How to Increase Your Email Clickthrough Rate

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OK, so the big question is, "How do l get as much traffic as possible to my page by offering a free video to my list?" Well, the first thing is to think like your prospect and ask the question, "If l was looking at this email message, what would get me to click on the link and go to this page?" You could use the usual catchy heading, text talking about how your trip in Europe is going or something like that with a link somewhere, or try out this proven way to increase clicks.

When you go to Aweber or whatever list building company you are with, (Aweber is one of the best) you will find a button down the bottom of your HTML message saying "Source". This is where you can embed HTML code of a clickable image of your video and see it within your email text. You can easily get the code for this through Googling it, and use Windows Paint or other software, to take a screen shot of a moving compelling part of your video, (Google - how to take a screenshot in Microsoft Windows will show you how).

If you have a video on surfing, show a screen shot of someone surfing a wave, rather than someone being interviewed. So next time you open up an email and see, "click on this text to allow images", you may see an image of a video that you can click on to go to a webpage. The reason why this is so effective is apart from the fact it usually isn't the sort of thing you would see in an email, people also think that it could be a real video, so all they have to do is click and watch it.

Give it a try. It will definitely improve your clickthrough rate.


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