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Tech Nerds Wanted for 1- to 5-day gigs

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First caveat: This is absolutely a show-up-physically job; it can not be done remotely, (much as I would love that to not be the case)!!


The client has several hundred offices across the US, primarily east of the Mississippi River, but also in/near most major population centers west of that.


The gig itself involves upgrading several thousand computers to the client's exact specifications, using a 20-page procedure.  It takes around an hour or two per computer, but a tech typically upgrades four machines simultaneously, constantly rotating through them as each requires human attention.  (We try to use long tables and office chairs with wheels; seriously.)


Smaller offices might take a day of work; the largest ones take closer to a week.  Exact schedules are set around a week in advance.  This not an ongoing thing; the intent is to visit each office only once.  (Sometimes a return visit might be required.)  Try as I could, there seem to be way too many moving parts to be able to bunch offices geographically, which prevents the ability to fly out to a region and cover a small set all in the same week or whatever.  Thus the need for local boots on the ground.


In a perfect world, no real tech background would be needed; the job truly is "click here, wait eight minutes, type this, click there, etc.".  The written procedure already has resolutions for what to do when certain well-known things go wrong.  The problem is that one still needs some basic problem-solving skills when unanticipated events occur, (and they do, regularly, as each machine is ever-so-slightly different).  You can't be scared of installing a Windows 7 printer driver or editing a config file manually with Notepad or using a USB flash drive if you need files when the network connection fails.  No hardware skills are required.  Yes, there will be a phone number to call for help, but it's really better if you don't need to use it.


Pay will be around $15 to $20 an hour; travel (and/or lodging) is not covered.  Again, the hope is to use local people, so as to keep the compensation fair.  The plan is to complete the entire upgrade by the end of January.  I can't guarantee any specific availability yet, but if you're interested, please send a very brief email to me (David at Beroff dot com) with a subject line of "Migration near" followed by the name of your city and state.  If you want to follow that with the name of the nearest well-known city in parentheses, that will help me spot your email in the list more quickly.  e.g., If I were doing this, the Subject line would appear as "Migration near Wyoming, PA (Scranton)".


Thank you.

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So is Florida out of the picture?


To the contrary; there are nine offices, primarily hugging both coasts.  I think they're actually rolling with Florida next week, so send me an email now, and I'll see what I can do.  You ok with the tech side?

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