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    I have known this woman since the 80's and we are best friends. She moved here more than 20 years ago from the UK. It was my coming to visit that was instrumental to me moving here and finding an American wife.(now no more) My friend makes a living as a psychic/medium, been on tv and radio here and in the UK and published 3 books. We get into deep conversations, me with my logical mind and her with a flighty one. So I asked her the other day..explain the process of death and what you would expect to find after it based on your communications. I expected her to say something mundane like oh, you go to a wonderful place along with just about everybody else, meet your deceased friends and family. Well, she was all over the place with her answers, essentially saying you could end up in any time or place depending on what you expect it to be like. I said, bet you could not write that down so anyone could make sense of it. Now, onto the little insight that had never crossed my mind. She said that multiple times, the moved on people she had communicated with had said that when you die, more or less instantly, you completely forget what it is like to live in this world, occupy a body, be restricted by the laws of physics etc. It's just blown away by the new state of being. So that's probably why you never get bothered by the ghosts of your relatives, they just forget it all. You have to suspend disbelief of course to entertain this one. But if it is so then it's a perfectly logical to entertain the idea and outcome.
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    You lost me here.
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    That's the Spirit
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    We do that automatically with all of your posts.

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