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  1. Mike Friedman

    To HTTPS or not to HTTPS?

    There is truth to that. On the other hand, if someone is worried about the new changes coming to Chrome chasing away traffic and hurting conversions, at this point they only have about 2 weeks before they go into effect.
  2. Mike Friedman

    To HTTPS or not to HTTPS?

    It's really tough to start thinking about messing with a site pulling in $150k per year. I think the "not secure" warnings are going to have bigger impacts in some spaces than others. For example, among older people, I could see them being more alarming. In niches like finance, law, and healthcare I could see it eroding some trust and hurting conversions. And if Google ever goes to the big warning page before you even get to a site not using HTTPS, that is really going to hurt traffic. I think the warnings are only going to become more intrusive over time. Google is getting their wish for the majority of websites to use HTTPS/SSL. Most of the conversions I have done happened seamlessly. There were a couple that had a few hiccups for a few weeks. In my experience, the smaller the site, the less likely it is to see any kind of fluctuations as long as everything is done properly.
  3. Mike Friedman

    Local Ranking Factors

    They were kind of busy dealing with some fallout from a pretty serious bug in their plugin. https://yoast.com/media-attachment-urls/ I'm not sure what their response time is normally like. A week might be normal.
  4. Mike Friedman

    Know Your Target Audience For Your Book Format

    Ok. I just wanted to make sure it was working properly.
  5. Mike Friedman

    Know Your Target Audience For Your Book Format

    Is the forum giving you any other information on why it is not uploading? Images have to be less than 50 kB.
  6. Mike Friedman

    Local Ranking Factors

    Do you have a Google My Business page for it?
  7. Mike Friedman

    FTC takes action against deceptive SEO company

    I get the health insurance calls a lot. I also was getting the fake Google calls. I get debt collection calls for someone named Kevin. I don't think they believe me when I tell them they have the wrong number.
  8. https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2018/05/ftc-action-halts-deceptive-robocalls-aimed-small-business-owners The FTC is going after an "SEO company" known as Point Break Media. These assclowns were calling businesses pretending to be Google and telling business owners that they needed to pay them to keep their local places listings showing in Google. And take a look at this...
  9. Mike Friedman

    An explaination of Authority.

    @mki I will be interested to see what else you find if you do test it out. I do not like that they factor DA into the Keyword Difficulty score. Like you said in your one example if there are a couple of results from somewhere like YouTube, that is going to skew the whole thing. To be honest, I'm not all that interested in the KD anyhow. More interested in the link database and if their metrics are a little more in line with reality.
  10. I'm sure Amazon wouldn't be thrilled about it, but these people are probably churning through Amazon accounts pretty quickly. I would just add a captcha to the contact form and move on.
  11. Mike Friedman

    Google Map Changes - billing

    Oh yeah, that is just for API access.
  12. Mike Friedman

    Google Map Changes - billing

    Do you have a link?
  13. I have actually seen this a few times with local search clients. I usually re-evaluate keywords every 4-6 months. With local search you are often working with search volumes that can go as low as 20-30 searches per month depending on the type of business. I'll see keywords from time to time that seem to be rising in search volume (like 30 searches doubling to 60), which does make me think if it is just from us checking rankings. I even sometimes have seen a keyword we rank #1 for that supposedly is searched 50-60 times per month, but we see 1-2 visitors over the course of 3-4 months. Those make me wonder if they are 100% rank trackers. I don't see it often though, which makes me think Google has gotten pretty good at telling the difference between a rank tracker and actual search. A rank tracker is likely checking pages 1-10 without every clicking on a SERP listing. That pattern would be pretty easy to detect.
  14. Mike

    Is it my eyes, my computer, or has all the text of posts look too light, faded and difficult to read?


  15. And if you refer enough people to Freelancer.com to have that stuff done, you too can win $25,000.

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