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  1. What kind of success have you had with email outreach for building links. How many emails did you send, how many links did you get from sending that many emails. Just trying to get a general idea here on what might be a successful campaign.
  2. I've used eset smart security for many years, probably the best out there.
  3. Roger that, thank you both.
  4. When paying for articles to be written from someone do I need to make sure the writer knows that I obtain and own all rights to the article upon me paying for them or is this pretty much implied?
  5. I realize this post is for IM deals but internet marketers got to eat right!? Went to order some dominos pizza today for the game and realized they have 50% off all of their pizzas from now until 12/4. Just a heads up for any interested.
  6. Anyone know of/have any good tips or guides to growing a Pinterest account?
  7. Interesting, was thinking Google was really strict on people using duplicate/copied content.
  8. Obviously a quote will be the same exact phrase used everytime it's used in an article. Does the quotation marks prevent google labeling it as copied content? How does google look at potentially thousands of websites with the exact same phrase regarding websites quoting someone? Seems like it would throw up some sort of copied content flag in someway.
  9. Wasn't aware of the bold part. Bummer. My plan was to have about half of the book from articles I've already written/posted on my site with the the other half being never before seen/posted stuff. May just write a book from start to finish one day if I can ever turn internet marketing into my full time job. thx for the response.
  10. Has anyone ever wrote so many articles in a certain niche that they decided to put the articles together into a book and got it published? Thoughts on this?
  11. Ive been pretty impressed with big stock photos selection. Ill post here soon as I see their holiday discount coupon.
  12. I'm waiting for the grammarly and big stock photo sales. If anyone is part of either affiliate program then either message me your affiliate link or post it here and I'll use it when I do my purchase.
  13. I'll check this tomorrow. I did inspect element and went through to see if my old domain was showing somewhere that wasn't showing on the surface. Found nothing. Didn't know I could do the inspect element network thing however so I'll see if this reveals it. Thx
  14. Would be for monitoring the backlinks I have. If I lose any, gain any or if they try to swap a link to no follow.