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  1. The Birthday Girl

    Yes, she is. She's absolutely gorgeous.
  2. I was raised in a very well off family. My mom didn't want to work, and didn't have to. (Don't take this wrong - she worked hard, she just wasn't paid for it. My father's career flourished because of her entertaining skills and their financial solidity had much to do with her investment cunning). I was raised to be a wife to a politician or doctor, etc. There was no thought about "what if she wants her own money or career". I was not allowed to work in high school. If jobs were mentioned, it was understood that they would be traditional female, office level, and of course, just be something I did until I was married. After that I'd be minding my husband's career and family stash. Yeah - that worked well. Yet - once out of college I started figuring it all out. Had I been taught more about business, I'd not have made the worst mistake of my financial life. Might also have been a little wiser choosing the men I chose. For me the money mindset was a matter of knowing what I wanted to do. I've also always been an avid reader, too. Right now I feel like a squashed bug on a windshield, but finally have some medical help that will put me back together again so I can get up and run with things again. When wondering about how to get a money mindset -- never forget to include your health. Keep yourself as fit as possible because it takes a lot of energy to really achieve. If you're dumpy and out of shape, it's gonna be harder for you.........if you get sick, you're going to be stopped in your tracks.......make it as temporary as possible.
  3. I didn't suggest bringing in police. I was saying that the school might call them in. Schools seem to be calling in the cops for all sorts of things anymore. I also agree that the kid needs a doctor. Itching could be a lot of things. Yet - I still think he needs to see a psychiatrist. Both because of the fact he won't clean himself properly even though he's in discomfort -- but because by the time a kid is in 2nd or 3rd grade, they should know better. There's a difference between poop jokes and flinging it at people.
  4. I'd get the kid to a shrink -- fast. What he's doing isn't just nastily gross -- it's considered a biohazard. E-coli is a wicked bacteria and can make someone really sick. All it takes is for him to do that once to the wrong person and your family won't have a choice of whether to get a doctor. The school or the police will happily make that choice for them. He's too old to be acting out in this type of manner. Sit him down and tell him the severity of what he's doing. If he keeps itching - take him in the bathroom and clean him off yourself. That might embarrass him enough to solve the problem. In my day a kid would have had his ass tanned for such behavior. If nobody stops him, he'll find other little tricks just as bad or even worse. Just the fact that he'd hit his teacher like that is pretty much a done deal that he needs some serious help.
  5. Australia to have its own space agency

    Oh. Okay - I "get it" now. Crosses species, doesn't it?
  6. Farewell my friends

    Actually 2012 was the worst apocalypse ever. I felt like crap all day the 24th, heartburn, congestion.............
  7. My Boy - 18 Months

    Nice lookin' little rugrat.
  8. I killed my Kindle

    Your opinion is correct - the close it off, then let it burn policy is creating mega-fires. These are not normal fires at all. They are huge and intensely hot. Right now - after the rain we had 3 days of clean air.......now it's getting really smoky again. Yes - I can go about anywhere in this state and camp, yet - when the whole state is in smoke, it doesn't do much good. Trump needs to declare these fires national disasters and put every fire crew in the nation on them to get them out. Our FS and BLM still aren't doing it. They didn't even go in and tackle them after rain lessened them and cooled them down when they could have put them out easily. Now we're all praying for rain again. Until we get it, I'm going to be smoke sick.........and mad as hell.
  9. A thought experiment

    Hmmm. I didn't take it as all that complex an idea. We got to the same conclusion. It didn't necessarily make it the right one no matter what the complexity of the issue. There's millions of people coming up with the same conclusion on some issues.......and in the long run - they are all wrong. Consensus means twat relative to validity.
  10. Hurricane Irma, Harvey, and Jose

    I heard it was going to hit Ft Myers over in the gulf. I also heard there's a lot of assholes directly in its path that had tethered their dogs to trees (50 rescued so far) when they took off. Sure death sentence for the little guys if that storm starts to do real damage. I hope those people come back to nothing left. How much criminal stupidity can we empathize with?
  11. I killed my Kindle

    Smoke started getting bad here about the first of August. It got increasingly worse every week. The last week of August the smoke got so bad people started dropping from it -- If there was an orifice in my body, I was bleeding out of it and it became apparent I either leave or go to the nice little pricy hospital up the road for a few days...........so I threw some supplies in the rig and took off. Put 1400 miles on my rig over 11 days but was able to get healing sunshine and real air (and a few really kewl rocks to boot) - made a few friends. Last thursday I got a call that it was raining here so I headed back and just got in yesterday -- bleeding nowhere except the wallet. Sky is blue with a few puffy clouds. The nightmare is over. Many of the fires were just ignored or just dabbled with for too long (all political crap over lawsuits and audits against the FS and BLM who are doing none of the maintenance they were supposed to ...and all they do is grab land and shut it down the the public, but not maintain it, kick people out of their homes and claims on privately owned property -- they've even have burned a few people out. So now they're under the gun and decided that if they didn't handle the fires, somehow it would exonerate them of all their criminal BS. We're mad as hell out here over it - 3 states are battling these "gov agencies" in court. There was no reason for Chico Bar to go beyond a 100 acre fire. There was actually an order given to not do anything about it until it got apparent it was out of control.
  12. Hurricane Irma, Harvey, and Jose

    Strongest ever? 1978 - at least a close second if not as strong. This is gonna be a killer, but not sure the reporting of "strongest on record" is all that accurate. Still think people need to take the advice to head out instead of hunkering down, though. All that media hype when storms turn out to not be so strong has made people a little lax, I'm afraid.
  13. A thought experiment

    Yep you're right. It was a statement I posted without thinking about it. It was a stupid statement made just before my first cup of coffee. Nothing I say is worth anything unless I have had my coffee. Trust me on that one.
  14. A thought experiment

    If all paths lead to one conclusion, it's pretty likely it's the right one?
  15. A thought experiment

    First off - we do not know the source of consciousness. The neuron system is the source of thought. What you are talking about in the realm of connection would be the same thing as achieving Nirvana - and, in such, individuality would be removed (you would be aware of it, but it will be the same awareness in all entities ---------- omniscience. So while you would have total individual awareness, it would be so omniscient that there would be no real idea of individual awareness. Your awareness of the other would be equal to the awareness of the self.