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  1. I know personally know Liberals who are actively working in Pakistan and India against things like honor killings and especially FGM. Ironically, most of what I hear from Conservatives on such issues is that Muslims are bad, Islam is bad, Christians God is good, kill the bad guys, 'Murica, big guns and bombs, more words, mostly tough talking youth naivete... blah blah blah. I'm sure the truth is somewhere in the middle when it comes to how committed Conservatives are to eradicating barbaric practices in other countries, but I'm going to call absolute bullshit on the idea that Liberals are hypocrites on this issue. Absolute, utter, 100% bullshit.
  2. We're about halfway through this challenge. Progress reports?
  3. It was that moment of light within the darkness... that's when he had a truly profound idea, one that would transform everything we know of getting your message to customers across the world and make him the first individual Trillionaire. He turned to his great uncle and silently coined a new term: "Ghost Marketing!"
  4. Turning to flee, he learned that what he was seeing was actually the reflection in an antique mirror that covered nearly the entire wall. He now stood face-to-face with this Great Uncle, who had somehow crossed the entire room in the blink of an eye.. The older man with a younger face smiled, but the mirth did not reach his eyes. A slight bow of his, and a voice like stone scraping iron, he spoke. "Master. Follow me to your Forever."
  5. I wonder how you could find & hire those people that come-up with names for scented candles? Seriously, someone got paid to make-up "Moonlight Night" and "Wandering Stream" and "Angel Whispers" as odor names... LOL that's the kind of person we need doing product descriptions!!
  6. Those top two spots of a Google search are still advertisements, right? I would be interested in knowing how to buy those, if it can be explained in a way I could understand... I have some AdWord books I bought from Barnes & Nobles a few years ago but they seem complicated (and certainly out-dated!) ...I keep saying I'm going to learn all the technical stuff... But then it turns out to be work, my eyes glaze over, and I just pay someone else to do it!
  7. I have a friend who publishes his physical books through Lulu, and have heard both good and bad things about his experiences with them (mostly good by far). Up to this point I have always created and distributed my own (as Adobe .PDFs downloaded from my "own" hosted websites) so the idea of going through any content distributor feels like I'm giving-up more control than I probably actually would be?
  8. Of my completed books: 1. Martial Arts books & videos that I don't want to share with the public (and most wouldn't understand anyway). 2. Chess tactics & strategies, which if I made widely available to the public would kind-of screw-over customers who have already bought them, some of whom are still actively competing. ...And now I'm attempting to write fiction, but I have zero confidence in my ability to make it stop sucking... So basically I don't want to embarrass myself and waste everyone's time! But if I ever develop the courage to throw some of this poorly written drivel out to see what happens, well then easily getting extra reviews would be helpful!
  9. If you do, I would certainly be interested in your experience with it. I'm still not sure I want to put my books on Amazon, but if I do and can easily get that kind of advertising for just a couple hundred bucks, I would definitely feel like I'm getting away with something!
  10. By the way, I was thinking about my commitment for the 2017-- What will you do differently? thread and this related thought occurred to me: You are going to have more than 2.5 Million seconds in January to finish your product. If it isn't completed on time, I'm going to be expecting a detailed report of what you did in every single second that was not invested in pursuit of your goal!
  11. I think from this post she intends this challenge to be about a product you will use in your core business? But ultimately the spirit of these challenges is to encourage (and pressure) you to meet a specific deadline (and get things done!) so choose whatever project you want and we'll be here to give you a (somewhat friendly) kick in the tail! And of course, if creating videos for others is your core business model, then it definitely counts! You would probably post here in this thread when you finish, and not to speak for Mike Friedman but I believe if there are no problems with the content (conflicts of interest, etc.) he would probably allow you to post it as an example of what you can do in the "Special Offers" section?
  12. Sad, true... But not acceptable. An officer is supposed to be a specialist in violence and potential violence. Officers crying the excuse that they didn't know if a suspect was armed or not, who can't tell if a person or an animal was actually going to attack-- simply shouldn't be officers. It is their job to know. The idea that violence happens out of nowhere and without warning is an inaccurate misunderstanding at best, and in reality more of a plain ole' lie told to protect them from the consequences of their overreactions, mistakes caused by fear, power trips, and inadequate skill. *** Abused dogs can almost always be rehabilitated with varying degrees of success. In any case it is not the job of officers to act as judge, jury, and executioner. This is the US, not the Philippines.
  13. Wait, was this "a law passed" or just a ruling in a specific case, that may or may not have ramifications in other, similar cases?
  14. "Fuck you 2016!" --Jon Oliver