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    Well, they say everybody has a price? I'm not sure if that would be good or bad though. As bad as Fox News is, it is fairly tempered compared to the places its viewership might turn to if they lose that.
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    That's his other son James, who has been very critical of the rampant climate change denialism endemic in Newscorp and FoxNews. Then again, he was deeply involved in the UK phone hacking scandal of a few years ago. So, a bit of a mixed bag. Incidentally I've seen many people say/write that the best way Mike Bloomberg could spend the masses of money he currently is, is to buy out FoxNews. As FoxNews is about the only asset left in the Murdoch empire that makes a profit, would they actually sell it though?
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    Left unpunched, they could become the new dominant species
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    OK, so that takes care of humans. What about other life forms such as garden gnomes? Asking for (not) a friend.
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    That's obvious Captain er...Obvious. And to that end, may I present my new virus Covid-3000. 3000 times more lethal than Covid-19. Guaranteed to put pay to anyone who catches it and so virulent, you only need mention it's name and your a goner. That's why I'm only typing it and wearing a mask.
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    All I know is, whoevah been administerin' Roopsie's moisturizin' cream slashed him too many times in the face with the trowel to figure anyplace porcelain.

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