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    Oh my, my, little Caleb

    I watched a couple of videos on his YouTube channel. I give him credit for seeming to have a go-getter attitude and for wanting to do more than just sit at home and play video games. That being said, the kid is full of it. I watched one video where he was on a cell phone "closing a $10,000 deal" for a speaking engagement with some big company. You couldn't hear the person on the other end. My guess is there wasn't anyone on the other end. It was such a fake and rehearsed call. If he admitted it was a fake call to teach handling objections or something like that, that would be one thing. He never did. This video about being poor... You could argue that some of what he says is true, but the problem is the messenger. If he was born to a dirt poor family and pulled himself out of that, then he could spout off like this. Considering his apparent lot in life, he just sounds like an ass. His message was basically that all poor people are lazy.
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    Oh my, my, little Caleb

    And exactly what opportunities do the people of sub-Saharan Africa have "thrown at them every day"? Another Tony Robbins who will probably make a fortune selling "How To.." seminars, books and videos to gullible people. Either that or he'll end up in jail. Or both.
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    Mike Friedman

    I'm getting published, Baby!

    Congrats Terra. Not a half bad holiday gift.
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    I'm getting published, Baby!

    It has happened! Whoo Hooooooo! I received my box of books for final hands on approval! I love them. Next, a press release will be written and sent out and a video about my book will be made and the e-book versions will be created too. I still don't have a release date yet though. More waiting but I am through the roof!! Terra
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    Claude Whitacre

    Oh my, my, little Caleb

    Tony Robbins (and this kid) have information that can be useful if...if...you already have some resources, live in a democracy, live in an area where you can easily see opportunities for businesses, education, investment. That leaves a lot of people out. If you are dirt poor, you will find it far harder to advance at all. Having a little bit of money makes a whole lot of difference. There are people that live in areas where they will never even know that there are ways to get ahead...besides simply working more hours. If you are white (or an exceptional person of color),are educated, a native English speaker, and have some money already (not a lot is needed), then a Tony Robbins (or another guru) can show you the road to greater wealth. But even if I showed someone the road to monetary success, that information would do them little good if they didn't have a car...have access to a car...didn't have gas...or knew how to drive. It takes several things to be in the top 5% in income. Intelligence, education (although maybe not from a college), drive, social skills, and some luck. There are two kinds of people that go to Tony Robbins rallies. (or any meeting to get wealthier)...people who are already doing well and just want to get a new idea or two...and the desperate. ...people looking for someone to save them. And there is very little in between. And it's almost impossible to make money as a speaker by just selling to the already successful. I speak from experience and the experience of friends in that business. About the kid. I know nothing about him. But it's possible that he believes everything he says. But 20 years from now? No. You may be a motivational speaker...but the business of being a motivational speaker teaches you a lot about the reality of achievement. Watch any "Get rich quick" speaker. Everything is easy...the secrets have just been withheld from you...ad they spend their time on stage talking about the benefits of being wealthy....what you can achieve in your business. An people buy into the results they could conceivably get. Sadly, very few people are really interested in the "How"...the work involved. They buy the fantasy. They are buying "hope". And that's the business of the motivational speaker. They sell Hope.
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    I am never adverse to hijacking a thread. Lol. There were a couple of things that made me realize it was time. The first was reliability. With freelancers, I found many times they were great for a few weeks or months, and then they would often just disappear or their work would become very sporadic. I cannot count how many times I have heard the sick child / grandmother died / computer problems excuses. It was just a consistent pattern with freelancers. Very rarely were they reliable for even a solid year. I got tired of constantly finding new ones. It seemed like whenever I was starting a new project I was hiring a whole new staff. The second thing was there was basically nobody I could turn things over to for any length of time. I had no real staff. I had nobody who knew much of anything beyond the scope of the tasks they were being paid for. I have one local person. Honestly, that was entirely a convenient accident. The rest work remotely. What I have been doing for the first 3 months is they connect to an extra computer I have to do all their work. Basically, anytime I want, I can just look over at the monitor and see what they are working on (or not working on). Then if I feel comfortable with what they have been doing, I just let them work from home on their own. I don't tell them that they are on a 3-month trial, by the way. That way if I feel they still need some supervision, I can just continue having them connect to my computer to work from, and they just think it is business as usual. I still do use freelancers for some tasks though. I will never swear them off completely. Hope that helps.
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    i guess they didnt cover that in digital marketing expert school


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