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  1. I've often wondered what I would do if I had kids? Neither my Mom or Dad ever hit me. But after he passed, my mother married a drunk. He put us both in the hospital a couple of times, until I was old enough that he couldn't anymore. He justified it with those exact same words. It hurts him more, spare the rod spoil the child, all that nonsense. I can intellectually see a middle ground, where sometimes spanking might have been needed? But then again my mother never hit me, and while it took me a couple of decades to understand the lessons she was passing on, a lot of good things in my life came from those talks-- and the only thing that came from the beatings was that I was an angry hater that pursued a life of martial arts competition rather than the family business?
  2. Certain demographics seem to have a higher percentage of parents who choose not to get their children vaccinated for reasons that are not medically related. Currently, Texas leads the US in both the raw number and percentage of children not getting vital protections-- And the number is rising sharply. I'm having a difficult time understanding how it isn't considered child abuse?
  3. I can cut down a tree just by looking at it. It's true, I saw it with my own eyes.
  4. Considering how much US politics affects the lives of most other people in the world, I believe we can people in other countries to express their opinions? Either way, I doubt she has any "fans" who object to her comments about Trump... More likely those are just disgruntled Slytherin alumni!
  5. No such thing. But in this particular case, Hopkins had a lot of doubt as he exclaimed into the face of his relatively calm opponent: "I would never let [you] beat me!" The fact that he was claiming he spent his time and energy claiming he would deny that outcome means that he accepted it as a possibility, which is not a useful mindset for a fighter. True, "possibility" is always there but it is not a useful thing to think about. Doubt is the seed of hesitation, and fights happen FAST! Hesitation is the quickest way to lose!
  6. After as many fights as he won-- many of them against great fighters like Oscar-- it must have been quite difficult not to become over-confident? Compared to the legacy of Hopkins, who was Joe Smith before this fight? It's a common trap for older fighters who have been successful so very many times, and who know that allowing yourself doubt before a fight is suicidal.
  7. So he was just psycho and there was no way to "break the causal chain"?
  8. No contest, I would be an old tiger. "After 28 years of hunting down poachers, politicians, and other evils of the world, "Michael the Tiger" passed away peacefully in his jungle mansion. His favorite heavy metal songs were played way too loudly at his funeral, which was attended by his close friends including Balestra the Bat, a couple of humans, and Claude the Dinosaur."
  9. You would prefer something a little more classy?
  10. These days I don't do any marketing and accept new customers by referral only. It's a question I had to ask myself: At what point am I working too much for too little? How can I refocus my efforts to make more from less? For me, the answer was dumping all but two of the niches I was working in (soon to be only one). This way I am able to enjoy producing products with far better quality and making connections with customers that allow me to sell more products at a higher price. It was a painful loss of income at first, for several months, perhaps more than a year? But now, for the time and effort invested, it doesn't feel like work, and actually I might be spending more literal time "working" than before? (The fact that I stopped tracking it and forcing myself to work a certain amount each day is telling!) Either way I love it, so I'm never wishing I were doing something else. And, the profit margins are much, much higher. So for me, in the situation I was in and the way that it has worked out, it was the right choice. I want to believe this is the right way for everyone to do business!!! But objectively, I'm not sure that I should push "follow your dreams!" to people that don't have the same kind of advantages I have?
  11. Both good points, and I appreciate the correction. Of course, I also know many refugees, and while there are millions that I do not know, I trust that most are very similar. And my core beliefs that showing compassion is showing strength, and that the strong should protect and help the weaker-- these shape my attitudes, reactions, and actions. In an attempt to learn and grow my viewpoints, I found this on a site that, in the recent past, I wouldn't even be reading: http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2017/02/03/starbucks-veterans-group-stands-by-ceos-refugee-hiring-plan.html So it seems that Starbucks did make the pledge in 2013 to hire 10,000 veterans, and we forgot. They didn't however, and having hired only 8,800 so far believe their goal has not been met-- yet. The Armed Forces Network even wrote an open letter in defense of Starbucks: https://news.starbucks.com/news/message-from-starbucks-armed-forces-network
  12. The day they get here? Very few. But how many immigrants do you know? It's a very common mindset they are tapping into. As for the VA/SBA program, it's a good one-- But most Vets I know are keen to start their own thing, many of them breweries, bathhouses, and "gardens".
  13. Starbucks also wants to sell franchises, which means immigrants, not Veterans. And if they can pander to the vast majority of their customer base at the same time that they attract desperate workers who will one day buy franchises from them, well that's called casting three stones with one bird-- simply good marketing.
  14. It is past time for a female Doctor. Also, a redhead. Together would be nice, but not necessary. And we're running out of time, there's only a couple left. So they need to do it right now!