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  2. A horrible thought, but if she, (and her politically correct gang) finds the Eye of Horus, let me know! Ain't saying anything, but that Martian fluffy bunnies are a protected species.
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  4. Claude went there to live, after a while he became sexually frustrated. He sent a message to Riffle: "Get Your "Arse" To Mars" That's how I Totally Recall it anyway.
  5. Obviously there's no Daleks involved otherwise it'd be an ExtermiNation.
  6. You must allow for multiple chin development over the years.
  7. Dr Who episodes were filmed there..so it's a Terry Nation.
  8. Oh, it was a card trick and Whatty was the Joker
  9. Problem we got with how bouncilicious balls danglin' out in the atmosphere gonna ball up on all their bounty in the fyooture is how nowan evah figured what might happen when a zillion an' one imbeciles showed up sumplace where once all were dreamin' the amoeboid dream. tbh, I got no idea what the world wants; I jus' wanna remain exotically bendy with access to touchpoints on all meaningful cavortin'. An' I say this with only minimal access to the powers of hoobris bcs I know plenty people wanna shoot each other in the frickin' tits, irrespective of howevah the ice caps be shimmyin'. All I know is, that selfie the Earth took back in the day got evrywan thinkin'. Beyond immediate demise c/o antsy neighbors to unforseen evisceration out in the void. Aw see, you got me all pessimistic here! I started out with a vision of bountilicious balls — but here I am, misconsoomin' my own metaphor the wrong way down! The hell is wrong with my stoopid ass?
  10. Mark; The joke was that the word was Decimated. And Deca means a group of ten. It was a play on words. It's why we say a "deck of cards" A deck only has ten cards. Now you know. I am a very stable genius.
  11. So, Mars is now a nation huh? The Whatty School Of Pedantry is ever vigilant.
  12. Sounds like Russia's version? Or Warner Bros.
  13. Last week
  14. Only one man can answer that but I see a resemblance here. The presenter of this Video.
  15. Decimated can be used in more ways than you suggest". Fail "kill, destroy, or remove a large percentage or part of. "the project would decimate the fragile wetland wilderness"
  16. From small life we went to large creatures like dinosaurs and then back to smaller life. Could this mean the descendants of Dan Riffle will prosper? It's a horrible thought.
  17. Pretty Good Tune. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-asia-50840814/writing-a-national-anthem-for-mars If America gets there first: Fluffy Bunnies Must Know That it's their time to go For Weee must hunt them Cos we like rabbit stew u When Whit-acre retires- to Mars he will as-pire For a land- he longs to seeeee Is a one, Riffle freeee
  18. A tad more on this. The Earth "wants" to be a certain way. The atmospheric pressure and density, the distance from the Sun, the rotation of the planet, the amount of water on the surface, the volcanic activity, all act to make the surface and atmosphere suitable for life. And in every instance when that stasis has been radically altered...from having the land all over the planet virtually on fire (when the dinosaurs went extinct) to at least one instance of a prolonged period where the entire planet was covered with a mile thick layer of ice.....our planet has eventually gone back to roughly what we see today. And through it all, some life has survived. So do I think in a million years the planet will be supporting complex life? probably. Will we be among them? No idea.
  19. No. Her character is the one flaw in Billions. It just doesn't make any sense for her to be a loyal employee of her husband's arch enemy and for both Chuck and Axe to be OK with that. She does look good in her dominatrix gear though.
  20. What, you mean that only 1 in 10 humans are killed? Perhaps you meant eradicated, eliminated, destroyed or wiped out. From the desk of The Chancellor of the Whatty School Of Pedantry.
  21. It was a science fiction movie, and the head scientist was hot, nothing more needs to be said!
  22. Yes. The chemistry of the atmosphere is the same as before, so it would eventually go back to homeostasis. Neil deGrasse Tyson gave me hope when he said that if all the carbon on the planet escaped into the atmosphere, we still wouldn't have another Venus, with 800 degree temperatures. There are undoubtedly computer simulation models that are pretty accurate. I just don't know what they are.
  23. I am in the same situation age wise. In the 80's I had huge hope for all the innovations and where science could take us. That has been scuppered thanks to global warming. Even though we have the tech to produce clean energy (if we build enough wind farms, solar panels, longer life batteries etc) and cease our reliance on fossil fuels, and building those devices to scoop CO2 out of the atmosphere. It is our constant in-fighting, lack of cohesion as a race, greed and wanting business as usual that prevents us from getting on with it. It may be too late anyway but at least we should make the effort. I see small pockets of humans who are wealthy building underground cities to try and ride it out, to emerge when the rest of the population is decimated. Hardly any humans means no more pollution. How long those shelters would last for is debatable though. The question I would like answering is: If the human population is decimated and we stopped polluting, would the Earth actually recover?
  24. One of the many reasons I'm glad I'm old. The really serious consequences? I'll be dead, and everyone I love will be dead...before the planet will hve areas that cannot support life.
  25. Gotta figure the ultimate predator movie experience is where you hit the back row with your sweetie an' the SCREEN gobbles your asses before you shared your first nachos. tbh creepy stuff ain't my areah. If'n I wantin' my evry follicle erected offa my flesh, gimme a TED talk 'bout static electricity any day.
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