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  1. If I may use a scientific term here, bollocks. The infinite number of universes theory in itself states that they wouldn't all be similar with only minor variations. They would range from one extreme all the way to the other with all the rest falling somewhere in between. At one extreme end there would be a universe with no connection to the multiverse. Or, as Terra pointed out, are you setting the parameters for what constitutes the multiverse? If so, it follows that there are just as many multiverses where I get to set the parameters, and another where Terra sets them, another for Claude, and so on, and so on. In your multiverse there can't be any universes that are not connected to the multiverse, whereas in mine (and possibly other people's as well), a universe within the multiverse does exist in which there is no connection between itself and the rest of the multiverse. If the multiverses are a scientific experiment (and who's to say they aren't?), then the universe with no connection to the multiverse (any of them) is the "control". The rest of the multiverses are used to study their internal actions and reactions, as well as their interactions and reactions to each other. The "control universe" is used as for comparison purposes because of its purity. Please provide proof that there isn't a universe within the multiverses that has no connection with any of the multiverses. Which brings us back to my question: "What if the universe we live in is the "control", the universe with no connection to the array of multiverses?
  2. OK here's a question which will close this thread off to all possible future discussion: If we live in a multiverse where all possible permutations are present, surely in one of those universes there is no multiverse. How do we know that we're not living in the universe where there is no multiverse?
  3. Unfortunately you couldn't do any of those things in a different universe any more than you can in this one. As they are all the products of the imagination of people who live in this universe, in another one they wouldn't have imagined those things, so they wouldn't exist there either.
  4. I wouldn't think or do anything, and my only reaction would be to not do anything. Why? Because nothing would matter. I could jump off tall buildings, drive through red lights, and everything else that is life endangering, and the only consequence would be transforming from one dimension to another. In fact if the dimension you now inhabit is a shitty one, you'd be inclined to end your life in that dimension immediately. Not only that but to also end the lives of those you hold dear so that they could go with you. Some of them may not want to do that, so they're going to be pretty pissed off at you for taking them against their free will. They might then take their own lives so as to be transported to another different dimension leaving you behind friendless in your dimension. Also what happens if your transported to a dimension you don't like? Do you keep killing yourself until you find a dimension you like? So, yeah, it's a pretty silly thread. I can only assume it's a slow day at the office for you.
  5. Don't worry, hurt feelings will be covered under your new Trumpcare health insurance. Oh, wait.......
  6. I see what you did there.
  7. Also, if you and all the people you've ever encountered during your life live forever, it also means that every arsehole you've ever encountered would also live forever. Furthermore, such historic luminaries such as Nero, Caligula, Bloody Mary, Torquemada, Countess Bathory, Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, every serial killer ever, Usama bin Laden, and others of their ilk would also live forever and be extant in the next dimension. Then there are other living entities such as bubonic plague that will have to exist as well. Oh yeah, and dinosaurs as well. All in all, a silly idea for a thread.
  8. Isn't speculation the entire reason behind this thread?
  9. It will be set in the mythical kingdom Of Woosteros and features the catchphrase "Whitacre is coming".
  10. Blame Obama.
  11. Rabbits only lay chocolate eggs. If they're made from cheese, they're fake eggs. Make Easter great again.
  12. You gotta start small and build your way up. There's also the greenhouse in Perth, and possibly Changi Airport in Singapore. It's an interesting development. We'll have to wait and see if anything comes of it.
  13. I don't think so as the one I posted about is from a research facility attached to a university.
  14. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-27/development-of-clear-solar-glass--edith-cowan-univesity/8390900 What a great idea. If it can be scaled up, imagine the possibilities for office tower blocks. Allows sunlight through while blocking harmful radiation, and then using the radiation to power (or at least partly power) the offices.