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  1. It's getting crazy out here

    I'd pack the car ASAP and GTFO, I've seen the Fort McMurray Canadian fires on Youtube, literally hell on earth. Take a vacation, head east.
  2. The Weird Mandela Effect

    How do you know you didn't die?
  3. The Lack of Pirates Is Causing Global Warming

    It's the Google Mandella Effect.
  4. The Lack of Pirates Is Causing Global Warming

    Really it was only $5, the Mandella Effect.
  5. Lmao, I remember posting that video a year or two ago.
  6. They shut them down because the real Google pays out more money in Gov fines. #posers
  7. Technically it's not free, you're paying for it with tax money.
  8. The Weird Mandela Effect

  9. The Weird Mandela Effect

    It's the Mandella Effect. It's not on your list? Google it for clarity.
  10. That was obvious from the first post. You're welcome.
  11. The Weird Mandela Effect

    Try reading this whole thread with the Mandella dialect. It's off by two syllables.
  12. Not even attempting to care. I've had multiple alcoholics and drug users in the family since childhood and even up to this day (sister inlaw), watched them all crash and burn for years. I've never personally had the urge to use so I know for a fact what users do is by choice. Phuckem all. You're welcome.