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  1. Was there a better 80s Rock Anthem ?

    I would go 99%!
  2. Another actor's life destroyed by drugs and alcohol

    Yes, this is a bit like Darth in Star Wars, and the comedy relief one we have now! But they, (Disney) have just finished filming a Hans Solo one, so maybe they are wising up.
  3. Was there a better 80s Rock Anthem ?

    S**t! S**T! Yep!
  4. If You Ever Go to San Antonio...

    I hope that you went to the Alamo Bar and Grill? I heard that Custard's Last Stand is good!
  5. eBay seller curses me for his mistake

    Yes, l have bought a few things on Ebay, but not with the sarcasm. The second last one was for a $1,500 dollar Laptop, that because it wasn't the one l wanted or it had compatibility issues with high resolution and software, (some very current) l returned it. Well, l returned it before Xmas, and it went from Vic, to Queensland if l remember correctly, and because of an old barcode, went down to VIc again and then up to them again, but it finally got there. I made sure no stickers were removed and all desktop shortcut icons were put safely away, and the screen, (which was touch) was spotless, etc. Apart from forgetting to remove the system restore point, it was in mint condition, and l got a prompt refund.
  6. New here!!!

    Ok, l must have missed something?
  7. Blistering Fast Free Wi Fi.

    Yes, but the portability would be lost, or l would have to sit in a room which would require heating, etc, to do so. Not a good idea, especially in a State that has one of the highest, electricity utility rates in the world. Yeah, ok, but there was also reluctance to try in, because of the fear of viruse's and some hacker being nearby, or reaching some unknown upload limit. I uploaded about a gigs worth a few days ago, and will certainly use this trick again when l upload 3 gigs worth, for a package product soon.
  8. New here!!!

    I and Yukon, welcome you, Claude,....well?
  9. Discovered this trick yesterday, had to download quite a few products, around the 50 - 100m each file sizes, and l knew that with my slow Wi Fi at home, l tried this at my local shopping ctr. I waited til all the shops closed, went upstairs to the Pancake Parlour, with my Laptop, and downloaded each file, glad that l did since the speed difference was pretty impressive. I did what would normally take me a day or two of uploading, in an hour, and the battery stood up pretty well, (l lost about half or still had an hour left). So l will certainly use that again. And you have to wait til the shops close to get the boost in speed, do it during shops open times, and it is a lot slower, (more people on laptops). Obviously since this is public Wi Fi, you wouldn't go to your bank accounts or download sensitive material, but if your home Wi Fi is a bit on the slow side, and you need to upload a lot of material give it a try, you will probably be blown away by the speed, (as l was) and it is free.
  10. I hope no-one on this flight is superstitious

    Not in Australia mate, we get all of our mail screened here. I ordered some underarm deodorant from England, (Amazon, since we only have smelly crap here) and it came with a "we have fossiched through all of your deodorant for signs of explosives, and unfortunately found nothing", (well, something like that). So unless you can put a nuclear reactor onto a drone, l am safe, maaaaggghh, (while patting my white cat).
  11. Star Trek: Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    Sppf, damn yanks, get all the breaks!
  12. Star Trek: Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    Orrville, now l get it... Foxtel, groan, for a moment there l thought that FTA, showed a glimmer of hope? But it looks pretty good,
  13. Star Trek: Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    Just watched the 4th one, and l am hooked. The best comparison without giving anything away, is Voyager, and the last couple of episodes of Deep Space Nine, (Dominion War). It may drop the ball and become dull, but so far no signs of that. So is it worth $13 AU, a month, l would say yes, at the moment, and hopefully continue to say yes, in a month or so. But so far enjoying the series, especially when FTA is a graveyard, and the best on offer there is reruns of Star Trek Gen, and Voyager.
  14. I hope no-one on this flight is superstitious

    Female, nonsense, Female Alien, perhaps, just look at Claude?
  15. I hope no-one on this flight is superstitious

    And over the Bermuda Triangle? Yes, let's hope that he finally talked to a professional!