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  1. 2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    Was it on paper? *snickers and runs away*
  2. The new "green" boom

    Just throwing out some additional ideas here Mike... because it's legal here, many facilities look for farm land owners that are capable of getting a '502' license. The hydroponic industry is growing as well (personal growers). Grow lights, soil.. the list goes on and on. I've thought about this niche. I had a potential client that wanted me to build him an extensive site. He never got his funding, that I know of, but talking to him got me thinking about all of the different ways you could drill it down.
  3. LOL.. that almost looks like my hat! But you got the color right! I only wear the Stetson when I show. The one I ride in looks more like Clint's hat in Fist Full of Dollars My hat Mine's more beat up, though. LOL.. I fall off my horses more than he does.
  4. Okay, Picky Pink Pants... H.e. double toothpicks. Damned writers... You know that crown Wonder Woman wears?? I wanna find one and put it on my Stetson!
  5. Thank you Pink Pants! You know that 2017 beat the hell... oops, H. E. double toothpicks, out of me. You know when people say "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" ? I'M NEED A CAPE! *no, not a pink one.* *Disclaimer: Can't wear a cape, it'll scare the bejeezus out of my horses.
  6. DAMMIT! I missed the 'P'. LOLOLOLOL.. That whole quote, BIG Mike, is exactly what I had to change. While I understand clients doing it, I found myself doing it, too!!! Good Lord, I was, and working on fixing this, always sad, poor me, my life suckssssss.... PPFFFTTT! After talking to two amazing people yesterday, I learned how to compartmentalize, and how my attitude was reflecting on the outcome I wanted. BIG shout out to one, I bought a new pair of big girl panties! And stop calling me fat you SSOABYDDAK!
  7. What we have here, is a failure to communicate. ~ Cool Hand Luke My workload this last year has become overwhelming (IN A GOOD WAY!). I can see an end goal, it's exciting and daunting all at the same time. Yep, I feel GUILTY when I'm not working on it. I have a lot of responsibilities around here and with work. When you promised a client that a project would be done in X amount of time, yet your horses are standing in dirty stalls... it's a hard decision to make. I was raised to take full responsibility Sal. I MADE the choice to take on all of this, so ergo, it's my responsibility. Not fulfilling an obligation, isn't in my brain load. My family and clients rely on me. The only entity that dictates what/when/how I do things, is me! UGH! I loathe that statement. I've yet to meet a customer that was right. However, I do provide my time for my clients, but they never dictate to me. Again, it's always been my choice to stop what I'm doing and help them. <-- That is going to change this year. And, yep, most of my year was determined by how much I needed their money. Again, life happens. Those experiences taught me SO many valuable lessons!!!! Was it worth it? HELLZ YA! Are 'they' worth continuing on with.. FUCK NO. *Sorry Mike* But, I'll never stop helping people Sal. I've learned how to determine who deserves it and who is just going to abuse it. Hence my 'I'm not gonna feel guilty' statement in the other thread.
  8. Thank you, Pink Pants! I really need to hear that right now! Stupid techno gremlins are out to get me today! I thwarted them, though! I POURED WATER ON ALL MY COMPUTERS! DIE YOU LITTLE BASTARDS, DIE!
  9. That bold part is exactly what I do. It does come from my upbringing. When you have responsibilities, you get them done before you go outside to play. I would allow my clients to interrupt me with their problems and stop what I was doing to help, therefore, never finishing what I was doing. I would get so far behind on my work that I started getting up at ungodly hours just for the peace and quiet. By early afternoon, I had already worked for 10-12 hours, was exhausted and I couldn't even focus on anything, let alone having some fun. Crap, I still had chores to do! If I tried to take a much needed nap, I'd get an anxiety attack. This is/was no way to live. I was doing it to myself. I spent a LOT of time figuring out how to shorten my work schedule, but be way more productive and it's helping. I know that right now, I'm spread way too thin. But, I also know that I'm tough, I can handle it and the end goal will make it all worth while.
  10. 2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    You should feel guilty for saying that!
  11. ^^ This When I feel like I need it, I do take some time and just shut off for a while. I know how to listen to my body and my brain. 2017 left me with an unfortunate series of events. No worries, life happens. However, in trying to prioritize my responsibilities, something usually got put off 'until tomorrow'. Being responsible and putting slacking off, off for another day are two different things. I get PLENTY of exercise! And, the chores I do everyday, are actually, in there own way, relaxing. My point in the other thread was about the word 'need'. My guilt is from wanting to slack off when I need to get things done. When I need to shut down, I do because if I don't, nothing gets done, I'm too frustrated. I don't like to slack off, at all. I never have. And until my situation is back to a healthy place, I'm not going to. BUT, if I find myself in a mental place that continuing to work is too frustrating and nothing is getting done, anyhow, then I'd rather go screw around (like taking care of my garden or something), then be frustrated. People do push themselves too hard, to the point of exhaustion or illness, and I was doing that. That was why I typed what I did. I'm going to stop feeling guilty. Even if it's because I just don't wanna work any longer.
  12. 2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    I agree with John, I like the way 100 degrees did the copy and paste. 1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? Whew, this is a long list! I spent much of 2017 fine tuning my businesses. Testing, throwing out what wasn't working, and most importantly, finding a different way to do the things I HATED to do. Those hates were huge roadblocks for me. I set myself up to actually enjoy what I am doing and no longer dread my day. I have also worked out a few really cool plans to use direct mail, something I've never done. I wanted a specific target market(s) and no paid mailing list was going to give me the results I wanted. I also didn't want to send anything out that was generic as far as 'any ol' audience'. I'll save you all the pain of reading the rest, but my biggest thing for 2018, is FOCUSING! I let way too many things get me distracted in 17'. The old "make a list and stick to it" mantra.. LOL.. it works! Who knew? 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? Again, a long list. My biggest 'stop' is letting people waste my time! I found myself working way too hard for people that can't/wont pay me. Or, wasting my time because these clients refuse to get me the information I need FOR THEM, and then blame me because they aren't making any money! I know now that I can be putting all of my hard work and efforts into my finances and THEN I can help others. Basically, putting other's needs first. T'was a hard lesson figuring out that until I helped myself, I really wasn't capable of helping others, at all! **On a personal note** I'm going to stop ignoring the things that make me happy! I have to stop feeling guilty when I'm not working.
  13. New Design

    I'll mess with the spacing on the font sometime this weekend Mike. I agree, it's a little scrunched. Thanks for the shout out, though...