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  1. Do you get traffic from the towns you don't want to service? Are the towns you don't want to service geographically surrounded by towns you do want to service? If so I'd leave the pages alone as far as SEO (relevancy). Something else to keep in mind, you could leave all the pages alone and simply overcharge on towns you don't want to service, assuming you don't advertise rates to the public. This way, you'll either get a "No thanks" or get paid more to service unwanted towns. Basically make it worth your time. Also assumes you can give a quote over the phone.
  2. If You Ever Go to San Antonio...

    It's like a Taco Bell experience.
  3. Links to other sites in an article

    You need followed backlinks, it's not optional and you won't rank for any remotely competitive keywords (traffic) without those links. If you want to include a reference link, create an internal buffer page and then list your references that way. This way you get the advantage of an extra relevant internal page without needing any extra content. You can nofollow links on the reference page that point to external domains/pages that you don't own. Add a keyword optimized anchor text link on the reference page pointing back to the article page. Repeat as needed for each article. Optimize your reference page for all the reference page titles (<title>), the places where you got your ideas for content, this way you can pick up extra search traffic, basically piggyback off the other sites/pages/content. So If you got a content idea from Forbes (example), optimize your own reference page for the Forbes content page title and even the Forbes brand name.
  4. If You Ever Go to San Antonio...

    You ever had a Golden Corral experience? They have a spit shield on the buffet for your own protection.
  5. eBay seller curses me for his mistake

    Clark Griswold. Not to be confused with cousin Eddie's stunt double.
  6. The Birthday Girl

    He has very little self-esteem.
  7. Well played Catalonia

    ...and none of them own a cell phone, have radios in their cars or own GPS. Maybe it's Stephen King's Under the Dome and they just can't get out. Maybe Keanu Reeves did it. #fake-news
  8. Well played Catalonia

    I wonder what Keanu Reeves would do.
  9. Links to other sites in an article

    It's SEO so what have you done for followed backlinks?
  10. Twitter in gif form

    Looks like Black Friday at Walmart.
  11. Starting a new investment blog

    Update. I still haven't done anything with the new site. The site is up and running with a default Wordpress theme but that's about it. The day I bought all of the stocks was a good day but really that's a bad time to buy stocks with good history from strong businesses (buy low, sell high), that's ok, I'm in these stocks for years. So here's where I'm at, the data was last updated yesterday. +0.45% +1.17% +1.00% -0.71% +2.70% +2.36% -0.51%
  12. Dragon Speaking Naturally

    A free alternative is the default Memo app on Android phones.
  13. Irish customer service

    I'd make a sign that read "Fork you and your lucky charms" and tape it on the outside of the window facing into the building.