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  2. Yea, right. Youtube is massive traffic, traffic is money. If you had the Logan Paul traffic wrapped you wouldn't move that to your own site, not happening, not even for Logan in his prime. Youtube traffic doesn't visit Youtube for one person/channel. You're wrong about Google, and calling someone a dick for their own opinion is being a dick when you wasn't in the situation. You need to understand how US companies work that are in any way shape or form involved in US Gov. contracts, they have quotas they're required to meet based on gender and race. That in itself IS discrimination. Fact. Research the other Google employees threatening the guy and the history of the internal Google cult. Google is promoting this shit by not stopping it. It's interesting a guy is ok with male discrimination. Reading it looks like a case of femdom.
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  4. While I wasn't personally affected by the change, it continues to blow my mind that folks will go all out in relying on a 3rd party service to make a living (like Logan Paul). Google made the change due to the sheer volume of crap content being posted and rightfully so to protect their interests, as any business will do. As far as James Damore goes, he's a dick who attempted to facilitate discrimination, not Google. In the bigger scheme of things, Google won't be negatively impacted by the changes at all....
  5. Probably a coincidence, but I have not looked at it too closely.
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  7. I'm getting published, Baby!

    UPDATE: I'm still waiting for my press release to be released, but my video trailer has been finished. I must say, I am having the time of my life. It's such fun watching the process of the whole thing. What kind of sucks is that I only get book sales reports quarterly so I won't know how many have sold until March 31st. BUT, I will wait patiently, lol! Terra
  8. Unless the user is running Android then it's GPS, down to your exact location. My ISP is roughly 50 miles away. My Android phone shows SERPs for businesses less than a mile away.
  9. It's interesting how the four shorter descriptions are grouped at the bottom of the search page.
  10. IMO that's most likely going to be at least two different people/VAs. This is sort of like a typical Craigslist ad, they're looking for one person that's the best at multiple task and some not even remotely relevant. My point is, you're paying money so find someone to do each task, especially answering a phone, that one needs someone with a professional attitude and not Megadeth blaring in the background. Keep in mind that person blasting Megadeth might be the best one to hire for other task like research but it doesn't require them to communicate with clients, etc...
  11. I have no idea how experienced you are when it comes to researching your pages to see If they're hacked, but something like base_64 code can be difficult to find unless you know to look for it. This link has more info.: How to check your site for base64 links Dropping 50 places on the SERPs is a sure sign something is wrong on your end. It could be something as simple as bad uptime on a host server.
  12. I got the email, Google told me I'm no longer going to be able to show ads on Youtube videos. I haven't shown ads via Adsense in a few years anywhere on the net, let alone on Youtube. I still have an active Adsense account, doubtful I'll ever use it again, their ads are irrelevant to the page so not much point. They've pretty much made Adsense obsolete (irrelevant local ads). After I got the Youtube email I went and deleted all my Youtube videos/tutorials, I hope most folks take that route. Why give Google free content so they can monetize. Anyways, it made me change my point of view about Google and Youtube. I like Youtube, there's a lot of useful videos but when Google says you have to be a big player to do something like monetize your own content, well, they can create their own content as far as I'm concerned and we all know that's not going to happen. Maybe we should all strive to be more like Logan Paul, build a Youtube empire and watch Google shut you down in one day, granted Logan made it easier. Deleting my Youtube videos wasn't just about money or the option to monetize, I'm really not liking Google at all these days after reading the James Damore lawsuit against them and how they're promoting discrimination on internal sites/forums.
  13. I'd like to hire a part time VA just to see how things work out before I hire someone full time. Typically, I'd have these tasks: Checking and answering emails Making and taking phone calls Internet research (about businesses) If you've used a VA service that you've been pleased with, I'd love to hear about it.
  14. I think Mike was just using Wordpress as an example because it is so popular. Joomla and other platforms can be hacked too.
  15. Somehow this seems to be kind of staying under the radar. I am surprised I have not seen a lot of people up in arms about this. Google announced a significant change to the qualifications for their partner program. The YouTube Partner Program is how you show ads and get paid for people watching your videos. The TL;DR version is that a channel now must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time over the past rolling 12 months. That is going to wipe out the income for a lot of small YouTube channels out there. It is a similar path that Google has followed with its other advertising mediums AdWords and AdSense. They let it get big and popular, then they start cracking down and trying to tame the wild west. What is kind of a shame about this is I know some people have purposely created separate small channels on YouTube. Individually, their channels will no longer qualify for monetization, but if they had combined them into one channel, they easily would meet the new requirements. I'm also curious to see what effect this is going to have on content creators. The trend, at least in my opinion, over the past few years has been to produce videos around 10 minutes long. Content creators may go for creating much longer videos now knowing that they need to hit that 4,000 hours of watch time.
  16. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Congrats Terra! True, chocolate is my secret weapon!
  17. Thanks for the advice again we will look into it. But the site is from Joomla.
  18. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    I would double check the hacking, especially if it is a Wordpress site. Sometimes sites can be hacked in ways that are not so obvious. You do not always just find one of those "Your site has been hacked by..." messages. Sometimes they will use hidden links on pages that you cannot see unless you dig into the code or look at the text-only version. A lot of times they infect the database and cause hundreds of new pages to be created. These pages are HTML pages and not created within Wordpress, so you do not see them in the admin dashboard. I had a client several years ago that had that happen to them. There were 485 pages created on the domain. They were all auto-generated from a MySql injection. Good luck.
  19. The site is not hacked that's for sure. And anyway, thanks. I know without sharing some more information you guys can't help us. I just asked that if you guys have some knowledge about this kind of thing than I might get some info. We will be keep looking for links. And in the mean time I will let you know here on this thread if there is any development. Well thanks again Mike.
  20. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    There could be links you have not found yet that are out there. No link checker finds all the links a site has and sometimes they take months to find new links. Your site could also be hacked and that is why Google dropped it. Without seeing the site, all that anyone can do is guess.
  21. But the links are okay. We have checked them, And the content is also okay as I mentioned earlier in my first post. Than what's hurting?
  22. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    My guess is that the site was penalized then. There really is no other reason for a site to drop 50+ spots.
  23. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    So they dropped from the top 10 to outside of the top 50?
  24. Actually the rankings are fluctuating from #5 to #6 or even #7-8 page each day.
  25. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    So the rankings dropped to #5 and #6 on the first page or they dropped to page 5 and page 6 of the results?
  26. The site's ranking has dropped from 2-4 rank of first page to 5-6 page. And what's is more unusual that it occurred over night after 2nd January.
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  28. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    Whether they earned them or not does not matter. What I am saying is that those type of links degrade in strength over time because they get buried deeper into the site typically. For example, a forum thread might be popular and stay near the top of a forum for a while. However, over time, the thread will probably die off and eventually fall back further and further in the pages of threads. Also, as more people are posting, they might be adding more links, making the link pointing at your site weaker. And here is another question... how far have the rankings dropped? I'm not talking about traffic. I mean the actual rankings for keywords that were bringing in traffic.
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