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    It's time to dump Yoast

    This happened to me, Mike. I couldn't figure out why my galleries (I have some real estate sites), went all wonky. Some were just... gone. 🙀 Lesson learned.
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    It's time to dump Yoast

    I have to be honest, even if it were not for the F ups of Yoast, I like SEOPress so much better. It just feels less intrusive, simpler, and less bloated. I probably never would have gone looking for it or considered it if Yoast had not fouled up a few of my sites, so there is that.
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    Mike Friedman

    It's time to dump Yoast

    I saw some chatter in a couple of groups today that Yoast may have done this again with a recent update. This time it was impacting galleries and a few other things. Probably not as far-reaching of an issue as most sites don't use galleries, but you would think they would have learned.
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    It's time to dump Yoast

    After our chat on Skype the other day, I went ahead and made the switch on my sites. It was pretty seamless. Cool thing about SEO Press that you forgot to mention is that it has a feature that lets you import all your setting directly from Yoast with the click of a button. You don't have to go in and set everything up on every page or change all the settings in the menu to what you want. You just hit a button and in 10 seconds it is all done for you.


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