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  1. nice, never knew that.
  2. lots of credit cards have reward programs. i dont think debit cards do, or at least i cant think of a reason they would. i pay my credit card off each month, so any rewards i get are gravy. i dont choose credit over debit because of that, but its still a legit reason.
  3. I would love it if Mike made signatures available only to paid members, or just turned them off completely. I think I'm scarred from wf.
  4. 'Up to 850' or 'up 850'? You said it was at 1300 not long ago, so one of these is bad...
  5. thanks for the tip. one of my hosts is on the list of supporters, switched one of my spare domains, took about a 1 minute and all good. are these certs sufficient for any type of site? i may be asking this incorrectly, but i was looking at the notes in my host and it was talking about how the free ssl was good for like blogs and simple sites. are they just trying to upsell, or would i need something better than free if i was running some big ecommerce site for example (im not) oh, lets say i had an established site, would the switch to https in this manner cause problems generally? i think i remember seeing people gripe about how much of a pain in the ass it is to move to https. thanks again
  6. thanks. i read it. seems simple enough
  7. so if the email does constitute commercial intent, what should be/has to be done? (i realize you guys arent lawyers)
  8. i just did the same search as you and got the articlefactory page and everything else was in supplemental.
  9. if the most important thing they got was email addresses, i mean, thats not a big deal, no?
  10. im a huge noob, but im pretty sure it will be suggested to 1. move those items to the footer (or put them in an iframe), 2.making them nofollow doesnt save any juice, and 3. since you arent saving any juice, might as well leave them as followed and keep all the juice on your site. but please wait for the proper authorities to weigh in. i could be totally wrong 8-) (if i happen to be right then i learned something apparently)
  11. Great. This is what I was hoping for.
  12. are the hard drives fairly universal? like if my drive is a 3.5", then pretty much any 3.5" drive will work, or do i need to get the exact same model #? the connection is the main concern i guess. i mean, even if it physically fits in the space, it still has to have the right connection, so maybe a better question is whether the connection in laptops is standard or varies from manufacturer to manufacturer? edit: and if the original was hdd, will the connection accept ssd or would that be a different type of connection altogether? thanks
  13. major geeks, i like major geeks. nice. will look at that in a bit, i would need to install that on the laptop with the old drive in place, or can it be done after i swap the new and copy the files over?
  14. crap, i forgot about the license. hmm. my license key is worn so badly i cant read it. not sure if the manufacturer will tell me the key. damn. the only sticker i could find with the key was on the bottom of the laptop. i assume theres no other location? but if i simply copy all the files to the new drive, wont my existing copy work?