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  1. You're lucky. The eye doctor I saw (pun intended) wouldn't give me the OK to drive until I'd had both done and there were no complications with them. Perhaps it's dependent on how bad the cataracts were in the first place.
  2. No, I just had cataract replacement surgery. Same thing Kay is going through.
  3. No. But then again I couldn't kill someone either. If you can, you worry me, no matter what your reason for doing it.
  4. Too quick and an easy way out for them. They should be made to suffer for the rest of their long lives, like their victims do.
  5. Frank is an ewok? That explains a lot.
  6. Although bitcoin holders will hope he's right, I'm sure that deep down they also want to see it not rise to that level just to see him fulfil his promise. https://www.rt.com/viral/396791-mcafee-penis-bitcoin-price/ Warning: RT (Russia Today) is a renowned distributor of fake news, so take it for what it's worth.
  7. If this is why it all ends, then bring it on I say. I for one welcome our new cockroach overlords.
  8. On the inner cover of the gatefold sleeve of Black Sabbath's first album it list the following band members: Who is this "Ossie"? Did they have a different singer on the first album who was replaced on subsequent albums by Ozzy Osbourne? No it means that the person/people responsible for the album cover design fvcked it up and mis-spelled Ozzy's name with what they thought was right. No Mandela Effect. Even further than that on all of Sabbath's albums, books and articles about them, the guitarist is referred to as Tony Iommi. However if you look at a songbook with the music charts and lyrics, they state that the song(s) were written by Frank (or Francis) Iommi, Terrence Butler, William Ward and John Osbourne. Now, Messrs Butler and Osbourne's real names are actually Terrence and John respectively, but they are commonly referred to by their nicknames so there's nothing conspiratorial in that. Similarly Bill is a commonly used derivative of William, so no Mandela there either. But just who is this Frank (or Francis) Iommi though? Is it Tony's brother that really created all those monstrous riffs and Tony just played them? No, once again nothing Mandelaish about it. His real name is Francis Anthony Iommi. On legal documents, such as copyrighting music, he would've signed them with his real name. Everywhere else he is known by the commonly used derivative of his middle name Anthony. A lot of people use their middle names rather than their legal first names, so nothing to see there either. In summary, all of these supposed Mandela Effects can easily be explained away by human error, false memory or something else that is similarly mundane. It is in other words, bollocks. PS I haven't bothered to mention the time I bought a copy of Uriah Heep's Demons And Wizards album that had pictures of Elton John on the inner gatefold sleeve. It wasn't a Mandela Effect people have covered up that Elton was at one time a member of UH, it meant that someone at the sleeve manufacturing factory fvcked up. Simple as that.
  9. On a similar note, much was made of a supposed urban legend that Van Halen had a rider in their contracts stipulating that "there will be no brown M&Ms in the backstage area". This wasn't a typical rock star excess myth though, it was actually true. The contracts did stipulate that. David Lee Roth explains why this clause was in the contracts:
  10. However, http://www.canberratimes.com.au/technology/technology-news/thousands-agree-to-clean-toilets-for-wifi-because-they-didnt-read-the-terms-20170717-gxd7z3.html
  11. I stand corrected. Obviously a covert team of Mandelaists have broken into my home sometime over the last 40 years and replaced my Lynard Skynard album with one showing Lynyrd Skynyrd. PS. You're just trolling now.
  12. A minute after I read this post I looked at one of their album covers (12" LP vinyl) that I acquired back in 1976* , and it quite clearly states (on the cover and on the actual record) LYNYRD SKYNYRD. As I, and others, have previously stated, this is becoming another Martian rocks thread. Sad. * That album was their first ("Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd") which was actually released in 1973. It's the one with Free Bird on it.
  13. It also doesn't work if cards are reshuffled back into the shoe after each hand, as some of the ones you've counted are likely to reappear back in the next hand.
  14. Counting cards is an entirely different thing to predicting lottery numbers. Card counting also only works with blackjack, not any other card games.
  15. Thirda Dan Riffle is a red pointy thing. His nose.