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  1. Grant Writer Wanted

    A nonprofit in my area is looking to sign on a freelance writer (preferably with experience in writing grant applications). Most months it will be between 15 and 20 proposals they will need to be written. This is for someone in the U.S. only, but outside of that location is not important. Attention to detail and the ability to consistently meet deadlines are a must. You will be working directly with this organization, not under me. You can either post here or shoot me a PM if you are interested. Thanks
  2. Tip If you sell digital files

    Yep. Just off the top of my head, I can think of 3 themes that I have purchased at least 4 times each.
  3. One of our members could use your help

    Can you post the link to her blog here? I missed that.
  4. One of our members could use your help

    I know many of you have been following this thread about @HeySal over at Warrior Forum. For those unaware, she is in a battle with cancer and could use some support from the community. Every little bit helps. The thread explains it better than I could. There is work being done to set up a special WSO over there were all proceeds will go to Sal. When that is up, I'll share the link here. Sounds like there will be some great products in there at a price that will make it a ridiculously good value. There is also a GoFundMe page setup where you can donate to the effort. I know many people here visit both forums. I also know some have sworn that place off, so I just wanted to make sure this reached everyone. If anyone wants to add any other info that I missed, feel free to do so.
  5. I only write them when I am hyper-targeting a very specific phrase. Otherwise, a page can rank for so many different search terms and variations that you would never think of, your meta description is likely to not be as relevant as you think for a lot of the search users that see it.
  6. Actually, I'm pretty sure they are still using characters for the meta descriptions, not pixels. They recently expanded it to 320 characters. I always leave meta descriptions blank though. I prefer to let Google choose a snippet from the content that it feels best matches the search query and their intent.
  7. Has anyone tried the 'Recrawl Now' button in the new GSC? Bastards.
  8. New Google ranking factor transforming SEO overnight. Read more.
  9. Reputation Management Tool for SEO

    I should have clarified myself better. In your industry, most people are not going to search for your business by name. They are going to search by the service you provide. Garage door repair, garage door installation, etc. The only way that page is showing up in search is if someone searches for your business name, and that is the only way they are going to see the reviews the page is collecting. Reviews in Google, Facebook, etc. are going to show up when people find your business by searching for the services you offer.
  10. Near Me and how to combat it?

    Probably a good lesson for you too. Being cheaper is one thing. Being a lot cheaper can give the impression that your services are not as good.
  11. Google cancelling unused AdWords accounts

    Probably not a big deal, but Google is deleting AdWord accounts that have not run ads in the past 15 months. If anyone had an account you stopped running ads on but were using for the Keyword Planner data, Google is kicking you out. You can reactivate the account, but if you don't start running ads it will just be deactivated again in 3 months. https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/7619129 I cannot say I really blame Google on this one. The Keyword Planner probably gets used just as often by freeloaders as it does advertisers and is likely a resource hog.
  12. NAP and Call Tracking Numbers

    I don't think it is going to hurt much. If you are worried about it, what I would probably do is put the address and phone number in your footer that matches your citations. Small print. Nothing that stands out for visitors, but that way it matches. You might now and then have someone that uses that number off your site and it skews your tracking a little bit, but likely nothing drastic.
  13. Reputation Management Tool for SEO

    Two things come to mind. First, there is no way that is going to improve rankings. The community page they give you might rank eventually, but there is no way it is helping your business page to rank better. Second, if I am able to successfully talk someone into providing a review, I would rather it appear on Google, Facebook, or Angie's List. Places that people recognize and might actually see.
  14. Near Me and how to combat it?

    You can expand the service area for GMB or include specific zip codes. That might help some. Outside of that, it's a matter of citations (make sure they are using Yext) and link. Reviews might help too.
  15. I'd be careful about the comedy routine idea. Throwing one of those in here and there would be okay. Too many and you might risk not being taken seriously. There is a fine line between making jokes and being a joke. As far as what you are talking about with procrastinating, I have that happen sometimes. A lot of times when I'm working on something big, I'm knocking a lot of the easy stuff or things I enjoy doing first. Then when I get near the end, I'm left with all the stuff I am dreading doing or hate doing. I'm not quite as motivated or gung-ho to go about those things.