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  1. I saw this on another site and laughed. It's really interesting but very weird as well...
  2. Two Tree Stories. First, I once once hiking on wooded trails while a wind storm was occurring, during winter, there was no snow but it was about 20F. This was seriously scary, I was miles from civilization and trees were falling left and right, not talking little ones, but 2 feet in diameter trees. Not to mention branches which were "raining down" at points. This path is pretty wild and I've seen foxes (plenty of times), coyotes (multiple times), and I'm pretty sure I saw wolf once, but it may have been a large coyote or a stray wolf-like dog. (In Ohio ...) When I was in the backwoods of Canada, I was at a cottage, at a relatively remote lake. This was pretty far from civilization where things made complete sense again (the urban, high speed life style doesn't completely make sense to me.) If there was no wind, it was completely silent outside and you could hear what was going on a half mile away (no over exaggeration.) Me and a few friends were sitting around a campfire outside when a tree fell probably 500 yards from us, but it was dead silent outside, minus us whispering because it was so quiet. It might as well been a bomb going off, the sound to us, was terrifyingly loud. It freaked us out so bad we put the fire out and went inside.
  3. Posting This Here as I interpreted crazy stuff differently. Yeah tree's are dangerous, be careful... Seriously...
  4. What I usually do is, image the drive (You either end up with a single file or a series of files which is the disk image) then I rar it (I usually don't password it, but you can), then I build par2 recovery files for it. So if one of the .rar files gets corrupted, I can recover it with the par2 files. The way par2 works is a bit hard to explain, but you can lose some of .rar files and as long as you have enough blocks in the par2 files, you can recreate the missing files. Then when I need the image, I just unrar it. I personally rar it just to build the par2 recovery files and I set the file size to like 256mb for each .rar file. Then build like 25% recovery par2 files (this is massively paranoid, more than likely, I'll never need them, and if I do, I'll only need a few blocks of par2 and not even a full 256mb par2 file.) If the hard drive with the backup fails, there's companies that can disassemble the drive and read the data right off the disks, granted it's expensive.
  5. You could just rar / zip the files and password it.
  6. Absolutely agree. I never made any real money as an affiliate with a program like that. I get that the program has a lot of appeal because it's very friendly, but as an affiliate, you really do need to grow a pair and market stuff that actually needs marketing. Besides Clickbank, the programs that made me the most, I was always able to talk with people at the business who highly valued my work, because I was one of their top affiliates. Meaning, there weren't many other people doing it.
  7. I hate to say it but this is another one of these "You just have to have the experience before Google killed it" situations. Before Google moved the SSL, you used to get most of the search query strings, now you only get a handful. I remember looking at my logs and thinking "Wow really? Somebody actually typed that and got to my site" many times. Both good and bad.
  8. LOL spammer... (Coming from a former spammer...) This is the same reason duplicate content with unique h1 tags works. A certain person was promoting a tool that does this automatically but the software was garbage. Unrelated: I was setting up some PPC campaigns today (Mike got me motivated, granted still haven't turned them on) although I still feels it's early with my current project, but I was sitting there thinking "Dude this kind of feels like spam... But it's okay because I'm paying Google..." Really weird.
  9. Honestly it seems kind of tame to me but nobody has been able create anything more intense that just doesn't sound like crap. I like pretty much anything with wild transitions. This track is a lot tamer, you're still going to hate it but it's one of my favorites. It's probably a taste thing, I've listened to so much music in my life it's ridiculous. Sorry but, everything posted in this thread just sounds generic to me. If comparing food to listening to music was somehow the same thing, it's like a salt free saltine cracker... Okay so I ate it but it just doesn't do anything. Like that Taylor Swift track in this thread, man that just sounds so minimalist and generic that I'm wondering where hidden Honda logo is. Not that I'm against minimalist music, but that's just so devoid of innovative sound it's nauseating. It couldn't get more basic if it tried, it would just sound like a woman singing (granted with an great voice minus the obvious over audio engineered sound which normalized her voice's character to death) to a drum set. If you actually read my comments about that track and then go listen to it, you're going to be upset. Sorry. It's a mathematical formula and they're targeting people who basically have little to no desire for musical variation or taste. That song to me, is like a Mcdonalds hamburger made poorly. Nothing about it inspires really anything for me. It's just food. At least the AC / DC track has character.
  10. I realize this isn't completely relevant but there's a decent list of negative keywords at It also shows you how to setup a shared library to make this easier. There's a spreadsheet over at as well, which I don't recommend black hat PPC, they just have a nice spreadsheet that's free. This only matters if you do broad matching, but if you know anything about how people search, people search tons of weird variations and you may or may not want your ad to appear on those searches. For example, lets pretend I sell survival knives in an online store exclusively. Lets say I've determined that I want to target the broad keyword "Survival Knife", well I definitely don't want my ad to show on "Survival Knife Course" and probably not "Survival Knife Florida" . Just wanted to mention it since it's another Adwords mistake that I know occurs frequently.
  11. They typically recycle the cans so they can buy more.
  12. Imagine, if humans decided to go populate some of those planets, without any faster than light technology so that it would take quite awhile to get there. And when they arrived, they found that the planet was currently inhabited by aliens. As it turns out, the aliens currently inhabiting the planet were not originally from that planet as well. There was actually a different group of aliens there before as well, but they were mostly slaughtered or forced to live in remote locations of the planet. Initially, the aliens thought it was really cool to be around people from Earth so they allowed the humans to stay and build a society. Years and years went on and more humans came as the generations passed until one day, a particularly loud mouthed alien decided that only humans who were born on the planet would be allowed to stay and that the rest would have to go home. But the Humans didn't want to go home, so the aliens hired 15,000 ICE agents in a week to send them home. And one human, upon coming home, realized he didn't know anybody on Earth anymore and that his home world was very different now, so he jumped off a bridge and killed himself. Just imagine that.
  13. LOL @ "Visually stimulated bowel movements" ... Seriously I'm tearing up here...
  14. This seems really obvious to me, but you're all going to hate me. Just listen to some dubstep to wake up? Duh ... I didn't know he was in Cleveland, I would have went... I'm kind of immune to it, it calms me down. I'm serious.