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  1. My bank is excellent about clearing up unwanted or fraud transactions. That said - I refuse to use credit cards. It might be handy, but you're being charged on your own money. My grandfather always taught us that you do NOT use credit cards. He had this opinion (and he was quite astute about our money system) was that if people started to use plastic, our economy was going to be in trouble. I do have ex's that had credit cards that I was actually paying half the price of the purchase, and I never got credit for it. I bought most things cash. So now, I don't have bad credit - I just don't have any credit and I get treated like a vampire over it. The times I did pay monthly installments, like for one car I bought once, aren't even accredited to me even though it would show me having good credit. Still - I wish, like my grandfather had expounded on so thoroughly.......that people would just stop using credit. Hate this fiat system they have us slaved to.
  2. Congratulations, Terra. How exciting for you. Which publisher and how long until the actual release?
  3. I questioned this as well, having come from a Christian family, and I've always heard that the lion lays down with the lamb. I've seen discussions over the possible symbolism of what country is represented as the lion. However - yes, it says Wolf. What I wonder is if "wolf" was always the direct quote, yet we have many pictures of the lion laying with the lamb. Those are not changed to wolves laying down with lambs. So have memories meshed that pic to overlay the actual quote in our minds or has the quote itself changed. Was it more likely that there were lions or wolves in the countries those scriptures were derived from? I wish my uncle were still around. He could tell me definitely if we transposed our memories from print to the picture or if something has actually changed. Mandela.........well, ya know, false news didn't start with the internet. I'm thinking that some people might have read some sort of tabloid type crap way back when and actually did read he died. Doesn't make what they read true but sure would confound the person later when they find out 20 years later that he was still around.
  4. My thoughts, too. Why even pay for anti-virus when some of the best is free? Shane - - go to the Kapersky site.........repeat, to the Kapersky site, not one similar or one that has the same software -but to KAPERSKY............and download a free program called TDSSkiller and check your system for rootkits. You need to get rid of anything of that sort before you mess with anything else. TDSSkiller is FREE, btw.
  5. Indoctrination is how. It's just starting, too.
  6. There is definitely no way the earth is flat. If it were, all the cats would have pushed everything over the edge by now. geesh.
  7. I always eat a little salt before I go hiking up mountains. Like to retain the potassium while I'm up there. Always take bananas and oranges to put more of that in to go into altitude, too. Then you can watch everyone else get mountain sick without feeling it yourself.
  8. That's what I heard, too. Hard to imagine people with so much talent and so much success being depressed. Seems to be a few too many, though. This is really sad.
  9. ALL of the news in the US is consolidated corporate tripe. Most of the alternative news is getting just as purely sensastionalized trash as the corporate media. Google - Goebbel's media..........read the techniques, then watch some C-span then listen to news reports on it. It would be hilarious if it weren't so damned pathetic. What's even more pathetic is to see people pointing at FOX and CNN as if they somehow are the only, isolated, infractors. Sad to see the state of education in this country slide this damned far.
  10. Most of those I've never encountered - but that anti-spam verification for a response to their email - I refuse to mess with that nonsense. I can't imagine why if you are sending "reply" to someone else's email their system would call you spam in the first place.
  11. That's what I was getting at. Never being able to get enough is not sane, -- but I'm seeing it more and more and it's disturbing as hell. When people start to see their worth in their material accumulation and are continually motivated by looking rich...are not sane. It's not wealth itself .......it's the attitude toward that money that can become sick real fast. It's that attitude that somehow if you have the best car, biggest home, yadda, yadda - you are suddenly a more valuable human or it elevates you over others somehow. Your $50,000 car? Means nothing to me either way. It was the one you wanted. I love jeeps. If I were living in a ditch with no car -- my dream would be a jeep. If I had money to throw on anything anytime I wanted to throw it, what would I own? A jeep. My idea of my dream home.......never has changed and never will. I know what I want and cash in hand doesn't change it. It bothers me to be around people who are all about "stuff" whether I know their actual financial status or not. It's sad to watch people all thrilled over getting rich because they think being able to buy everything will make them happy then to watch them keep reaching solely because no amount is doing the trick for them. Endless want. It's sick.
  12. That's not greed or materialism.........that would be poverty and it's not strange to me that nobody wants to live in poverty. Whole different level of "want" and "have" we're talking about here.
  13. Yeah, I'm moved but have to pick up a few pieces of furniture (cabinets) to be completely organized again. Still, it's great to be with a person I've been friends with since I was 7 -- having some roots again. I'm still a little tired from all the moving, lifting, carrying, and organizing, and changes, but not feeling bad. Not getting sick from the climate change at least. As far as the rock hunting - I've lived in OR so I know that's here, but it's the end of rainy season so have only had one day of sun since I've been here. Took a walk out by the lake and picked up one agate just because it was there. It will dry up in another week or so and I'll be doing more exploring then.
  14. LOLOL. No need for hugs, David. I just find being on a planet that lifeforms eat each other is kinda a sick joke. But that's what it is, so.................. I also think people who abuse a life are sick in the head, and at some point dangerous enough to deserve removal. I'm hoping for a more esthetic environment wherever we go next. At least it's being interesting here. Mind boggling at times.
  15. RIght? People in this society (the US, maybe elsewhere), have been extremely programmed toward materialism. A lot no longer have any perspective on the difference between a need and a want. At points it becomes pathetic. I don't begrudge anyone any amount of money they have - if they got it honestly. But to actually continually need more money and more things to be happy is a little strange to me. To hate someone or to be jealous of them just because they got some form of windfall - if it was gotten honestly - is one huge waste of your energy. What they have has absolutely no bearing on who you are or what your life is like.....unless they are in a capacity to hire you for something, their money has nothing to do with you.