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  1. I can't wait to see what kind of favicon spam IM'ers come up with to try to influence clicks.
  2. It's not something businesses set up. It's just Google trying to get more activity. The more people they get leaving Google reviews the fewer people are leaving Yelp reviews. Ultimately, they want to put Yelp out of business, and I hope they succeed.
  3. Yep. If they get verified they should be able to run ads again. You can call Google to make sure. Their AdWords support team is usually fairly helpful.
  4. I think it was actually a good move by Google because of all the scam sites out there. They did the same thing in the past to locksmiths. If I am not mistaken, there is a way for businesses to get qualified to run ads. It's not just the big guys. And the change has nothing to do with HP, Apple, etc. trying to get rid of the little guys. Google made the decision, and the last thing they want to do is help Apple. The reason companies like Best Buy can still run ads is because they are easily verified by Google. As for refunding the customer, why in the hell would they do that? If an ad was not approved, there is nothing to refund. If ads were run in the past, they got their money's worth.
  5. I'm working with the host to hopefully get things resolved. We have been having some brute force attacks out of China, Russia, and Iran. I've tried a few methods to block those countries, but it slows the site down tremendously (like adding about 40,000 lines of code to the .htaccess file). I think the host is working with a skeleton crew this week, so it has been slow going back and forth with them.
  6. Okay, I see it now. This has been around for some time now. A lot of people think it is triggered by using FAQ schema. I have seen it triggered both with and without the schema though. The important thing is to look for related searches asking questions and incorporate those questions and appropriate answers into the page. That seems to work to trigger these expanded results.
  7. Your image isn't working. Can you PM it to me and I will get it fixed up? I think I know what you are talking about, but want to make sure before I comment.
  8. Apparently Blizzard has a big annual convention coming up in a week or two. That is going to be a serious shitstorm. Can't wait.
  9. It would be a good time to create pages about how to cancel a Blizzard account or how to cancel a World of Warcraft subscription. Low competition, but right now the searches on those terms and related ones is blowing up. Lol. They fucked up.
  10. I have used both Bitcoin (client request) and PayPal for receiving payments from India. At the time, the way Bitcoin was going up, I was making an extra 30-40% profit on the job. The problem with a lot of merchant services today is they will charge an extra percentage for international payments. Pisses me off. With everything in the financial world so automated and electronic, it really costs them nothing extra to process a payment no matter where it comes from.
  11. I saw a Reddit thread pop up about this a month or so ago, or maybe it was in a Facebook group. They both got flamed pretty hard, deservedly so.
  12. Every single time I see a story like this, I have the same thought. Did nobody watch Terminator and Terminator 2? (the rest of the franchise didn't happen) I feel like these need to be mandatory viewing for top ranking government officials.
  13. I'm not familiar with any way to monitor the price other than to pull it up at a registrar. I'm also not really sure if there is a time period after which you can expect to see the price drop. I've never heard anyone say that. I kind of always just assumed the price was the price, but I guess it makes sense. If it goes for a year or so and nobody buys it, why wouldn't they drop it?
  14. I'm optimistic for this. I was not excited for Better Call Saul when it was announced, but it has been way better than I ever expected.
  15. I think it was in the book Tuesday's With Morrie where the person who was dying (Morrie) decided to hold a funeral while he was alive. I think he called it a "living funeral". His thinking was why waste all this praise on someone when they cannot be around to enjoy it? Makes a lot of sense really.
  16. I'm sure a few will say it is in bad taste, but I also feel like Dan would be disappointed if they didn't try to turn it into a marketing opportunity.
  17. Yeah, I started seeing conflicting reports yesterday. A couple of Facebook groups announced his passing. The messaging was a little confusing. I think most people read that first sentence in his message and assumed he was gone.
  18. I just heard he had a rapid decline in health and has passed away. Sad news.
  19. I wouldn't try circumventing Zillow's rules. If Zillow caught that, they might think you are trying to post fake reviews. I'm not sure what action they would take, but other similar platforms will typically remove ALL reviews and/or ban the person completely. You don't want to get your client removed from Zillow. Honestly, I would bet a lot of home buyers and sellers already have accounts on Zillow. Not all of them, but I bet a lot do. You have to sign up to get alerts and use different features. The whole "clients don't want to sign up" thing sounds like an excuse from the agent for being afraid to ask for the reviews. On top of that, both Realtor and Zillow let you sign in with your Gmail account, which many people have these days. There is basically zero effort in creating an account. It's already done. It's literally a one-click sign up. And if you know they have a Gmail account, you can also encourage them to leave a review on GMB. If they don't have a Gmail account, they can do the same thing with a Facebook account, which pretty much everyone has. Roughly 90% of the closings I have been to have had a lot of down time. They never start on time. There is always a few minutes where someone needs to go make a copy of something or whatever. If the real estate agent is sitting there with them, that would be the perfect time to ask. They can do it right on their cell phone. If not then, I would send a follow up email a few days after closing. It should be personalized. Not some boring template. Then at the end it can have standard copy that talks about the importance of reviews and the appropriate links.
  20. Steven W. I believe is who you were referring to.
  21. I was reading some about this story and what I cannot figure out is how Harry Markopolos and his team got their information. They are not part of an official government organization, so they don't have subpoena power. How did they piece this together and nobody else did? I don't really want to go through the 175-page report to figure it out. The guy was right about Madoff, so he certainly has some credibility.
  22. Kind of depends on the niche, but in some you can find influencers and follow them on social media. A lot of times they will get a heads up from companies releasing something new and sometimes will even get the product before launch to review. An example would be in the video game niche. This happens all the time.
  23. I'll look into that. I don't always read through every patch note on the minor updates. I do know the site is set for 18 and older. It asks for that information on signup. Maybe that has something to do with it and they updated something to re-verify when logins expire.
  24. It may have changed. I don't pay attention to it much anymore, but my understanding was that Wordpress publishes the author user name, not business name, in the code. The nickname shows up in the end result on the browser, if you are showing authors, but the user name is still appearing in the code. I have not checked that in a while though. I always have an admin account that handles all the site setup and design and an author account for publishing pages and posts.
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