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  1. I have done a lot of work for locksmiths and garage door companies. I'm not sure what the rules are going to be for this accredited listing in Canada as we do not have a Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. On interesting thing I did find is the new accredited 3 pack above the old 3 pack in San Diego for locksmiths. This will really shake things up when it hits more markets. I wonder if you will need different qualifying credentials in different countries?
  2. I can say that most of the "three pack" results for pretty much any major city have the word locksmith in both their listing and in their URL. At the very least they have the word lock. Lockservice Locksmiths Lock and Security Etc....
  3. Blaine - That was plain out F*&cking Awesome!
  4. Oh and I forgot to tell you this, I have a page of quotes that I did 4 years ago. I just went around and copied quotes from famous people on the subject from different sites. The quotes all appear on various sites, but no one has a page just like mine. It has ranked in the top ten ever since. As far as copying stuff verbatim, I have seen it work and I have seen it fail. It sure does make it easier to produce a page. But, if my site starts to drop and I know there is copied content on there, I start to question it. No copied content, one less question as to why something is not ranking where you want it to be.
  5. I have seen lots of service websites that have cut and pasted content from websites in other cities rank quite well. They just change the city names and bang! I also know of one website that was cut and pasted verbatim - the plagiarizing (guilty) website is ranking well and the site that had the content first tanked.
  6. Anyone Use Linkody?

    I don't think anything does a better job than web master tools. Just download all those into a csv and then run them through seo spyglass, that will tell you if they are do or no follow.
  7. I can confirm some wonky numbers. I did a click to website campaign directly to a sign up. My affiliate link reported less hops then the clicks I paid for in the ad. I was still happy with the level of engagement I got for the price I paid though. I think with Facebook it is really about the offer. For example, restaurants offering a 10% off coupon vs offering a free appetizer. I think the perceived value is what is most important. If you offer something that everyone else is offering, then you have to have something really catchy to cut through all the add noise.
  8. Anyone Use Linkody?

    This for a money or network site?
  9. Anyone Use Linkody?

    I have not used it, but I honestly have not found anything that finds more links than ahrefs, except webmaster tools. What are you using it for?
  10. How to do SEO in 2017

    Sal, I'm just being a smart ass! PN = Private Network, most people call them PBN's or private blog network. The point was that I have seen so many expired domains that had really powerful links pointing to them ruined by people linking unrelated keywords from either the same article, or the same url. If you do enough of that - you are going to get noticed by google, but not the way you would want to. Do enough of that and it would not take long for someone doing a manual check to penalize the site and then start looking into the link profile of the sites that particular URL is linking to So not only do you risk losing a URL with great links pointing to it - you also risk getting all your money/clients sites penalized as well. You know, I am seeing different results for two clients on mobile VS desktop. I started noticing this in the summer, which I believe is before G ever confirmed they were actually doing this. It could be that with penguin 4.0 being real time, and the mobile results being served first that I just have to wait for the desktop results to be refreshed. I have noticed a longer gap between crawls for static pages.
  11. How to do SEO in 2017

    I just wrote that off the top of my head. It was a combination of all the commercials I had seen while watching the hockey game then switching to 48 hrs. 'Cept for the penile implant idea, that was born of a discussion about Bruce Jenner. You didn't think of the snow tires because you are not far enough north! Really though, what is more useful? Snow tires or a diamond ring? Ha! Sounds like that bus is short! I am having a hard time opening doors in public places, cause its flu season! He would not have had that problem here, they made chains illegal, cause they tear up the roads. A 4 day walk in Feb only works if you are in FLA. Boy, we have hit the nail on the head here - we should start a new thread: SEO is not Dead and I"ll Prove it - Content to F'up your PN and ALL of Your Clients in 6 weeks. In fact I will offer this in the Spartan Special Offers section!
  12. How to do SEO in 2017

    Links are still the name of the game - getting good ones have just become more expensive. I can't tell you how many expired domains I see with great links pointing to them that must have been de-indexed, then I look in the wayback machine and see great content like this: Having trouble with the Misses? Well maybe you could use some viagra but if that doesn't work maybe you could have a penile implant. If either of those two options fail, buy her some snow tires. This will let her know how much you care and you are thinking of her safety. If that does not work, make sure her life insurance is up to date and hire a hit man. You too can own this once prized domain for $1500, just hit the BUY NOW button. Makes me sick! I kinda like licking 9vlt batteries, especially when I'm tired. Who needs 5hr energy drink?
  13. Bulk Moz Check?

    Thanks Mike, Hmm, didn't consider that one, and I have my API loaded too! Can you load a bulk list of expired domains in it and get the DA ?
  14. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows of a bulk Moz checker that actually gives you the accurate data? The only ones I find that are web based do not give you the proper metrics. I also tried the google docs set up that I found in the MOZ forum but I can not get that to work. I know they made changes to their API so that may be the issue. I use MOZ as a preliminary chec just to get an idea of a expired domains value if any, but checking 50 at a time manually is killing me! If there is something out there that works on a mac that is even better! Thanks
  15. SSL and Ranking Boost

    Thanks Mike, The whole notion of it does not make sense, there are so many service industry sites that do not make transactions on the site. Funny thing though, I was on hold at Godaddy this week and they were pushing SSL hard. I bet people are jumping on it. Kinda shitty of them.