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  2. I'm guessing the owner's kid learned a little bit of HTML in school or on their own so they let them design the site. Then 10 years later they never decided to change it. That site is pretty rough. And I have no idea what the Hard / Gas Perm patients is about.
  3. Is it just me, or was that site designed to mess with your eyes? What is We are not taking any Hard / Gas Perm patients at this time. ? They did use their location of Austin TX quite a bit in the first red section, did that have something to do with their ranking?
  4. JD4120

    Need some fresh eyes on a sales page.

    Thomas, The product sounds great, but I agree with the above suggestions. It's obvious from your copy that you understand the frustrations companies go through. I hate using catch phrases, but maybe making use of bullet points would help separate your pain points. Putting them just above the features of your software will help keep your readers in flow? I'd like to see what you come up with. Like I mentioned, the product sounds great!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Congrats, Shay!!! 🤗 The end of the year is almost here, and as I have been crazy busy up til now and know I will be until the end, I just want to say I've had a year full of ups and downs due to health issues, but am tickled pink (see what I did there?) to have landed on an up. 😃 I'm so thankful for this thread as it has kept me on track as well as being able to see my progress as the year trudged on. Thanks Mike and I hope you do another for next year! If I'm not back before these, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Fabulous New Year! Terra
  7. Terra

    I'm getting published, Baby!

    Now that my life has calmed down a bit, I have an update. My second book has been released. Hooray! I ordered some of them as soon my publisher let me know I could and I have sold them out already, They are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart.com, and iTunes. I don't think the physical book will arrive before Christmas though. Anyway, this is the Video Book Trailer... And, just out today is the press release which I absolutely love! Also, my books will be available in another local bookstore just after the first of the year. 2018 has had its ups and downs for sure, but over all it's been a good one despite my health issues. Terra
  8. Nice job Burger King. This is Wendy's troll level. I'm impressed.
  9. Yoast: I bet we can fuck over Wordpress users worse than anyone else. Wordpress: Hold my beer.
  10. If you upgraded to 5.0, make sure you install their latest security update. They made a bit of a fuck that can expose user passwords. It's not as bad as that sounds. It's only on users that have been created since the update and only if they were using the default generated password. Likely a minimal impact across the community. https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/wordpress-plugs-bug-that-led-to-google-indexing-some-user-passwords/
  11. Wow that is a bad looking site. Ranking well or not, they can't be getting many conversions. That being said, if they are ranking in the 3-pack, I wonder how many people see the phone number there and just call without ever visiting the site. Still, dress it up a little bit. Geez.
  12. Last week
  13. This site ranks #1 for "eye exams austin tx" and a bunch of other related keywords. https://drwangoptometry.com/ It was basically done with zero effort.
  14. Mike Friedman

    WP 5.0 Release is Thursday

    People are definitely not happy about this update. All of my sites I really care about are using page builders, so it had zero impact on my work. I understand the frustration, but at the same time, this was announced about a year ago. People had plenty of time to adapt, test, and prepare for this update.
  15. Great feedback. https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/
  16. Earlier
  17. Search Engine Wings

    Blog Submission

    Plz, suggest me some high-quality blog submission sites.
  18. Mike Friedman

    WP 5.0 Release is Thursday

    In some forums and Facebook groups, this update is reminding me of Y2k.
  19. Princess Balestra

    Burger King trolls McDonald's with geo-fencing campaign

    Gotta figure also how the user data upon which alla these schemes depends might also figure in fyooture "pretty serious" kinda "wars". tbh I would wish always to leave it at Pokemon Go. Kinda loved followin' those hopsy skipsy CGI bunnies 'round the place for a while.
  20. This ad campaign is a great use of geo-fencing. It's been one of my concerns though with geo-fencing. I can see some pretty serious advertising wars going on utilizing it.
  21. Kennethwence

    Google Wont Update Page Title

    It's either intentional or Google just had a fail-safe glitch.
  22. As a reminder: if you do not want Gutenberg, you need to install the classic editor and I recommend doing that before Thursday.
  23. Mike Friedman

    Google Wont Update Page Title

    That is really weird. Not sure why Google would care about the word buy or sell.
  24. Finally got it figured out why Google wouldn't index the brand new article & also why it wouldn't update the existing article to the title I wanted. I ended up deindexing the combined article where the title wouldn't change and submit reindexing the new combined article after multiple failed tries until I figured out where the issue was. Google did not want any variation of the word "buy" in the title. Tried "Best Place to Buy" "Where To Buy" and everything else you can think of and nothing. Finally tried something completely off from intent to sell/buy for the title & it indexed within 30 seconds with the correct title. The red flag that helped me figure this out was when I combined the two articles. The content indexed without issues so that wasn't the problem. Yet, Google refused to use my title.
  25. Yea, I still am at a loss on why the article would not index. If for some reason this title doesn’t get swapped over I plan to deindex the article and Resubmit the new combined article under a fresh page & pray Google will index it.
  26. Mike Friedman

    Google Wont Update Page Title

    If they have a page title indexed already, then yeah I wouldn't be shocked if it takes a little longer for them to switch it to a new one. The situation sounds pretty odd though.
  27. I had an article that I was trying to publish that Google refused to index for some reason. Fetched it multiple times, nothing. Created test articles to make sure it wasn't a site issue and they indexed within minutes. For some reason, Google did not want to index this article. So I decided to take that article and add it into an existing article that was related. Added the content in & changed the article title of the existing post & fetched with google. The content was indexed (can see it in the meta description snippet) but now the old title is gone but the new title isn't their either. The url is now the page title & it won't update in the search results. Purged the cache, fetched it multiple of times, the page source code has the new title correct. Does google take longer to update pre-existing article titles?
  28. There's exploits for WP plugins posted daily. Definitely a good idea since most people don't keep tabs on the security issue tracker websites.
  29. Oops. https://searchengineland.com/search-engine-land-was-mistakenly-removed-from-the-google-index-308879 Apparently, Google mistakenly thought that SEL was hacked and it was removed from the index. Word of warning. You should have Search Console running on all your sites. If this happens, you get a message right away that is delivered via Search Console. You can do a reconsideration at that point. Likely, the situation won't be reversed as fast as this one because SEL is such a public site, but if it happens to you the faster you act on it the faster it can be corrected.
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