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  1. Probably a coincidence, but I have not looked at it too closely.
  2. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    I would double check the hacking, especially if it is a Wordpress site. Sometimes sites can be hacked in ways that are not so obvious. You do not always just find one of those "Your site has been hacked by..." messages. Sometimes they will use hidden links on pages that you cannot see unless you dig into the code or look at the text-only version. A lot of times they infect the database and cause hundreds of new pages to be created. These pages are HTML pages and not created within Wordpress, so you do not see them in the admin dashboard. I had a client several years ago that had that happen to them. There were 485 pages created on the domain. They were all auto-generated from a MySql injection. Good luck.
  3. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    There could be links you have not found yet that are out there. No link checker finds all the links a site has and sometimes they take months to find new links. Your site could also be hacked and that is why Google dropped it. Without seeing the site, all that anyone can do is guess.
  4. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    My guess is that the site was penalized then. There really is no other reason for a site to drop 50+ spots.
  5. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    So they dropped from the top 10 to outside of the top 50?
  6. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    So the rankings dropped to #5 and #6 on the first page or they dropped to page 5 and page 6 of the results?
  7. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    Whether they earned them or not does not matter. What I am saying is that those type of links degrade in strength over time because they get buried deeper into the site typically. For example, a forum thread might be popular and stay near the top of a forum for a while. However, over time, the thread will probably die off and eventually fall back further and further in the pages of threads. Also, as more people are posting, they might be adding more links, making the link pointing at your site weaker. And here is another question... how far have the rankings dropped? I'm not talking about traffic. I mean the actual rankings for keywords that were bringing in traffic.
  8. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    What kind of links does the site have? All you say is that it has about 20 quality backlinks. Are they guest posts? Directory links? Something else? One thing that could be a problem is the forum signature links you mention. If any of them were helping to boost the site's rankings in the first place, they can easily degrade over time. They degrade because normally the threads where those links appear get pushed back deeper and deeper into the forum as new threads are posted.
  9. A site just fell from its usual rankings

    Let's start with the obvious. Have you made any changes to the site recently, including posting new or editing existing content? Design changes? Changes to HTTPS? Changes in hosting?
  10. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Those are fish.
  11. I'm getting published, Baby!

  12. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Congratulations Terra! Here is the link on Amazon for anyone interested. Here Comes Little Jenna Jafferty
  13. 2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    I have some with some weird functions and stuff going on that I was a bit worried about. Probably be okay. The big thing is the file structure. I don't just have a folder of spreadsheets. I have folders like Clients ==> Client A ==> Updates Those folders may contain images, docs, spreadsheets, etc. The docs and spreadsheets I'm fine with uploading. I don't need all the images uploaded (plus they will eat up a ton of space). So I kind of have to do it little by little. It's getting done though.
  14. 2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? I'm committing to the Google ecosystem. I transitioned all my email accounts last year. This year I am moving almost completely away from Microsoft Office and putting everything into Google Docs / Sheets / Drive and so on. I have already started this with a few clients where we are sharing a spreadsheet doc for work that needs completed. It's so much easier than sending a file back and forth. Sheets is not as advanced as Excel, but it works for pretty much everything I need it to. Same goes with Google calendar. It is just easier having everything in the cloud and the Office cloud kind of sucks in comparison. The changeover is going to be a massive pain in the ass because I use a lot spreadsheets and Word docs, but I'll get there eventually. I'm going to be publishing more content on here and at The SEO Pub relating to SEO, affiliate marketing, AdWords, etc. I keep saying that and getting away from it. It's one of the things I think I'm good at and need to commit to. I have not decided on a schedule yet, but I am likely going to hold myself to publishing one item every 2 weeks. I already have about 20 different documents started. I just need to force myself to sit down and finish them up. Then there is that working out thing. I got into a groove twice last year, and both times got sick and kind of fell out of it. I'm going to start and finish a two fitness programs this year. I've done P90X before. It's great, but I need to do something else. Whenever I start it, I usually end up with wrist problems around Day 45-50. It's all the pushups I think. I've tried push up bars, but they did not help. Crystal has done a lot of Les Mills Body Pump. I've done a few of the workouts in the past. Not usually my kind of workout, but I started it, and I'm going to finish the damn thing. Not sure what I'll choose for the other program later this year. 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? I'm going to stop letting myself get pulled in too many directions. It's something I have largely done to myself. In 2017, I was too much of an "idea guy". I hate idea guys. They start a lot of projects and rarely, if ever, finish anything. I started designing an area for beginner to intermediate marketers to help them begin in the right direction or get over the hump if they have been struggling. That fizzled out. I started writing an AdWords training program. I never completed it. Though, in my defense, part of that was because Google decided to redesign the AdWords interface, which made the videos and screenshots I had all obsolete. I'm still fumbling through some of the new design. Things where I knew exactly how to find, are... well, they are not where they are supposed to be damnit. There were several other ideas too that barely got out of the garage. That stuff is going to stop in 2018. I don't know how it ever started. I was never that way before.
  15. Google Local Services

    Appreciate you sharing your experience. I have not had the opportunity to try it yet. None of my customers are in areas where they are serving LSA ads or they are not in the right lines of business. I run AdWords for my own business, but my line of work doesn't qualify for LSA. Great to hear that it is working so well for you.