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  1. I can see your point. Still - I remember the first month I was online and I did one of those website built for you programs and it was such a sham that I hate to see people start like that when WP is available. It will serve the purpose of getting them used to being online and time to learn a little bit, though, I guess.
  2. I don't know how to respond to this. Do you mean does it look spooky or sinister in any way? No.
  3. I've seen those floating buttons and when they don't interfere with the text, they don't bother me, and it makes it easier to click if you decide instead of hunting for it. However, some people are sticking them where they interfere with reading. I just ditch the site at that point. Having anything interfere with my reading annoys me to no end.
  4. I "get" what it is. Basically what I was getting at was the third party nature of it (domain you don't own, not self hosted). I think third party is a really, really bad idea - and was pointing out that you can be pretty technologically clueless and put together a wordpress site, and it's all your own. No third party risks.
  5. Hmmm. I thought that's what Word Press is.
  6. In my universe it's "Mandela".
  7. It's not such a mystery, ya know. In parallel universes which contain similar earths - you are in them. You were killed in the universe your consciousness was stuck in so your own "is" shifted here. Where you came from all of what you say was true - but to those whose conscious minds were already here..........you sound insane. If you're going to argue quantum fields.................include some of the principles of quantum fields.
  8. Mandela effect? Um..................... You aren't real familiar with animals are ya? There's a few in there that are NOT "new" animals. They've been around for awhile. They just aren't that well known. Others? The lion with stripes --- They have crossbred lions and tigers. This isn't a "new" animal". It's a crossbreed. Just saw a pic of some new tiglons the other day - they're adorable. That one bull that looks furless? Oh it's new alright - and subject of much controversy. It's a GMO animal - bred to produce more meat. Altered genes. This is a completely whacked video. It's almost laughable if it weren't so pitiful.
  9. Sound a little bit like Primus here and there. This is really brave of them. It only takes one fundamentalist to get wind of this for it to turn to tragedy.
  10. They are funny, no argument there.
  11. Pretty cute. Wonder what could happen in the way of the website being hacked, though? Is it safe? I ask that realizing that your pups are unlikely to get lost in the first place.
  12. Hard to say. Depends totally on the lay-up. On average a 700 pg book is around 200,000 words - and 50,000 will be around 200, but that can vary depending on font, etc. That's a good length for the age of kids your writing for.
  13. Same here - disappointed because it sounds like something I'd have liked to look at. Not gonna sign on with them just to browse, though.
  14. I wouldn't do that list to any innocent animals. I like animals. Rescued a turtle off the centerline in a road once. Called him Roadkill.
  15. IM sales gimmick. Documentary - with a sell at the end.