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  1. What's wrong with the tablecloth?
  2. I'm building a list of people who deserve to be mooned.
  3. There is nothing in that article that says that NASA has plans to do anything of the sort. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.
  4. From Robin Allen Brown:
  5. Fixed that for you.
  6. National Geographic explorer and stand­up comic (two terms which would seem to be mutually exclusive), Ella Al-Shamahi gives a TED talk on how important, and dangerous, being an archaeologist is in the war torn nation of Yemen. It is by turns interesting, sad and funny. Not many are aware of the important role Yemen may have played in human history and development, and how many of its towns and cities are treasure troves for historians and archaeologists. If it wasn't being torn apart by internal and external forces, it could also be a great place for tourism as well.
  7. Lucky escape there Kay. Glad to hear both you and Gracie were mostly unscathed by the incident. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress.
  8. DISCLAIMER: I am not, nor have I ever been a scientist. In fact science was never my strongest subject at school. I didn't fail at it, but I didn't excel at it either. However, I did learn enough about it to be able to separate science from pseudo-science. Before reading the article I got the impression that this was another "war on science" article. "Look at these pointy-headed science people, so out of touch with "real people". Sad" type of thing. Before hitting the submit button though, I read the article. Now I have absolutely no idea what its purpose was, unless it was written to give Mark a link to post here to get a discussion going. If that wasn't its purpose, then I have no idea what actual purpose it served.
  9. BTW, what exactly is a wolly mammoth?
  10. Amazing photos Dan. One year old and already taller than his Dad.
  11. No, what you're doing is exactly the same thing climate change deniers do. Taking one doctors interpretation of data and claiming this is the undeniable truth, despite the majority of her colleagues disagreeing with her. Why do you believe the majority of climate scientists, yet don't believe the majority of doctors? Should we label you a vaccination denier?
  12. Well done. No doubt you will pass this year's exam with flying colours.
  13. You are all familiar with the platypus. They are one of only two remaining species of monotremes, ie egg laying mammals. Platypus is the singular term for these creatures. Despite a plurality of them often being referred to as platypusses, or even platypi, the correct term is platypodes. Remember this as it's sure to be included in the end of year exam. In the meantime here are some pictures of platypodes.
  14. That could well be the case, although I think there'd still have to be some sort of record of it sent to the government, even if it's just for statistical purposes.