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  1. Yes, reminds me of the guy on the WF OT that kept trying to convince us all that Niburu was real, and at every sunset we could see it whizz past. The more we tried to tell him that there would be obvious signs if it was, the more determined he became. I looked into it and the evidence was sloppy, disjointed and just didn't add up, and no lizards falling from the sky clinched it, lol.
  2. Thanks Sal, l will look into it. But l already have Regcure Pro, for scanning and cleaning. But my old Laptop has so much crap on it, l pretty have to run that every time l use it, (which is rare now). Kapersky is similar in price to Norton, but another option if l need it. I have spoken to the guy l bought it from, he assures me that it was legit, but he has agreed to give me a full refund for it, so l should see that anytime soon. Or he just wanted the product key so he can sent it to Norton, and go from there.
  3. No!
  4. C,mon lets be fair here, he is a realist dickhead! What is uncool, is that a grown man can be so stupid. And scary, l wouldn't let this nutter on a plane.
  5. No, we only have one Krispy Kreme in the state of VIctoria, in Melbourne, in between a souvenir shop, and KFC. So l would expect Claude to perish, since it would be impossible to decide on donuts for dinner or KFC? And Maccers a block away doesn't help, even with the occasional drunk or drug addict, putting on a live show.
  6. True, Claude's interpretation of Crispy Creme, is different to everyone else's.
  7. Ohio, Wasteland, Vacuum Cleaners, Fried Donuts If that was Claude, then it would have gone from a fertile oases to a wasteland.
  8. First off go and sign up for an account or use your gmail email if you have one. Then create as many how to videos as you can, and post them with your site link in the information part, down the bottom of the video. But if you use Adwords, make sure to go through all of their rules, beforehand, using adwords is like walking on egg shells, so you need to keep up with all of their rules relating to pushing traffic towards a YT video. I tried that a while ago, and it had mixed results, and since l skipped adwords rules, l got my YT account clobbered, or the video got removed for some unknown reason? The videos were IM or using third party software, etc to do things quicker, some revolved around keyword gen, for adwords, so that was probably it? And go to Fiverr for the intro, you will find some professional intro's there, l have used a few over the years. Good luck.
  9. Yes, l wouldn't be surprised if he has a Giraffe Norton Product Key site? But 4 days to go to see if he wants to blow his account or cough up, (most cough up).
  10. No, l did a bit more of a search and found this great piece of advise,... Also went to this Official site, and tried it, but the key refused to work, either because of this issue, or, as you have said skimmed the product key. https://support.norton.com/sp/en/au/home/current/solutions/kb20080409073508EN_EndUserProfile_en_us And l don't think that contacting Symantec would give me a new one, (if the guy above is right). Hard to tell if the product is dodgy or not, but either way l will get a refund and buy a legit store one. I still have 35 days on the two older laptop, pc, so plenty of time.
  11. I did originally try it on my old pc with xp on it, but l rarely turn it on, and clean it once a week. So it could have a virus, but unlikely. And l tried this on two sites, both would not download and wanted me to contact them. And l also found the most legit looking Norton site, allowing me to enter the product key, it refused to work or the enter arrow would not work. As for the actual product when l click on that to update it only allows you to buy and download one of their products, not put in a product key. People don't like most if not all antivirus these days, so...Mc Fee isn't perfect either, but without the right settings l agree Norton can be a pain.
  12. True, now, but in the past, getting Norton for $20 instead of $50. But the request for a refund is in, so l won't have a day like today again. And yep, it was a scam, the original link, now goes to a SEO site, or redirected from it? But the other link above, with all of the Norton b/w images, is probably version two. Does not download and asks you to contact them.
  13. http://www.getyoursetup.club/norton/?3406745051=14952109877a19e5b2df11571f7a1038d2b0af6c04baac5939 Yes, as others have said they seems to have disappeared, might have had something to do with me contacting Norton and giving them the link? I also tried the one above, but it won't work either. The product came with the link as well as the http://www.norton.com/setup that seems to work better. It was only $19 so no big deal. And l didn't get to the installing stage, (it would not download). But l will ask for a refund. Possibly, but l tried it just now, and the original site seems to be gone? Yep, it has that option. And yep, saved quite a lot getting Norton on Ebay, but with this download only crap, will probably give Ebay a miss for this one. And you are welcome. True, l am starting up a legit business and don't have time for this Shit. And l didn't blame Norton. Haven't paid! Tell us more. No, it was written on the product. The basic one first then the http one with the product key. And don't worry l will ask for a refund with Ebay, and get them to step in if there is any nonsense.
  14. OK, so the big question is, "How do l get as much traffic as possible to my page by offering a free video to my list?" Well, the first thing is to think like your prospect and ask the question, "If l was looking at this email message, what would get me to click on the link and go to this page?" You could use the usual catchy heading, text talking about how your trip in Europe is going or something like that with a link somewhere, or try out this proven way to increase clicks. When you go to Aweber or whatever list building company you are with, (Aweber is one of the best) you will find a button down the bottom of your HTML message saying "Source". This is where you can embed HTML code of a clickable image of your video and see it within your email text. You can easily get the code for this through Googling it, and use Windows Paint or other software, to take a screen shot of a moving compelling part of your video, (Google - how to take a screenshot in Microsoft Windows will show you how). If you have a video on surfing, show a screen shot of someone surfing a wave, rather than someone being interviewed. So next time you open up an email and see, "click on this text to allow images", you may see an image of a video that you can click on to go to a webpage. The reason why this is so effective is apart from the fact it usually isn't the sort of thing you would see in an email, people also think that it could be a real video, so all they have to do is click and watch it. Give it a try. It will definitely improve your clickthrough rate.
  15. Just bought Norton for another year to go on two PC's, but when l opened it, instead of giving me a disk it told me to go here and download it. So l went here, (norton.com/setup) and it went here, hxxp://www.thinkseo.online/smm-social-media-marketing/index.html So l though it redirected from an official norton site, which seems like a red flag. Then put in some of my details and the product key, and then it said that the product key was acknowledged, but would not download. So after dealing with one Indian after another on a bad line, he said that it was an internet issue or trojan, etc, but the internet was fine, and Norton did not find any viruses in the daily scan. He then said that he would have to charge for further assistance, and download Norton for 5 years. But it was his stubborn reluctance to tell me if my product key was active or not, that made me say goodbye. After that l tried it on my laptop with 7, instead of the pc with xp, same thing, then l tried it on the new one, still the same issue, (eventhough the key only covered 2 pc's? After that l used the F**K word as the last part of the key, it still worked. Or in other words, you could type anything in there and it would process it,and tell you to ring the free number to get screwed over by these scum merchants. I have contacted Norton, (least l am pretty sure l did) and will ask for an immediate refund at Ebay, Then probably lick my wounds and buy it in a store. I have bought Norton for years on Ebay, but it looks like the party is over, and it is time to bite the bullet. Anyway hope that this info, saves some members here wasted hours of BS, as l went through. PS Ebay may be legit, and it could be this company that is dodgy, or both, either way don't buy Norton as a download from Ebay.