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  3. There can be tons of reasons why a site loads slow. The most common is the hosting, but there are also sites that are just bloated. There could be a lot of scripts running. Sliders are notoriously slow. Web designers often make a big error that slows down pages. They will take an image that is say 3000 x 2000 pixels and use it. Then they use CSS styling rules to shrink it to the size they want it to appear in the browser. The problem with that is the browser has to load the full 3000 x 2000 pixels and then resize it. It's a terrible way to do things and loads so much slower. Most of the time it is hosting though.
  4. Yeah, l have already been scammed and would rather make money.
  5. My WiFi tends to slow down like clockwork around 3 am, every night,....probably a saving money thing. We also got Optic fibre forced on us, and the street looks more slum like as a result, with at least two neighbours bitching about the cheap installation.
  6. Last week
  7. I need to check out the new gmail Mike. Outlook just updated their interface and it's just awful! Not only that, their 'calendar' just reminded me that I have a payment due. WTF? Microsoft is now gonna remind me when my bills are due? I DID NOT and do not use their calendar feature! There are more changes and I hate them. Yesterday was a great day for bad moods! The Ides of Aug??? 😁
  8. Mike Friedman

    OMG. Can Google please stop changing shit?

    Okay, I was clearly just in a bad mood yesterday. I'm coming around on the new GMail. I kind of like it actually. But I still say F the AdWords UI.
  9. The update to Google Analytics was not too drastic. I learned to live with it. Next was Search Console. Okay. I don't log in there every day. Not a huge deal. Then the update to the UI of AdWords (now Google Ads). This one is awful and even though I use AdWords all the time I am still fumbling around the damn thing. I hate it. And now... Gmail has also changed. It's not terrible, but it looks really weird right now. I'm sure I'll adjust eventually. </end rant>
  10. Terra

    Tips for writing a classic romantic novel

    After looking at the link you provided, I now have to ask what kind of romance novel you wish to write. A classic novel for romance lovers around the world, or one that would/could be used as a tool in relationship/affection counseling?😕 Terra
  11. Terra

    I'm getting published, Baby!

    Okay, time for another update! I had two more events. One was Hippie Fest and that was fun! And the second was an author's tent at a local town Fest. This one was awesome as I got to meet and hobnob with other authors and get info on some upcoming events for authors. There's quite a few of them, so I need to decide which I'd like to participate in and go from there. I'm liking the Christmas one. I'll keep you posted! 😊 Terra
  12. Problem: You're doing outreach marketing in a competitive niche, a quality site responds to your email, you check their page and oh no, they're already linking to your uber competitor that has better content then you, so pitching them for a link is probably not going to work. Note: This is yet another reason to do the 2 step outreach approach. So instead of doing that, you can make a purely informative video, upload it to Youtube, then pitch them the video and try to get them to embed it instead. This makes sense to embed the video on your site as well. Think: The visitor is already on your site, so starting with a 30 introduction doesn't really make sense, you want to get right into the topic. You don't even need to (or want to) introduce yourself because on your site you're going to say "Here is a video I made about this:" and also, some sites might give citation near or below the video. Example: "Bob from HisSite made a great video on this." The fact that it's not clear who made the video, actually helps here. Tip: I've personally searched Youtube for videos to embed on my sites before... If the video starts out "Heyo Youtube! It's Your Home Boy TJ! Like Share and Subscribe!" there's no way I'm going to use this video. But if the video purely informative, is devoid of branding (unless it's at the end and it's reasonable), and doesn't have somebody begging for shares, I would definitely do it. What not to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w72Yqjw_J4Y What to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tH-vWUwvus The video also needs to fit logically into a piece of content. So in the "What to do" example, that video would fit nicely on a piece of content talking about creating web designs from a PSD file. So the content would not initially say "quick go install WAMP," rather it would go through the process of creating the PSD file and getting that all sorted out, then suggest that doing the development work locally is faster, so install WAMP, here's a video on that; and then continue on with the process. This technique is obviously not going to be all that effective, but in many situations, you're going to need a good angle or you're not going to get a link at all. If your site is about SEO and they're linking to Moz, sorry they're probably not going to take that link down and put yours up. But, if you create a video on "How to do a competitor backlink analysis," well they might. Back to prospecting... 😩🔫
  13. The update basically had no impact on the SERPs. It's just business as usual.
  14. Mike Friedman

    301 a webpage

    That one is probably fine to go ahead and 301 to your main site's home page.
  15. Robert Broome

    301 a webpage

    Thanks, Mike. I have all of the pages 301'd accept for the home page. I was not sure what to do there. Should I forward that page too?
  16. Earlier
  17. Krisvertelo

    Now that's what I call a rejection letter

    Yikes! That stings!
  18. Still contemplating if it's a good news or not..
  19. Mike Friedman

    301 a webpage

    That would be fine. I would just be careful you are not duplicating topics. For example, if you have an article about XYZ, but there is a better article about XYZ on your domain you are getting rid of, I would replace the article on your main site with that article, not add an additional article about XYZ. Hope that makes sense. Happy hour extended to happy hours tonight.
  20. Robert Broome

    301 a webpage

    Thanks, Mike. I have some pretty useful content on the site. Would it be ok to just move the content to my main site and then 301 the page?
  21. I'm looking for a copywriting course. Any recommendations?
  22. Mike Friedman

    To HTTPS or not to HTTPS?

    I have used the Really Simple SSL plugin on a couple of sites. It works. Nothing wrong with it. Most of it is stuff that can easily be fixed manually. Changing to HTTPS on a Wordpress site is very easy these days. I did a short video where I migrated a site to HTTPS in just a few minutes here. If your host supports Let's Encrypt in cpanel, it is a breeze to do.
  23. Alistair

    To HTTPS or not to HTTPS?

    Bit late maybe but I was in basically the same position about a year, 18 months ago. I have a site that doesn't make a lot of money so did that first, no negatives. Then a month or so after I did my main money earner and no negatives on that either. I followed this guide as I didn't know much about it which helped https://www.bram.us/2014/12/06/migrating-your-wordpress-website-from-http-to-https/ There is a plugin (or two probably) if it's on wordpress that does it all for you other than install the ssl certificate I think but not sure whether it's any good but has a lot of good reviews and I know it's been used by a few people on a UK forum I frequent who have moved over to https who say it was good for them. https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/ After I finished used the following site to check for any "errors", there were a few minor but they were pretty simple to fix, only took a few minutes for myself fortunately.https://www.whynopadlock.com/
  24. Mike Friedman

    301 a webpage

    It could provide a boost. Tough to say for sure. Depends on how strong the links are. If the pages were ranking fairly decently on their own, then it is more likely you will see some kind of benefit from the redirect. What I would probably do to make it look less suspicious to Google is not do a redirect of the entire domain to the home page of your main site. I would redirect individual pages to pages on your main site that are related. Ones where there isn't a match, I would redirect to the home page. It takes a little more time, but is worth it in my opinion.
  25. Dan:

    "I did as you requested.  He says "the". The th consonant cluster is there, but it gets lost a bit in the transition from "space" to "the". You don't hear it because you don't want to.".

    Now, what do you think Mark will say? "Well, in that case, I'm wrong"? 

    No, he'll have another angle...another video..and another example. 

    How many videos are we going to watch? How many articles are we going to read? How many hoops are we going to jump through?  


    You can't fight a position with reason...that wasn't arrived at through reason.


    You're stronger than I am, this just wears me out. 

    1. Dan Riffle

      Dan Riffle

      There has to be a voice of reason. 

  26. Krisvertelo

    Tips for writing a classic romantic novel

    Wow. Thanks for all the ideas. I'm a fan of traditional romance, long before the modern technology was born. I kind of want to remember how it was back then, and I feel bad for the current and future generations that they wouldn't be able to know the feeling of not relying on the internet too much - just romance as it is, or should I say as it was. *Sigh*
  27. Robert Broome

    301 a webpage

    Hello all, I have a website that I’ve pretty much given up on. I just cancelled the Yext account and when my $600 hosting comes back up I won’t renew. I was thinking of taking down the content and just deleting the pages. Then, I was going to 301 the site to my main site. There is about 100 DF links that I paid for. Will this give a nice boost to my main page? It’s the same niche.
  28. Princess Balestra

    Tips for writing a classic romantic novel

    Internally passionate yet culturally constrained DOWNTON STYLE servant gal Lucy SIMPLY COULD NOT HELP HERSELF when her Lordship's "Old friend from my Egyptian days" swankied forth from the horse-drawn carriage brandishing SRSLY WANNA WANNA curvature in the WITHIN TOUCHIN' DISTANCE legwear department. An embarrassingly visible ROUGE flushed Lucy's face — powered from down deep by fleshy tumescence to fix up Hollywood with weirdsy alien prosthetics till 2079. "Can I take your bag?" she said, barely able to carry herself with the essential kinda respectability demanded of these FOR SURE NOWAN WANTSTA LICK ON THEIR SWEETIES REAL YUMMO, THIS WHOLE SHOW JUS' BOUT DEPORTMENT TECHNIQUES AN' SHOWIN' HOW ACTSCHWLLY EASY MOST OUTFITS IRON IN 2018 dramas. "Such is your duty," barked THE LORDSHIP'S OLD EGYPTIAN FRIEND, "but please be aware that my bag is remarkably heavy and contains majesties as would turn the heads of the very Gods." Later that night, as Lucy lay in her bed ... her starch-blasted sheets pinnin' her so far away from her dreams she could die ... aw yeah, that one was real frickin' juicy. On the morrow, she rose up and POURED THE GUY A CUP OF TEA, moderating her just-so pot-to-cup action with a raging firecracker of suppressed muscular spasms meant her toes never finally undid till the followin' full moon. (I feel a bodice ripper comin' on. To hell with sellin' cheese for vipers!)
  29. You can use the site audit tool on sites you do not own. Set the limits low and you can do things like figure out how many internal links a page has. You have to delete the site audit when you're done though to use the audit tool on a new site (unless you're on a plan above the base plan.) The staff confirmed with me that you're allowed to do this. The second step is to verify the site and it's optional. Note that without verification, you can't ignore robots.txt and if they've blocked the ahrefs bot, it will not crawl it. Also, you can't delete it until it has completed post processing, or at least, I could not.
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