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  2. I'm taking the rest of this year to really think about what my plans will be for 2018. I want a well-defined plan so that I can measure my progress, and I like the idea of goals based on the actions I take instead of only a monetary goal.
  3. World's Steepest Railway Opens In Switzerland

    It is all downhill from here!
  4. The Weird Mandela Effect

    I could have sworn that you didn't have a Xmas hat on, gulp!
  5. World's Steepest Railway Opens In Switzerland

    I bet they had an uphill battle to get that finished.
  6. The Weird Mandela Effect

    I warned you not to reply along those lines. And now you will suffer the same horrible consequences I have planned for that Whitacre guy. I will wait until you are together on your next trist.
  7. The Weird Mandela Effect

    I've always used "gave." However, Wikipedia has a terrific chart showing the different versions of the song over the years: Basically, regional differences, not metaphysics.
  8. Yesterday
  9. The Weird Mandela Effect

    Ok, the 12 days of Christmas Song ruined: In every verse it was "On The First/Second/Third etc Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me" Now changed to: "On The First/Second/Third etc Day Of Christmas My True Love Sent To Me" So they were mailed were they? Here's some schoolkids singing the song with the "Sent" line as it is now. If you click to open this totally innocent video in You-Tube, someone angrily says it was "Gave", not "Sent" And that is totally as I remember it being, I was in the school choir before my testicles dropped. Some of the lyrics found online: Link to the whole original song lyrics: "Expecting Riffle to pop up now with his explanation, don't bother, the history and explanations of their being 27 different versions are probably already in place" Just use your memory, What was it Dan, what did we "Always" sing On the first day of ChristmasMy true love gave to meA partridge in a pear treeOn the second day of ChristmasMy true love gave to meTwo turtle dovesAnd a partridge in a pear tree
  10. I'm Inclined to believe it
  11. Last week
  12. Claude has a stage presence like no other. He fills the stage...literally
  13. Corrected to reflect your true feelings, based on what you always tell me.
  14. Agreed 100%. I've just never seen him on a stage before and was surprised. I was just sayin'...
  15. Elon Musk: we can launch a manned mission to Mars by 2024

    We all have our weaknesses. Some of us, like you...have more than one. . . . . You are welcome.
  16. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I doubt that anyone is buying his stock or his products based on his presentation skills, or lack thereof. Just sayin' . . . . .
  17. I watched this video a couple weeks ago and found it very exciting. Particularly, the last 4 minutes or so... And I was blown away at how horrible his presentation skills are. Painful.
  18. Sales Headline of the Day

    I have always regarded your posts as 'legit.'
  19. Sales Headline of the Day

    My own prejudice is with the word "Legit". Every time I read that word, the person who wrote it sounds like a low level con man to me.
  20. Sales Headline of the Day

    "FREE Training Reveals: How To Make Your FIRST $500 in JUST 5 Days From Scratch using 100% FREE Meth" Where do I sign up? Meth prices have skyrocketed, lately and this looks to be too good to pass up.
  21. 4 Ton Wrecking Ball Meets, Luxery Car

    Well, we did have Claude's face on the front of the wrecking ball, which increased the destructive force by a factor of ten. Shudder to think what would happen if they targeted Mr Whippy?
  22. 4 Ton Wrecking Ball Meets, Luxery Car

    4 Ton Wrecking Balls Meets, Luxery Car I thought the thread was going to about another episode of Claude and Riffle's "Real World". With Dan being the luxury Bimmer of course
  23. 4 Ton Wrecking Ball Meets, Luxery Car

    I thought this thread was going to be about Claude buying a new car.
  24. Good to see the orange car getting slammed, but the BMW, blashemy.
  25. True, the Apollo missions had issues, the astranauts dying in a fire the lowpoint, it will be a while before l will consider it.
  26. I'm surprised, Shane. I would have thought that you would simply consider this as two chances of getting killed, instead of one. You're slipping.
  27. So under 3 months travel time, and $200,000 each, in the near future. I think that they mentioned $10 billion per person now. The rocket will dwarf Apollo. So, yes Sal, you can live on Mars in the next 6 years, but just bring us back some Mars rocks. Live or go visit Mars in our lifetimes, doesn't sound like the wheels are falling off the one way Mars idea, although this allows two way travel, which is obviously better for PR.
  28. So Net Neutrality just died...

    I saw that WA state is writing it's own laws to protect neutrality and think that maybe decentralization is a good idea if states will attend to it themselves. Of course, if there's money in it for them not to, good luck to us.
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