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    • Hello, I am quite new here and I would appreciate the advice of the experienced guys. I am an international student, studying in one of the Scandinavian countries. Usually it is extremely difficult to get internship placement because of language barrier. Somehow, I got lucky after sending out 70 applications, I got a placement with a marketing agency basically due to SEO skills that I learnt since I joined this forum and elsewhere. I will be resuming at the agency in about two weeks and I got the signed contract today. It is unpaid but I need the experience. My duties are stated as follow: Onsite/Offsite optimization of internal company website Adwords account management Social Media Paid Ads Management Social Media Post Creation Reporting and Analytics The only aspect I have some knowledge about is the SEO part, I believe they will train me on the other aspect as I clearly told them during the interview that I have never done any paid ads or run any social media campaign before. The company usually hire interns that perform really well and I would like to get hired at the end of my internship with them as I currently work part time as a cleaner to pay my bills. As international student, it's usually difficult to get professional jobs here. Here are my questions: 1. What do I have to do achieve my goal? I would also like the advice of those that currently own an agency too. 2. What do I have to do to increase traffic to an agency website? The website currently get an average of 100 visitors monthly. 3. How/Where do I learn paid advertising and social media marketing?   Kind regards
    • Rule #1: Do not make false claims about a product, service, or brand. In my opinion, it appears that Elizabeth Holmes broke rule #1 and is on her way to prison. The SEC charged Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, with fraud Kevin’s Week in Tech: Theranos, Fraud and the Failure to Fail That's really sad because I thought that business was legitimate.   Since marketers make claims regularly, I'll explain how this works (Disclosure: I am not a lawyer.) The easiest way around this is to put the claim into the context of an opinion, interview, editorial, advertorial, 3rd party review, testimonial (legitimate), or story. Note: A legitimate testimonial is one where we did not tell the person what to say and they are not coerced in any way. So if they make a false claim, you can quote them, and that's their legal problem if that claim isn't accurate.   The second way is through the use of puffery, which is basically words that don't really mean anything in the context they are used it. Example: "Gillet - The Best A Man Can Get." - This slogan makes a claim that doesn't mean anything.   The advanced way is to use line breaks or punctuation to put the ideas together and trick the reader into thinking it's a claim when it's really two separate sentences. Basic Example: "There are many online businesses that make millions of dollars a year. This course will help you achieve your dreams of owning an online business. Some people are able to make $100,000+ a month income working entirely from home. Imagine waking up every morning and easily making $3,000+ a day in your underwear." Some people will read that as "This course teaches you how to make $100k a month" and that's not what it says. Obviously, my basic example is not very good. You could also end the false claim with a question mark, but in my opinion, it really has to be done well to be effective.   Last technique: words that don't mean what you think they mean. I can't think of an example right now, but this is basically a situation where a slang word has a different meaning than the dictionary definition. It's more common that this works against you than for you. Technically speaking: the claim "This software will wipe your hard drive very quickly", is a false claim, fact: software cannot wipe your hard drive. Check a dictionary if you don't believe me.   Last note: Claims are binary. They are either true or false, there is no middle ground or grey area. If you need to consult with a lawyer about your claim, then it's false.
    • SSL certs are free. Wildcard SSL certs are finally free, so there's no financial reason not to use SSL. The main issue for me was wildcard SSL certs costing $300-750 a year, which in my opinion, is a complete scam. To be clear this is an SSL cert for * instead of
    • I can see how it would be important to implement https for conversions on a money site.  Is there any reason to do it on network sites?
    • I Log in to cpanel, I make a folder on my web server called "d" or something similar, I then block that folder in robots.txt (should be in the root of your web server), disallow: /d/* Then I create an index.htm file that just links to my site's root index page and put it in the "d" folder. The idea here is that I don't want any to be able to navigate the folder easily. Then when I have something I want to share, I create a new folder inside "d", the name of which, I generate with PWGEN. Note: don't use symbols. So the URL would be something like hxxp:// Then just include a link in your email. I never attach stuff. I also usually tag the user when they click (I don't think Aweber can do that, maybe it can, not sure.) Alternatively, you can create an index page for that subfolder, and just include a link on that page. Which when combined with tagging, is probably the best, since you can drop retargeting pixels on them. You can also include basic information here, example: it's a pdf file, the copy says something like, "if you don't have a pdf viewer, here's a link to adobe acrobat reader." Then if I want to upload another file, I create a new random subdirectory. If people go to the root of the subdirectory, my server will list the contents of the folder, but there's only one file. The main thing to avoid would be creating an easily predictable structure, so the folders shouldn't be named, "/d/1/", "/d/2/", "/d/3/". Usually, this stuff is part of a funnel, and the user flow is important, so you don't want "clever" people rip your stuff. Obviously, people can still pass the URLs around so this is not a good solution for paid products.
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