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    One of the more reputable and reliable hosting companies out there came under attack by a hacker and were forced to take their servers down. They have been down for over a week now. https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-server-hosting-provider-still-down-a-week-after-ransomware-attack/ If you are not familiar with them, A2 is not some crappy bottom run hosting company. They have long been considered one of the better VPS hosting providers available. This is why you need to have a backup plan for any site you really care about. If my main business site went down, I could be back up on another host within an hour.
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    Basicallly Uber exists so the company can exist without having to own the maintenance on transport vehicles. When I had the partnership in Central City we did parking lots, shuttles, and a few services for casinos. The vehicle upkeep was pretty high overhead and kept our profit margins clipped with no real way around those costs. To have drivers use their own vehicles and not be responsible for maintenance and upkeep would have been a windfall for us. Yet despite - their business is going to fail way before technology sinks them. They have a completely stupid set up. I tried to get ahold of them to see about a reservation so I could just leave my rig at home when I flew to my Dad's for Christmas. They wanted me to download an ap on a device that I didn't own. So I tried to contact their CS dept since most taxi services didn't go to my town. At all. Nor did buses. So I got on the CS and somehow those idiots, after a few emails, still couldn't understand I just wanted a one time transport, signed me up as a driver and I started getting "paystubs" for 0 amount and continual flags in my email to finish signing up as a driver. It took me 2 months to get them to figure it out. I never did get a reservation for a ride. The price was damned close to a regular taxi anyway. I've also heard some real horror stories about some of the drivers being less than sane or honest. Dealing with them didn't give me the feel of an up and coming business giant. I got the feel that the owners just had a setup that would get them some nice scratch temporarily and they'll ditch it off when the lawsuits and complaints start to get too risky. If they fold out tomorrow, they've already made some really good cash from their scheme.

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