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  1. Bullshit. The government doesn't own any drilling rigs or employ any workers involved in the oil extraction industry. The extraction will be done by private enterprise(s). You think that private enterprise will extract the oil and then hand all the cash to the government? You truly are an idiot if you believe that. Plus Trump has promised to de-regulate the fossil fuel industry, so neither him nor the Secretary for Energy will have any say in how much is extracted. The market will determine that, and the companies will not allow a massive fall in the price of oil, so it ain't gonna happen. This is yet another area in which you know absolutely fuck all. Your statement (quoted above) proves this beyond all reasonable doubt.
  2. For all of those who don't understand why women marched in developed countries, here's why. In the Australian state of New South Wales, the Premier (similar to a US state Governor) resigned last week. His replacement is a woman, Gladys Berejiklian. She was chosen by her party as the party leader, and as that party is in government, she automatically becomes Premier. She assumed that role this morning. At her first press conference on the role, the second question she was asked was (from a male reporter): "Why don't you have any children?" Yep, her policies or plans or vision mean absolutely nothing apparently. The former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, another childless woman, also copped endless shit about it this as well. None of Ms Berejiklian's, or Ms Gillard's unmarried, childless male colleagues were ever asked that question, and nor was it ever commented on. That is why women (and men) marched in developed countries.
  3. Not going to happen. He may well open up national parks and other spaces for drilling, but the oil companies aren't going to drill. It would be financial suicide for them to do so. There'll be so much oil produced that the price of oil would plummet putting their profits into a tailspin. Plus it actually wouldn't be economically viable for them to drill. It would cost them more to extract the oil than they could ever sell it for on the market. A brainfart, nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Conway has now gone out and declared that these weren't lies, they were alternative facts. Alternative facts. FMD.
  5. Booby prize: Claude moves in with you - permanently. That provides an extra incentive for people to try and win.
  6. Actually that is one of the issues that they're marching for. At the one in Sydney they had a few speakers outlining how women are treated in less enlightened parts of the world. Going by what's on Twitter other marches are covering it as well. It's just that those who are anti-Trump seem to be attracting the most publicity.
  7. A century or so ago, a lot of people (both men and women) thought that a few women marching to demand the vote was silly as well. They were attacked by the police, jailed and vilified by newspapers, the clergy and politicians alike. If today's protesters manage to stop creepy old guys with stupid hair grabbing their pussies, then some good will come out of it.
  8. OK, that puts a different perspective on it.
  9. Given the news, a 2.42% fall isn't that dramatic. It might just be the start however. DISCLAIMER: Since I own shares in an S&P500 ETF, and QCOMM is part of the 500, I guess I probably have a small indirect holding in it. Probably not enough to be worried about the news or the fall though.
  10. What, again?
  11. No just pointing out that the world is a very different place today. Back then what happened in America didn't have an impact on the rest of the world. Now it does. Since WWII your country has interfered with, and helped to overthrow democratically elected governments on every continent. If your country had maintained its neutral stance towards other countries, no-one in other countries would give a shit who you elected as your head guy.
  12. Big difference, news from other countries took a lot longer to reach people than it does now. Also, Hitler had many supporters in high places in other countries. Remember, that Winston Churchill was a voice in the wilderness speaking out against him. America would never have got involved in the war in Europe if Hitler hadn't declared war on America after Pearl Harbor.
  13. He can't be that rich if he's never had his own reality TV show. Only bigly rich people have those.