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  1. Ha, ha, that $650 is now $710 in about 25 minutes.
  2. I just bought $650 of FoldingCoin (FLDC). I'm either going to lose my ass in the next 24 hours or make some money. It's had a good run, up +95% for the week.
  3. Did you riot? I'm waiting for someone else to go first. #awkward
  4. The colonel's secret recipe, eleven dogs and spices.
  5. Tip: If the drumstick is 1.5 feet long it might not be chicken.
  6. What? I can't hear you. If my neighbor had wind chimes they would get donated to Goodwill the next day and I'd write it off on my taxes.
  7. What's your professional opinion on the percentage of toxic fumes vs electric buses?
  8. Common sense. Where do you think the exhaust goes?
  9. They would all still be alive If they had GMO potatoes.
  10. No offense but the coffee bus idea is silly and counterproductive. They'll waste more energy trying to save energy and pollute the environment even more by burning the entire product in two different ways. Waste coffee grounds are better suited for topsoil.
  11. At the beginning of the video she describes having to take a detour around the block, towards the end of the video she says she hasn't been allowed to drive for 3 years. ...and the vacuum cleaner man has seen her tits.
  12. Not to be confused with Fat Bastard.