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  1. If you start to get cravings to suck up raw brains through a straw, then don't post it here! And keep away from trolley collector jobs.
  2. Got to be fare here, eleven secret dogs and cats, or kittens, they taste better.
  3. So, if l see a KFD in Thailand, l should keep walking! And never ask for a Doggie bag while in a restaurant.
  4. The ocean depths, perhaps?
  5. What would l give for a free beer button!
  6. if we also have buses driven on donut waste, Claude will be in heaven.
  7. Wounds healed yet?
  8. Interesting thread. Ok, what will l do differently? I have started my flyer business, over the last two weeks, and eventhough the last two weeks haven't been easy, it is coming alone. I did a six week course in Cert, 3 in Micro Business Management, more than a month ago, and officially started two weeks ago. Officially started meaning, l am doing 13 flyers per week, when most of my competitors are doing 2 a week. A bit stressful at times, especially when things happened, or wasted too much of my time, but l am maintaining production projections. Things that happened, so far have been.... • Needed a 5tb external HDD, and of course all the ones in AU, were the silly upright, (fall over at a drop of a hat) ones. So l ordered one from the US, or GA. Well l tried to, but since the Ebay seller didn't have a PayPal option, it messed up the Credit Card option, and to make a long story short, had issues with that. But l have the new drive now, and it works fine, but it also has a US, power plug, and had to get a US to AU adapter. • My MP3 player on my phone, packet it in, or sound only came out of one side. So l had to get a Sony, one, which took more valuable time, sorted that out. • And some issues with Firefox, and Word 2017, (now fixed) and issues other stuff, but knock on wood l seem to be through the worst of it. Usually when everything that can go wrong does, is a good sigh that it will work. But seasonal niches can be hard to fathom out, so l will have to wait and see, at least for the 4th of July one?
  9. Geesh you gotta give me some leeway! We wish, nah, then we would have no defense against, Claude the destroyer of w,.....forums. Aim low Claude? We don't have guns in AU, but knives, that is a different matter. Gnomes, that might start a Gnome War? A star wars reference for the genius level Gnome War joke. This whole thread does!
  10. Ok, he did screentest for it, but didn't get it.
  11. True, but was in reference to him being in the movie of the same name. I won't mention GIANT, he just turned into a rich, nutter in that one, but it was worth sitting through that 3 hour + movie, to see him covered in oil, sticking it to the other wealthy one. Yes, grew up with Batman, and Lost in Space, and Puffin stuff, and Thunderbirds of course, (couldn't get enough of the cool, collapsing palm tree's). But true there have been many Batmans, but Adam West, was really The One, the rest were rehashes. And a Batcave with Nuclear Power plant, any kid will want that. Friskies, you Americans still selling that one,
  12. Damnit, and l was still getting over Bond's demise! But l had a good laugh with Beadtime Story, (Marlon Brando, can be pretty funny at times, when he isn't a rebel without a cause).
  13. Yep, have had to log in constantly, and l am assuming that they are fiddling around with the New View. But l have also had some serious slow issues with Firefox, (mainly because l have had to install Word 2017, with the ugly stick view, and that messed up browser settings) but l went to factory settings and now it is flying. Yeah, their hands are tied, but l think that they are tightening their own binds too much, (can't please everyone)?
  14. Corrected for a cheap, and evil laugh!
  15. Was it something l said?