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  1. One of our members could use your help

    Thank you SO MUCH Mike for posting this! Sal has also set up a blog that lets everyone know what she's doing to combat this as well as keeping everyone updated on her wellness. I have got this WSO about finished, I needed some info from Sal, which I got, so I'm gonna roll this sucker out a.s.a.p. *There is some really awesome, awesome stuff in there folks! ~ Theresa P.S. If anyone has any questions about the WSO, or needs/wants to get in contact with Sal, just PM me please.
  2. Good God! Please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeee don't let Shane see this!
  3. Near Me and how to combat it?

    You're spot on with this Mike. I'm grateful for all I have learned working with them over the years, and they're being patient with me being 'new', however, the best lesson (for me) was not just that my services are worth more, but seeing what the other people are doing, and how they're not going to be able to give him the outcome he's really looking for, makes me kinda warm and tingly cause it shows me that I'm better than I thought.
  4. Near Me and how to combat it?

    Thanks so much Mike. The questions (are now) more about my learning. He went with another company, way more expensive than me, and they're ranking him for the little town. Shit, I could of done that in a 1/2 hour. They aren't from this state, so they have no idea where he gets most of his business. <-- lesson, right there for others! The problems above, though, are similar to what I have been dealing with, with another client.
  5. Near Me and how to combat it?

    Ο γιος της σκύλας
  6. Near Me and how to combat it?

    When doing a search and the drop down has the option of 'near me', I want to know other's experiences with it. 1) I have a client who's address (he uses his home address for his business), is way the hell away from the likely people who would be searching for him. He's in a outskirt of a big town. He does most of his business in the big town as well as the outskirts, but to outrank him, I need to target the 'big town'. GMB is pretty stinky on this. While I have his content, keywords... et al in place, I'm struggling to outrank the businesses that are actually located in the big town. To make things worse, his mother operates her business from there. His ex-wife's business is still listed there, his father's roofing company has that address too! *My client works as a DBA under the roofing company, but totally different niche. 2) In your experience, do people actually use this option for a business where the office location doesn't really matter. He goes to them. Any input would be mucho appreciato'd.
  7. Is it on me???? This https thing is exactly why I'm moving all of my sites and my client's sites to a fully managed hosting company. I did what so many newbies do when they're trying to save money and went with cheap hosting and that's exactly what I got. Cheap hosting. Lesson learned. *Disclaimer: I picked this company because it has a super cool name.
  8. Finding Your Voice

    GAH!!!!!!!!! "How many voices in your head does it take to screw in a light bulb?" I went back through my notes and stuffs<-- can't .. stop.. using... that... word.... And I noticed that with this particular group of professionals Shay, the more I was professional but human, the better responses I got. My take away is: Whether you're talking to white collar, blue collar, the end result seems to be they want to 'hear' from a real person. Both sides, professional and laymen, get a tone of coined emails, ads.. whatever and they tune a blind eye/ear to them. I also thought about the people I interact with, like customer service. I get amazing results from them when I talk to them, get them to relax and actually have fun helping me. The ones that stand by the 'script', means to me that I failed in making a connection. However, when I hear a voice that is scripted, I also tend to not interact. I also went through some of the newsletters I subscribe to and they all have huge lists but it's their personality that keeps me on them. As for writing for clients, my one in particular, I decided to split his newsletter. One for the crowd that needs help/answers and one for the more professional crowd he's looking to network with. His new partner, is humorless... seriously. Nice guy, but a total gear head with a micro soldering gun. I've been practicing writing to people like him. "Just the facts, ma'am!". I run my articles by him and so far, so good. But I just know in my gut that late at night, he's sitting there with his micro solder-er and yelling out "She's had all she can take Captain, she can't take anymore!", in a Scottish style, Scotty voice!
  9. Finding Your Voice

    Thanks Sal. That's kind of a long the lines as to what I was thinking. I think that my newsletter, which goes to more of the professional crowd, should be just that. My blog on one site is more of my opinion. My other is a blog designed for educational purposes, but it needs to be in my voice. My client's site/blog can be fun, educational and his newsletter needs to be more professional, it's going to a different crowd. However, I think now, I need to create an additional newsletter. ?? *something to ponder on* It's important to me that there is a 'voice', though. All of these sites will, in some way, be connected will feature me as the author. It's all about branding and I'm trying to simplify things. I have enough personalities floating around in my head, I don't wanna add any more! LOL.
  10. Finding Your Voice

    Wondering what others think here.... I have a few new blogs that I've started. However, one is for a client. I keep finding that my writing is in my 'voice', my style.. etc. My questions are: 1) With MY blogs, while totally unrelated to each other, is it best to stick with my style? One will be linked to the other, but not vice versa. 2) My client's blog. If I even attempted to write in his voice/style, I'd end up staring at the keyboard all day. He has a more technical site but I do like the fact that I write for the reader, the untechy person, to help them understand what's being said. When he talks, jeez, it's like talking to BIG Mike... hahahahhahaaa.. oh God, he's gonna kill me for that. He doesn't visit this section, right? Anyhow, I have been finding my voice as the blogs grow. I really like just being myself, adding a little humor in things, and it makes it easier for me to write. It really helps when I write about something I'm not really familiar with. However......... I'm catering to a professional crowd for the most part. I'm a tad worried that humor in the mix may turn some away. Thoughts?
  11. Let's have a girl chime in... "Don't know what it is, but I want it!" Feel the same way about 1080i Thanks for this thread. I never really understood the importance (as mentioned above) for a site that's just a blog and a site that uses a third party payment processor. Everything is clearer now.. thanks! And, if it makes sites a lot faster, I'm all for it.
  12. Stinking hilarious Shay! I can't tell you the time I've spent on "hmmmm... hours go by.... wonder what colors this should be". I'm so glad you brought this up, so many people, including me, overlook this!
  13. Thanks for sharing that! That's a pretty cool tool.
  14. Shay, I have been redoing my sites as well. I really hadn't noticed at first, but my (6) sites that are all one business, were all over the place! I've redone the logos, headers and am now working on the text and 'look'. Yes, the color scheme is getting overhauled, too. You're spot on with it helping the branding. I've also noticed that simple is better. *Disclaimer... some BIG Greek has been pounding that into my head*. I'm working at keeping things minimal, like the colors, so as not to distract the reader from the content.
  15. Hi Robert! With this kind of networking, I am with you. Sadly, I too hate being in front of people. I have a whole handbook of excuses as to why I can't meet people in public.. LOL, seriously! However, don't limit yourself to networking offline. Most of my networking is done online and I have met a lot of amazing people this way. Marketing is fun when you work outside the box. This last week I have been testing some new methods and so far, getting great results! I haven't pushed very hard, but one thing that has come to my attention, is most businesses are tired of the same ol' marketing platforms.