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  2. I'm on the it's too late side of this.
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  4. Steven W. I believe is who you were referring to.
  5. Good question. Perhaps the answer lies in the title "forensic accountant". Perhaps they dug deep into every line item in GE's statutory reports, whereas most investors and the journalists that cover the markets only focus on the headline figures. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of this whatever the truth is.
  6. I don't remember that one? ...But if nobody else wanted to pay for it... lol
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  8. I was reading some about this story and what I cannot figure out is how Harry Markopolos and his team got their information. They are not part of an official government organization, so they don't have subpoena power. How did they piece this together and nobody else did? I don't really want to go through the 175-page report to figure it out. The guy was right about Madoff, so he certainly has some credibility.
  9. Facebook is a great marketing platform if you use this platform with the right strategy then you can explore your business and get the new audience for the business and without the Facebook ads, it will not profitable way to reach your large audience. The Best Facebook ads Guides are as follows: 1. Develop Your Strategy First 2. Choose Your Objective 3. Target Your Audience 4. Choose Where You Want Your Ad To Be Displayed 5. Set Your Budget 6. Choose Your Ad Format 7. Don’t Forget the Details 8. Monitor Your Ads Carefully
  10. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/madoff-whistleblower-claims-ge-committing-accounting-fraud-131211577.html Perhaps it's too late. I see the share price is down over 12% in today's trading so far.
  11. I know in a couple of Facebook groups I am in, people were saying last month that tons of their GMB's got taken down. The spam complaint form seems to be working as intended. That local lead generation model is going to get a lot harder.
  12. I have seen the rating button before, but they made it much more prominent in that image you shared. There was no blue background like that.
  13. Who was that guy on WF always crying because nobody bought his music? Sounded like he had stacks of stuff ready to unload. I know a lot of people seem to like Shutterstock also. https://www.shutterstock.com/music/
  14. Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. If you use this platform with strategical manner, then you can able to gain better conversion and get a greater audience reach. Best tips to use Facebook for Business are as follows: Create a business Page, not a personal profile. Claim your Page's vanity URL. Add a great cover photo. Add a recognizable profile picture. Optimize your "About" section -- especially the preview. Earn the "Very responsive to messages" badge. Add milestones. Choose a call-to-action button. Create a business Page, not a personal profile. Create custom page tabs. Prioritize quality over quantity. Post at the best times for your audience. Post your best blog content. Make sure your blog posts' meta descriptions are complete. Remove links from your post copy. Post your most compelling visual content. Make sure your images are properly formatted. Post videos, especially live videos. Use Facebook Insights. Schedule posts in advance. Add Facebook social media buttons to your blog and website. Subscribe to Facebook's Official Blog for future announcements from Facebook. Choose the right advertising tool. Use Audience Insights to learn about your audience. Test multiple versions of a single ad.
  15. If you have a huge audience base on your social media then, in my point of view promoting your business on social media site can be most beneficial for getting the best conversion for the business.
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  17. Social media marketing is a highly powerful tool for B2B brands. However, the goals, strategies, and content for B2B differ exceedingly from that of B2C brands. By the report of Social Media Examiner found that more than half of all B2B marketers are more likely to use social media to grow partnerships and gain competitor insights than their B2C counterparts.
  18. This news is late but the expiration date that .co.uk domain owners had to reserve the .uk version of their domain name expired in July. To localize your site to the UK region, you will have to mess around editing your code or Wordpress theme. For Google/Yandex: <html lang='en-GB'> Optional: <link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-US" href="https://the-exact-link-of-the-page.uk/whatever-content"></link> For Bing: <meta content='UK' name='locale'> <meta content='en-GB' name='culture'> <meta content='£' name='currency'> This works for multiple regions that speak English, such as Canada and Australia, but you'll have to modify your code appropriately. That code should localize the site to the region with out backlinks but, obviously you won't rank very well with out some.
  19. Kind of depends on the niche, but in some you can find influencers and follow them on social media. A lot of times they will get a heads up from companies releasing something new and sometimes will even get the product before launch to review. An example would be in the video game niche. This happens all the time.
  20. A lot of Youtubers use https://incompetech.com/music/
  21. Hey everyone, where's the best place to get Royalty Free music for videos? Probably don't have to say it with this crowd but... Not "Free" just "buy and use without paying repeatedly"
  22. No idea but I find Amazon's new arrivals very helpful. Google : Amazon.com $niche new arrivals Then bookmark the pages as they're a pain in the ass to find. It's an excellent source for ideas if you're doing Azon stuff. Edit: Check prime obviously.
  23. Is there a site/system where you can sign up to see new products being launched in individual niches. Like if a new type of fitness products comes out where can I get setup to receive notifications on it being launched?
  24. I will check on this a little further, but so far, all of the code shows my nickname not my user name. Thanks for pointing this out Mike.
  25. It may have changed. I don't pay attention to it much anymore, but my understanding was that Wordpress publishes the author user name, not business name, in the code. The nickname shows up in the end result on the browser, if you are showing authors, but the user name is still appearing in the code. I have not checked that in a while though. I always have an admin account that handles all the site setup and design and an author account for publishing pages and posts.
  26. Question for you Mike, My post above yours, I think we're doing the same thing, but in a different way, ??? When I set up a WP site, I always pick a wacky user name, something I will remember for each site. Then, once I'm ready to build the site, under the avatar (top right in back office), the option to 'edit my profile' is there. I click on that and scroll down to 'nickname' I use my business name (kind of a sneaky end around of another post). Under that is 'display name publicly as' you can then check your business name. All post/pages get published as your business name. When those cute little hackers try to guess my admin name, Wordfence, 90% ish of the time will show either 'admin' (which I never use), or my business name. Do you think creating an author account would help as far as security, or would it just be redundant?
  27. Hi Theresa, Had a look through the theme settings to get the option to remove author and date you have to buy the theme. Thanks for posting the article will have a look and see if I can figure out what is going on. Watman
  28. One thing I do on sites is I create a master account for all design issues, installing plugins, themes, updates, etc. But then I create an author account for publishing all pages and posts. I forget offhand what Wordpress lists the permissions as. Editor I think. This is for security as Wordpress will publish the author usernames of a page which gives hackers 50% of what they need to hack into your site. At least if they hack a Editor account, they are very limited on what they can access and do with the site.
  29. Hi Watman! Not sure if this will help, but here's a link that explains how to do it with one of two different ways: https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-remove-author-name-from-wordpress-posts/ Also, in some themes (I don't know about the one you're using), on a post and page, when you are in the back office, on the top right is a tab 'screen options'. It's a drop down. In there you can uncheck author, date and more. Some themes do not have that option. Another way is in 'customize' there should be a tab that says "Post Information" in that tab, there should be one for "Meta Information". In there you can uncheck or check the things you want displayed. If you're goal is to hide your user name, you can do that in "Edit my profile". I never show my user/login name. I have a default name (my company name) that I set it at. I would do this step no matter what. It helps to keep the shitheads from hacking your site. Hope that helped!!! ~ Theresa
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