's actually been a very productive month so far - I'm working on four different web projects and giving them each at least one hour per day. Tomorrow night is our pre-exam party and if it goes as planned, I'll post a video related to (it's part of a marketing plan my wife pulled together).
  14. I started seeing these circa 2001 and they've only grown more frequent over the years - mainly related to support inquires. I hat the phone too - I don't answer it and don't care a cell phone.
  15. A free offer (or any other kind of offer) won't pull in traffic unless you've got a solid traffic generating plan implemented - whether that's on/off page SEO, paid traffic, affiliates, etc., it could be the coolest thing since white bread, but without traffic to it, you're dead in the water. Perhaps it's just me, but it seems like, these days, most folks are "Aware" of the most common used IM techniques anyways, so they're going to use throwaway email addresses, unless it's genuinely amazing. Although there's no residual benefit to it, paid traffic works best, unless what you're doing has some long-term, residual benefit to using SEO. I think the OP went off on a tangent to the actual subject he was posting about, LOL.