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  1. All I see is a video of toxic air pollution, that when inhaled, statically (dramatically) lowers your lifespan(s).
  2. I'm confused, Women complaining about women who want equal rights? They're doing it to represent, nevermind...
  3. The chart is just the response from the Apple lawsuit, Qualcomm is down about 5.75% since the FTC statements. They were also fined $890 million by South Korea.
  4. Ouch.
  5. Were going to have to attack somebody to pay for the wall and the corporate tax cuts. Renaming the ACA is going to take 6 months and cost billions of dollars, there's a west African country that appears to need some "democracy." Makes sense to me.
  6. On that note, to be completely clear: We hope he gets thrown out since he already violated the emoluments clause, if the man who swore to uphold the constitution has no plans to, then get him out and do it now. It is what it is. Even his supporters should understand that there are rules and he's breaking them.
  7. Yes. There's reality and a parallel universe that was created for the purpose of manipulating people. Whats done is done but if you check the news today, you should be able to figure out which one was the created universe and which one is the real one. It's not like the media on one side wasn't trying to tell the people on the other side, that side just wasn't listening. For a second there, I woke up and thought I was the one in the parallel universe. :Checks news: Nope. I'm not. It's exactly what many people warned about.
  8. Man, there was this laundry list of things that a certain person was suppose to do on day 1. I don't remember screwing the middle class over as being one of them. 60 minutes ago: Yep, Were Getting Punked For Sure...
  9. I wasn't sure that was what you were referring to.
  10. Did this happen when Obama took office? Not a political thing, I just need a history lesson here.
  11. Not my property but I have access to a similar piece of property. (It's owned by members of my family.) 10 hour Drive for me. It's a nice escape from, uh, things... Edit: still on the subject of retirement.
  12. I'm going to live forever, or die trying.
  13. This is financial advice: make sure you have a reasonable amount of cash in a stock trading account. The markets seem to shift around dramatically based upon tweets these days. It's free money if you catch it and know what the move would be. Edit: Also, somebody working with the said tweeter, can get this set up ahead of time, and then execute the trade shortly after the tweet, so it's, you know, totally deniable.
  14. Sorry like who? Need an example here. Edit: I don't think discussing current events is a problem as long as we are not having a debate about our opinions. So if you referring to the fact that police were injured during today's protests, I agree, protests are suppose to be peaceful and that's wrong.
  15. I'm going to have to agree there. I have better things to do on a Friday. Like process my orders, so I can save up enough money to move to a new planet.