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  1. That's what I think, too. He does have an additional number, now, but what a mess his original GMB account was. I didn't set it up for him, just his new one for his store. Thanks for the help Mike.
  2. I have another client with two businesses, one is his shop (store) and the other one is his mobile business. Google removed his mobile business. I'm guessing here, but it could be because of the phone number? That is what had me worried about the ex's business being on there.
  3. I'm thinking both Mike. I just went back and checked it. Her business is still listed there, but there is a BIG RED bar that says "moved to a new location". It's frustrating because I need this woman off of there! I need to use that address for his new 'branch' of business. It's the only address I can use without GMB not approving it. It's a HUGE piece of property and a whole family lives there. I believe it's split, but the parents have two businesses and the son has an existing business. The address hers is listed at is available because of the split in parcels. I guess the new break up saying is gonna be "Take your cat, take your sweater and take your GMB account too!"
  4. I added opening dates to mine and those that I managed. Thanks Mike! I have a client who's ex wife still has her business listed at his address. I have been asking my client to call her and have her remove it.. PFFT! He still hasn't. Yesterday, I went in and suggested an edit. I just entered 'moved to another location' and Google updated it right away. I don't know how they would know I am telling the truth? Her website is gone, (she let it go) but she still has her FB page and to my knowledge, she doesn't even list her new address.
  5. You should be good to go gnojham. Normally when you first log in to WP, you'll see a notice if any other updates for WP are needed. You can also check the 'updates' in your dashboard, on the left. If you don't want to mess with learning Gutenberg right now, in plugins, just install the classic editor. Check out the ratings of Gutenberg vs classic, you can see how popular Gutenberg ISN'T. LOL.. I've tried it, still hate it, but it does have some pretty cool functions.
  6. One of the people I subscribe to mentioned that her children don't 'Google' anything, they 'YouTube' it. I finally convinced one of my clients to start recording some of his work. We are also going to be working on some forms of 'how to' videos. I know this will really help increase his traffic. This one, I don't really understand, but I know a guy that does micro soldering for cellphone repair. He records many of his repairs and posts them. However, he speeds them up, a lot! I'm pretty sure he's trying to protect his secrets, but their not fun to watch, at all. BUT, he gets a ton of traffic from them.
  7. Man, being your favorite rough. You could have at least swiped the pen from the cashier for me. Does this mean I should take back the whole entertainment center I bought you? 75" TV with an espresso machine, kegerator, indoor grill and fax machine. It's a corner unit.
  8. What did you get us Mike? Or do we all have to wait for Christmas?
  9. I've never run an AdWords campaign Mike. I think my reason was being afraid of screwing it up (all the horror stories out there) and wasting money on it. I know there's a million tutorials out there, but who do you trust? Other reason would be not knowing enough about what to expect to pay for an ad. I know it depends on your targeted keyword(s), but justifying the budget to a client when their feedback is normally "I've always heard AdWords is a waste of time and money..." Or, they have spent money in the past and gained nothing therefore believe it will always be that way.
  10. What's sad is I used to use the All in One, I can't remember why I quite using it. I'll switch to the SEO Press. I really like that you said it was seamless and it doesn't have the little nagging color buttons like Yoast.
  11. This happened to me, Mike. I couldn't figure out why my galleries (I have some real estate sites), went all wonky. Some were just... gone. 🙀 Lesson learned.
  12. I need to check out the new gmail Mike. Outlook just updated their interface and it's just awful! Not only that, their 'calendar' just reminded me that I have a payment due. WTF? Microsoft is now gonna remind me when my bills are due? I DID NOT and do not use their calendar feature! There are more changes and I hate them. Yesterday was a great day for bad moods! The Ides of Aug??? 😁
  13. We live in a throw away society. Yet, they still ask our school kids to read the classics, right? It's because they're well written, and actually have a story behind them and not "Wanna drink beer and play PS2?" (Virtual sex?)... LOL.. An example is Terra. She is about to publish her second children's book and they're based in a time when none of this technology was even available. Kids actually had to play outside, do stuff! The children that are reading her first book, are loving it! Her stories are full of adventure and all of it was right outside her front door, and some of it inside the house! Point being that yes, you can succeed with a wholesome romantic novel full of positive vibes. The modern audience, I suspect, is still has a yearning for a well written love story. No matter the era, passion and romance will stay the same, they are timeless. ~ Theresa
  14. ^^^ This! Princess is right, romance is very much alive, even in this fast paced world of instant gratification.
  15. Some of it, yes, is a hosting issue. Depends on the type of hosting a site owner is using. A lot of site load is the amount of freaking ads they have displayed, too. Internet speed, the platform the site was built on, time of day (internet traffic), cookie stuffing and it could be Tuesday. *True story.. my internet would always slow down on Tuesdays. Verizon blamed it on my trees. So, sure, every Tuesday, my trees decided to block my signal. One last thought, and it may not apply to you, is the age of your equipment and/or operating system(s). With my cellphone, Verizon is pulling the same crap Apple just got in hot water for and that's slowing down your phone if it's older. Mine needs to upgraded, for sure, but I don't mind it being slow, it's the no signal, or 3G that gets me cranky. I've been putting off calling them until I'm done biting my mad spot. To sum up, it's a ton of different reasons Shay.
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