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    • Okay, time for another update! I had two more events. One was Hippie Fest and that was fun!   And the second was an author's tent at a local town Fest. This one was awesome as I got to meet and hobnob with other authors and get info on some upcoming events for authors.     There's quite a few of them, so I need to decide which I'd like to participate in and go from there. I'm liking the Christmas one. I'll keep you posted! 😊 Terra
    • Problem: You're doing outreach marketing in a competitive niche, a quality site responds to your email, you check their page and oh no, they're already linking to your uber competitor that has better content then you, so pitching them for a link is probably not going to work. Note: This is yet another reason to do the 2 step outreach approach. So instead of doing that, you can make a purely informative video, upload it to Youtube, then pitch them the video and try to get them to embed it instead. This makes sense to embed the video on your site as well. Think: The visitor is already on your site, so starting with a 30 introduction doesn't really make sense, you want to get right into the topic. You don't even need to (or want to) introduce yourself because on your site you're going to say "Here is a video I made about this:" and also, some sites might give citation near or below the video. Example: "Bob from HisSite made a great video on this." The fact that it's not clear who made the video, actually helps here. Tip: I've personally searched Youtube for videos to embed on my sites before... If the video starts out "Heyo Youtube! It's Your Home Boy TJ! Like Share and Subscribe!" there's no way I'm going to use this video. But if the video purely informative, is devoid of branding (unless it's at the end and it's reasonable), and doesn't have somebody begging for shares, I would definitely do it. What not to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w72Yqjw_J4Y What to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tH-vWUwvus The video also needs to fit logically into a piece of content. So in the "What to do" example, that video would fit nicely on a piece of content talking about creating web designs from a PSD file. So the content would not initially say "quick go install WAMP," rather it would go through the process of creating the PSD file and getting that all sorted out, then suggest that doing the development work locally is faster, so install WAMP, here's a video on that; and then continue on with the process. This technique is obviously not going to be all that effective, but in many situations, you're going to need a good angle or you're not going to get a link at all. If your site is about SEO and they're linking to Moz, sorry they're probably not going to take that link down and put yours up. But, if you create a video on "How to do a competitor backlink analysis," well they might. Back to prospecting... 😩🔫  
    • The update basically had no impact on the SERPs. It's just business as usual.
    • That one is probably fine to go ahead and 301 to your main site's home page.
    • Thanks, Mike. I have all of the pages 301'd accept for the home page. I was not sure what to do there. Should I forward that page too?    
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