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  1. Auto-playing videos in SERPs

    I am glad they are muted, but.... It would be kind of fun if they weren't. There could be some interesting combinations with search terms and videos that might be entertaining to match in a Google bomb campaign.
  2. Pretty interesting. Someone could start one of those mastermind groups really easily with this feature. Could also sell membership into a special club or training. Hmmm....
  3. Clubs

    That is an awesome feature. I hope a few people put it to good use. If done right, I could see it really help the forum grow.
  4. I'm not sure how many people in here use AdSense, or if anyone does. If anyone does utilize AdSense, have you seen a drop-off in CPC? I'm not talking a small variation. I mean a drop of like 50% or more. Looks like it started between the 5th and 6th of this month. I don't do a lot with AdSense, but I have never seen a drop like this. It is just the earnings per click. Traffic and clicks are pretty steady. Not sure if Google made some change to how much advertisers pay or if something changed with the ads displaying on my sites. I find it hard to believe it has anything to do with the ads. I'm seeing the same drop across 4 websites that are in completely unrelated niches.
  5. Free Thank's Smiley

    Yeah, I've seen your posts in there. Basically just more off topic junk. Thanks, but no thanks. (pun was not intended)
  6. Content Length

    I understand that from a writer's perspective, but my question was about how search engines may perceive it, and more to the point, why people seem to insist that search engines care about how long an article is. @Wunderkind did a great job answering what I was looking for.
  7. Content Length

    You clearly read nothing in this thread. But hey, you got that signature link, so good job.
  8. This is what I would do. I doubt there are many membership site owner specific communities out there.
  9. Content Length

    Thank you both. Exactly the kind of discussion/debate I was looking for. I never thought about the connection between Google going to (not provided) in Google Analytics and the rise of this content length matters thing, but @Wunderkind you are right about the timing of them. And now that you mention it, you are right about most of them talking about their traffic increasing versus rankings for their target keyword(s). @BIG Mike yes, when writers are charging per word, I can see why some of them would want people to believe that Google likes longer content. I wonder how many of them who routinely do work for SEOs and people that think they know SEO have seen their average article word count go up on orders over the past few years? I also wonder how many of them try to use this myth with customers to upsell them to larger orders? Not trying to bash writers, btw. I know most are great, but there are unscrupulous members in every industry.
  10. Edit to Reputation System

    Makes sense. I PM'd Mike about this a month ago, so if anyone is ticked about the change, you can blame me.
  11. Wix will pay $50,000 if you can outrank them.

    I had forgotten about this, but it looks like they announced a winner. https://www.wix.com/blog/2016/12/revealing-wixs-very-own-seo-hero/ They didn't do much other than to announce the top 5. Wonder if they paid up.
  12. Content Length

    I know there are a lot of misleading things out there in the realm of SEO, but this one keeps popping up over and over, and it has really made me dig in and look at it. Why do so many people swear that articles over X number of words (1,000 and 1,500 seem to be the most popular choices) rank better? One can easily look through the SERPs and see a mix of both long and short content ranking highly. I don't really see a distinct pattern of longer content ranking better. There are some searches where you see it more often, but they also seem to be search dependent. What I mean by that is if I do a search for "The history of World War II" I fully would expect that most of the highest ranking pages are going to have a lot of content. You cannot really summarize the history of such a far reaching event in two paragraphs. So yeah, page one is likely going to be dominated by longer content. However, it seems like a stretch to take the leap from there to saying that Google likes longer content better. Period. End of story. Nonetheless, I have seen lots of people claim the added content to a webpage and saw the rankings increase. Is that a coincidence? Was there something more to it? I guess what I'm looking for is a reasonable explanation why people might be led to believe that longer content performs better in search engines. I was a believer in the idea that domain age made a difference in rankings. Not a big difference, but it had an influence. Then I saw Mike make a comment (forget if it was here or on another forum) about it really being link age. Older links are generally stronger. Older domains are more likely to have older links pointing at them, and this is what has led people to believe that domain age was a ranking factor. I'm looking for something like that which maybe explains why people are seeing the results they do from longer content. I know it cannot just be that Google is looking for X number of words. That is just plain stupid. Thanks
  13. Sorry. Only sliders I have messed in are the ones inside the Avada Wordpress theme. Those are just plugins.
  14. Meanwhile, over on tumblr

    When you have to bold your jokes, they probably were not that funny.
  15. No Following Menu Links

    Yes, didn't Google change all that iframe stuff when they changed how they "rendered" (or whatever they call it) pages in Search Console last year? It used to be a great way to do some PageRank sculpting. Not so much anymore, although I have not run any tests to see how Google is handling links inside an iframe, but I would imagine based on the way they are handling text now it is the same as any other links.