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  1. New Design

    I'll mess with the spacing on the font sometime this weekend Mike. I agree, it's a little scrunched. Thanks for the shout out, though...
  2. What were they thinking?

    The evil part of me wants to say "He's standing on Claude". However, I wont.
  3. What were they thinking?

    LOL.. I was talking about the short one.
  4. What were they thinking?

    I'm so going to hate myself for this.. but I have to ask... Is that a goatee?
  5. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    I agree. Keeping a running log of things for members and what they've learned and will change, moving forward into the year, is something that we can all possibly learn from, and stay accountable!
  6. Have you gotten local publicity?

    I've gotten local media attention for my clients. Some examples: One client does pony rides at a well known fall festival every year. I keep an eye out for when the local stations are going there and I use her FB page to like, comment and promote the fall festival to the news station. I keep it low key as far as promoting her business, but the 'likes' I get from the owner of the fall festival and his fans in combination with her fans, seems to do well. The news stations mention her even if she's not there. She's only there on the weekends and often times the news stations are there during the week. A local landscaper client of mine does the home and garden shows. Using the above example, I do the same for him. He wins awards of some kind every year and the stations will feature him. This year, a local station was advertising a 'shout out' to businesses that donated $20.00 to their turkey drive. "A donation of 20 could feed a whole family". I used that for 3 of my clients. Weird enough, some local talk stations, you know, the AM kind... will do 'shout outs' to local businesses if someone else calls in to promote them! "I used X company and they were great!" kind of thing. I've done this before for the clients I barter with. Because I use them for my needs, I am a customer. Because I am in a very specific niche with one of my business's, I comment a lot on one of my favorite radio station's FB page. I have been on air with them a few times. I never promote my business on air, I let them do it. When people listen to the show, go to FB and see 'me', it drives traffic like crazy. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I threw it out there. Hope it helped! ~ Theresa
  7. Not A Single Veterans Day Mention. Seriously???

    It's the guys that have served in the past 15 ...... My husband was spit on when he came home. He served in Vietnam. Funny, what you posted above. I bought him a Marine Corps hat, ball cap, years ago. He wears it because I bought it. People now, thank him for his service. He feels similar to you, it's been a long time and while he appreciates the recognition, he's so 'uncomfortable' with it. I'm not sure 'uncomfortable' is the right word Frank, but he doesn't wear it for recognition. He only wears it because I bought it for him and he thinks it makes me happy... he takes their 'thanks' with humility but I know the attention that hat gives him, he could do without. He would much rather the soldiers today get the thanks and recognition. I know this post wasn't about you. It's for all the Veterans (shout out to BIG Mike and others!). I also know how worshiped and adored you are, in this forum as well as others. I stand by my 'thank you', for your service. You have enough of a fan base otherwise that there's no need for me to drone on about how awesome you are... More than anything, I wanted to thank you for, not only your service, but for bringing this subject up.
  8. Not A Single Veterans Day Mention. Seriously???

    Frank... Thank you! *insert a smile that no emoticon can duplicate!* While we're all on this mad rush in life, no matter the cause, it's because of people like you that made and make it possible. *GREAT PICTURE!
  9. The stockmarket

    Great... JUST GREAT! Now all I'm gonna see are ads for Dyson's.
  10. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    I say keep it the same Mike! Along with Shay's monthly challenges, I think it encourages others, especially new members, to be a part of this community.
  11. The stockmarket

    I get the minus sign, too with both the OP and the link.
  12. When is this Madness going to stop

    Claude, if you like the Netflix series, you'll really enjoy John Douglas's books. I have his first three, very interesting. *Fun fact. The character Will Graham in Red Dragon by Thomas Harris was loosely based on John Douglas. The first movie they made from that book was called Mindhunter. They later remade it and called it Red Dragon.
  13. Hi there! Along with what Shay posted, I would suggest reaching out to social media groups and other websites in each category that your website is about. Your site should have clear and defined categories with tips and more in each one. Drill the niches down. After you publish a new article, blog, share it on your FB/social media. Make sure to leave a link. If you can't insert a link in the OP, then do so in the first post of FB. Look for ways to monetize your site!
  14. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    While my progress has looked like a downhill shit slide, I've cleared some huge hurdles! I made a huge mistake this year in taking on more than I could handle. The best thing I did for myself was cutting out the 'favors' for friends. The other 'best thing' was taking the time to drill down EXACTLY what I expected out of my sites and my client's sites. I'll admit, it's taken me wayyyy longer than I wanted. That part is on me, though. I really got an ass kicking on my time management skills (or lack thereof).... and I have taken steps to get my irregular sleep patterns under control. This has really been a huge time, energy, productivity, suck. I don't think I really understood how destructive they were until last month! I have the foundations, walls and all the guts ready. My last chore is the roof(s) and hanging the open signs!