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  1. Little Bichon gets mauled to death at Petsmart...

    There is a valid caveat to everything I've said: Poodles can be savage little cunts, but they aren't as effective at doing damage as a pit... And if you aren't the kind of person who can provide the right house for a pit, or if you inherited one that has been abused, there is a lot of great training out there. In Houston there is a superb group of trainers at a place called Sit Means Sit... I'm sure other cities have similar dog-training centers. They do great work with the animals, but the joke is that training the dogs is 20%, and training their humans is 80%... Not only a joke haha. *** As for the situation in Houston, it's been going on for 6+ years now, most of the damage has been done... I'm sure there are places to donate but most of it is finding good homes for them-- There are too many of them who will never make it out of the cages, because there are not enough people who are able and willing to adopt them. There was a push for a while to get them adopted in other states (Texas has the largest population by far) but like all things, people have lives and other problems and the amount of time and effort that can be spent on these projects are limited. Ultimately, these days I just feel so frustrated... While we were out saving as many as we could, we didn't realize how badly we were losing the misinformation war. http://pitbull.rescueme.org/texas
  2. Little Bichon gets mauled to death at Petsmart...

    Not sure you're "passive" aggressive, you're pretty open with your feelings and opinions, which is something I appreciate. That's correct-- and these families have no legal recourse. Whether or not "aggressive breeds" are allowed to stay is 100% up to the owner/managers of the properties. Doesn't matter that they are in the middle of a lease, they paid all of their pet fees and humans and pups are model tenants-- If the owner says they have to go, they have to give 24 hours from the written notice to vacate the animal. Also correct-- a lack of money makes so many decisions for so many people, it's heartbreaking. Didn't realize you were so close... We should hang-out and have a drink some time? I might go to San Angelo for Thanksgiving... If I do, maybe I can pass through San Antonio instead of Austin?
  3. Little Bichon gets mauled to death at Petsmart...

    Your OP said "vicious breed". The legal term being used against them is "aggressive breed". Same difference. You want evidence? Come to Houston, a metro of 5.6 million people where there is a real crisis for these animals... But be prepared for some heartbreak, and understand that when you see the actual situation you're going to get involved... I know you will, because that's the kind of person you are. You make these kinds of posts because you do have a big heart, because you do care, because a piece of you is hurt when you see these kinds of stories. And when you're hurt you respond with anger-- you're a fighter and we all know it. I get that, I really do. But before I ever came to this post, I was already "carried away" from living firsthand the other side of the story for the last six years. These animals are discriminated against. Houses and apartments that were once friendly to them are suddenly bought by new owners, and those owners are able to demand immediate eviction of the animals-- and the owners if they fail to comply. Most people around us, I've learned, are living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford to move whenever they want... And anyway, where would they go? Should they go into debt to move to another place, only to have the same thing happen? This leads to huge numbers of pitbulls being put in shelters that cannot adopt them out, so they are "euthanized" (as "senile" is to "crazy", "euthanized is to "murdered"). Other animals are released, rather than left to slow sad deaths in a cage. They are ran over, killed maliciously, shot by police as a matter of policy, and otherwise left to have their once happy lives end in pain and suffering. Because people buy into the bullshit lie that they are "aggressive" or "vicious". Thankfully, a local gang has gone around in the last four years picking-up most of them off the streets-- to use as bait in training purebreeds for their dogfighting club. So, I say again with all the patience I can muster, the harmful, bullshit lie is getting these innocent animals murdered. It is ruining lives of these animals, getting them torn away from loving families, and it is happening in the Houston metro area of 5.5 million people not by the hundreds, but by the thousands. And it's being ignored, because currently there is always a bigger story, after all these are "just dogs". Sure, every once-in-a-while you get a story of some fucktard taking their dog to a petstore and letting it get into a fight with another animal... Shock value gets you ratings, after all. But the everyday story of suffering and death is in the opposite direction. On top of it all, our current Presidential administration has taken the position that in legal cases involving animals and humans, the animals should have almost no rights, and the legal system should be heavily biased in favor of humans at all times... so yeah, I'm completely out of patience for the lie being spread and doing any more damage to animals who cannot defend themselves to what we are doing to them-- and to the families who love them, and were once able to take care of them and give them good lives. "Ridiculous beyond comprehension". Edit: Pic of three of my new tenants, used with permission from their parents, who just went through the scenario I described... New owners bought the house they were living in, and they were given 24 hours to get rid of the dogs, or move out... the most dangerous thing about this pitbull is that she really loves licking my face.
  4. Little Bichon gets mauled to death at Petsmart...

    Or... I'm disgusted and out of patience for a lie that is getting these animals killed at obscene rates, and I've found that people who hold the view have already decided what they are going to believe and refuse to accept new information-- I'm not going to bother making arguments, I'm just expressing my disgust with the statement in this public forum. The idea that they are an "aggressive breed" is a bullshit lie, and I have zero patience for it anymore. *** On a separate but related note, the position that animals are not people, and they cannot be children, is immature and lacks basic understanding of the people around you and how they relate to the world around them... just because you don't feel it doesn't mean other people don't-- You can't project your limitations of interactions and relationships onto other people just because you don't like it for yourself.
  5. Always wanted to learn html, C, C++ and yesterday I was convinced it would be my goal (again!) ...but I know I'm not going to follow-through with it... It's just too easy to pay other people to do the tedious work! Years ago I had a ton of sites and dominated some "micro-niches" but took them all down when my wife got sick, it was just too much to manage. I don't really want to go that route either, but I'm only operating in two niches right now and so I have an overabundance of time on my hands these days... So what I'll do is spend some time doing niche research. ...I don't actually need it to be profitable... I guess I'm just looking for another hobby? That might sound incredibly lame, but that's where I'm at in life right now, LOL!!
  6. Build Your Offline Biz -- for Free

    I would be curious to learn more about this? ^^ My (adopted) father made his first millions in the telemarketing boom of the early '80's selling life insurance over the phone.... And he was the kind of man who poured Sangria in his cereal instead of milk, so no matter where you were in the house, you were going to hear his bullshit... He was a real bastard, but he was definitely good at his craft. It seemed like he spent all morning screaming at people, and for some reason they still came to the house for drinks and signing papers? Anyway, even back then, he started off cold-calling, but my mother somehow convinced him to start getting referrals from everyone he sold to, and also helped him get some customers from the organizations she was deeply rooted in... so eventually he had mostly "warm" lists... It made his life a lot easier, I guess, because he was slightly less of an evil cunt, and he eventually made enough money to drink himself to death, which made the whole world a much better place!! ...I was a kid, so I understand how perspective changes, but I still feel like the world is smaller for other reasons... We are more instantly connected to people, their agendas, and marketing than ever before... constantly... so yeah, I suppose cold calling could be a numbers game? But I certainly wouldn't want to have to do it!
  7. Heysal-- You okay?

    Wow... Well, you're alive, so that's a start... Is it safe to assume that insurance or FEMA or something is helping you out?
  8. Heysal-- You okay?

    My turn to check in on you... Weren't you up around the fires somewhere? Anyone else heard from Heysal in the last week?
  9. Camtasia?

    Oh that's a fantastic idea... thank you!
  10. Camtasia?

    It's been a while (years!) since I've put any thought at all into making video content... Is Camtasia still the best software for recording your computer screen and audio, and editing? Is anyone using it, or another service that they would recommend? Thanks in advance!
  11. Dragon Speaking Naturally

    Good one for Android... Yeah there are plenty of free options... I got DSN (Premium) because I wanted the extra features that it has. Found some limitations as well but overall it is fantastic.
  12. If You Ever Go to San Antonio...

    Having lived in San Antonio for 3+ years, I can same with all conviction that I will gladly drive around it any time I need to pass it! And if you're in Texas, the best food experiences are in Houston... Why do you think there are so many fatties here!?
  13. Dragon Speaking Naturally

    So most people probably have a dictation software in their computer. I wasn't satisfied with mine, so I finally got the dictation software. It took a couple of days to get used to it but once I did I can say... I'm never going back to typing! I'm even "writing" this post with it right now. Also, yes I did program it to respond to "Computer" before giving it commands so that I can act like I'm Jean Luke Picard. It doesn't make Earl Grey for me, though... Also posting this link with it: