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  1. Dan:

    "I did as you requested.  He says "the". The th consonant cluster is there, but it gets lost a bit in the transition from "space" to "the". You don't hear it because you don't want to.".

    Now, what do you think Mark will say? "Well, in that case, I'm wrong"? 

    No, he'll have another angle...another video..and another example. 

    How many videos are we going to watch? How many articles are we going to read? How many hoops are we going to jump through?  


    You can't fight a position with reason...that wasn't arrived at through reason.


    You're stronger than I am, this just wears me out. 

    1. Dan Riffle

      Dan Riffle

      There has to be a voice of reason. 

  2. The front cover is extremely important to setting the expectation of the reader, especially if the cover has a strong thematic element. If you go with a Christmas cover, readers will be expecting a Christmas story. Is that what they're getting? If not, they may be disappointed. A general winter cover doesn't set the same expectations. Personally, I'll read a story set in the winter anytime. I won't read a Christmas story until I'm in a Christmas mood. Another example: My wife loves those schlocky Hallmark Christmas movies - there's a new one every Saturday night from November to New Years. We never miss a single one. Netflix, for some reason, is currently pushing some Christmas movies. The wife absolutely wants nothing to do with them right now. The same concept stands for books.
  3. Yeah, I understand how Envato works. I was speaking more generally. I think it's certainly a good idea. I just wonder what the ratio of lost sales to additional sales might be.
  4. Is there a flip side to that, though? How many sales are you losing because the license is one time use? I've personally passed on numerous purchases because my use was limited. It'd be interesting to see a study where a similar product was offered three different ways and track the results: 1. Single Use only; 2. Multi Use only; 3. Two options: a Single Use license or a Multi Use license. And I'm sure it depends on the product itself as to which option would rake better.
  5. Did you read the update on my 4k TV thread. Although it's not advertised, the TV is HDR. You need one of these for each room of your house, and the attic. (at those prices)

    1. Dan Riffle

      Dan Riffle

      I saw that, but haven't had time to research it. If it truly has HDR capability, you've found the Holy Grail. 

  6. I have this affect on women. I think. Maybe. I'm not really sure what you said. But I'm game.
  7. It doesn't give proof and that's the entire point. It's an old wives' tale. You could easily steam open an old letter and slip in something you've just written, seal it back up, and offer it as proof of copyright. An enterprising sort could create their own postmark. There are simply too many ways to circumvent the supposed validity of an unopened, postmarked envelope.
  8. Just so everyone's aware, the "Poor Man's Copyright" that Sal referred to has no established legal bearing in the US: http://www.snopes.com/legal/postmark.asp It can't hurt you to do, but it most likely won't help you either. From the US Copyright Office:
  9. An easy way to monitor your content is to set Google alerts for chunks of your content, specifically unusual sentences or uncommon word structures. You'll get an alert when people post your content. It's not a perfect system. You'll get some mis-hits, but the price is right and the process is "set and forget".
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