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  1. Auto-playing videos in SERPs

    I have not seen it myself, but I did read somewhere that the videos play on mute. As long as it stays that way, it's fine by me. If they start playing with audio, that will be something different.
  2. Shhh.... Don't give away all the good stuff. I love directories too, especially in small niches where internet marketers try to compete for free. It's a place I can get a link where I know my competitors never will. Cheap bastards.
  3. Clubs

    Interesting addition. Hmmm.... Will there be a charge to start a club?
  4. We now have reactions

    I'm just saying... This could be a fun addition.

    That sounds like a top-notch user experience right there, so yes. It will surely boost the rankings of that video. If you leave a comment to with a link to your Fiverr gig on the video page, even better.
  6. Omg do I hate Glenn Beck... nowhere near as much as Alex Jones or Shit for Brains Hannity, but he's up there. Sounds about right though. Let me spend 3 hours on the radio scaring the crap out of you, then I'm going to push gold and supplies for your apocalypse shelter down your throat. lol.
  7. Money Niche Sites

    I'm going to go against the grain here. I write down the idea (I have a notebook full of them) and put it to the side. Sometimes I'll do a whole page of brainstorming ideas and notes... just jot them all down so I do not forget anything. Then I go back to what I was doing. Maybe it is just me, but if I get myself into something else, even outsourcing most of the work, it just won't get done well until I can devote my full attention to it. That or it will just always be one of those unfinished products. It's close, but never gets done.
  8. I'm a bit late to the party but... PSI. I see PSI on all sorts of products, but it really means nothing to me without giving it some sort of perspective. For example, go look at power washers some time. Some have 1700 PSI. Some are 2000. Some are 2400. Some are more... but what does it mean for me. I get that the higher the number the stronger it is, but do I need 2400 or will 1700 be just fine to say clean some siding... what about my sidewalk? And how much of a difference is there between 1700 and 2000?
  9. Google Analytics Changes U/I Dashboard

    A few of my sites have switched to this now. I hate it. It feels so slow. It's sluggish as hell.
  10. I have been using AdWords on a couple of sites for about 2 years now. I don't spend anything substantial (less than $2000 per month), but I'm making a profit. If you could give 1 tip to someone just starting with AdWords or maybe even someone that has been using it but is not getting the results they want, what would it be? My tip would be make sure you understand the importance of negative keyword lists and are constantly updating them. Understand the difference between campaign level and ad level negative keywords. Make sure you are adding your exact match keywords as negative keywords to any broad match ad groups you might be running.
  11. Google My Business website builder is live

    I think you are missing the point of who this is really targeting. This is not a product that is really targeting 1st world nations. It really is best suited for developing countries that are just starting to get online. They have no idea what hosting even is. It is to give them a simple solution to getting their business noticed online. These people are going to get preyed upon by unscrupulous web designers looking to extort them for as much money as they can. This is a simple and free alternative for businesses that do not need a lot of bells and whistles. Honestly, there is probably very little opportunity for them to bring in business online in a lot of those countries, so it is not worth investing much time or money into it yet.
  12. I know there are a lot of arguments over metrics. I don't put much stock in them, but here is what I do use them for. I use them to save myself time. If I see a page has zeroes across the board, I'm not going to waste my time investigating it any further. If I see a page has a higher PA or TF, I'll take a closer look at it then. I do not make any decisions based on the metrics on their own though. Well, sometimes if they are exceptionally high I might. Moz, for all their faults, is pretty decent at judging pages on the high end of the scale. If you see a page with a PA over 65, it is probably a solid page. As for anchor text diversity, I'm not one to really pay attention to any specific percentages. One reason is if you try to study it looking at other sites, there is no way to know what the actual percentages are anyhow. Majestic doesn't find all of a page's links. It might say one anchor's overall percentage is 20%, but in reality it might only be 2% because Majestic missed a lot of links. On the other hand, it might also be higher than that. What I do believe in is using a big variety of anchors. One reason is something I saw Mike say one time that stuck in my head. You are giving Google more LSI information about your page by using different related anchors. I don't want Google to just think my page should rank for 2-3 specific keywords. I want Google to think my page should rank for ALL related keywords. The second reason is that Google has said that something like 20% of the search queries they get on a daily basis are searches they have never seen before. The more variety I use, the better my chances of ranking pages for those unique search queries.
  13. Recovery

    That does look like a slap to me. Algorithmic for sure. The fact that it has bounced back almost completely to where it was tells me it is worth continuing to use. If you are concerned with it though, I would consider building a second site now. Keep them both, but have that second site in your back pocket in case Google does decide it doesn't like this site anymore. Assuming of course this is a really profitable and worthwhile site and niche in the first place.
  14. I have seen businesses build links to their Yelp, Angies List, Manta, etc. listings as well. I forget where it was that someone showed me, but when you searched for a real estate agent in this town, one real estate agent had 5 of the spots on page one. There was his website, a Yelp listing, a Facebook page, and 2 other listings. I forget which directories exactly.
  15. Let's Talk Conversions

    What about prices? What are some thoughts on price points? Of course, $299 is thought to be a better price than $300. In the customer's mind, that one dollar between the two seems like a bigger jump than just $1. But what about $289? Will the conversions improve enough over $299 to make up the difference in a situation like that? It seems like in the IM world, the number 7 is used a lot for some reason. Everything is $27 or $47 or $247. What is with the 7? Has anyone tested this?