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  1. Some of it, yes, is a hosting issue. Depends on the type of hosting a site owner is using. A lot of site load is the amount of freaking ads they have displayed, too. Internet speed, the platform the site was built on, time of day (internet traffic), cookie stuffing and it could be Tuesday. *True story.. my internet would always slow down on Tuesdays. Verizon blamed it on my trees. So, sure, every Tuesday, my trees decided to block my signal. One last thought, and it may not apply to you, is the age of your equipment and/or operating system(s). With my cellphone, Verizon is pulling the same crap Apple just got in hot water for and that's slowing down your phone if it's older. Mine needs to upgraded, for sure, but I don't mind it being slow, it's the no signal, or 3G that gets me cranky. I've been putting off calling them until I'm done biting my mad spot. To sum up, it's a ton of different reasons Shay.
  2. Khemosabi

    WF promoting Dan Lok

    At first glance of Dan's site, to me, a lot of claims he can't possibly back. Running white text over an image that has a white background, fail. Multi millionaires should have a staff to catch that shit, right? 83.33 a minute for a call. Red satin suit, cheesy website, multi billionaire, ... The 2000's called, they want their marketing back.
  3. Khemosabi

    WF promoting Dan Lok

    Would this be Isabella? Or, is this someone new?
  4. Khemosabi

    Social Media Marketing

    To me, social media should be a part of your marketing, not your only marketing. They're leaving money on the table. You can certainly SEO your social media pages, though.
  5. Khemosabi


    This is so common Wirenut. These companies, especially GoDaddy and Hostgator, rely on the fact you 1) possibly don't know how to do this. And 2) Don't wanna do it! *I'm sure that changing up your hosting after a long day is the last thing on your mind! The fact they told you that you were on an older server, IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! It's their's, period. You pay what other's are paying, you get the same service. As BIG Mike stated, the add on fees, are just crazy! GD is the worst with this! An even bigger problem is you get a supposed tech guy that doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Most businesses don't want, nor have the knowledge, to mess with understanding all there is to know with hosting and what exactly is offered in their 'service'. This is why a majority still use the ol' drop and drag sites. I don't know enough about Joomla to say anything here, but I know your site. I still think switching to WP is a good solution for you. An updated look and a better hosting company, your problems are solved. Shared hosting is crap, no matter what they call it. I know I have learned my lessons!
  6. Khemosabi


    Just sent you a PM.. hope it helps. Did they tell you what kind of 'new server' they're talking about? If a server can get old (have no idea), you'd think they would just move you or at the very least, upgrade everyone on the 'old server' knowing full well that it isn't providing what you are paying for.
  7. Khemosabi

    Opinions wanted please

    The picture you and I talked about, I thought it was a good front cover because of the word "challenges" being in the title. To me, that one chapter, especially, depicts the whole title of the book. Yep, I'm bias, that's one of my favorites. ❤️ I've seen authors have winter scenes before and I don't think it's ever hindered sales during the warmer months. I also don't believe your fans will let that hinder them, either. Think of it the opposite way, did the summery look of your first book hinder the sales during the colder months? The collage idea that BIG Mike posted is great, too! That graphic designer of yours has some mad skills, what does he think?
  8. Khemosabi

    Know Your Target Audience For Your Book Format

    Gee, I don't know math magician. What the hell is 50kb into pixels? "I like big KB and I cannot lie" You Greeks are mean.
  9. Khemosabi

    Know Your Target Audience For Your Book Format

    Yes Mike, it is. It says "Damn woman, you're so dumb!". Is it supposed to say that?
  10. Khemosabi

    Know Your Target Audience For Your Book Format

    LOL.. then there are people like me that just leave the classics out and one collection of an author I love to read. The rest are hiding in boxes. MMUUAUUAHHAHHAAAAAAA.. judge my character will you. Disclaimer: No one comes to my house, but the cats and the dog are mighty impressed!
  11. Khemosabi

    Know Your Target Audience For Your Book Format

    If I could get this forum's stupid avatar thingy to upload the picture I want without giving me the "FAIL" .. thingy.. I'd be golden.
  12. Khemosabi

    Know Your Target Audience For Your Book Format

  13. Khemosabi

    Know Your Target Audience For Your Book Format

    While I agree with that Terra, there is a sense of comfort in reading a physical book that you just can't deny. Perhaps our "all about me" generation is catching on to life before seat belts... Another thing to consider, many of the "older folks" as you say (who you callin' older?), just don't want the clutter any longer. My mother went through that. My book collection, 95% is from her. I would really like to see folks buying physical books before digital ones. But, it's all about the money, costs and DAMN YOU AMAZON FOR MAKING US RELY ON YOU!
  14. I'm afraid that doing this, audiences will see 'menu' as a "what restaurants are close to me?". 😷 Yukon, thanks for that tip. Easy, yet so smart! And such a cool way of adding the little things to your services.
  15. Khemosabi

    The more things change, the more they stay the same...

    Did you just poo poo me? You like it because it's all grey and blue. Hmmm... where have I seen that?... 'sense of design' .. PPFFFT! Pretty colors matter BIG Mike, all colors matter.

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