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  1. Bitcoin price is currently $2404. Lovin it.
  2. Fortunately none of this is important.
  3. I hope the guy in the OP video is trolling otherwise he's the dumbest mofo on planet earth.
  4. It's Krispy Kreme. Don't get his hopes up that a 2nd doughnut shop exist.
  5. It's not about unique content, heck every single large font site on the web has the exact same content, only one ranks #1 for each keyword, the rest trail in the SERPs. No slaps. Yes, there's money in the niche. I've copied pasted a public domain book from Google Books, did a silo on the book chapters, outranked Google Books with their own content. I'd do the same with your PLR pages but I'm not interested in unnecessary work just to prove what I already know. The Bitcoin site, perfect example, no articles, public domain data, banking money. I should copy the idea.
  6. Just because it's 100K pages doesn't mean it's spam. Maybe it is spam in OP case but it doesn't have to be that way for everyone. There's plenty of public domain databases that can be used to build large quality sites. Here's one example (link below) of public domain content and this site gets a lot of traffic. Granted it's only 5K pages indexed but that's not important. coinmarketcap.com ...and damn the association of articles with every thread posted on IM forums. I get so sick of that nonsense on WF, now it's here. Why does everything have to be an article with IMers? I don't get the fascination outside of spamming ezine for backlinks in 2005. Op, do like Mike said, setup a silo site structure.
  7. I made +1.7% profit transferring Bitcoin from Poloniex to an offline wallet and that was after Poloniex charged a small fee. Bitcoin price increased during the online/offline transfer. I did alright on Poloniex as far as trading but I'm stopping until they get their site lag fixed. It sucks when their site lags while trying to make a trade. They claim it's always a DDOS attack but I can see it easily being insider trading since prices still go up and down while traffic can't use the site and their coins are tied up in a trade.
  8. Lol, some serious kickback scams going on in Texas.
  9. It boggles my mind that of all people on the internet most IMers aren't taking advantage of crypto coins. Their livelihood revolves around the internet yet they don't take advantage of digital currency, and free money.
  10. Good. This is what I've been trying to explain to people. Bitcoin has a decent history of increasing which means you get payed more without raising your prices. The current price is $2,269 so you've made +25% profit without doing any extra work. Take it while you can get it.
  11. Get Netflix and all the fake news goes away on TV. It's great.
  12. My point was, Visa absorbed the cost, not the local bank.
  13. He forgot to yell Drunkour while he was in the air.