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  1. Screaming Frog and Sitebulb both have a visual tool that will breakdown the structure of a site. In theory, it's a neat idea, but it gets a bit messy with bigger sites.
  2. First video launched yesterday. It was a bit awkward. Didn't exactly flow all that well. Was definitely put together more by engineers than marketing people. Funny enough for being titled as a series about myth busting, I don't remember them bringing up a single SEO myth.
  3. One of the more reputable and reliable hosting companies out there came under attack by a hacker and were forced to take their servers down. They have been down for over a week now. https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-server-hosting-provider-still-down-a-week-after-ransomware-attack/ If you are not familiar with them, A2 is not some crappy bottom run hosting company. They have long been considered one of the better VPS hosting providers available. This is why you need to have a backup plan for any site you really care about. If my main business site went down, I could be back up on another host within an hour.
  4. New series coming out from Google itself.
  5. I get asked frequently which of these tools I prefer for checking links. For some time I preferred Majestic because even though I'm not a believer in 3rd party metrics, theirs were clearly better than the ones at Ahrefs and lightyears ahead of anything from Moz. If I want to get an impression of something at a glance, TF and CF were okay to use. For a long time, Ahrefs has had the bigger index, but when I compare domains between them, what I often found was that both found the same quality links. Ahrefs was just crawling deeper and finding more of the spammy or lower quality stuff. A couple of years ago, I switched to Ahrefs though because of the suite of options they offer. Majestic is basically still just a link checker, where Ahrefs has a lot more tools for keyword research, audits, etc. All of that being said, I don't really follow Matthew Woodward these days, but an interesting post popped up in my Facebook feed today. https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/experiments/ahrefs-majestic-seo-1-million-domain-showdown/ The part of it that is most interesting and I would recommend looking at is how Majestic over inflates its link counts. If you are considering one of these tools or are a current subscriber to Majestic, I would take a peak at this.
  6. This website was launched by Google in November of last year. https://web.dev/ I'm really surprised it doesn't get talked about more in SEO circles. I hardly have seen anyone even mention it. It works with Lighthouse and is a great little audit tool. I don't believe that everything in it is a ranking factor or something to worry about, but considering that it is put out by Google itself you should probably assume that if it is not a ranking factor today, it is something they are trying to move towards in the future. I have seen some good results by trying to improve things in this report on client sites. Definitely worth taking a look at if you haven't been.
  7. It can bring in some money as long as people find it. I wouldn't do a website and announce that you are selling links anywhere on it. You can get away with a directory that sells placements, but you don't want a "normal" website that says, "Hey buy a link here!"
  8. All that demographic targeting is fairly useless for a lot of businesses. If I'm a plumber, how does that demographic data help me target someone with a leaky sink?
  9. I've been using the free version for about two years now. I like it. It catches a lot of stuff. I don't know about it making you a "better" writer, but it will certainly save you from sounding illiterate at times. I honestly don't even know what else the paid version comes with.
  10. I have heard about this bug. I guess I got lucky this go around. Not a single client was impacted.
  11. Well, yeah different businesses should have different phone numbers.
  12. There can be more than one business at the same address. You don't need hers moved.
  13. I'm guessing ones that are not claimed and actively managed the changes go live right away. That or it's just showing for you as you are logged into the Google account that suggested the edit... maybe?
  14. Maybe Google patched it. It might also be that it only lets you do it if you don't have an opening date listed. I honestly don't remember if I did or not.
  15. I've been forced to use Gutenberg on a couple of client sites. I'm getting better with it. It's not quite as clunky as it first felt. I still feel like this was some straight out of college junior programmer's first attempt at making a page builder though.
  16. You know what the Moz followers would say to that? Content is king. Links are no longer that important.
  17. I'm certainly much better with it these days, but fallen in love with it? I'm glad you are liking it but I am far away from being in love with it. I wouldn't even have a one-night stand with it yet.
  18. Yep. They certainly will. And Moz will do nothing to discourage it.
  19. The metric might be a little better after the update. What won't be better is the way Moz promotes it. They do little to discourage noobs understanding and encourage people to focus on DA to "understand" their own site's rankings.
  20. If it is tough to say without really seeing the links if they had a negative impact or not. I know a lot of people like to look at metrics and go to sites that put out some kind of "spam scores" like Moz to determine if a link is good or bad. I generally just use the eye test. I look at the page and site and ask myself, "Would I want my customers/propsects to know I do business with this site and point them to this page?" If I have to think about it, I don't want that link.
  21. Moz: Hold my beer. https://moz.com/blog/new-domain-authority Prepare for the shitfest of "Why did my DA go down?" or "Why did my DA go way up but my traffic didn't improve?"
  22. This is one of the oddest SEO stories I have read in awhile. https://www.seroundtable.com/bing-increased-url-submission-to-10-000-urls-per-day-27047.html These are the kind of decisions that companies make in a last ditch effort to save money right before they close up shop.
  23. It may not have been the database update that did it. You might have automatic updates setup. I cannot stand Gutenberg. I've tried it a couple of times thinking I better learn how to use it. I always just end up throwing my hands up and asking myself why bother? Elementor FTW.
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