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  1. Uh most people consider Regcure Pro to be a scam.
  2. Sean Hannity goes on Vacation as advertisers flee, last time this occurred to a Fox News honest, they did not come back to the show. If I was an advertiser, I would not want to pay for commercials to appear on a show that promotes conspiracy theories. What does that say about my brand? #FakeNews brought to you by : Honest Abe's Car Insurance - We stand for integrity, affordability, fairness, and we are an equal opportunity employer.
  3. Or they just die and nothing happens.
  4. LMAO... Why is it $4600 in South Korea? Something is definitely going on dude. Also, the news sites on this subject might as well be fake news. Oh, I see, The "Fibonacci retracement", Yeah, that's A Proven Indicator for Cryptocurrencies... Mhmm... Technical analysis are for zero sum market places like Forex, or investments like commodities and futures... Where there are legitimate trends to analyze. Unless you're an expert at making investments by analyzing patterns in chaos, in which case, you're better off waking up at 3am and watching the news. " Currently, the bitcoin world is in "wave three" and according to Duke's analysis, $2,800 could be the level at which bitcoin begins its fall. " Uh buddy, they're paying $4600 in SK right now... My question is: WHY?
  5. At least that's caused by a strange phenomena that's kind of hard to explain. Sometimes, you will see two suns, it's caused by light refracting off water in the atmosphere.
  6. He's legit, on his Youtube channel he has some gems, such as; Awakening From Mind Control, Flat Earth: "Heliocentric Contradictions", and FE Answers: “Is outer space even real?” There's other interesting things as well like some anti Obama stuff (it's fake news), chemtrails, and "I ATE THE WHOLE PIZZA!!!". I've met people like this before, there's some kind of problem with their ability to reason. Instead of them believing the most likely answer to a problem, they believe the least likely, and will entertain conspiracy theories, no matter how unrealistic they might be. He's not suggesting that well "they say the earth is round, but personally I've never seen it, but for the most part I trust the scientists, but who knows?" He is just flat out denying it. There's lots of these people: holocaust deniers, anti-vaccers, the people who believe jet airplane vapor trails are actually poisonous gas, the I've been raped by aliens people, people who believe the stitching issues with Google maps are actually alien super structures under the ocean, people who believe that there's nothing wrong with living your life dressed up in a demented animal costume, people who have sex with their cars, and vegans (unless it's a legitimate health thing.) Oh and, my favorite, people who worship volcano aliens. There's a person in the SEO section of WF that has this problem (maybe they bailed.) Pug avatar if I remember correctly. I don't know about you, but usually when I wake up in the morning in a weird place and my butt hurts, I assume that I drank too much, passed out, and am now going to have diarrhea. The possibility that I was abducted by space aliens, who traveled across the universe to probe my ass, does not really cross my mind. But who knows, anything is possible? Maybe the aliens have 100% efficient digestive systems, are super confused as to why we poop, and are sitting there like "What THE HELL Is That Thing?!?!?" while they poke it with various devices.
  7. Man, that's a lot of money laundering... This time last year BTC was < $500.
  8. What's kind of cool is that he explained kind of sort of explained how gravity works. Except that he probably doesn't believe in that.
  9. Since you guys seem to like this stuff...
  10. Are you talking about duplicate content conceptually or the way Google handles it? Edit: If Google handled duplicate content they way many people think it does, it might as well always just "I'm feeling lucky" in a paid placement. There would be no reason to return a list of results. I just checked the font sites and there's no duplicate content. There's no duplicate content on the bitcoin site either. Conceptually similar content is competing content, not duplicate. I assure you: this article is going to be pretty difficult to rank. If you Google any competitive target keywords, Google will return spam and unrelated nonsense before that article shows up, like I said Usually, Google won't even display the duplicate content in the SERP as well. If you mash two unrelated concepts together, it works: Google -> underworld of computing called click fraud works. Note: I have SERPs set to 100 results per page. So, if you Google, "adsense click fraud" the first result is (in the 80s) They got it to work by inserting a link to related content, like I said. As you can see in any SEO data tool, that site is doing really well. SEMRush reports zero average monthly visits. /Mindblown If you check the supplemental index, there's dozens of pages buried. The site with the most authority is and it only shows up in the supplemental index. I assure you, unique content does not behave that way in Google. I have a bunch of domains with unique content and no links and they actually get some traffic. (I used to think that aged them and it doesn't.) I used to screw around with this a lot, all you need to do is have content that is exclusive to that page. Content is anything, links, words, images, videos, files, anything. If Google thinks, that content is what people are looking for, it won't bury it. A unique sentence or unique h1/title tag is adequate in some cases, especially when, that's the keyword. But, if the content IS the article and it's duplicate, it really doesn't perform well. You need a lot more links then if it was unique. To work around that, see what I posted above. I have spam projects where I did something and it did work. But it's pure spam, I'm not denying that. I know you're a believer that all that matters is links, which I agree to a certain extent, but I've played around with content a lot and can usually get content to move up without adding links, especially in the case where I feel the content is under-performing. The main culprit is likely that the keyword density is too high, so adding length does help and that's yet another possibility as to why I have experienced "adding length to content makes it go up in Google." I admit, I don't know exactly why it works, but every time I took a piece of under performing content and added length, it went up, usually dramatically, say page 4 to page 2, targeting keywords that were reasonable for that page's authority.
  11. That site has 7k linking domains and they're legit links. There's multi-million dollar businesses with substantially less links then that. I know what you're saying but that site is not the best example. Basically any ecommerce store is a better example, in many cases, Walmart/Amazon uses duplicate content and they rank, and little tiny stores do it as well by aggregating the duplicate content from a few sources. Also: That site is generating a bunch of unique images (images are content...) As far as article spamming: it doesn't really work, I have no idea what the fascination is, but you will get a pure spam penalty. You're still going to have to figure out a way to chop and mix the content up somehow (Example: Inserting related article headlines in the body), rewrite the titles, and spin the content in a way where it actually adds uniqueness and is still readable, then inject totally unique content in to each page. As I've said a few times, there's differences between the query types. Trying to rank on an informational query with duplicate/spun content is pretty difficult since Google evaluates LSI relationships to serve results. Even with unique content, the results can be pretty abysmal if the content is low quality and sometimes it just doesn't rank well anyways. A solution to this problem I found was to add length to the content. Personally when I encountered this problem, I would polish the page a bit and add length and like magic, the article would move up dramatically in Google. I used to think it was the content length, but now I realize, it's probably uniqueness, not length. If you want to give this a whirl, I'll ftp you 500k PLR articles, but I assure you, they've all been posted to Google 100+ times and unless you have something new to bring to the table, it's not going to work. If you post them as is, they will get put into the supplemental index, and if you mix them up to work around that, at a certain point, you will get slapped. Since "Content is Content"; I'll suggest a few things that could work. Taking public domain images that are related and generating collages, automatically searching for related videos on YT and inserting them into the content, hand writing new titles, creating new and complex markup (Like I said, try generating a bullet point list of related articles and inserting it into the body), link to different fake author accounts which have unique bios, and generally aggregate as much as possible: automatically scrape related tweets, links, news links, comments, pinterest pictures, and any other data you can think of. After that, you'll have yourself a database of spam. If you shoot links into it, hopefully Google won't notice. If it's 25k+ pages, they probably will. Stuff I've seen work in the past: Random tag clouds (spam blog days), QR codes, and mashing Q&A into the content. In the case of a store, it works, because it's a thing. It's not an informational query. And it won't get penalized because the intent of the searcher is not informational. The relationship between (brand:product) is pretty strong and in many cases just having that in the title/h1 tag is enough for a low competition product. Also, if they type brand:product:model-number/sku/mpn/barcode, the union between those keywords is so narrow, that duplicate content is fine as well. For an informational query, the union between (best:high:protein:shake), not only is the intersection wide, but each keyword has millions of results, simply put, you have no chance to rank on that keyword without high scores for on and off page, Google will rank spam above you as long as the phrase is in their h1 tag. The competition for that keyword is dramatically larger then you think it is, since you're really competing against every page that has similar words on it. So: best,great,tasty,wonderful:high,great,huge:protein,meat,muscle:shake,smoothie,blend; so yeah, get annihilated... If you have low authority, Google will probably not rank you at all, or it will rank unrelated content that happens to have any of those 4 words on the page. Google won't do this for a product, since microsoft:office:keyword is a specific thing, there are no synonym replacements with strong relationships.
  12. So this sad story begins: I'm just so confused as to how anybody decides to do something like this. In the grand scheme of life and power, this is a pathetic attack against innocent people that accomplishes nothing for anybody.
  13. You wrote 100k pages of content? If this is PLR content or something, could you do me a huge favor? When you get penalized, delete the site, install wordpress, set the name of the site to "Pure SPam" and then set the tagline to " Just another Pure Spam Penalty " example site: I'm a little confused. Have you been writing articles for the past decade and just saving them to a folder on your desktop?
  14. It's pretty hard to get back on the bike considering the other 100 problems, but I will. Certainly isn't good for motivation. Edit: But I'm certainly not going to keep paying Google to send BS like that to my site.