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  • Recent Posts

    • I get these calls all the time.  They are very deceptive. I barely ever get out of state robocalls or telemarketers.  They all spoof their phone numbers to a local number.  
    • Yeah, I'm writing the article right now. I was trying to figure out why my SVG files don't render correctly on a bunch of linux based browsers, F___ it, I'm doing it live! F___ your Konquer BS!    
    • I'm working on a new site and I'm most likely going to block Europe IPs because their Gov doesn't meet my TOS. Seriously. I think this might also work great for free publicity and organic link building. Thanks Europe! Still have a lot of work to do on the site/content.  
    • I don't mind testing it. But if it doesn't provide me data that I can use to yield 4-5 extra links/month over Ahrefs, I'm just going to cancel it. The bottom tier plan on Ahrefs provides more data than I can personally use unless I started doing 24/7 marathon outreach marketing sessions or something. Warning: Extremely Highly Speculative Fantasy Math ahead. As far as KD, I'm currently looking at a list of 40 keywords all under KD 25. If you take the global *click* volume estimates of the #1 pages and add it up, it's 500K UV/M and that's just Google traffic. So... Yeah about to go off into rainbow unicorn land here but this is possible, granted highly unlikely... If in theory, I could rank all 40 pages #1, the opt-in rate was ~5%, and the EPL was ~$10, that's $250k/month. Now I'm not in any way suggesting that would be easy to do or is even a sane way to think about things (it's not), I'm just saying that it's possible to illustrate why I feel KD matters. The sum of estimated links required is ~550, which puts page #1ing all of the keywords into "can be done by one person" territory (note: not rank #1.) Obviously achieving 4% of that would be pretty good for most people. The reality here is that it would probably take 2 years, either the EPL or the opt-in rate would be way off, and there's no real way to rank #1 on all of those keywords. To explain the ELP vs Opt-In rate problem in a bit more detail; obviously, you can bait lots of people into opting in, but then the leads are mostly junk, I would personally try to filter the junk leads away with the offer itself, so the opt-In rate would be much lower on some of those KWs since optimizing for list size isn't what I personally want to do.  
    • Lol, because Kevin would also say they have the wrong number. The debt collection robocalls I get are funny, always dramatic and demanding from a bot voice. Shit, I payed off all my stuff back around 2009 so they can suck it.
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