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  1. Instead of adding that code or searching for a sentence in the content of a page, isn't it easier to just check the cache date in Google? The code makes sense if you are checking 50 pages at a time. I get that. But for just a few pages, why not just check the cache?
  2. How many times do we need to hear this story? Yes, you bought a computer that you didn't like the way Photoshop's menus looked on it. That's on you. It has nothing to do with this thread. You didn't get scammed or ripped off.
  3. I think we would all like to still see a Thanks button of some kind in The Bar, but just not have it count towards a user's totals, but if that is not an option, I am totally behind this idea.
  4. Alright, I'll throw in my 2 cents on the whole content length debate. I'll start by saying most internet marketers are stupid, and half of them are way dumber than that. So your answer is everyone is dumb? No. I just want to start there. What I believe is that most people who feel length matters (it does boyz, just not in this discussion) do not understand what it is they are seeing. I've talked to a few of these people who claim to have added additional content to a page and saw increased search engine traffic. I've also seen a few bloggers and forum posters on different sites make the same claims. But here is the thing. They almost always seem to talk about an increase in search engine traffic and not an increase in rankings for a specific keyword. Using the example above about World War II, let's say you wrote a short summary of the war that was 700-800 words long. It just hit the major points like when it started, when it ended, the major players, etc. It is certainly possible that the article could rank for World War II and some other search terms, assuming you get enough quality links. Now one day you decide to expand this article out to 4000+ words and include a more complete history of the war. All of a sudden you are ranking and getting traffic for all kinds of long tail keywords like who were members of the axis powers when did the battle of the bulge take place how many men were killed in the battle of stalingrad when was the first nuclear bomb dropped how many ships were sunk at pearl harbor how many men were involved in operation overlord You see an increase in traffic, sometimes a dramatic one, but your ranking for the term World War II is relatively unchanged. That's what I think a lot of these idiots are seeing. Many of them are using Google Analytics, but are not actually tracking their keyword rankings. I don't think it is a coincidence that the whole content length matters debate started after Google went to private search and no longer shared most keyword data in Google Analytics. People are not realizing that their main keyword is not getting additional traffic. They are seeing the spike from all the long tail traffic the additional content is bringing in, but as internet marketers seem to routinely do, they leapt like a herd of Lemmings to the wrong conclusion. Short version - Content length can improve a page's overall search visibility, but really does not make a difference when we are talking about one specific keyword.
  5. If it was that easy to just switch to someone else, Comcast would have zero customers right now. Nobody likes dealing with them. We have to though. Comcast and Time Warner pretty much have monopolies on cable internet service. Sure you could go with FIOS or someone else that provides internet through the phone lines, but those connections are drastically slower. Nothing kills the mood more than that stupid little spinning circle showing up as the frame freezes on my porn. No way.
  6. If you are going to do this, and honestly I wouldn't waste the time, you want to generate your own list. You would never, ever want to use a public list or a list someone is selling for this sort of thing. Those sites will be loaded with junk links in no time. Scrapebox is your friend for this.
  7. Sometimes I think some of the Google engineers just randomly flip some switches and then run to the message forums and Twitter to watch everyone flipping out.
  8. Anyone ever see how Wicked Fire used to handle members like this? I'm not condoning it, but people didn't make the same mistake twice.
  9. Thank you. You bring up another good point. I would never use anything less than 12pt for a font, but is there a sweet spot for the size. Obviously, 20pt and bigger is on the extreme, but is 14pt better than 16pt? Is 14pt too big? Does it depend on the font? I know it is a minute detail in the grand scheme of things, but sales is 100% emotional. This kind of stuff can matter.
  10. I am curious for those of you that put together PDF reports or ebooks, do you have a preferred font that you use? Is there one in particular that you feel is more user-friendly than others. Obviously, I'm not going to put a PDF report out there written in Comic Sans, but is Georgia better than Times New Roman or Verdana? Is Arial better than all of them? These little details are the kinds of things that keep me awake at night, so any feedback would be appreciated.
  11. I work with a simple task list each day and would not need anything that complex, but I think there is certainly a market for what you have built. Looks nicer than most of the similar apps I have looked at in the past.
  12. I have no idea why anyone would want to increase their Snapchat score, but... Seems pretty simple to me.
  13. I know I am a little late to the party on this one, but I would not overthink it. Just stick it in a folder and go. I'm not a big fan of subdomains myself, but that could work too. My understanding of subdomains is that Google looks at them as their own domain. If you are concerned with search traffic, the better option seems to be a folder. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter.
  14. I've been using RankWatch for probably about 6-7 months now. Saw Mike recommend it on another forum. No complaints really at all. Only thing I don't like is if you are tracking a lot of sites, the dropdown menu where you switch between sites sometimes doesn't seem to play nice.
  15. There are going to be some pissed off affiliates. Some super affiliates probably just lost $100k or more. How would you like to start the year knowing you are already $100k in the hole compared to last year?