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  1. Just so I'm clear...

    Although I made a passing reference in jest that the thread was on it's way to being another "Mandela" thread, there's a huge difference between the two. The Mandela thread claims that the theory espoused in it is beyond dispute and should be taken as fact. The simulation thread was a theory that the poster himself didn't fully believe in, and was left open for others to dispute, refute, agree with, add to, and even make smartarse comments on (such as my contributions to it).
  2. Justice League Movie Review on Rotten Tomatoes

    Or better still, ignoring it totally. Incidentally, ABC News Radio down here has NPR's All Things Considered on at lunchtime. Today's (Thursday US time) episode had a review of Justice League. It made me laugh out loud on several occasions. Worth checking out on podcast if available.
  3. Do Early Risers Get More Done?

    Doesn't surprise me at all.
  4. The Sun SMART App.....

    To support your claim you also need to quote studies conducted in Australia, or at least countries that have similar conditions to Australia. The material you've used to support your hypothesis was taken in the United States, and quite clearly states that using sunscreen reduces Vitamin D IN STATES THAT HAVE A PROLONGED WINTER AND AREN'T THAT SUNNY EVEN IN SUMMER. You're using apples to prove that bananas are red. Also you claim that because you've seen a few roofers with no shirts or hats, that ALL roofers work in the same "uniform". What you haven't done is followed up with those roofers to see how they're going in 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 years of working like that. I guarantee that if you did check up on them in the future you'd find that a lot of them will be dead, or at the very least have had to have had melanomas surgically removed. And as already mentioned none of them will be covered under worker's comp insurance or income protection insurance, and may not even be covered for life insurance in the event of their deaths. In the same way that someone who gets drunk and kills or injures themselves in a car crash, their insurance policies are instantly voided and the insurers will not pay out. Anyway, since you're a man of science (ahem), the next time you see a roofer dressed just in shorts and socks and boots. Take down their names, ages, etc., and then follow them for a year or two and then publish your findings in a scientific and/or medical journal if they don't develop any form of skin cancer. In the meantime, statistics show that 2,000 people a year die from skin cancer in Australia. More people die of skin cancer than die in car crashes - each and every year. Statistically you have a better chance of survival driving way over the speed limit while drunk than you do from prolonged exposure to the harsh Australian sun.
  5. The Sun SMART App.....

    You might also like to take note of what people wear in countries that are hotter than Australia. This is fairly typical, and people like the gentleman below don't even work on rooves.
  6. The Sun SMART App.....

    No they don't, otherwise they're not covered for worker's comp insurance. If they're working on a unionised site, they'd be kicked off site until they do have ALL the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). Like John I'd like to see your stats on roofers and skin cancer. Actually, I don't expect you to provide any proof of your theory, so I went looking for it myself. Here's a report on a study done by Curtin University (WA), the Queensland University of Technology and The Cancer Council Of Queensland. It found that roofers are 5 to 10 times more likely to get skin cancer than any other type of worker because of their exposure to the sun. http://www.60thompson.com/roofing-contractors-at-risk-of-skin-cancer/ Oh, and 2,000 people die from skin cancer in Australia every year, and another 2,000 get treatment for it every day. Also 2 out of 3 Australians will develop some form of skin cancer before they reach 70 years of age. Skin cancer, unlike most other types of cancer, is highly preventable as well. Just don't overly expose yourself to the sun for prolonged periods (in high summer any more than about 20 minutes per day), and wear protective clothing (wide brimmed hat with neck cover, long sleeved shirt, long pants, wrap around sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.) if you do. Your "advice" is not only dangerous, it is potentially criminally dangerous. You're just lucky that no-one is ever going to take your advice otherwise you could be in big trouble.
  7. The Sun SMART App.....

    Because they wear protective clothing.
  8. I see red

    Yay! Back to blue - except for the reply box.
  9. I see red

    Wow. Just did a page refresh and suddenly the site has changed its appearance. Does this change mean something more profound though? Have we gone from "reds under your bed" to "threads that are red"? Has Vladimir Illyich Friedman just outed himself, or is it just an acknowledgement the the seat of power in Americastan has switched from Washington to Moscow? Seeing the new site avatar out of the corner of my eye I was reminded of this: Perhaps we should sing along with a few rousing choruses of the following anthem?
  10. Amazing Synchronized Drumming Troupe From Scotland

    Och aye, you're a wee toaly-headed bampot.
  11. Amazing Synchronized Drumming Troupe From Scotland

    They're actually from Switzerland. Note the Swiss flag and their costumes. If they were from Scotland they'd be waving the blue flag with diagonal white bars and be dressed in kilts and tartan. Nevertheless, a very impressive display. The best bit was where they were hitting the drums of the chap beside them. Very impressive indeed.
  12. That went well

  13. The stockmarket

    If that doesn't work, try accessing it here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DOR74YLVwAAfNdj.jpg
  14. The stockmarket

    OK. Try this one: