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    I'm with you guys. Keyword cannibalization is one of the more dumb concepts I can remember seeing pop up in the SEO community. I have many keywords with multiple pages ranking to prove it.
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    Just giving this thread a bump as the Uber IPO is apparently being priced this week, and in case some on here are thinking of getting in on it. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed for the company's prospects, except that more and more Uber drivers are joining class action lawsuits against the company. As with every other IPO, caveat emptor*, however in the case of Uber, that warning is exponentially more pronounced. * Buyer beware.
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    Mike Friedman


    I've been using the free version for about two years now. I like it. It catches a lot of stuff. I don't know about it making you a "better" writer, but it will certainly save you from sounding illiterate at times. I honestly don't even know what else the paid version comes with.
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    Princess Balestra

    Eugenics Rise and Fall

    Croolty will always find a reason where hoomanity jus' wants to exist. For sure Glow-bah-lies-hey-shine got all kindsa downsides, but at least we figurin' more 'bout what we all got in common steada freakin' out bcs a whole buncha STRAINJAHS come explorin' our ravine. Eugenics was always someone else's mom ... someone else's kids ... pushed outta sight into sum noplace conveniencehole so's you can all jolly along sweet with your favo peeps. Call me thankfully loser millennial, but I got no ideah how anywan walkin' blindly into that kinda crapola — less'n there's a REBRAND gowin' down.
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    Not content with Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul, Vince Gilligan has written the script for a sequel to one of the best shows of this century, and any other century for that matter. Aaron Paul will reprise his award winning role of Jesse Pinkman in the Netflix movie titled El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. It seems some of the lesser characters from Breaking Bad will also be returning such as Skinny Pete. There is speculation as to whether Walter White (played to perfection by Bryan Cranston) will also be making an appearance in the movie as well. Everyone is tight lipped about this as they are about the plot for the movie. I've no doubt that the movie will be a blockbuster for Netflix, although I'm not sure whether it will be shown on Netflix AU, as local streaming site Stan has the rights for not only Breaking Bad, but also Better Call Saul. I guess it doesn't matter as it will be on one of the platforms. The only people who won't be able to see it are those who can't afford either platform and will just have to go on constantly whingeing about the parlous state of free to air television. Fuck 'em is what I reckon. If their flyer/font creation/swing trading "businesses" don't generate enough income to be able to afford these services they should question their life choices and probably get a job stacking shelves at the local supermarket. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/aug/25/netflix-announces-breaking-bad-film-starring-aaron-paul What isn't mentioned in the article is the big question that is on everyone's minds is of course, "Will this Breaking Bad sequel be good enough to earn a nomination in that most prestigious of awards shows?" You can be assured that the Committee members will be watching this when it's released and judge it accordingly.
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    There are a number of flaws involved with this concept. 1) The sun not shining or the wind not blowing are the core memes generated (pun intended) by the denialist crowd. It completely ignores the advances being made in battery storage technology. 2) Despite a number of trials around the world over decades, there are still no working examples of a thorium reactor. A successful plant may still be decades away. By the time it becomes viable, advances in solar cell technology and battery storage may have negated the entire need for them. 3).The response to a Chernobyl/Fukushima type event can hardly be called "knee jerk". 4) A 300 year "shelf life" for the waste is a vast improvement on the 10,000+ years for uranium, however it still poses the same problem - where to store it. 5) "They take up too much room" is another favourite meme of denialists. Every continent (bar Europe) has vast areas which are essentially deserts. Obviously these receive a lot of sunlight and can be built there. This meme also ignores the advances in solar cell technology some of which can actually be used as building materials for roofs, window panes and more. There's also a huge amount of space needed to build any type of reactor. First for the actual building itself, and then a clear "no man's land" around them. So quite possibly more space than would be required for solar and/or wind farms. 6) The cost is prohibitive both for construction of the reactors as well as fabricating the fuel stock. Traditional uranium fuel is far cheaper. 7) Whilst it's being transformed into usable fuel, dangerous gamma rays are emitted. 8 ) The irradiation process could also be used for transforming the fuel into Uranium-233 which can be used for nuclear weapons. This is the last thing the world needs. In conclusion the concept is worth exploring, but it actually being a viable energy source is a long way off.. In the meantime we know that solar/wind + battery storage works right now.
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    I ain't associated with this product in any way, jus' wanted to share ... http://mandelaeffectgame.com/ Could be one for the whole fam to play next thanksgivin' after the dog ate all the chess pieces an' the riot police showed whenr granma beat evrywan at strip poker an' celebrated in the street.
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    ALL THIS OVER AN 80-YEAR-OLD SONG! SNOWFLAKES OF THE WORLD, REJOICE!!! PHILADELPHIA (FOX 29) - The Philadelphia Flyers have banned Kate Smith's rendition of "God Bless America" from the Wells Fargo Center and will cover the statue of the famous singer outside the stadium following accusations of racism, the team announced. The Flyers will follow the lead set by the New York Yankees, who suspended Smith's performance from the 7th inning stretch at Yankee Stadium.
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    CBD oil is legit.

    I walked into a health food store to pick up a vitamin that I take and I noticed that they were selling CBD oil, which I thought was illegal in my state. My biggest concern was the price and I was highly skeptical that it might be snake oil. I would also note that I am very sensitive to drugs and can tell when an aspirin kicks in. I can just feel it. I just tried it about 5 minutes ago and it's absolutely legit. It doesn't make you high at all but I can definitely feel a distinct but mild calming effect and I can feel the glands in my face relaxing. I also have pain from using a computer my entire adult life and that pain is barely noticeable. I was also working out earlier today and had some muscle soreness, that pain is gone now. Note that I kept the oil under my tongue for about 60 seconds. Edit: Not much more time went by and my mood is noticeable better now. Definitely legit... Edit2: The visual after effects that I have that are caused by computer vision syndrome are almost gone. This stuff is fucking amazing... Edit3: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING THIS... IT FEELS LIKE ALL OF THE POSITIVE EFFECTS OF SMOKING MARIJUANA WITH ZERO HIGH...
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    Google just asked me for a review?

    Did you sign up as a local guide with google ? They maybe tracking you that way or through your maps and where you parked your car. Seen that when going to a local fast food chain in a strip mall. Google is always asking to review another place on the property not the Burger joint. You can correct the location but it is usually a pain in the A** Some sources out there claim that is how google is making their Ai more accurate. Also supposedly they are trying to rate if directions are very good or bad ( they give multiple choices ). This is to help with their self driving cars. Hth's
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    I know you didn't actually forget that the boycott only applied to the Americastanian team. I also know you didn't actually forget that despite that boycott the World Fluffing Olympics continued with teams from everywhere else. As a member (pun intended) of the Australian team I competed, and I was once again adjudged the best. Idiot.
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    Dan Riffle

    Was it something I said?

    The best we can do is a water-boarding trip on Jeffrey Epstein's private island. Unfortunately, the host will be unavailable. He's reportedly been hanging out elsewhere... Take it or leave it.
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    Princess Balestra

    Sloping Toilet Unpopular

    Gotta figure sum internet gooroo will dream up an easy-attach restraint bar to stop you slidin' off — same as they have on theme park rides. I dunno, sumthin' like a doorknob affair that slips onto the seat between your legs an' cups you safely in place if'n gravity takes ovah. Like phones, you could mebbe personalise these, with mebbe funny faces packin' hilarious protuberences, an' a simple mechanism could animate 'em like them dancin' cactus toys from way back. Why, these sound such fun, I would wanna see 'em enter the arena anyways. Glee Pee Your Fun Time Washroom Friend Now slacking off from your job doesn't have to mean immediate dismissal! Why fall when nature calls? Why not have a ball? Here's a Washroom friend who's always got your front. Even more fun on a regular non-sloping toilet! Improves pelvis health, cultivates healthy hormone release, and enhances vocalization — especially vowels.
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    Google stealing traffic?

    Ok wasn't sure what to put as the title but that will do. I don't know whether I've seen this before or not so has anybody else seen this? Basically I noticed today when I'm on desktop (haven't checked mobile etc) that in the search results there are some results that have drop down boxes below the result that if you click on shows more content from the website. It looks basically like answers to related questions. I've attached an image, it's not my niche so just picked an obvious one to demonstrate. My initial thought was it's taking the piss as Google can be showing a fair bit of content from the site without you having to click away, but the content in the drop downs do seem to contain a link to the relevant page on the site so not sure whether it's good or bad. Maybe this is old and I only just noticed lol.
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    K, so that's 2 balloons of pure joy popped like sumone stuck pins in Kim Kardashian's ass. Gotta hope Claude & Rifflepops are wrestlin' each othah to death in a pit of snakes, then we all done. Actschwlly, gotta hope that is happnin' for real bcs there's nuthin' on TV rn. Hey ... even if there WAS sumthin' on TV, prolly I would wanna figure Claude & the Popster au writhe if I knew it was an option. Plus also, in a dystopian Cosmos where zero choice existed, prolly I would be happier with Claude an' El Poppo ovah TV most days — or even EZ access tech entertainment generally. Worst case scenario? Satan says YOU GETTIN' CLAUDE & POPZILLA ANYWAYS ... for ALL ETERNITY ... so SHUTCHYA MOUTH & mebbe be GRATEFUL they both STILL GOT TEETH. But that is the joy of Thanksgivin', I guess. The torment of peelin' vegetable after vegetable under unforgivin' parental gaze demands exotic fantasy to break the tedium. An' a snakepit fulla wrestlin ADONI is my favouritest so-schwaaal medium.
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    Here in God's chosen country, the last Thursday in November is officially known as the last Thursday in November. It only happens once a year. We celebrate it by doing the same thing we do every other day.
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    Says the guy who dresses as a kangaroo every Halloween.
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    On the TV's, this was an upgrade experiment to see how much better the picture would be. The cheaper panels are edge lit with LED's or have less led lights behind the panel, so not such a bright picture. But, for what you get they are pretty good and dirt cheap these days. On the Qled's you get better back lighting, more led's (so a brighter picture) and more colors than you would see on the cheaper ones. What you would see as grey perhaps on yours is solid (as near as possible) jet black. It is noticeable, sometimes quite striking to see the difference, especially on 4k stuff. As far as bra's go, I think Claude would be a good testing candidate, His 38 DD man boobs are legendary at his local "Wooster Businessman's Club, Sauna, Spa and Feather Boa Emporium"
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    Dan Riffle

    Unbelievable Coincidence

    The best I can do is 29 seconds. Happy birthday, Mark. What are you? 72? 73?
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    Dan Riffle

    Unbelievable Coincidence

    OK, I spent a few minutes figuring out the odds for you. I felt like being nice. The odds of this occurring are 1 in who gives a shit?
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    You can pick up a Pop Tart
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    Yeah I had both my surgeries via anterior which means the front of the upper thigh is where they open you up. Unlike from the old school ,where they would open you up from behind in your buttocks area and reach your hips that way. The former cuts through so much LESS tissue and muscle. Iam sure Murray had that. Plus, I had the ceramic ball instead of the titanium ( replacing the femoral head). I bet Murray had that too as it lasts much longer and less complications. Although Iam 20 years older, it baffles my mind he has that much mobility with the new Replacement. Stunning, really!! I can walk but when I run it's like running on stilts. So I stick with just walking. But it beats where I was 3 years ago where I could barely walk it was so bad
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    tbh if Dan Riffle tinglin' in any capacity, I got myootyool vibes crackin' off sumplace in my Juicy Areah. Back in the day, people like Moi were referred to as "precogs" — like we merely turnin' the wheels of destiny! But I would wanna look in on "protosnogs" — like we a global community of purely Here & Now gasmotriggered smoochpoppets rockin' out on joyousness from beyond all frickin' reason. Meantime, gotta figure anywan fortunate enough to be handed a Whatty gonna savor the pleasure till their brain vaped out on Joystuffs.
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    RIP Ginger Baker

    Not my favourite drummer by a long shot and a volatile personality, but he was a member of the first supergroup (where all members were equally proficient) and had a distinctive drumming style that influenced others and made "The Drum Solo" popular.
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    I'm optimistic for this. I was not excited for Better Call Saul when it was announced, but it has been way better than I ever expected.
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    Thing to remambah always is the diffrence between MEN + POWAH an' GALS + POWAH. Less'n we gals so covert an' monstrous it ain't troo, when was the las' time you heard anythin' 'bout fem dominated sex dungeons fulla exploited guys chained up & held hostage? (Apart from ... yanno.) When was the las' time you seen stories 'bout CRIMINAL GAL GANGS trafickin' vulnerable guys for sex? I do naht see this happnin' so fuckin' big time as stuff makes the nooz so evryday we kinda expect it is the norm. How many more zillionaire guy types gotta be exposed as exploitative assholes before nowan says hey, c'mon, let the gals max out on hoomiliation an' shame an' blatant abuse for once! Equality first!
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    Make Science Great Again! https://theconversation.com/its-not-the-science-of-tax-and-five-other-things-you-should-know-about-taxonomy-78926
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    As a dangleroo enthoosiast, gotta figure I am increasingly choosy 'bout the flesh my eyeballs be randomly heir to as I booby doo my way through the coffee bars an' parks of the planet. Nuthin' puts me off my dinnah more than overly protuberent groinware bustin' offa an underly charismatic hobo. But if we got a total ban on freely available visyool delish, likely I gotta go shoppin' for clutch bags with a crowbar compartment so I can prise open a few humdingers.
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    I have to admit, I think that this Mandela Effect idea stays alive (at least in a few minds) because it's an almost perfect delusion. The delusion is that history is changed, and changed retroactively...so it's impossible to find evidence that it was (or wasn't ) changed. It relies on having a perfect memory, and also a super power of seeing something that others don't see (something I think we all believe to some degree). It's circular logic...but I can see why someone would be trapped in that loop. It's a near perfect defense against scrutiny.
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    That's the short answer
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    Princess Balestra

    What Would Be Your'e Epitaph

    Aaaaaaaaw ... you li'l charmer.
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    Claude Whitacre

    What Would Be Your'e Epitaph

    Well..... I argue with you on several subjects. But I have to tell you, you have a real gift for humor. And this post was a great example. "You have a real gift for humor" is something Dan Riffle hasn't heard in all his meaningless, shallow, inept existence.
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    Mike Friedman

    Are you using Web.Dev?

    This website was launched by Google in November of last year. https://web.dev/ I'm really surprised it doesn't get talked about more in SEO circles. I hardly have seen anyone even mention it. It works with Lighthouse and is a great little audit tool. I don't believe that everything in it is a ranking factor or something to worry about, but considering that it is put out by Google itself you should probably assume that if it is not a ranking factor today, it is something they are trying to move towards in the future. I have seen some good results by trying to improve things in this report on client sites. Definitely worth taking a look at if you haven't been.
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    Google Florida 2 Update

    This recent Google broad core update that most are calling Florida 2 had me lose about 40% of my traffic. Usually don’t follow to many updates but had to go searching this one out because of my steep traffic loss. Any thoughts on what it might specifically be targeting? Anyone else have some sites they had a major lost/gain from it?
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    There can be more than one business at the same address. You don't need hers moved.
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    I've had ideas like that, I suppose. Don't do it. You'll end up hating everyone that participates, because they are fools. And the weight of your guilt for taking advantage of people will become overbearing. These ideas are fun to think about, because it means you are clever. But if you have any conscience at all, you'll soon be miserable.
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    Garden gnomes? Vacuum cleaner salesmen?
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    Mike Friedman

    Truth in Advertising?

    So I was looking on Amazon for some new hearing protection. Look at the pictures on this set of ear muffs. Could they make it any more obvious that they Photoshopped these into the pictures? https://www.amazon.com/Mpow-Reduction-Adjustable-Protection-Defenders/dp/B0784TDR8Q/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1548878974&sr=8-9&keywords=woodworking+hearing+protection
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    A Major Death In My Family And Stuff

    I am so sorry to hear this Mark. I can relate as I just recently lost my father-in-law. I know that there are no words that will ease the pain, so let me just send my condolences and love your way. As Claude says, it will get better. Terra
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    Terrible news, Mark. I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Can Anyone Ever Own The Moon

    Generally speaking that is true, but I must expand my view and look at other things, like a pride of lions occupying a territory and defending it. Is this the concept of ownership of lions or just a survival instinct, obviously the latter. We conceptualize our view of the universe, but that is based on facts, data, measurements etc. It may be a concept and a fact as well. So while I agree that most concepts are a product of the human brain and it's thinking, some are nothing more than an outward doing of pre-programmed. primordial instincts
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    Mike Friedman

    I'm getting published, Baby!

    Sorry to hear about your loss. And congrats on all the new developments.
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    mki, It's a little difficult to say what to charge for expert content without knowing the specialty. I can however give you ball park figures. For writing in general, I wouldn't charge less than $50 per 500 words. And when I wrote for the the medical industry, it was $75 for the same and those prices actually are on the low end of the scale. I would love to see a sample of your writing and take it from there. Terra
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    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/15/technology/google-will-ban-websites-that-host-fake-news-from-using-its-ad-service.html?_r=1 I understand their reasoning for this, but they may be biting off more than they can chew. How do you differentiate fake news from opinion pieces? Are habitual liars like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Rachel Maddow going to be considered part of the "fake news"? Or are they only going to target the click bait headline grabbers? I know there are people making a ton of money with these sort of sites. You see them in Facebook all the time. Not sure how many are actually using AdSense though. I don't think this crackdown will change much as far as the distribution on Facebook. Most of those site owners don't actually pay for Facebook ads. They make agreements with popular pages to share their posts and pay them.
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    I wasn't trying to make it a left or right thing. That's why I mentioned the one about the Trump supporter getting beat up. It certainly happens on both sides. I happen to see the ones from the right spread around a lot more because of where I live and the people in my Facebook feed. I have seen plenty from the left too though and have no doubt they are numerous on both sides.
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    Fed Up With The Other Place

    I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on that one. None of the other mods spend any time here. Most of the mods their don't give two shits about the off-topic area, and for good reason.

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