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  1. Animals are thieves!

    Looking for your favorite "thieving animals" pics and videos for entertainment purposes. (Will not be compiled or monetized by me or anyone in the group)
  2. A thought experiment

    The answer is simple: You would all come to realize that you are merely fig newtons of my immigration.
  3. Where's Whatty?

    It wasn't until after I read the first three posts of this thread that I realized I was flipping the channels and left it on the Three Stooges.
  4. I killed my Kindle

    Terrifying... Not sure I could get through the day without my Kindle Fire... So convenient... No more room in my apartment for more books, LOL Also Audible has made an obscene amount of money from me. What a wonderful time to be alive!
  5. Mike Tucker - you okay?

    Glad you're safe, mon ami. We had fun here in Houston, but now it's just cleanup...
  6. Hurricane Claude

    Hey folks... Taking a break to login today because I've been out-and-about helping people all day and I've become aware of some SCAMS going on... Please don't send money to any generic fund-raisers, or to anyone you don't know and trust... The government is already spending billions of your tax dollars on this and for the most part it isn't money that people need... It's just to get past the immediate problems, and to get their heads on straight for their own personal recovery process. Yes it's true that many people are losing a lot of their possessions, especially vehicles-- But bleeding-heart Liberal that I'm told I am, most people will be getting help through FEMA, insurance, various social & relief organizations, etc. The vast majority of Houstonians need two things right now: Some good laughter, and a toughen-up attitude! Those with more urgent needs are getting it. First Responders around here are doing a fantastic job, especially HPD and Harris County-- if anything, they need to be held back some and reminded to make it home at the end of the day... RIP Sgt. Steve.
  7. Mike Tucker - you okay?

    Hey everyone! Wow, thank you...really. Yep, for myself I'm great... Really I'm the last person anyone needs to worry about!! Spending my days & nights helping people who are struggling! You'd be amazed at how much you can accomplish helping one family at a time meet their basic needs, and helping them win the war in their minds... Especially those with pets-- Houstonians love their pets like they are children, not possessions... It's amazing how much you can enable a person to take care of themselves when you help them take care of their pets!
  8. So These Riots About Taking Down Confederate Hero Statues?

    A museum is different because it is thought of as a place of learning and appreciation of art-- very different from how these are seen in public parks, and especially courthouse property. And while many of these statutes were mass-produced as part of what lead up to (and continued through) the Jim Crow era, many of them were not, and I'm guessing most people don't know the difference.
  9. Not the Lottery. (Mayweather vs McGregor )

    Neighbor had Kodi.,, ...I suppose McGregor could just attempt to "out-box the boxer"... Again it was like watching someone jump into the Nile to bite a crocodile... No new rhythms, no mini-max follow-ups, no nothing... really strangely weak. Hate seeing defensive fighters win, but Mayweather toyed with him from the start of Round 1, just as most everyone predicted. Oh well! At least my father taught me not to ever bet more than I could stand to lose! Stings but was fun anyway!
  10. Not the Lottery. (Mayweather vs McGregor )

    Is this irony? I came back to Houston early because of Harvey (I was in Corpus). I live in a fancy-smancey apartment in downtown Houston (business park near Galleria) and don't like to drive, so I normally walk over to the only quiet pub I like that shows fights... And they aren't showing the fight tonight! (I don't drive myself around much anymore, so if it's not walking distance...) Thinking about ordering it online but people say streaming fights are choppy and get stuck on buffering a lot? All of this and I'm not even going to watch it? LOL!!
  11. It's getting crazy out here

    Harvey hit as a Cat 4, but I'm back in Houston so only seeing the tail of it right now... Driving in the storm really impressed me though... Powerful and beautiful!
  12. Not the Lottery. (Mayweather vs McGregor )

    ^^Especially if he's missing punches, he'll be exhausted quickly. Recovering from punches you missed (that you expected to hit and stop!) is something most fighters never train for, and so it can be exhausting! To attempt to explain my thoughts more concisely, I'm not so sure it is only "boxing vs boxing" either? If McGregor attempts to out-box Mayweather, it will go as everyone expects. Mayweather might even score a KO-- with his level of accuracy McGregor's giant chin will seem like a giant, slow-moving target! But I'm betting McGregor can bring a new form of movement that will take advantage of Mayweather's weaknesses, like he's repeatedly done to so many other great fighters. I guess I'll find out when Round 1 starts... Either way I'm way I'm looking forward to it, there are so many more unknowns than in a normal sportfighting event!
  13. So These Riots About Taking Down Confederate Hero Statues?

    Soooo going to quote you on this one.
  14. It's getting crazy out here

    LOL thank you, I'm the last person you have to worry about in this.
  15. Not the Lottery. (Mayweather vs McGregor )

    I have also thought a double-KO would be good for both of them. Gloves absolutely make a difference for strikers. However, a lot more power is lost in the soft mats of MMA than the padding over their fists... It will be interesting to see how McGregor adapts to both changes. Most people "wrestle" the alligator on land, and we all know it's a trick. McGregor is going into the Nile to fight the crocodile-- gotta respect those iron grapefruit-- and I just cannot bring myself to put money on Mayweather. I really don't think this fight is going to be one-sided in the way that most other people do. *** Why I don't think this fight is boring: It's true that many sportfighters have crossed back-and-forth between boxing and MMA with only mild success, but this fight isn't really about that. Both of these fighters have, in some ways, transcended their own arena through mastery of subtle changes in movement that most people will never see or understand. Mayweather's defensive movement is very much an adaptation of the method made famous by Ali. In some ways he is not as good. His footwork and the way he balances himself causes him to lose a lot of power, and his reading/awareness and head-movement aren't on the same level, but the changes he has made work very well for him. Where Ali used his forearms, Mayweather uses his shoulders. This keeps him tighter and makes him even harder to land direct blows on when you do actually manage "catch-up" to him and maintain the initiative enough that you can actually attack. Unfortunately, this "shell" also limits his own attacking options, so that very often he is reduced to linear counterpunching and hooks/uppercuts are only able to land constistently after he has drawn the opponent off-balance... Which he almost always does, of course, but it doesn't change the fact that the weakness exists... His mix-up is limited to defensive actions until he has gained control-- his mix-ups on offense without control are almost completely missing Another problem with this adaptation of Ali's defense is that the forearms can take a LOT more punishment than the shoulders. What no power-fighter has done to Mayweather yet-- Is McGregor smart enough?-- is to spend the first two Rounds punishing his shoulder and biceps... Doing this would kill his jab, which most people don't realize is the fulcrum of his defensive capability. It would also force him to evade more-- and an evasive spirit is a weak spirit, you're going to get hit eventually! These are small weaknesses for most boxers, who don't normally train to take advantage of them. Can McGregor? Most people seem to seriously underestimate McGregor, who understands human movement better than most professional sportfighters of his generation. His wins over guys like Jose Aldo are a testament to this. So many people talk about McGregor's "power" in the same way that they talked about Tyson, as though they are all power and no skill. The truth is that in his prime, Tyson was one of the most technically skilled fighters that has ever graced the ring. It's easy to see his power, but how many people go back and study his movement? It was a truly glorious thing to watch. If you're into this kind of thing, go back to some of his old fights and watch them in slow motion... You'll never think of Tyson as a mere "power-puncher" again! It's similar with McGregor. It wasn't his power or his "left hand" that felled so many people in MMA, those are only the part that everyone see. His positioning and his sense of timing are something that you just don't see in sportfighting, except at the highest levels-- from people like Mayweather, for example. And THAT is why this fight is interesting. It isn't "power vs defense" like so many people want to simplify it so that they can understand it-- that would be boring, it has been done to death! No, this is a fight between two of the greatest movement-artists in this generation of sportfighters. Mayweather's adapted-ali defense is nearly perfected, but defensive people are famously creatively stale-- It is the attackers that have driven creativity from the beginning of conflict. Has McGregor spotted some of the weaknesses of Mayweather, and can he take advantage of them successfully? If he starts to, can Mayweather create new defensive patterns to stop him? If Mayweather does adapt, will he be falling into a 3rd-Level trap set by McGregor? Are these guys really only as good as they claim? Or are the reaching a level of timeless greatness, a pinnacle, a path reached by few people in history? It's easy to say "No" but I've looked into their eyes and I'm not so sure? That's why this fight isn't boring... It isn't mere "boxing vs. MMA". Most people can't dive into the Nile and fight a crocodile in it's own home... But I put down $10K because I think McGregor can.