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  1. It's getting crazy out here

    I did go last week. Came back and still no sun. We had rain and chemtrails until mid June - then first of August, bam - no sun since. I've driven up to the top of this stretch of hills a few times to get out of it. I'm in a valley (1000, feet) surrounded by 5,000 foot peaks so if there's not a big wind, the smoke just stays. We've had stagnant air way too long now. I won't be living here after next spring. Not sure where I'm going yet, but I want sun most of the year - and it's not gonna happen here. Not sure where to go yet, but I'm not going to just sit here in this smoky, cloudy, wet valley and wither away.
  2. No, just a bad sense of time. I thought the Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind were new movies when I saw them at the theatre when I was a kid. It surprised me when I saw the years they were filmed. No effect at all. Just not paying attention.
  3. It's getting crazy out here

    Not here - not any that anyone I know has seen. That includes people that are very near the fires. They're evacuating south of me now along highway 138 - 6 homes eaten there so far. Not sure what the ones North are doing but the perimeters are bigger than they were 2 days ago. I can barely see a peak that's only 1/2 mile from me now and the fires aren't that close here. Or weren't. No telling where the next one will show up. I was on some of these roads a few weeks ago griping that the USFS should be clearing out the dead wood. There are places that the trees are sparse enough, and the ground is covered so completely with downed deadwood that if it sparks, it's going to combust like an explosion. We'd be safer if we got rid of the USFS. Naturally grazed and did some cutting - not clear cut but thinning and taking the dead wood out. If you try to remove any of it the FS will throw a huge fine on you. But it's okay to let it sit there and burn. There are lawsuits against environmental groups, too. They're suits against cutting or grazing are causing some of this crap. They love the trees, but have no science in how to take care of them so we don't burn now. It's the damned biggest mess I've ever seen.
  4. It's getting crazy out here

    6 new fires in the last 24 hours in about a 120 mile radius. Smoke level here - hazardous. I could see about a block today. Don't know where the sun even is let alone watch an eclipse. Too many people around to bother trying to go anywhere. They evacuated 10,000 from the epicenter (Sisters, OR). Wind strength and direction changed a few hours ago and I can see the peak a mile down the road from me. Not sure how many people are going to actually have a view of the eclipse tomorrow if they can't contain a few of the fires North of me. News said that several of the fires were caused by lightning. What lightning? Nobody I know in any of those regions even saw any lightning. Sure hasn't been any here.
  5. I'm not going to go head to head on it with ya, but he used to be pretty spot on. I got sick of his sensationalism maybe about 2 decades back, so not really sure what he's branched out into or hasn't. I've never really followed Beck other than when someone pointed out something where he's really acting like an asshat so don't know what his track record is. I have a suspicion that he and his staff don't do their own investigating, either. I think he's purely derivative. I did browse over ads when targeting was mentioned and they are extreme in targeting. On websites, though - it's hard to say if that's cookie related or if ads are stationary posts any more. I can't tell anyway. On radio, those are going to be purely subject related.
  6. Learn something new every day. I thought anything in color from those years was color added later. I know they had color by the 50's but didn't know they did earlier than that. Moving anyway. I think I remember color still photos from earlier than the 50's in our family albums.
  7. It's getting crazy out here

    In the last month, we've had 2 days of sunshine where I am. We've had anywhere from moderate to heavy wildfire smoke. Last week I'd gotten so sick from it that I had to bug out with a fever and drive until I found clean air for a few days. It was wonderful to experience summer after 24/7 smoke for so long. Today back at home again, I'm in heavy smoke again. We have a million plus people coming into the state over the next few days to watch the eclipse. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when a few of those tourists get around to starting fires. Our Forest service does nothing to maintain the forests out here - they exist solely to shut down land, but are not clearing dead wood or overgrowth at all. The forests are a dangerous mess. There's so many dead trees lying around up the road a few miles that if someone starts any of it on fire, it will be impossible to stop. It will also be almost impossible to evacuate areas with the amount of people swarming in that plan on being here. It's getting scary here. I'm just going over maps to get familiar with escape routes so I can get the hell out of here when SHTF without getting trapped on gridlock main roads. This is sooooo not going to be pretty. I'm glad the brunt of the tourist influx will be well north of me.
  8. I'm sure this color was added to a black and white film. I don't think they had color film back then.
  9. That's an excellent idea. The only other place that they really have significance is right on site at places like battlefields that are preserved for historical tourism, etc. I don't agree with just tearing them down though. History needs to be remembered. For decades we were told that the pyramids were made by slaves. Should we have those torn down? The Library of Alexandria was destroyed by one faction that was against education and look how badly humanity lost because of it. And where do we draw the line? Any history can become offensive to someone at any time. Do we just tear it all down and pretend history never happened? What happens when they decide statues and flags aren't enough and want to start burning books, too? Historically, that is where the progression leads. Do we tolerate that, too - because a book offends someone?
  10. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Actually, it seems like they're moving at a pretty good speed. I'm sure to you it feels like forever, though. Just take a deep breath, relax with some Asti, and smile. At least you will be published. The hard part is over.
  11. Actually - if you come down to brass tacks, Jones has a pretty good record for being right in the long run. Not 100%, but pretty good odds. So why doesn't he just report and forego the theatrics and sensationalizing that puts him over the edge into the extreme fringe? Because the mainstream conservative doesn't buy like the extreme fringe does. Beck? He's just plain unstable. I am surprised after a few of his crying fits, he's still got any followers, but then, some people eat that up, too. Anyway - if you can hack following some of those articles or radio programs, you will notice that the ads are extremely well placed with the particular subjects being covered at the time, too. It's not just the general theme that's targeted. It's each subject. So if government infringement is being discussed, you get the ads for things like the lifelock stuff - if it's crop scarcity, they will show ads for organic seeds in a 25 year time capsule. I've seen all these products sold elsewhere (FB shows me a lot of ads for the same product types). I'd love to know what the ROI is for per view on the different sites that sell these products.
  12. Neo-Nazi website "shut down" by Anonymous

    I hate that people call this group "far right" -- they are sooooooo "far right" they don't even fall under the category anymore. They are so far gone that you won't find a person on the right to condon them. At all. These are not a people of a party at all. They are so dominance obsessed they they are only for their own little group. When they scream "America" - it's not a form of the country that exists or ever has that they are screaming about. When I lived in N. Idaho I lived very near to a few settlements of these people. I accidentally crossed their lands a few times - came close to the settlements a few times. They "greeted" me to make sure what I was doing. Had they not liked it, I would have never made it home. They are scary. What they liked about me? I had complete control and loyalty of a 180 lb dog that could have been a killing machine had I commanded it. And I was walking armed and appeared to have survival skills. THAT'S what they found respectable enough to let me go on my way when they were satisfied I wasn't there spying. Had I been a city girl with a toy poodle - I don't want to think of what might have happened to me. No - they are not "left or right". They are barbarians that seek their own kingdom.
  13. The Lack of Pirates Is Causing Global Warming

    It's a long drive to the bank. What will I get for it if I bother?
  14. I realize what "free" means. I just think it's outrageous that my taxes go to addicts. Addiction is a choice. Some people, yes, are more prone to addiction than others, but it's still a choice. When something makes you dysfunctional - you stop it, even though it's not pleasant to do so. Being dysfunctional is no piece of cake either. As far as those addicted by doctors.............those doctors need to be held responsible.
  15. It staggers me to think that a diabetic has to pay for their insulin, but an addict can be saved free of charge. I've seen some good points about how our pharmaceutically run medical industrial complex is at fault for our addiction rate. It's not just opioids, either. I just about gag when I see how many meds so many people my age are swallowing on a daily basis...not just for a few weeks - for life. They know the damage being done full well. Perhaps instead of heaping the repercussions of prescribing so many opioids when some other treatment would suffice onto taxpayers, the doctors prescribing copious amounts should be forced to be on call and to treat ODers free of charge instead of calling on those who had nothing to do with it to handle the emergencies or pay for all of them. If their rescue is addicted because they took prescribed opioids, make them responsible for getting that person straight again. I'm not sure what's wrong with people to abjectly trust a doctor anyway and will take anything as long as it's legally prescribed. I've been "offered" a hell of a lot of prescriptions and it's real easy to tell them "I'm not taking that crap."