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  2. It's the same as any betting "System'. They always rely on an incomplete understanding of the math. Always. I'm not talking about counting cards, that's a skill. I'm talking about real gambling, thinking you have a secret way to beat the odds.
  3. Whenever I read something like "It's a tax write off" I remember that it doesn't mean it's free. He still gave all the money, he just didn't have to pay taxes on the contribution. But ....he still paid 10 billion real dollars. A guy came into our store asking me to donate to his cause by advertising in his book.. He told me it was (I think) $200. I thought about it and said 'I don't think so', and he said 'but it's tax deductable". And I said "Yes. That means it only costs me $200".
  4. I don't love their business practices, but considering the current U.S. administration has decided that climate change doesn't exist and we should just ignore it, this is better than nothing.
  5. I heard someone on the radio today who described the foundation as Bezos' own personal tax haven. Plus he gets a deduction for "donating" the money to it. A bit harsh perhaps, however if he actually puts it to the claimed use, it should be commended I guess.
  6. To be honest, if he keeps doing this, I think I'm okay with Amazon continuing to avoid paying taxes.
  7. Anyone have any of their GMB listings suspended recently? I have seen a lot of chatter in a few groups about another massive wave of suspensions. I have not seen it myself though. There are a couple of GMB management tools that seem to often be involved in these suspensions, but I cannot wade through the BS to tell. The tools and their owners have a lot of defenders. Anyone seeing anything similar? I'm just trying to collect some data to make sure people do not drift into trouble, especially when managing client accounts.
  8. I would so love to be a weathah girl. You want easy access brightness despite alla the evident clouds? Kiss of hunny 'pon your flesh in the face of direst freeze? Coupla bottles of real sweet vino, whatevah the frickin' barometah got gowin' down? Hey, here's undeniably downhome atmosphere wants to smoochie with your ass! For stylin', I would run with orange pants an' a plain white T, hair jus' natchrl. Any trouble, Devil's advocate got my I QUIT panties prepurposed for EZ Drop headline in the advent of curmudguonly nooz anchor dissin' my ass.
  9. Sounds like the Martingdale System, for lotterys, whereby someone makes or doubles their initial bet on red or black.
  10. And why it leads to bankruptcy. Italians are badly affected which supports the Spaghetti Brain theory. Interesting read and reaches out into other areas https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200217-the-simple-maths-error-that-can-lead-to-bankruptcy
  11. He's an idiot. Global warming is a hoax. All the temperature increases are lies, and all the climatologists are in on it. Oh, and those weather girls? They are in on it too. That fact that I live in Ohio...in February...and haven't had to shovel snow at all this year.....or last year.....is a coincidence.
  12. He's worth 130 but still a nice chunk of change out of his fortune.(8%) https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51539321
  13. I saw some of one he did to an American audience. It was shall we say, a little toned down, but still pretty funny.
  14. The full version of The Best Of Ultimate Gold Greatest Hits is on Netflix along with another show of his called Funny Business. Both worth a watch.
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  16. Her books are well edited and presented and are mainly concerned with healing. That's the problem with material of this nature. It is difficult to put into words and describe effectively. That's why organized religion is so popular. Everything is mapped out. Kill this infidel with your suicide bomb and 79 virgins will be yours. Look for "The Essence Of Self Healing" "50 Ways To Fix Your Life" and "The Process" by Petrene Soames if your remotely interested. You can read a few pages on Amazon.
  17. I'm not joking here. Have you read any of her books? Is she disjointed and sporadic in her thinking in the books as well? Flights of imagination are much harder to write down, because the structure of language and writing kind of forces cohesive thinking. And quite a lot of the appeal of this kind of "thinking" is based on personality and being entertained. In reading a book, much of that is lost.
  18. Sure easy to fake, but very difficult to look extremely realistic, (thanks Mark).
  19. We do that automatically with all of your posts.
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