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  1. Google filters piracy related keywords in the data they provide. So, "best VPN for torrenting" shows data, "best VPN :torrent site:" will not show any. I'm sure that site has some links from piracy sites and those sites get a tidal wave of traffic.
  2. They smoke it, they don't eat it.
  3. I know where my next fishing trip will be. Just kidding why would you go fishing anywhere else?
  4. Wait so, it's clear glass, that generates power from UV and infrared, so it filters and generates power from the sun's harmful rays while letting in visible light...
  5. Since the writing is on the wall regarding internet privacy, I would like to discuss what this will effectively do for digital marketing. (Political discussions are not allowed, I'm just discussing the reality of what is occurring. I personally already use a VPN and will likely use it more frequently.) The problem with retargeting: The user has to visit your site first and when they do, they get a cookie for only that device. If they decide to clear our their cookies, they are effectively gone from the audience. Another problem is that without retargeting, it can be extremely expensive to acquire customers through technologies like DSP, since you are competing against advertisers who are retargeting and they are perfectly happy to spend more money to run ads to their audience. In the future, ISPs, will be able to assign a unique ID to each customer and will be able to exchange customer data to tie devices together . This does a few things: #1 It eliminates the need to rely on cookies since you can target people by ID or possibly their name. #2 it allows advertisers to effectively target across devices to the same person #3 it could allow you to purchase "Facebook style look-a-like audiences" based upon browser histories. #4 it could allow you to purchase an audience of another website, possibly a competitor, this to me is similar to targeting options in Facebook ads. I'm assuming the way this would work; is it becomes an option to buy data for digital advertising when using technologies like DSP, so ISPs would now effectively be getting a cut of internet based advertising that utilized those technologies. These companies have pretty smart people and to me, this seems like a good way to handle this (using utilitarian logic.) This may also present an interesting opportunity for websites who monetize with SSP, since it could drive their revenue up substantially. In theory: You may also have the ability to directly target users based upon interests or by their person details. This to me seems where there could be many opportunities for aggressive marketers. For example, if browser history intersection analysis is allowed, you could buy a list of user details in your area, and call up people who have researched divorce websites, call those people up, see if they are interested, and sell the leads to a divorce attorney. The intersection could come into play as follows: this data may be much more valuable if the user is using both divorce information websites, and dating apps. If you have the ability to target users based upon their browser history or interests, you could build an audience of say "white men and women aged 45-60 who are interested in dating apps or websites" and target them with your own dating app/website. Or buy phone+name data of people who were visiting sites that returned information about home refinancing. There's many other things that could be theoretically done, but it really depends on how the technology works. There could be opportunities for SEO as well, for example: if you can target by URL address strings, you could buy the contact details for users who actively visited domains of interest and the URL contained "/wp-admin/" or other strings. No matter what the capability the of future ad tech is, I definitely foresee internet privacy solutions becoming much more popular, possibly as popular as antivirus software. So if you're thinking "I need a new niche where it's going to be challenging but very lucrative," I see a big opportunity with privacy minded technology like VPNs.
  6. Well I mean, he sells marijuana pipes... He probably smoked a bunch and thought "This is a great idea." I used to refer to these ideas as "Green Light Bulbs" as to the person who was high, their ideas did sound amazing, but to everybody else, they were not so good. One time I listened to a friend who figured out how to "Take over the state of Ohio" shortly after smoking some high potency marijuana. So the plan was: to produce a genetically modified strain of corn by crossing it with a cactus, to create "supercorn", which would be used exclusively for ethanol production. Patent the strain of corn and refuse for it to be grown outside of Ohio (that part made no sense) for the purpose of gaining leverage with the state government. Since the crop would be so valuable, it would dramatically increase income for the state, so you would kind of have them by the balls and could threaten to grow it outside the state. Sounds good except it relies upon things that do not exist and are likely to cost exceedingly large amounts to develop, with no ability to forecast the economic viability of something that doesn't exist. And there are already genetically modified strains of corn which are used for ethanol production, I don't believe any cactus's were harmed in their creation either. This person was really sold on this idea, they thought they were a total genius and were about to become insanely rich. While they were high it was extremely difficult to explain why this wouldn't work and it reminds me of this : They work at a gas station last I heard. Edit: Posting this for Claude since I heard he likes donuts.
  7. Working with all that glass, it's a dangerous job and you could easily lose a limb. This guy is the next Billy Mays, his camera guys need some skills though. (can't embed video)
  8. And the ones that aren't dying from Heroin overdoses are shooing up nightclubs.
  9. There is no anti aging related stem cell therapy that actually works at this moment in time. It's theoretical, if the cells could be "programmed" then it could work but currently stem cell therapy is in it's extreme infancy. I can not find any credible medical source to indicate that there is currently a technique that has any kind of proven results. Stem cells can become any type of cell, this is about as good of an idea as taking human growth hormone for it's anti aging properties. A person who undergoes this therapy is rolling the dice. As far as stem cell creams, I have no idea what rubbing cells on your skin would even do. Your skin isn't going to absorb the cells... The creme probably contains jojoba oil, which is similar to sebum, and probably does make your skin look younger temporarily. (I've thought about creating my own line of skin care products.) The concept behind a NAD+ booster is that it helps repair your individual cells, you would consume this for the same reason you would consume certain antioxidants (such as Resveratrol.) Your body naturally replaces many of it's cells as a normal process, as you age, this process breaks down, resulting in age related disease. Theoretically, a NAD+ booster would slow this process down. This is a similar, but distinctly different concept regarding Urolithin A, which is found naturally in small amounts in pomegranates.
  10. What I found when I Googled "Wooster Garden Gnomes" ->
  11. I'm not. Social is useless for Google SEO. But, it's a supply / demand thing. Many of the bloggers rely heavily on social media traffic and in order to keep their audience engaged, they need a constant flow of exciting content. I also don't see what's wrong with social traffic, that technique does produce more of a social benefit then SEO, typically. 1: Yeah it seems so. 2: See above, not as much as you might think. It does need to be unique and well done. Edit: This is an example of the text-only version of the same technique. ~ 3600 words If you look in an SEO tool (SEMRush/Moz/Majestic/Ahrefs), it's pretty obvious it worked.
  12. I think you're headed down the wrong track relying on other people's lists of contacts. You need to make those yourself and the odds of you being successful, really depend on how good of a job you do building your own lists. I've done this exact technique before and I recommend it. It does not work anywhere near as well as claimed in the post. I've had these campaigns completely flop (social shares only) with a list of size of about 250. The reason I believe it failed was that the site and social media accounts tied to the site were not very well developed. I've also had a campaign where I created an infographic using an online infographic generator and thought to myself "Dude this is not going to work, what am I doing?" but it did get some traction. If you look in SEO tools like SEMRush, you can see exactly what they did. All of the SEO sites have content on how to do this type of content marketing. This is the same tactic in my opinion, it's still an image that conveys information visually.
  13. Fail. It's likely to be 85 by then. It's 77.8 (Ohio) now anyways. That's also massively skewed by people who die early in life from things like Heroin. I've been taking resveratrol for awhile now (like years and years) I kind of want to play the "guess my age game."
  14. Parents of the Year award goes to this Cincinnati couple: