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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in It's time for a laugh   
    Well, someone at Yelp decided to reject my edit and reverted it back to the old one. 
    So I wrote a new one and this one has stuck for about 4-5 hours now.

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    Khemosabi reacted to whateverpedia in It's time for a laugh   
    Perhaps Mexico will pay for the wall after all. 
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    Khemosabi reacted to whateverpedia in It's time for a laugh   
    In breaking news it has been confirmed that Prince Charles, the heir to the throne of England, has tested positive for COVID-19 after a meeting with Prince Albert of Monaco, who has also tested positive.
    Now, you might be asking yourself. "Self, why is Whatty posting a serious news item in a thread dedicated to jokes?"
    My reply is if you can't see the humour of someone catching a disease after having contact with a prince albert then.....
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    Khemosabi reacted to whateverpedia in It's time for a laugh   
    Two short videos with a similar theme. NSFW
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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Someone tried telling me you couldn't edit a Yelp listing during the pandemic...   
    ...I called bullshit. They said I was wrong. I wasn't.

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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Sites With Featured Snippets Are Losing Their Normal Snippet   
    This is a big change.
    In the past, if you earned a featured snippet, you still maintained your "normal" organic position on page one as well. That is no longer the case. Now a page that has the featured snippet will have their normal snippet moved to the top of page 2. 
    People who have snippets are going to be pissed they are no longer going to control 2 positions on the first page. Those who didn't have 2 positions are going to be happy about the change. 
    Also with this change, the featured snippet is now officially position 1 and part of the 10 organic spots on page one. If a featured snippet is shown, 9 other SERP listings will be present instead of 10.
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    Khemosabi reacted to Wunderkind in Google just asked me for a review?   
    It's more or less like the 75 emails I get from Amazon every week asking me to leave reviews for stuff I ordered. 
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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Google just asked me for a review?   
    It's not something businesses set up. It's just Google trying to get more activity. The more people they get leaving Google reviews the fewer people are leaving Yelp reviews. 
    Ultimately, they want to put Yelp out of business, and I hope they succeed.
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    Khemosabi got a reaction from dwolfe in Google just asked me for a review?   
    Thanks DWolfe
    I suppose I should make myself a little clearer.  The first part of my post, I had looked up that business on my PC, and the review request came on my phone, right?  Thing is I NEVER left the property.   They sent this simply because I had searched this business.  The review asked "what did you like about X business?"  and  "did you buy anything?"  I was never there!
    The other part, was all stuff that has happened, randomly, in the past.  Now, I do know that businesses can put a 'beacon' of sorts outside their business.  I think this started with the Pokeman Go thingy.  ????  NO idea.  
    And to answer your question, no, I am not signed up for a local guide.. LOL.. seriously, I never leave this property!  Unless Google wants reports on what it's like out at my mailbox, I'm no good to them.    
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    Khemosabi reacted to dwolfe in Google just asked me for a review?   
    Did you sign up as a local guide with google ? They maybe tracking you that way or through your maps  and where you parked your car. Seen that when going to a local fast food chain in a strip mall. Google is always asking to review another place on the property not the Burger joint.  You can correct the location but it is usually a pain in the A** 
    Some sources out there claim that is how google is making their Ai more accurate.  Also supposedly they are trying to rate if directions are very good or bad ( they give multiple choices ). This is to help with their self driving cars.
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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Google disallowing ads   
    Yep. If they get verified they should be able to run ads again. You can call Google to make sure. Their AdWords support team is usually fairly helpful.
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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Google disallowing ads   
    I think it was actually a good move by Google because of all the scam sites out there. They did the same thing in the past to locksmiths.
    If I am not mistaken, there is a way for businesses to get qualified to run ads. It's not just the big guys. And the change has nothing to do with HP, Apple, etc. trying to get rid of the little guys. Google made the decision, and the last thing they want to do is help Apple.
    The reason companies like Best Buy can still run ads is because they are easily verified by Google.
    As for refunding the customer, why in the hell would they do that? If an ad was not approved, there is nothing to refund. If ads were run in the past, they got their money's worth.
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    Khemosabi reacted to Wirenut in Free SSL thru cPanel?   
    I am looking to upgrade my website to SSL.  I was told that I can do it for free using cPanel.
    I use GoDaddy for hosting right now, I was wondering if this was possible?  I ask because I know that GoDaddy tries to sell SSL pretty hard, so I figured they might stop us from getting it for free if they could.
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    Khemosabi reacted to MikeTucker in Brainstorming Niche research   
    Look at the categories on Amazon.  Those are "niches" of things people are actually buying.  Broaden or narrow according to your goals.
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    Khemosabi got a reaction from MikeTucker in [Need Help] Domain Name Purchase   
    I've had GoDaddy do that to me.  They're still holding a domain hostage that I forgot to renew.  It's been 4 years?  
    That being said, I was wanting to purchase a domain for a client of mine and it was taken.  3 years later, I get an email that the domain is going to become available within a week.  They had it listed as 'make an offer'.  I looked it up on Who Is and saw that it had expired already.  Anyhow, I know some registrars give you like 3 months-ish to get it back at a higher price then it goes back to the normal price.  If no one renews it (shows interest) in buying it, they'll usually let go of it.  That's what happened with this domain.  I bought it at regular price.  
    You can try ICANN, too.  I've also used Namecheap with no problems but I'm not sure if they spy and buy, too.  
    Good luck Mike!  
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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Dan Kennedy Passed.... or maybe not   
    I just heard he had a rapid decline in health and has passed away. Sad news.
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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Reputation Management help.   
    I wouldn't try circumventing Zillow's rules. If Zillow caught that, they might think you are trying to post fake reviews. I'm not sure what action they would take, but other similar platforms will typically remove ALL reviews and/or ban the person completely. You don't want to get your client removed from Zillow.
    Honestly, I would bet a lot of home buyers and sellers already have accounts on Zillow. Not all of them, but I bet a lot do. You have to sign up to get alerts and use different features. The whole "clients don't want to sign up" thing sounds like an excuse from the agent for being afraid to ask for the reviews.
    On top of that, both Realtor and Zillow let you sign in with your Gmail account, which many people have these days. There is basically zero effort in creating an account. It's already done. It's literally a one-click sign up. 
    And if you know they have a Gmail account, you can also encourage them to leave a review on GMB.
    If they don't have a Gmail account, they can do the same thing with a Facebook account, which pretty much everyone has.
    Roughly 90% of the closings I have been to have had a lot of down time. They never start on time. There is always a few minutes where someone needs to go make a copy of something or whatever. If the real estate agent is sitting there with them, that would be the perfect time to ask. They can do it right on their cell phone. 
    If not then, I would send a follow up email a few days after closing. It should be personalized. Not some boring template. Then at the end it can have standard copy that talks about the importance of reviews and the appropriate links.
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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Royalty Free Music   
    Steven W. I believe is who you were referring to.
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    Khemosabi reacted to Chase26 in Royalty Free Music   
    Who was that guy on WF always crying because nobody bought his music? Sounded like he had stacks of stuff ready to unload.
    I know a lot of people seem to like Shutterstock also. https://www.shutterstock.com/music/
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    Khemosabi reacted to mki in Royalty Free Music   
    A lot of Youtubers use https://incompetech.com/music/
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    Khemosabi reacted to Claude Whitacre in Something for the climate denialist brigade to ponder   
    None of this matters. Beliefs that were not arrived at by reasoning, can't be changed by using reason. 
    At least a third of the US ignores climate science.
    Half of the US doesn't know if the Sun revolves around the Earth, or the Earth revolves around the Sun. Half don't know it takes a year. 25% definitely believe the Sun goes around the Earth. Only 50% know that the Earth revolves around the Sun, the Moon revolves around the Earth, and it takes a year to go around the Sun. I'm talking about adults...who have the right to vote...not toddlers.
    Less than half of the adults in the US think evolution is a real thing.
    2% of adults in the US think the Earth is flat.
    I cannot wait for the eternal oblivion that is the only release from these idiots. 
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    Khemosabi reacted to whateverpedia in Something for the climate denialist brigade to ponder   
    Following is what the CEO of BHP had to say at a conference in London recently. First though, for those who're unaware, some information about BHP.
    BHP, headquartered in Melbourne, is the world's biggest diversified resources group. It has four main operational units:
    Coal Copper Iron ore Petroleum In other words it is a major supplier of fossil fuels. Anyway here's what he had to say:

    I've no doubt shit for brains will be here shortly when he's finished his job of deleting posts at the Warrior Forum that prove what a cretin he is to post all sorts of links he thinks debunk this, but in reality do nothing of the sort, before he adds an emoji to the end of it as a signal to his legion of fans how cool and clever he is.
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    Khemosabi reacted to Mike Friedman in Wordpress remove author and date published from post   
    One thing I do on sites is I create a master account for all design issues, installing plugins, themes, updates, etc.
    But then I create an author account for publishing all pages and posts. I forget offhand what Wordpress lists the permissions as. Editor I think.
    This is for security as Wordpress will publish the author usernames of a page which gives hackers 50% of what they need to hack into your site. At least if they hack a Editor account, they are very limited on what they can access and do with the site.
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    Khemosabi reacted to watman in Wordpress remove author and date published from post   
    Hi Theresa,
    Had a look through the theme settings to get the option to remove author and date you have to buy the theme. Thanks for posting the article will have a look and see if I can figure out what is going on.
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