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    This is a big change. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-feature-snippet-drop-normal-snippet-28879.html In the past, if you earned a featured snippet, you still maintained your "normal" organic position on page one as well. That is no longer the case. Now a page that has the featured snippet will have their normal snippet moved to the top of page 2. People who have snippets are going to be pissed they are no longer going to control 2 positions on the first page. Those who didn't have 2 positions are going to be happy about the change. Also with this change, the featured snippet is now officially position 1 and part of the 10 organic spots on page one. If a featured snippet is shown, 9 other SERP listings will be present instead of 10.
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    RIP Terry Jones

    Another one gone. Terry Jones writer, director and performer of the Monty Python troupe has passed away aged 77. RIP, and thanks for all the laughs. Probably his most (in)famous character is the Virgin Mandy in The Life Of Brian:

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