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    I've had experiences in the past where my prices were so cheap that customers assumed we were selling junk. In fact, we were selling a premium product. When I tried to raise my prices my salespeople would buck. I replaced the complainers with fresh staff and raised my prices for some services by 100%. The closing rate was static. As for SEO, I just spoke to a firm to work on one of my sites.The presentation was fantastic. Maybe the best I've ever seen for an online service. He hit me with the price and I was immediately turned off. I could not imagine how this company could do what I want done for the price they quoted. I got another quote that is 650% higher, and it seems the better option.
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    Forsooth, you speak verily.
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    You know what my wife calls "10 seconds of foreplay"? Wishful thinking.
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    Is that why Circumference Of Doom was only 3 minutes long? - 1 minute opening credits - 1 minute closing credits - 45 seconds "plot" - 10 seconds foreplay - 5 seconds for you to deliver your "performance".
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    Mike Friedman

    Near Me and how to combat it?

    Probably a good lesson for you too. Being cheaper is one thing. Being a lot cheaper can give the impression that your services are not as good.
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    There it is! The title to your biography.
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    Well, there is the cigarette later,....and the blindfold!
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    I thought she'd call it the precedent to 3 seconds of disappointment.
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    And out. And in. And out. And in. And out.
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    They said that it was a special deal just for me. For $5,000 a year, not only do I get to watch porn...but the people are naked. And for an additional $3,000 a year (which I gladly paid) I'm allowed to watch porn while I'm naked. You have no idea how much more convenient that is. As a bonus, all the porn is in color...and I can watch after regular business hours...and on holidays. What a country!
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    I can't throw that far.

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