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  1. If this hypothetical multiverse is so vast, there would be far more terrible beings than these petty thug-rulers here on Earth's past. But I wouldn't waste any time on such petty things! I would search the Blind Eternities until i find a part of this imaginary Multiverse that mimics Terry Pratchett's Discworld, and I would eat at Gimlets, and drink Hix's Darkside, and dance with Death, and swim in the Never Night Falls. After I've had my fill of that, I would go find a Klingon bride and Honeymoon at the main Sune Temple in Faerun, discussing the fundamental wrongness of putting black olives on perfectly good pizza with Asmodeus, and I would have a karate match with Ilmater. Oh, and I would introduce The Doctor to Johnny Cash. Seems like that should have happened by now.
  2. Is there no way you could allocate part of your "advertising" budget to making connections, and part of it to a semi-passive marketing campaign? Both are quite useful in their own way.
  3. Not to dismiss your excellent points, but this seems to me like it is the exception, rather than the rule? Focusing on what we can control and giving ourselves the best percentage chance for success means going to the place where your "X" is. In the case of being a rockhound, it is no doubt the less-traveled places of the world! But for someone trying to decide out to grow their business on a budget, I think the default answer should probably be making solid human connections with potential customers?
  4. Yeah but even they should be thanking Scotland! http://www.businessinsider.com/r-humans-should-thank-ancient-scottish-fish-fossils-for-joy-of-sex-2014-10
  5. Good point, a floor and a ceiling. If you don't need or can't handle too much, don't do it! In my experience, most people who are in the process of building a business need more networking-type activities, not less-- so my default reaction is to say, "Go out and meet a lot more people!" I am also a big believer in paying for the right to meet those people, whether it's a club, or a networking operation, whatever-- It helps make sure you're investing your business-building time with people who aren't financially broke!
  6. In the specific case where a person is operating on a very strict budget and can afford only one option, it seems to me that networking would be the very obvious choice?
  7. Thank you, my team won. We promised not to use Google. Also, these are kind of fun so I share them.
  8. Help me with another one? From Left to Right, I don't know 3,4, and 6?
  9. Government rules are frequently inconsequential. Corporation loyalty is to executives and shareholders, and often times even a simple cost-benefits analysis shows that it is more profitable to ignore some laws on the chance that you "might" get caught and pay a fine, versus the definite cost of actually complying. Especially when so many executives plan to be somewhere else before the consequences come calling! "...one rule took precedence over all of the petty others: Don't get caught." From the thoughts of Dinin in Homeland, by R.A. Salvatore
  10. Interesting, I had the exact opposite experience, and find it difficult to understand that anyone, anywhere would have not loved this movie as much as I did? Of course, going into it, Mahershala Ali has long been one of my favorite actors-- and his short time in the film was absolutely, without a doubt, profoundly powerful and worthy of Best Supporting Actor in my opinion. Without him as a sort of catalyst, I'm not sure there would have been much of a movie, just a sad, anti-climatic story with a very different ending? As for the subject matter, it obviously thrust a light onto quite a few conversations that have been hushed for far too long, especially when it comes to perceptions of black male masculinity and homosexuality, BUT it also wove along with that a multi-dimensional tale of poverty, desperation, mistakes, parenthood, coming-of-age, lust, love-- all with characters that seemed real, like people I have known, and perhaps still do. It left me thinking, it left me feeling, and it left me... smarter, more aware of the struggles of other people. It made me a better person, which is a very rare thing for a movie. Also, Moonlight's main competition was a Bollywood ripoff, so even if there are people who didn't love it as much as I did, it seems like the Oscars were an easy win?
  11. Sal, There is a saying in kenjutsu that basically claims swordsmen wear sandals because that way, they can only move forward. Not sure how someone would be allowed to call themselves a "rockhound" without a dog named Ziggy?! This timestone with Tim and this place, it has been turned over and you have enjoyed the discovery and the rest and recovery, but now it's time to find more worth flipping over. Stride forward! Also, in my imagination Ziggy would love this song:
  12. My mistake! Really thought you were joking again!
  13. Maybe I will? I could use it to tie-up humorous trolls. Still, I don't mean to dismiss the point. No doubt most newbies don't know any better. Questions like, "Are you a black belt?" are so common because, despite the fact that martial arts are more widely spread than in any point in modern history, they are also grossly misunderstood by the general masses. Belts and trophies, a few feel-good stories-- small investments for people looking to make a quick buck. In a world of the willfully ignorant, misinformation is a very profitable tool indeed.
  14. Yep! No matter the color, the simplest glance will tell you who bought their belt online, and who bought it with years of sweat, pain and blood.