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  1. Is All The Buzz About Facebook Ads Just BS?

    One thing I have just recently started, and I think this might be the real winner is to use Facebook ads to build up the followers of a page. I'm also using some other organic and paid methods to build up those followers as well. THEN, I am going to run ad campaigns to just the fans of that page. It will be a more targeted group this way, and I think it can payoff better. The reason that most people out there are not talking about this idea (from what I can see) is that many internet marketers are allergic to spending money when there is not an immediate return. This is going to take some investment upfront to position myself to run what should be a campaign with a better ROI.
  2. Is All The Buzz About Facebook Ads Just BS?

    And........... that would be me! LOL! Sorry Wunderkind.. I need a nap! I should have been more clear and added that they would give me advice with no evidence or thought behind what they were saying. Actually, there would probably be several replies quoting question and answer sites to tell me what Facebook Ads and AdWords are.
  3. I'm curious if anyone out there is having any real success with Facebook ads. I've been experimenting with them for 6 months now, and I am less than impressed. This is across multiple niches. I have found they work well for building a following to Facebook business or fan type page. However, for selling a service or a product, they have performed so much worse than AdWords. They are certainly cheaper, but the ROI is garbage on most of the campaigns I have run. There has been a ton of buzz and no shortage of internet marketers putting out their latest courses on how to make a bazillion dollars using Facebook ads. I'm wondering if there is some big secret I am missing or if they are just full of shit and following the usual MO of preying on people that don't know any better. Maybe I have no idea what I am doing. I have managed to turn my campaigns into something that is moderately profitable, but my ROI in AdWords blows them out of the water. What got me interested in trying this is that if I can figure it out, there are a lot of niches I wouldn't touch with AdWords because of the high costs, but there might be opportunities in Facebook instead at a much lower cost. Just curious what kind of experiences others have had with Facebook ads. I was going to post something like this at that other place, but I know what kind of responses I would get. It would likely be people either trying to sell me something or people who have never run a single Facebook campaign, but would love to give me advice anyhow.
  4. The Republicans trying to politicize this while the Groper in Chief is in the White House just shows their hypocrisy. Trying to act like all these politicians and celebrities should have known this all along is ridiculous. Not all monsters brag about their exploits to 3rd rate celebrities on E! buses. Should everyone on the Cosby Show have known what Bill Cosby was really up to? It's one thing to be presented with the fact that someone you know is a monster and do nothing about it, Joe (cough, cough) Paterno. It's completely different to just not know.
  5. Twitter Increasing Character Limit

    That would make sense.
  6. I take it back. At least with a brick, I can build something.
  7. Twitter Increasing Character Limit

    I remember seeing someone a few years ago predict that eventually the character limit would go away or go to something much larger like 1200 characters, but we would get a few incremental increases first.
  8. Last Jedi trailer

    That's a lie. Rogue One was better than both of them. You don't like the new movies. Fine. Don't fucking see them. Pretty simple. They shouldn't stop making them just because YOU don't want them. Respect and character should take precedent? That is just stupid. It's a business. They exist to make money, and barring anything illegal or unethical, they should continue to strive to make money any way they can.
  9. Bitcoin is Booming

    I actually have 2 customers now that are regularly paying me through Bitcoin. I cannot complain. It's easy as can be. I'm currently offering a 5% discount on services when they pay with Bitcoin. I think I saw someone here suggest that idea. It's not for everyone, but the more tech-savvy ones like it. I see threads and posts keep getting deleted at that other place when Bitcoin is mentioned. The moderation there just keeps going further and further downhill. I get the spammy "buy bitcoin cheap at xyz" posts, but there have been some decent discussions about using Bitcoin (not as an investment) that just vanished.
  10. Not to derail this thread, but... You keep defending this business model. So what is holding you back? You have been going on about this flyers nonsense for like 2 years now. I'm sorry, but I just don't see much money in that. Most people who need flyers are just going to do something simple themselves and take it to the local copy store. Larger businesses that need really professional flyers done are likely already working with a marketing firm that does graphic design for them. On the kind of sites you are talking about, customers are going there for one reason. It's price. You are always going to be stuck competing with someone willing to do the work for very cheap. Unless you are living in a 3rd world country or near 3rd world country, you can't make any significant profit that way. You are always going to be just barely scraping by with it.
  11. Why do people fail?

    I agree about the information overload idea. I never understood it either. You will only be overloaded if you decide you need to learn everything. A few days ago someone told me they bought a course about Facebook and Instagram ads. Through our conversation, I learned they really had no plans to run ads on either platform. More or less they just fell for the sales hype. The sales page told them they needed it and had to learn this skill, so they bought it. Dumb.
  12. I do some consulting work for sites I find. There are two types of agreements I come to with clients. We either do a straight one-off fee for the work (and they can contact me for further work down the road), OR... I like to enter into marketing agreements with site owners. This is a little more complicated, and it is really not for someone new. I present it as a no-risk proposition. The key is to find a site that is stagnant in its growth and profit. This can be a bit tricky, and sometimes you almost just have to get lucky. I have not come up with a rock solid way to identify these sites yet. When I do find one, the basic agreement is this... If they were making $XXXX per month the past 6 months, I take over the marketing of the site and going forward the site owner keeps $XXXX, but anything over that we split. Initially, I get 30% of the growth. They get the other 70%. At certain levels of growth, it triggers where I get more until we are at a 50/50 split. If I increase the profits of the site by 125% and maintain that level for 6 months, I become 50% or 51% owner of the site (that gets negotiated). At that point, the owner is making 25% more than they were before (and growing), so it really is not costing them anything. Now their profits are rising, so they are happy. I generally only do this with sites that are making at least $10,000/month already, and EVERYTHING is signed. It's all legally binding. This isn't some handshake agreement. Get an attorney. Getting a little more back on topic, there are sites out there, lots of them, that are just missing out on significantly higher profits. What I do with these sites when I get my hands on them is almost 100% onsite. Sometimes I will add some articles to target some low hanging fruit in search engines that I know the site will rank for without much work. A few internal links here and there. Most of it though is changing how it is monetized. Sometimes changing from an AdSense block to a credit card offer can take a page that was making $500/month to something making $1500/month. Sometimes if you take a look at your own sites, you will find missed opportunities where you could make a few tweaks and make the $100/day you are talking about. That can take some time and testing though and may not be what you are looking for. In a pinch, I start reaching out for consulting work. One job will usually make me that much.
  13. I do not understand why everything comes back to flyers for you. You really need to start looking in new directions.
  14. Search engine history

    I wanted to like DuckDuckGo, but you know what really turned me off to them? It was the way their owner talked about the competition. It is just a pet peeve of mine. When all you do is talk down about your competitors, I just have no interest in what you are offering. Take the high road. It's a pretty simple formula. "XYZ does a great job of blah, blah, blah and they are a great company, but here is what sets us apart and why you should give us a chance.... feature, benefit, feature, benefit."