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  1. Well, someone at Yelp decided to reject my edit and reverted it back to the old one. So I wrote a new one and this one has stuck for about 4-5 hours now.
  2. No, but we drink plenty of it.
  3. Well, they say everybody has a price? I'm not sure if that would be good or bad though. As bad as Fox News is, it is fairly tempered compared to the places its viewership might turn to if they lose that.
  4. I thought I had heard that one of his children is much more reasonable (actually believes in science) and that they have been running more and more of the empire.
  5. That's what Facebook pages are for. No need to have two accounts if you use a page correctly.
  6. I think I could give most people a pass on this one. Most people have no idea there is a difference between a bacteria and viruses. They are all just microscopic organisms to them. Of course, many also think that God sent them hear as punishment for being accepting of the LGBTQ community.
  7. I disagree a bit. Flat Earthers are a special kind of stupid. Watch some of their videos about their "evidence" that the Earth is flat. It's infuriating just how dumb these idiots are. I saw one guy get into a plane with a glass of water and fly across country. His "theory" was that if the Earth was round, we would have seen the top level of the water in the glass tilt as we went around the curve of the Earth, completely ignoring that gravity originates from the center of the Earth and not a point directly below the Earth.
  8. I don't love their business practices, but considering the current U.S. administration has decided that climate change doesn't exist and we should just ignore it, this is better than nothing.
  9. To be honest, if he keeps doing this, I think I'm okay with Amazon continuing to avoid paying taxes.
  10. Anyone have any of their GMB listings suspended recently? I have seen a lot of chatter in a few groups about another massive wave of suspensions. I have not seen it myself though. There are a couple of GMB management tools that seem to often be involved in these suspensions, but I cannot wade through the BS to tell. The tools and their owners have a lot of defenders. Anyone seeing anything similar? I'm just trying to collect some data to make sure people do not drift into trouble, especially when managing client accounts.
  11. No. Kobe Bryant just died in a private helicopter crash.
  12. It's starting though. There have been some rumblings on Twitter too.
  13. This is a big change. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-feature-snippet-drop-normal-snippet-28879.html In the past, if you earned a featured snippet, you still maintained your "normal" organic position on page one as well. That is no longer the case. Now a page that has the featured snippet will have their normal snippet moved to the top of page 2. People who have snippets are going to be pissed they are no longer going to control 2 positions on the first page. Those who didn't have 2 positions are going to be happy about the change. Also with this change, the featured snippet is now officially position 1 and part of the 10 organic spots on page one. If a featured snippet is shown, 9 other SERP listings will be present instead of 10.
  14. I can't wait to see what kind of favicon spam IM'ers come up with to try to influence clicks.
  15. It's not something businesses set up. It's just Google trying to get more activity. The more people they get leaving Google reviews the fewer people are leaving Yelp reviews. Ultimately, they want to put Yelp out of business, and I hope they succeed.
  16. Yep. If they get verified they should be able to run ads again. You can call Google to make sure. Their AdWords support team is usually fairly helpful.
  17. I think it was actually a good move by Google because of all the scam sites out there. They did the same thing in the past to locksmiths. If I am not mistaken, there is a way for businesses to get qualified to run ads. It's not just the big guys. And the change has nothing to do with HP, Apple, etc. trying to get rid of the little guys. Google made the decision, and the last thing they want to do is help Apple. The reason companies like Best Buy can still run ads is because they are easily verified by Google. As for refunding the customer, why in the hell would they do that? If an ad was not approved, there is nothing to refund. If ads were run in the past, they got their money's worth.
  18. I'm working with the host to hopefully get things resolved. We have been having some brute force attacks out of China, Russia, and Iran. I've tried a few methods to block those countries, but it slows the site down tremendously (like adding about 40,000 lines of code to the .htaccess file). I think the host is working with a skeleton crew this week, so it has been slow going back and forth with them.
  19. Okay, I see it now. This has been around for some time now. A lot of people think it is triggered by using FAQ schema. I have seen it triggered both with and without the schema though. The important thing is to look for related searches asking questions and incorporate those questions and appropriate answers into the page. That seems to work to trigger these expanded results.
  20. Your image isn't working. Can you PM it to me and I will get it fixed up? I think I know what you are talking about, but want to make sure before I comment.
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