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  1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2017

    this isnt advertised as black friday or cyber monday, but i suppose this a good spot for this: if you use the powersuite stuff and dont have enterprise, this seems like a no brainer if you use website auditor. actually, even if you have enterprise this would save you on algo updates.
  2. CSS selector setup

    when you said minimize the selectors, i thought you meant to be more efficient with the code, but maybe you meant what i just asked above. if so, then i already have the answer 8-)
  3. CSS selector setup

    so in the first example: <div id="banner"> <div class="content"> <h1>Conservation Efforts at Lake Tahoe Being Praised by Nation's Leaders</h1> if i was only interested in styling the h1, i could just go like this: #banner h1 { border: solid 3px white; } or this: .content h1 { border: solid 3px white; } or is it mandatory that you select all 3 (id, class, and tag)? if so would this be a dumb idea for any reason other than the potential issues of having other h1’s in the same class elsewhere in the html
  4. CSS selector setup

    i think this is the right forum, but if not, somebody can move to the design section i guess. so, im making an actual effort to really learn HTML and CSS lets say i have some HTML: <div id="banner"> <div class="content"> <h1>Conservation Efforts at Lake Tahoe Being Praised by Nation's Leaders</h1> to select that h1 in CSS, this is correct i believe, right? #banner .content h1 { border: solid 3px white; } ok, but what if the html looked like this: <div id="banner" class="content"> <h1>Conservation Efforts at Lake Tahoe Being Praised by Nation's Leaders</h1> i found that using the same CSS wont work, and i have to remove the space between #banner and .content so its #banner.content h1 this is because of them being in the same tag in the latter case, yes? is there any more in depth info about this or is it just that simple? hmm, now that i typed it all out and thought about it, i guess its just that the first example is nested html tags, so the css selectors are separated by spaces, and the second example #banner and .content are not nested so i chain them together in the css while the h1 still remains nested so it gets the space between. i dont know what im looking for really as far as info, just opening a discussion i guess and see if it triggers more questions on my part (and to generate more ambition i suppose), feel free to comment or discuss. thanks
  5. http to https

    Right, but it looks like you have a wild card in there right? I didn't know if it took precedence.
  6. http to https

    thanks im not currently doing any of this, just asking questions for info, but can this be applied selectively? lets say i buy an expired domain that has 100 backlinks. 10 of them are great that i want to build content for them, the other 90 i just want to point at the homepage (or some other page).
  7. http to https

    thanks another possibly stupid question: is there a way to blanket redirect all links at once to avoid having to make a bunch of content and redirects?
  8. http to https

    potentially stupid question related to the above: so you buy an expired domain that has whatever, 100 links to it, do you now have to create a page for each of those links or ?
  9. when i get telemarketers on the phone and im not busy, i keep them on the line as long as possible. i get some weird satisfaction out of it.
  10. "This time it's different"

    i should put a little more in, cause the correction, and then put in a boatload
  11. "This time it's different"

    about 45 percent of my portfolio is cash right now and i have been meaning to change that, so if youre looking for a correction, im sure it will happen right after i put more cash into play...
  12. how to remove 404 errors

    all i have done so far is fetch as google, initially i thought it did something, but nope... edit: i mean i did it and thought something changed, i didnt mean i did it because i thought it would do something
  13. hi all so i have a writer on a wordpress site. she used a boatload of categories and had several posts under them. i deleted a bunch of the unnecessary categories, and now i have a bunch of 404s according to google search console. google instructions arent very helpful on removal, but they kind of seem to be saying to just leave them there? regardless, i would like to get rid of them if for nothing other than experience. do i just let them sit there and google will figure it out? do i submit a new sitemap? if a new sitemap is the solution, how does that impact the site if at all? thanks in advance for any input mike
  14. Bitcoin is Booming

    I thought I missed the boat when bitcoin hit $2500. I guess not. Apparently it's > $4000 now?
  15. We now have reactions

    Oh wait, it's there. It has a share icon so I assumed it was to share the post...