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    Dan Riffle

    Testosterone and Ramen Noodles

    If you're going to fart around with your test levels, make sure you're getting your prostate checked, especially at your age. Doctors are backing off test replacement therapy because the side effects outweigh the benefits. That said, good for you.
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    Testosterone and Ramen Noodles

    Six months ago I felt that my testosterone levels were at an all time low (I had been told years ago by a doc that they were down) So, spurred on by those Nugenix ad's, I sought an alternative to them, because I have a problem swallowing tablets I sought a liquid version. To that end I found quite a range on Amazon. I settled on one called Androtrex and ordered it. It contains the standard two main ingredients that help bring your testosterone levels back to normal plus a load of other beneficial botanicals. You just squirt a couple of drops into your mouth twice a day. After a month or so I felt my stomach tightening up. I was getting trimmer in that area, Good Testosterone levels help keep you leaner.So now, in that area I now have scant excess flesh to pinch and.In the area where the ex baseball player player promoter of Nugenix winks at you, I had positive results too. I still had a problem with my chest though, always a bit barrel shaped. I kept that down most of my life because in the UK you would walk more. Not so in Houston, no sidewalks and too hot most of the year. So no exercise to speak of here. Every day at work I would go across the street and buy a meat sandwich or roll for lunch. During the summer at the college I work for, allow you Fridays off for two months, you work an extra hour each day for 4 days and they give you the other half day off, very popular, last Friday was our Final one for the year. So, with just a half hour for lunch each day, scant time to get a sandwich. So I looked around for something to bring and had never tried Ramen Noodles, so, bought a load (dirt cheap) and eat one pot for lunch each day with some chips and a whole grain bar. I found them to be delicious and filling. Two months later I noticed that I had to tighten my belt by a notch. The simple act of replacing a sandwich with Noodles each day (but still eating whatever I wanted for the rest of it) and taking this Androtrex testosterone booster is making the weight fall off me and at 62, I'm slowly getting ripped. My lower back has stopped hurting too. So, I will call this the "Andronoodle" diet, surely the easiest way of losing weight and getting ripped with no exercise ever stumbled upon. PS, yes I know Ramen noodles are not really that good for you so looking for an alternative.
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    Who didn't see this coming?

    There's more to this than meets the eye. Apparently he was put on suicide watch after an alleged attempt a few weeks ago. Then all of a sudden he was taken off for no apparent reason, and lo and behold, he kills himself. Or did he? There are allegations of a lot of high profile people being involved in Epstein's crimes, such as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and the Trumpster himself. Already Trump has been retweeting RW conspiracy theories about Bill Clinton having bumped him off. Trump doing that looks to me like a "look over there, not at me" ploy. William Barr is up to his eyeballs in this as well, although perhaps not as a participant. Anyway, the authorities have a ton of evidence including documents and videos of what happened, and who was involved. If he was bumped off on the orders of someone high profile that plan may well have backfired. The only person who could've stopped that evidence being used in court was Epstein himself. Now he can't do that. To my untrained legal mind that implies all the evidence can go into the public domain, or at least be used as evidence against other alleged perpetrators. https://www.rawstory.com/2019/08/epsteins-friends-just-lost-any-chance-of-having-penthouse-evidence-tossed-by-courts-heres-why/ Stay tuned, this story ain't over yet.
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    Sounds so cool I almost prepared to wax my titties jus' so I can benefit. Course, back in the day, indelicate Princess gals had synchronised tweezer factotums to enhance feminitity an' ensure encounters with bearded princes steered clear of friction burn incidents or the invention of Velcro centuries before its time. That is why Jane Austen cut out the scene in Pride & Prejudice where Elizabeth chomps on a honey sandwich while strappin' on her bustles. Purity & fur don't mix too good — less'n you a kitten. As for mixin' up Ramen noodles with othah life-enhancin' foodstuffs, mebbe you wanna consider stuffin' 'em between two quarterpounder burgers (same as quarterpounders 'emselves are typically stuffed between two halves of a bun) ... an' then blendin' evrythin' into a real nootricious smoothie.
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    Testosterone and Ramen Noodles

    At best, they might have a fishing rod

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