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  1. I have heard about this bug. I guess I got lucky this go around. Not a single client was impacted.
  2. Well, yeah different businesses should have different phone numbers.
  3. There can be more than one business at the same address. You don't need hers moved.
  4. I'm guessing ones that are not claimed and actively managed the changes go live right away. That or it's just showing for you as you are logged into the Google account that suggested the edit... maybe?
  5. Maybe Google patched it. It might also be that it only lets you do it if you don't have an opening date listed. I honestly don't remember if I did or not.
  6. I've been forced to use Gutenberg on a couple of client sites. I'm getting better with it. It's not quite as clunky as it first felt. I still feel like this was some straight out of college junior programmer's first attempt at making a page builder though.
  7. You know what the Moz followers would say to that? Content is king. Links are no longer that important.
  8. I'm certainly much better with it these days, but fallen in love with it? I'm glad you are liking it but I am far away from being in love with it. I wouldn't even have a one-night stand with it yet.
  9. Yep. They certainly will. And Moz will do nothing to discourage it.
  10. The metric might be a little better after the update. What won't be better is the way Moz promotes it. They do little to discourage noobs understanding and encourage people to focus on DA to "understand" their own site's rankings.
  11. If it is tough to say without really seeing the links if they had a negative impact or not. I know a lot of people like to look at metrics and go to sites that put out some kind of "spam scores" like Moz to determine if a link is good or bad. I generally just use the eye test. I look at the page and site and ask myself, "Would I want my customers/propsects to know I do business with this site and point them to this page?" If I have to think about it, I don't want that link.
  12. Moz: Hold my beer. https://moz.com/blog/new-domain-authority Prepare for the shitfest of "Why did my DA go down?" or "Why did my DA go way up but my traffic didn't improve?"
  13. This is one of the oddest SEO stories I have read in awhile. https://www.seroundtable.com/bing-increased-url-submission-to-10-000-urls-per-day-27047.html These are the kind of decisions that companies make in a last ditch effort to save money right before they close up shop.
  14. It may not have been the database update that did it. You might have automatic updates setup. I cannot stand Gutenberg. I've tried it a couple of times thinking I better learn how to use it. I always just end up throwing my hands up and asking myself why bother? Elementor FTW.
  15. Sorry to hear about your loss. And congrats on all the new developments.
  16. Google Suite lets you use your own email accounts but run them through Gmail. So let's say you are running a business on xyzcompany.com. Running email through your web host is usually unreliable and gives you less control. It wouldn't be professional for all of your employees to have their own Gmail account. With Google Suite you can setup empolyee1@xyzcompany.com, employee2@xyzcompany.com, and so on and it all runs through Gmail's servers. Gmail is pretty much one of the gold standards of email services. You get more control and you can also easily monitor email accounts as well as archive them (if you need to for legal purposes). For the rest of the applications, such as Docs, Sheets, and lesser known ones like Keep, you can make it easy for members of the business to collaborate. Google Suite is not free though, but it's pretty inexpensive. There are 3 different plans at $5, $10, and $15 per month per user. The $5/month per user is adequate for most businesses.
  17. Update on this. I spot checked a few keywords about 90 minutes after fixing this on my GMB page and found my listing back at the top. I thought it would probably return pretty fast. Didn't expect it that fast.
  18. So just an update on this... there is nothing you can do to resolve it. Straight from Google themselves. https://support.google.com/a/answer/53340?hl=en What we are going to do as a workaround is to just setup redirects. So using something like somedomain.com/mail or mail.somedomain.com (if we use a subdomain) will just redirect the user to the ugly looking Google URL. I don't think users are going to care. Some won't even notice. We might take the extra step to mask the URLs. Not sure. It's not ideal, but it's practical and will work.
  19. Guys and Gals, be on the lookout for this. https://www.localsearchforum.com/threads/guard-against-opening-date-negative-seo.53699/ Someone did it to my business, The SEO Pub. Changed the opening date to January 2020, and now I am not showing up in local rankings. Must have just happened too because I logged in about 3 days ago. Also happened to two clients, but their rankings were not impacted. Guess I caught it faster. It's insane that Google allows users to submit edits like this for a GMB listing that is actively managed, and apparently word is spreading. Be diligent with your own sites and those of clients. Log in daily.
  20. I got a call about a month ago from Yelp to try to get me to advertise with them. I get these calls all the time and finally figured, what the hell. I'll give it a try. The reason I had always avoided it is because I don't believe that business owners are searching for search engine marketing agencies on Yelp. I've been on there and ranked very high for years and my page gets viewed about once every two months. It's a total waste. But I figured I would see what happens. Well, one thing you should be very aware of is Yelp's "daily budget" is not daily at all. What you really are setting is a monthly budget that Yelp will spend with no limitations. You cannot set a max CPC. So for example, if you choose a daily budget of $15/day, what you really are telling Yelp is that they have permission to spend $450 this month any way they want to. And it could all get spent in just a few days. It's not very clear in the description when you select this. I paid $173 for 2 clicks before I caught it and turned it off. One of those clicks did generate a "lead"... from someone looking for a paper printer. 🤬 Now, their advertising might work well for other lines of services. Just be aware of how their daily budget works before you start and watch it like a hawk if you decide to use it.
  21. A couple of things I like to do: I'll go to a local bookstore and start browsing magazines. See what is being advertised. What is being talked about? Is there anything I am seeing over and over again (other than weight loss). Spend an hour or two going through Facebook and Twitter. See what other people are advertising. Do some searches related to anything that catches my eye and see what other related products or opportunities I come across. Go sit at a public place and just watch people. (If I paid attention to this one a few years ago when I was on Ellis Island I could have gotten in on the selfie stick craze early.) I'll go sit at a Starbucks sometimes and do this. Watch the news or listen to talk radio. See what kind of problems and issues people are talking about. Right now privacy is a big hot button in the news. That could lead to all sorts of ideas such as VPNs.
  22. I don't know about Rand specifically, but Distilled has always dipped into the blackhat area.
  23. Reported by Barry at SERoundTable Not sure how they are going to enforce this one other than the cases where it's in the ToS or published somewhere else on the website. However, this is a nice tool for SEOs when you come across those clients whose web designer required them in their contract to link to them. I've had a couple of those cases. Now you can use this and tell the web designer that you will gladly forward a copy of that contract to Google.
  24. Be safe. Have fun. Eat. Drink. And be merry. Then it's time to gear up for 2019.
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