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  2. Just yesterday, a past client of mine called me and needed his new guy to have access to his GMB account. Reason is Google is now disallowing their ads because they're a "3rd party tech" type site. They fix computers, rebuild and sell refurbished and are authorized sellers of things like Microsoft, Intel.. stuff like that. This isn't a new thing (it was news to me), but their opinion is that the big companies like HP, Apple and such are trying to get rid of the little guy so all of the tech support has to go to them. I think that's crazy! Funny thing was Google accepted their money for ads and now won't give them a refund even though they are refusing their ads. I read some posts about this and some businesses lost a LOT of their business! The common complaint, though, was some tech companies were allowed to advertise! In my friends case, the Geek Squad is still posting ads. My guess is because they work for/through Best Buy. Thoughts? Anyhow, has anyone else come across this? Have you a solution? To me, I say screw Adwords and just do some strong SEO. (His new site stinks, BTW), but I still think this is a seriously rotten move on Google's part. Their (Google) reason is because of all the scam sites out there that upload malware instead of what they're advertising, like 'we'll fix your malware problem'.. LOL. Any help, ideas would be appreciated!! ~ Theresa
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  4. Ok interesting, never noticed it myself. Will have to have a look into it, cheers Mike.
  5. Okay, I see it now. This has been around for some time now. A lot of people think it is triggered by using FAQ schema. I have seen it triggered both with and without the schema though. The important thing is to look for related searches asking questions and incorporate those questions and appropriate answers into the page. That seems to work to trigger these expanded results.
  6. Hello Mike, sorry that was my fault as I deleted it but uploaded another.
  7. Your image isn't working. Can you PM it to me and I will get it fixed up? I think I know what you are talking about, but want to make sure before I comment.
  8. Ok wasn't sure what to put as the title but that will do. I don't know whether I've seen this before or not so has anybody else seen this? Basically I noticed today when I'm on desktop (haven't checked mobile etc) that in the search results there are some results that have drop down boxes below the result that if you click on shows more content from the website. It looks basically like answers to related questions. I've attached an image, it's not my niche so just picked an obvious one to demonstrate. My initial thought was it's taking the piss as Google can be showing a fair bit of content from the site without you having to click away, but the content in the drop downs do seem to contain a link to the relevant page on the site so not sure whether it's good or bad. Maybe this is old and I only just noticed lol.
  9. Google seems to do this every year. They release a couple of big updates right before Black Friday. Then usually over the next couple of weeks, they roll 90% of the updates back.
  10. Lost about 40% traffic on main site and about 25% on my other. Both separate niches. Ouch. Right before the shopping season to :/
  11. In my opinion, Facebook is just like Google+ on the edge. A little close to collapse
  12. Apparently Blizzard has a big annual convention coming up in a week or two. That is going to be a serious shitstorm. Can't wait.
  13. Having trouble how companies in 2019 are not grasping just how important social media and optics are to their bottom line...
  14. I have a bunch of content like "Best Mouse for World of Warcraft" Mouse and World of Warcraft were just examples, I do not actually have any content targeting that specific keyword. It works really well as long as you actually understand what a gamer would want for the game. Tip: The keyword search volumes are not accurate for trendy keywords like that. Especially if it's a brand new game. The number one result is hXXps://www.armchairempire.com/Reviews/gaming-mouse-reviews/wow SEMRush ~1k reports clicks a month to that page but it's probably more like 20-30k right now due to the release of WOW Classic. With stuff like that, if you know how to bait clicks with the "Click For Price" buttons, you can easily get a 25% CTR with some testing and the EPC (real average earnings per click) is usually like $1. Intitle test reveals there are 13 competing pages directly targeting the keyword. The SEMRush page score is a 56 though, which is quite high. With SEO Quake enabled, I see a DS 12 TF 14 domain in the #7 spot, which is directly targeting the keyword, so it's certainly page-1-able for an individual. The main issue there would be timing and rank transition. It's just too late IMHO, but who knows. I'm sure there's a bunch of sites that will create content for keywords like that since all of Blizzard/Activision games are super popular. I usually go for lesser known games/companies. It would definitely have been worth doing that 4-5 months before the release of WOW Classic. It might be worth it for Bing since you can rank the page instantly by using the Bing Webmaster Tools. Reminder: The intitle test only works if you are on the very last page of the results for that keyword and it doesn't work at all in Bing. If you are not on the last page, Google will display a random number and I have no idea what that indicates. So the keyword: "best mouse for fortnite", there are 58 pages with the keyword in the title, not 158.
  15. Many gaming sites are booming after the recent Core update.
  16. It would be a good time to create pages about how to cancel a Blizzard account or how to cancel a World of Warcraft subscription. Low competition, but right now the searches on those terms and related ones is blowing up. Lol. They fucked up.
  17. I have used both Bitcoin (client request) and PayPal for receiving payments from India. At the time, the way Bitcoin was going up, I was making an extra 30-40% profit on the job. The problem with a lot of merchant services today is they will charge an extra percentage for international payments. Pisses me off. With everything in the financial world so automated and electronic, it really costs them nothing extra to process a payment no matter where it comes from.
  18. I saw a Reddit thread pop up about this a month or so ago, or maybe it was in a Facebook group. They both got flamed pretty hard, deservedly so.
  19. Does anyone have direct experience with accepting payments in India and China? (I'm located in USA). What platform have you used and how user-friendly has it been? Thanks in advance!
  20. I use Dragon Speaking Naturally 13 Premium. That being said, most computers these days have some sort of dictation application that will probably work for your purposes... Open the audio file, the text and dictation, and let the computer talk to itself. You'll need to go back through and edit with most sofware... That's why I like Dragon, it "learns". Also, you can usually find fairly affordable editors for this sort of thing on whatever outsourcing website you like.
  21. I have about 200 hours of audio files that I want to transcribe into text files. Other than sitting for about 2 months listening to them and typing them very badly or getting somebody to do it for me I'm trying to find a program, app. some piece of technical wizardry or a miracle that will enable me to upload an audio file and have it re-purposed as a text file. I thought I'd cracked it with a speech recognition add-on in Google Docs (yes I know I'm a cheapskate) but this no longer seems to exist. Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can find this program or app or miracle? I've tried every sort of search I can manage but have only been able to come up with solutions that are now unavailable, out dated or just plain wrong. I know there will still be a lot of correcting to do with audio to text but it's better than transcribing the whole 200 hours manually.
  22. somehow i stumbled across some 'article' on yahoo that mention patel and herjavec. apparently they are trying to persuade people to be angel investors. something called "angels and entrepreneurs network". anybody else stumble across this? oh man, we have these potentially great investment opportunities and because we already have a ton of money, we are going to let you in on it for a small fee! how awesome are we? instead of taking our own money and investing in these awesome deals and making 1000x, we would rather share with you! arent we sweet? i hope they both die
  23. I am looking to upgrade my website to SSL. I was told that I can do it for free using cPanel. I use GoDaddy for hosting right now, I was wondering if this was possible? I ask because I know that GoDaddy tries to sell SSL pretty hard, so I figured they might stop us from getting it for free if they could.
  24. I'm not really into SEO, but I follow L2inc on YouTube and found this interesting... Can't vouch for their advice but it does sound very 101-ish... And as a consumer, I've definitely clicked on sites that have them specifically because they seem like good sources.
  25. The longer hoomanity persists, the greater our potential to distil retrospect into solootions for problems we ain't even figured exist yet. In my dreams, I would wish to walk out always in a swanky skirt don't get GOBBLED by no super efficient elevator doors. Tellya, you a gal with fashionably allurin' flaps, you don't wanna feel forever at the mercy of no mechanistic PERHAPS. Thing is, we all typin' out on QWERTY keyboards like they the last ansah in dream discourse. But try rollin' back THAT potential mistake in favor of clearly more intooitive solootions, see where you get! We a conflux always of powerful gravitational pulls an' exotically allurin' flights into Forever's beyond. An' less'n we figure the cryogenic Holy Grail scheme of stayin' around longer than our own stoopid teeth, likely we ain't nevah gonna see the troo picture 'bout what works bcs it always troo an' what works bcs it finesses all previously existent exotica to max effect.
  26. Tough to say, but as I get older I'm starting to believe that timing has more to do with success or failure than just about any other single factor. But as pointed out above, FB is pretty entrenched... Usually, real change in dominant corporations has to come not only with sustained negative publicity that users care about, but also powerful attacks on the personal lives of the folks in the C Suite, to keep them off-balance and unable to fight back effectively-- RIM's Blackberry would have stood a much stronger chance against the iPhone if Apple, Google, and Samsung hadn't orchestrated a brilliant (and probably illegal) series of attacks on the personal lives of RIM executives.
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