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    2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    Start: Each month of 2018 I am going to choose a form of human suffering in the world and take serious action to reduce it as much as possible... 100% results focused! Stop: Holding back my emotional expressions because of how other people might react.
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    2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    I'm still thinking, but here is what I have so far: 1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? I have a day job that I dearly love, and I don't see myself leaving it anytime soon; however, I love being my own boss, so I know that I am eventually going to be working for myself again. I still have my biz on the side, but I am going to devote more time to it. I want to build that biz to the point where this time next year I will have the option to work for myself or keep my biz as a side job. In order to make this work, I know I am going to have to hire someone to help me. I need someone who can field calls and emails while I'm at my day job. It'll be part time, but it would be a huge help to me and let me have the best of both worlds. Ideally, I'd like to hire someone local who can become full time down the road. Fine tune my sales process. I want to network again. I haven't done much of it this year, and I truly miss it. I want to find a networking group where I can start building relationships. On a personal note, I want to live better, eat better, & exercise more. I haven't been doing well with that, and my energy level is suffering. I will write for at least 20 minutes, 5 days a week. (Right now I write for hours at a stretch at haphazard intervals.) Write/Call my mom and dad once a week. 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? Stop eating out so much. It's expensive and unhealthy Stop checking Facebook except to briefly post pics for family. Stop negative self-talk.
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    ^^ This When I feel like I need it, I do take some time and just shut off for a while. I know how to listen to my body and my brain. 2017 left me with an unfortunate series of events. No worries, life happens. However, in trying to prioritize my responsibilities, something usually got put off 'until tomorrow'. Being responsible and putting slacking off, off for another day are two different things. I get PLENTY of exercise! And, the chores I do everyday, are actually, in there own way, relaxing. My point in the other thread was about the word 'need'. My guilt is from wanting to slack off when I need to get things done. When I need to shut down, I do because if I don't, nothing gets done, I'm too frustrated. I don't like to slack off, at all. I never have. And until my situation is back to a healthy place, I'm not going to. BUT, if I find myself in a mental place that continuing to work is too frustrating and nothing is getting done, anyhow, then I'd rather go screw around (like taking care of my garden or something), then be frustrated. People do push themselves too hard, to the point of exhaustion or illness, and I was doing that. That was why I typed what I did. I'm going to stop feeling guilty. Even if it's because I just don't wanna work any longer.
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    2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    Was far more difficult than I anticipated, but on this last day of the year I can say with absolute certainty that it was a worthy goal that made my life better in countless ways... Here are a few of them: 1. Admitted to myself that sometimes, playing on the Internet was exactly what I wanted to be doing! 2. Quit my family's company which was making me so miserable (Corporation Evil)... Started my own company which I can run with my own values and principles, was pleasantly surprised that several big clients sought me out and came with me almost immediately... One of them summed it up when we were all out at [Fancy Restaurant] for Xmas, "It was never [Corporation Evil], it was always you." ...Pretty great moment to be surrounded by such great human beings saying something like that to someone like me! 3. Reconnected with other parts of my family, most of whom I haven't spoken to in over a decade, some for up to 3 decades. Also old friends that I haven't seen in about that much time. 4. Found a country artist AND a rap artist that I actually like, more evidence that we have been transported into an alternate Universe!! 5. Went on a few dates for the first time since my wife passed... Nothing came of them but did make a couple good friends, which is actually also pretty awesome... And I might continue dating in the next year? Maybe. 2017 has had some real shit days in it, but most of the year was freaking amazing despite what the world keeps trying to tell me!
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    I agree with John, I like the way 100 degrees did the copy and paste. 1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? Whew, this is a long list! I spent much of 2017 fine tuning my businesses. Testing, throwing out what wasn't working, and most importantly, finding a different way to do the things I HATED to do. Those hates were huge roadblocks for me. I set myself up to actually enjoy what I am doing and no longer dread my day. I have also worked out a few really cool plans to use direct mail, something I've never done. I wanted a specific target market(s) and no paid mailing list was going to give me the results I wanted. I also didn't want to send anything out that was generic as far as 'any ol' audience'. I'll save you all the pain of reading the rest, but my biggest thing for 2018, is FOCUSING! I let way too many things get me distracted in 17'. The old "make a list and stick to it" mantra.. LOL.. it works! Who knew? 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? Again, a long list. My biggest 'stop' is letting people waste my time! I found myself working way too hard for people that can't/wont pay me. Or, wasting my time because these clients refuse to get me the information I need FOR THEM, and then blame me because they aren't making any money! I know now that I can be putting all of my hard work and efforts into my finances and THEN I can help others. Basically, putting other's needs first. T'was a hard lesson figuring out that until I helped myself, I really wasn't capable of helping others, at all! **On a personal note** I'm going to stop ignoring the things that make me happy! I have to stop feeling guilty when I'm not working.
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    For me, 2017 was largely about taking back my personal life and not letting everything be dominated by my business. I'm making some moves in 2018 that will take me even further in that direction. I like the way @100DegreesC copied and pasted the questions with answers above, so I'm going to do the same. 1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? I'm turning over most of the daily running of my business to an employee. I have not settled on a title yet for him, but basically, I'm stepping back and acting more like CEO going forward. I found a great guy that has worked with me the past 2 years. He's moving to my location and will be taking over a lot of the daily tasks. More or less I will be setting the vision and overall scope of what needs to be done, he'll be responsible for making it happen. I know the worry with this kind of thing is "What if they just want to go off and start their own business?" I understand that, and this is a bit hard to explain. Some people have all the knowledge and understanding of how to run a successful business, but they just are better suited to be working for someone. They need that structure and for someone to handle the top-level things that go with running a company. Another thing I'm going to start doing is networking. I really have never put a big emphasis on this, and any networking I have done was mostly by accident. I'm looking at joining a few local organization like Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce (I already belong, but never attend anything they put on). I have looked into a few boards of local charities and organizations that may have openings coming up this year. I will probably hop on something like that. The local United Way was suggested by someone. And speaking of charities, not only am I going to be more involved myself, but I'm going to require my employees to be as well. I would like to do an event or two this year that we can all participate in as an office. (Oh yeah, I'm going to have an office, but that is in the second part of this post.) For example, I've seen days where a lot of businesses throw in and help Habitat for Humanity. Something like that is an option. I'm also looking at possibly giving them each 2-3 paid hours per month (with no carryover) that they can use volunteering for a local charity in our community, that way they can pick something they are excited about. I still need to talk to my accountant about how that will work. At home, we are looking to get the kids started with some volunteer work. Might be something like volunteering at a soup kitchen. We have not decided yet. 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? By the middle of January, working from home is going to be a thing of the past for me. Well, mostly. That's right, I'm getting an office. Yep, I will be "going to work" again. I have some other employees that are scattered around the country. I'm keeping 2 of them (they are close enough to commute), and the other 2 are going to be replaced with local people. One of them is going to be an in-house web designer, and I mean web designer, not just someone that can play with Wordpress. I will still be able to work from home when I want. It is an option, but I'll be "going into work" most days. I did a pretty good job re-working how I manage my business expenses last year. This year, I'm going to stop letting money fly out the window on the personal side. Last year I said, and I quote Well, I did pretty good for about two-thirds of the year. The last 3-4 months though... not so great. So I am recommitting to this. Those are my plans so far for 2018.
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    2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    This year was a surprise for me as I started achieving goals and then my health crashed real hard. Put a stopper on everything but trying to survive. At my sister's now trying to recuperate. So - in 2018 I will continue to bring myself back into the realms of vital enough health that I can rock hunt and care for a puppy and train him. I'm considering that doable no matter what. As far as differently - I'll be delighted just to get back to the plans I had last year before I fell out. I will be doing it from a different atmosphere, though as I refuse to go back to the situation and location that tanked my health.
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    2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    This was a great thread last year. I definitely want to participate this year. 1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? I know I'm echoing a few people from last year with this one, but I need to get on top of my business finances more. I don't think I'm terrible with money. I balance the checking accounts at the end of the month and pay all my bills. I'm good there, but I only have a vague estimate of what I have spent on different business items until the end of the year when it is time to take care of taxes. I've already been looking into options like Quicken and Quickbooks. I might just go with the basic option of using some sort of PnL spreadsheet. I need to do something though. I'm also looking at doing more outsourcing for tasks that take up a lot of my time, so that I can focus on my strengths relating to my business. I want to be more involved on the creative side of things and less on the technical side. I have already started interviewing a few potential workers on UpWork to have them ready to start in January. I want to start looking at doing more on YouTube to drive traffic to a few of my affiliate niches. It's such a vast platform, and I have not messed with creating a channel or videos much at all. It's time I start. Lastly, I'm planning on reading one book that relates to business each quarter. I'd like to say one a month, but that might be too ambitious. I'm starting with How to Win Friends and Influence People. I've heard numerous great things about it and have meant to read it for years. Just never got around to it. It's already on its way from Amazon. 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? I'm cutting out some distractions from my work time. I'm blocking Facebook and Twitter on my work computer. I have uninstalled Skype. I am also going to block a few forums that I used to visit a lot, including BHW and WaFo. You always had to kind of weed through some junk on those forums to find the good stuff, but it's getting to a point where the junk is just overwhelming. The new admin team at WaFo just really has no idea what they are doing. BHW, and a few other forums, have just lost too many of their good posters that participated regularly at one time. I don't know where they went, but the value is just not there for the time involved anymore. I'm thinking about blocking most news sites too. The political climate has made me visit them too often during the workday this past year. On the personal side, I'm going to stop working on weekends almost entirely. I feel like I work 6 or 7 days a week right now. That has to stop or I foresee myself ending up burnt out in the next few years.

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