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  1. The update basically had no impact on the SERPs. It's just business as usual.
  2. Mike Friedman

    301 a webpage

    That one is probably fine to go ahead and 301 to your main site's home page.
  3. Mike Friedman

    301 a webpage

    That would be fine. I would just be careful you are not duplicating topics. For example, if you have an article about XYZ, but there is a better article about XYZ on your domain you are getting rid of, I would replace the article on your main site with that article, not add an additional article about XYZ. Hope that makes sense. Happy hour extended to happy hours tonight.
  4. Mike Friedman

    To HTTPS or not to HTTPS?

    I have used the Really Simple SSL plugin on a couple of sites. It works. Nothing wrong with it. Most of it is stuff that can easily be fixed manually. Changing to HTTPS on a Wordpress site is very easy these days. I did a short video where I migrated a site to HTTPS in just a few minutes here. If your host supports Let's Encrypt in cpanel, it is a breeze to do.
  5. Mike Friedman

    301 a webpage

    It could provide a boost. Tough to say for sure. Depends on how strong the links are. If the pages were ranking fairly decently on their own, then it is more likely you will see some kind of benefit from the redirect. What I would probably do to make it look less suspicious to Google is not do a redirect of the entire domain to the home page of your main site. I would redirect individual pages to pages on your main site that are related. Ones where there isn't a match, I would redirect to the home page. It takes a little more time, but is worth it in my opinion.
  6. Mike Friedman

    302's pass authority now?

    I had seen it in action back when PR was publicly updated, but never saw Google actually comment on it (or just missed it). I never paid much attention to it. I cannot think of a single time that I have ever used a 302 redirect.
  7. Mike Friedman

    302's pass authority now?

  8. Google announced on the Google Webmasters Twitter account that Chrome 68 is rolling out with its "Not secure" notifications.
  9. And yes, I am secretly jealous. I do like Reddit's karma system. I think it is a nice deterrent to spammers. It makes mods almost unnecessary.
  10. Lol. I probably would have close to double the Karma, but almost every time that I post something anti-Neil Patel or about how content is not king the downvote army arrives.
  11. SEMrush has been stepping up their game with all the tools they keep adding and improvements to existing tools. It's one of my few subscriptions that I never question.
  12. Lol. Okay, I wasn't quite that curious. More than I thought though.
  13. A good analogy for this update would be thinking of it like one of those height cutoffs for rides at amusement parks. If your mobile page speed falls below a certain mark, it may hinder your ranking performance. Everyone above that cutoff will have the same experience. Also, I think this Speed Update should officially be nicknamed Keanu. Please use that whenever referring to it and let us see if it catches on.
  14. How difficult did you find the transitions?
  15. https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2018/01/using-page-speed-in-mobile-search.html Google announced this update was coming in January. They will now be using page speed in mobile search ranking. Despite what the talking heads out there will say, speeding up your site is not going to have an impact on your rankings unless your site is super, super slow. There is going to be all kinds of click bait blog posts, Facebook posts, forum threads, and YouTube videos rolling out this week about this. Here is what you need to know: The truth, from Google's own mouth, is that only very slow sites are being impacted. If you have a fast site and make it faster, you won't see any improvement in rankings. I would pay attention to mobile traffic on your site for the next few days. If you see a decrease, it could be from this update. I would check Search Console to see if you can identify a drop in rankings/impressions from mobile devices. Then work to fix it. If you see an increase, it is not because your site is fast. That just means that a lot of your competitors were super slow.

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