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  3. VSM, sure. NLP, maybe. TDM, definitely, there's actually evidence of that. Stemming, maybe. The only machine learning I've personally observed is the click data / PLA algorithms, which I'm pretty sure it's called logistic regression. Which I personally don't consider it to be "AI." It honestly may not even be that complicated. Remember: the algorithm can't be that complicated. Google crawls 160+ trillion pages, serves different results in every geographical region, and processes 3.5+ billion searches a day. Every search is data, every click is data, and every page probably has 1000+ individual pieces of data, if not more. Running a regression algorithm across that data set would be pretty intense... Not to mention everything else Google does. Also, it can't be that smart since people have cheated Google plenty of times. The first example that comes to mind is when Brain Dean ranked on "how to get high."
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  5. Ugh... I'm working on a new responsive webpage for a Wordpress theme and have been trying to get my page width to scale down. When I try to make the Chrome browser width as small as it will go, the browser was still too wide, it should be small like the width of a mobile screen. This is so stupid, lol, the problem was when you have a bunch of tabs open on Chrome the browser won't let you scale the image down to the smallest min. size. I pasted the localhost URL in a fresh browser session, everything worked, page scaled perfect. Damn you Google, I've been banging my head on this keyboard for a half hour going over HTML/CSS code I know should (does) work. Back to work...
  6. Back in 2003, Google Applied Semantics to form the core of their shift to LSI/A - they do use AI, along with a Vector Space Model, NLP, Term Document Matrices and even Stemming to come up with the results (not click data). The reason I say "Not Click Data" is because it's like "Keyword Stuffing" in the old days - focusing on trends rather than actual context. LSI is all about context and how it relates to clearly define what a given web page is all about.
  7. Over the years, I've learned from experience that offering a Single Use Only license (especially for software) isn't generally a problem in terms of lost sales. Multi-Use or Developer licenses generally cost significantly more and really only appeal to a much smaller audience. Multi-Use "Only" licensing would be an epic fail in my opinion because the higher pricing would discourage the average buyer. My approach is to offer a Single Use license and then discounts on additional licenses based on volume, which always worked out better for everyone. For example, most often you get customers who don't want to pay the higher costs for a Developer license, because they only need 2 or 3 copies. Of course, it works even better if you can remotely control the licensing While I can appreciate your reluctance to purchase a Single Use license, from a developer/business perspective, we don't want to give away the farm either. Most legitimate companies selling digital products, again, especially software, tend to offer 2 or 3 licensing options, i.e.; Student or Basic, Professional and Enterprise. It's always been that way, going back to at least the early 80's, where we'd buy "Seats (flexible licenses)" to use a particular app. One final thought on Multi-Use licenses - if you go that route, I'd add something to your Terms of Use to ensure that the license owner handles support rather than the seller. I've run into problems with this going back years, where the license owner stuck me with support that far exceeded any profit I originally made.
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  9. Frequency in the top 10, (does the word exist on the page.) (tools used: sublime text and excel) best 10 best nylon 2 best nylon strap watch 0 best nylon strap watches 0 best straps 0 best watch 3 best watch strap 2 best watch straps 2 best watches 1 chronograph 8 eco-drive 2 emporio armani 2 good 7 nylon 10 nylon strap 7 nylon strap watch 4 nylon strap watches 1 nylon straps 3 nylon watch 4 nylon watch strap 1 nylon watch straps 1 nylon watches 1 nylon webbing 0 seiko 5 1 seiko men's snk809 1 strap 10 strapcode 1 straps 8 straps nylon strap 0 tag heuer 1 timex 7 timex men's t2n647 weekender 0 timex unisex t2n651 “weekender 1 tissot 3 top 6 watch 10 watch strap 6 watch straps 5 watch straps watches 0 watches 10 webbing 0 weekender 5 data.xlsx Note: the original keyword you posted only has 60 global search volume. Considering the obvious commercial intent, it's interesting, but I wouldn't personally target it directly (granted 1-3 good links to that specific page and you can get on page 1 of Google. If you were already in the watch business, okay sure. It's at a competition level where you can get page 1 rankings in about 30 days, which is obviously nice for a keyword with good commercial intent. Similar results are far more competitive. From a pure SEO perspective, the keyword "maratac nato" would be much better. The competition level is "do good onpage seo and get 1 good link" level for page 1. The volume is better and the CI is still there. The number 1 result only has one good link and two pretty bad links. So 3 good links should get you to number 1 assuming the onpage SEO is good.)
  10. Check this keyword out. best nylon strap watches Google favors some watch styles, models and brands over others as LSI keywords even though those devalued keywords back on the source webpage clearly include nylon watch straps. Example, the "Times: Weekender" watch is bold while the "Invicta" brand and watch model aren't bold. ...and some of those bold keywords in the SERP descriptions (keyword list below) are anchor text for followed Amazon affiliate links. best best nylon best nylon strap watch best nylon strap watches best straps best watch best watch strap best watch straps best watches chronograph eco-drive emporio armani good nylon nylon strap nylon strap watch nylon strap watches nylon straps nylon watch nylon watch strap nylon watch straps nylon watches nylon webbing seiko 5 seiko men's snk809 strap strapcode straps straps nylon strap tag heuer timex timex men's t2n647 weekender timex unisex t2n651 “weekender tissot top watch watch strap watch straps watch straps watches watches webbing weekender
  11. Yeah and that's the correct way to find LSI keywords. If you go to LSIgraph, the keywords it spits outs are indeed LSI keywords, but they're not necessarily the real LSI keywords that Google uses. One of the keywords it gives you is "local independent insurance agents" and the SERP is completely different results compared to "car insurance". The root keyword is "insurance agents", not "car insurance". It appears that thegeneral has picked up on that and is targetting both terms correctly.
  12. True, Google will show you the LSI keywords, well, a small glimpse in the SERP description. I searched for the keyword "buy car insurance", cleaned up the duplicates for almost 300 search listings and below is the condensed list. Nothing amazing but it does return a few decent LSI keywords. The word "get" is interesting in this case, looks like it's the "buy" LSI keyword. auto auto insurance bought buy buy auto insurance buy car buy car insurance buy insurance buying buying auto buying auto insurance buying car insurance car car buying car insurance car insurance buying cars get get auto insurance get car insurance get insurance insurance insurance vehicle purchase a purchase a car vehicle vehicle insurance
  13. Posted here, because Yukon pointed this out. Many people are still stuck on trying to rank keywords in Google global searches. This often results in people targetting odd keywords or longtail keywords and this can work, but it's more difficult than you think because Google actually works differently than most people think it does. Most people think Google returns search results based on the keyword and it doesn't. Google actually interprets the topic that would be most appropriate for the search query and you will actually find similar search results on LSI keywords. So for each topic, there will be a cluster of different keywords the content will rank on. If the keyword is an LSI keyword, you can figure out the parent topic by looking at bolded words in the search result. If the bolded words are the keyword you are targetting, it's not an LSI keyword. But if they're not, then that's the actual topic you want to write about to target that keyword. There's one big thing to know here though. Google will still evaluate click data per search result, not per topic. So the results on the LSI keyword will usually be similar pages, but the order might be completely different. This is because the click data (and some other factors) are not identical for each SERP. Example: The keyword "beard designs" is a relatively low competition keyword with about 5k global searches monthly. But, when you look at the bolded words in that search result, you notice that the topic is actually "beard styles." If you Google "beard styles" you get the exact same search results in a similar order. That keyword gets approximately 324k global searches monthly and is very similar in difficulty. So let's pretend you had a brand that sold beard styling products and you wanted to target the keyword "beard designs" for traffic to your ecommerce store. This used to work (I believe it was the hummingbird update that changed this,) it used to be that if you targetted "beard designs", that would be much easier than "beard styles," because the pages that are targetting "beard styles" do not have the word "design" on the page at all. That hasn't worked for a long time but people are still making that mistake. If you target the keyword "beard designs", you are actually more likely not-to-rank-period if you do that since Google might think that it's a different topic entirely. The correct plan of action here would be to realize that if you target the keyword "beard designs" you are really targetting the keyword "beard styles" and it makes much more sense to target the correct keyword. Proof: Google "beard designs" quoted and compare that to "beard styles" unquoted. It's completely different results. Special thanks to Yukon, Google really does tell you the LSI keywords in most cases. My theory on how Google figures out the topics is by analyzing the words on the pages that are in the index and then it compares that to click data that it already has. (I always assume it's not Aliens, AI, or that Google spent 1,000,000 hours building some insanely huge LSI keyword database which contains every keyword variation in every language. I have a degree in computer programming so I always think "What's an efficient way to do this without writing more code than I need to?" I'm pretty sure the programmers at Google think the same way. I'm sure it's more about a novel and efficient algorithm, rather than analyzing neural meshes (AI), which would probably require a supercomputer for every single search query...) So, if you correctly targetting the keyword "beard designs", it would be a page about either, a designer named Beard, or creating designs based upon beards. If you do that, the content on the page will be extremely different than the words on the pages that are targetting "beard styles." So Google knows it's not the same topic and will likely not rank it, unless the trend it analyzes in click data changes over time. Note: By relatively easy, I'm talking about "adults that do SEO." I'm not suggesting that it's easy for black hat spammers or something... Figure 1 week to produce a skyscraper and you need to earn something like 30-40 quality links from outreach marketing. So figure 4% effectiveness per email address and 4 follow-ups per contact, so that's something like 1,750 prospects to grind out 875 contacts, which will take 2-3 weeks to send the initial contact emails and the follows up will be over an additional 4 weeks. Unless you do crank or something, then maybe you could smash the emails out in a single 100hour session. Disclosure: I have no experience doing SEO in the men's grooming niche. It might be way easier, or it might be way harder. Cost there would be something like time + image/media licenses (no idea) + $100 for Ahrefs + $50 for Voila Norbert+ $50 for and I would just use a VPS to send the emails since the volume isn't high enough to worry about spam scores. Return would be something like (figure 30k UV/monthly) $300 in Adsense revenue monthyly (not worth it) or if 1% opt-in to your ecommerce mailing list for a coupon, and those leads had an average earning of $5 per lead over time, that would be something like $1,500 monthly (worth it in my opinion) and the SEO campaign (if successful) would return $36k over 2 years, after it ranks. I'm not factoring in social shares here. If you want to know how much crank that would take, I'll have to ask SEO Cat, since I personally don't take drugs.
  14. Grant Writer Wanted

    A nonprofit in my area is looking to sign on a freelance writer (preferably with experience in writing grant applications). Most months it will be between 15 and 20 proposals they will need to be written. This is for someone in the U.S. only, but outside of that location is not important. Attention to detail and the ability to consistently meet deadlines are a must. You will be working directly with this organization, not under me. You can either post here or shoot me a PM if you are interested. Thanks
  15. Simple tip to get traffic to click deeper into your site via internal links on mobile. Change the hamburger mobile menu icon from the stacked lines (image below) so it reads "Menu".
  16. Not sure but it would make for a good split test assuming you already had a control page with a consistent history of sales.
  17. Yeah, I understand how Envato works. I was speaking more generally. I think it's certainly a good idea. I just wonder what the ratio of lost sales to additional sales might be.
  18. In envato's case most of the folks buying multiple times are freelancers where their own client will end up paying the bill. Basically the envato buyers are still profiting just passing the expense on to the each of their clients. I still like this idea with the licence and like I said earlier, nobody is going to waste their time being the internet police chasing down people who break the license terms. BTW, envato usually offers an extended license but it cost a lot more per product (ex: $15 vs $150). So If you buy the same product 4 times (example) it's still a heck of a lot cheaper (ex: $15 x 4 = $60 vs $150).
  19. Is there a flip side to that, though? How many sales are you losing because the license is one time use? I've personally passed on numerous purchases because my use was limited. It'd be interesting to see a study where a similar product was offered three different ways and track the results: 1. Single Use only; 2. Multi Use only; 3. Two options: a Single Use license or a Multi Use license. And I'm sure it depends on the product itself as to which option would rake better.
  20. One of our members could use your help

    Mike -- Thank you. So much. I feel like I have a whole troop of guardian angels watching out for me. You folks are just rock solid. I hope people do go read the blog now and again. I might be able to get some info out that each of you will be able to use sometime. Cancer isn't exactly rare these days. I'll probably only be posting a couple of times a week as I fatigue really fast. Thank every one of you who has donated time, money, talent, or even just well wishes. You have awakened me to emotions that I was unaware of until now.
  21. Tip If you sell digital files

    Yep. Just off the top of my head, I can think of 3 themes that I have purchased at least 4 times each.
  22. I don't sell digital assets but that's a good tip!
  23. Here's a tip that I've found while researching envato (Themeforest, etc...). When you're selling a digital file, make sure you have a license that only allows the buyer to use the file/product one time. This way you stand a better chance of buyers buying the same product multiple times and increasing sales without extra advertising. It doesn't matter If you enforce the license, some folks won't pay attention to it and keep on using the original product multiple times. Not a problem. What matters is, there's a lot of people that will follow the license agreement and keep buying the same product/file over and over for new projects. Go read the comments for the most popular Themeforest themes, a lot of those people are buying the same thing over and over. Same goes for other envato products, not just themes. I understand this won't work in all situations but If you can figure out a way to rework your content/files for one time use it could potentially lead to higher customer value without any extra work.
  24. One of our members could use your help
  25. One of our members could use your help

    Can you post the link to her blog here? I missed that.
  26. One of our members could use your help

    Thank you SO MUCH Mike for posting this! Sal has also set up a blog that lets everyone know what she's doing to combat this as well as keeping everyone updated on her wellness. I have got this WSO about finished, I needed some info from Sal, which I got, so I'm gonna roll this sucker out a.s.a.p. *There is some really awesome, awesome stuff in there folks! ~ Theresa P.S. If anyone has any questions about the WSO, or needs/wants to get in contact with Sal, just PM me please.
  27. One of our members could use your help

    I know many of you have been following this thread about @HeySal over at Warrior Forum. For those unaware, she is in a battle with cancer and could use some support from the community. Every little bit helps. The thread explains it better than I could. There is work being done to set up a special WSO over there were all proceeds will go to Sal. When that is up, I'll share the link here. Sounds like there will be some great products in there at a price that will make it a ridiculously good value. There is also a GoFundMe page setup where you can donate to the effort. I know many people here visit both forums. I also know some have sworn that place off, so I just wanted to make sure this reached everyone. If anyone wants to add any other info that I missed, feel free to do so.
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  29. The future of Google Search. Google’s latest AI experiments let you talk to books and test word association skills
  30. This video is awesome for picking the minds of multi-million dollar marketplaces. Upwork (Odesk) Poshmark Flywheel It's a long video but pretty cool for insider info.
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