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  1. Fox News saves man's life

    (Yeah, yeah, I know. It's complete bollocks, but it's funny nevertheless.)
  2. Farewell my friends

    Yep. A 24% success rate is not a good track record at all. To compensate for so many misses, the ones that did come true had to very, very bigly apocalypty.
  3. Farewell my friends

    Well, it's 7 minutes into the 24th in my neck of the woods and all I can say is that the promised destruction of the world on the 23rd has been the... WORST APOCALYPSE EVER! I demand a refund!!!
  4. Dotard

    He smells.
  5. Dotard

    Actually when I saw the thread title I though it was yet another escalation of the war of words between serial pests Kim Jong Riffle and Claude J Trump.
  6. Dotard

    I think I've got it. A dotard is a tard that do stuff. A tard that do stuff again is therefore a retard. Yes? No? Maybe?
  7. How odd

    Can we divert all this shit over to one of the two existing Mandela threads.
  8. How odd

    Or take one of the posters off the wall of the Wooster Business Men's Bathhouse And Sauna.
  9. How odd

    I have just consulted The Whatty Book Of Made Up Facts, and it turns out that Nambia is the world's leading exporter of covfefe. So there you have it.
  10. How odd

    That's strange, I always thought the country was called Zambia.
  11. How odd

    Can't possibly happen. Even Clamydia and African Raping Crickets have standards and want no association with Riffle.
  12. How odd

    According to the BBC article listed above (which has a search field you can type a name into to see how many boys of that name were born), there were seven Claude's born in the UK in the last year. Which proves that despite the turmoil of the last year, the Brits have hung on to their sense of humour.
  13. Farewell my friends

    P.S. See you all again on the 24th.
  14. Farewell my friends

    As everyone is aware the planet Nibiru is going to collide with the Earth destroying it and everything on it on September 23rd. All the businesses you have worked hard to build, all your money, stocks, bonds, real estate and even bitcoins will vanish in a cloud of cosmic dust. All those priceless, intangible assets that have provided the reason for you to work hard and build a future for such as family, pets and friends will likewise be gone in an instant. Shane will be the first one to go as he is in the earliest time zone. Then me, followed by our Spartan friends in Asia and the Middle East. Then onwards to Africa and Europe where Frank (Donovan) will be amongst the last of our European friends to go. Yeah, Britain will still be part of the EU when the world ends, so Brexit will all have been for naught. The 2016 election will become irrelevant as well as The End works its way across to the Americas, and all the nuclear sabre rattling between two imbeciles with stupid hair cuts will be forgotten. Trump will be able to claim victory for a while as Kim Jong Shitforbrains will have already been wiped out at about the same time as Shane is dispatched. Having forged his birth certificate to show he was born in Hawaii, Obama will be among the last to die if he returns to his "birth place". If he'd returned to Kenya he would've been eliminated even before Frank D meets his end. This was always the plan, and indeed the very reason he claimed to have been born in Hawaii. Just so he could live a few hours longer than Trump. So, in closing, to all the friends I've made here, and indeed all the enemies, even Dan Riffle, it has been a pleasure to laugh, learn, debate, and even ignore you all.
  15. Physicists create synthetic magnetic monopole

    A stopped watch (a completely and utterly useless item) is right twice a day.