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  1. Princess Balestra

    Burger King trolls McDonald's with geo-fencing campaign

    Gotta figure also how the user data upon which alla these schemes depends might also figure in fyooture "pretty serious" kinda "wars". tbh I would wish always to leave it at Pokemon Go. Kinda loved followin' those hopsy skipsy CGI bunnies 'round the place for a while.
  2. Princess Balestra

    Need some fresh eyes on a sales page.

    Yeah — fix the core narrative so you pick up most evrywan quick & sweet. Any specialist sub-plots can hang out elsewhere. Always, your pages gotta scroll real easy an' reveal precisely what is comin' next. Soon as eyeballs start skippin' around on your offer you kinda interrupt that intrinsic A to B ... to Z journey.
  3. Princess Balestra

    Need some fresh eyes on a sales page.

    "Smartflo Speeds Up Your Online Biz Act" is what I'm gettin' here ... but it takes me a while to figure. I sense intuitive smarts gonna save me time, real braino stuff gonna blitz the donkeywork — all tailored sweet to my individual ass. But I would wanna hit on this core messagin' for mebbe 50-75% fewer words, *Millennial Ditz Alert* Copy kinda leads me on a real long dance — which is not what I wanna hear from a fast-action solution. I would wanna look in on More and more companies are seeing how automation will be a absolute necessity. The smart companies understand they can't afford to allow their competitors to gain a huge advantage which is why there is so much money being invested. Automation will play a crucial role in not only doing mundane tasks, but also bridging webservices.These are tasks that we shouldn't really be doing. Pulling data from a webservice, make a decision and update a totally different webservice is fast becoming the norm. an' say sumthin' kinda Successful companies embrace automation as an essential enabler of future growth. But competition for advantage is fiercer than ever as smart technology delivers new ways for businesses to thrive. Smartflo keeps you on your toes while your competitors languish on the backfoot. Its [totally invented name] technology speeds up your act while others flounder. Your're kinda overwritin' the advantages & skippin' on keywords like KER-BLAM! & ZAP! Catalytic product demands BAM BAM BAM pitch. Plus also, las' thing I wanna see anyplace an 18 ICON SUMMARY. There is a difference between bein' enthoosiastically persuadable an' autistic. Smartflo = boiled down to essence, right? So alla this needs to be more concise, straight on it, clear & sweet.
  4. Who knew a hotline to instant tutorials an' experts would level up the gooberest generation evah? Anywan smart prolly figurin' how this model can be streamlined further.
  5. Princess Balestra

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2018

    I got this in my inbox ... Shame this ain't no offer for heels or partywear, otherwise I woulda been straight on it — hope there's sumthin' here for yallz.
  6. Gotta figure that is troo — an' possibly that is bcs the sensitivities passin' over from line to line an' paragraph to paragraph gotta be more seamlessly subtle than any kinda up front BLAMMO figures in a shorter pitch. Prolly what you editin' for in longer promo is a softer shoutout — like a moment to moment massage. Was it Barbra Streisand said O to be lulled into the deep and sensual pit of one's own longing! tbh, either that gal or Genghis Khan ...
  7. tbh long content is for desperadoes. The WORSE your life is, the more you wanna SKIP SKIMMIN' over alla the SRS ZERO BRAINO trivial stuff an' exalt your INNER PONDEROUS GOOBER. Thing 'bout long content is how it drawsya back in to read it over an' over even though you already read it like a zillion times. "Lemme jus' check the facts here," you say, as you skip over pages 1-65. "I gotta be REAL SURE I ain't intrested in nuthin' gowin' on here before I walk away."
  8. Princess Balestra

    Google+ Shutting Down

    tbh I never saw the appeal. A bold noo social network pitchin' adventure an' novelty mebbe got sumthin' on Facebook's (now) relatively staid approach. But Google+ was always only ever an extension of the same deal helped your granma shop for incontinence pants an' permit porno-crazed Russian hackers to look in whileya multitasked checkin' email with havin' a pee. Plus also, it was ANNOYIN'. What this prolly means is ... anywan had 300+ followers gotta figure sum other space to pick up interest. tbh I expect naked guys dancin' in the mall tamara, situation is so desperate ...
  9. Problem I got with content is how it favors lookin' in on word count. For copy, the deal is way simpler — what is the quickest & easiest way to fire up the desired effect? That's when the word count to dollar ratio gets real weirsdy, spesho with straps an' any kinda elevator messagin', bcs pinpoint succincto rocks out over meanderin'.
  10. Thing 'bout writin' is, there is prolly so much more soulful stuff dead center than IMA FIX UP YOUR PIPES IF'N YR HEATIN' DIES. Which is not to sound precious, trust me. It is simply that diligence & heart has no easy access to renderable solootions gonna suit anywan & evrywan — a weird kinda irony seein' how the internets is mostly 75% words, 20% LoLcats an' 18% propaganda. That is why I chose writin' over math, I guess. In writin' we got the intrinsic currency of transformation, fiction to sales. So when ima look back on geeky teen Princess, figurin' how more accomplished she could be in termsa TECHNEEK or HAPPNIN' SMARTS if only she knew what I knew now ... likely I would not dare face her for her brazen desire to speak out troo an' clear. tbh 16yo Moi is an impossible creature, exotically uninformed an' improbably unfulfilled. If it appears sumtimes that I am wishin' always to bite off heads an' do battle with monsters, I would wish always to preserve that vibe steada rollin' out contemporary expertise to order. Thing 'bout tamara is how it ain't happened yet, an' anythin' scripts us sumplace exotic in the void gotta count for sumthin', hence all writers as SEZ SO. Even if 75+20+18=114. (Which it don't, btw.)
  11. Princess Balestra

    OMG. Can Google please stop changing shit?

    Gotta figure what constitoots a proactively practical stance toward stoopid frickin' mayhem beyond yr control. Ain't is always the case when websites announce A WHOLE NOO USER EXPERIENCE that they never pulled in for comment — outta the ZILLIONS questioned — anywan REMOTELY thinks an' feels the same as YOU. But if'n we ain't flexible, prolly we sunk. An' for Moi, most times this means powerin' down my irritation c/o a world done gone OTT STOOPID an' figurin' space between the klutzoid zones mebbe invites harmonically vibe peace kinda stuffs. Stoopidest trick the world ever pulled was CHANGE.
  12. Princess Balestra

    Tips for writing a classic romantic novel

    Internally passionate yet culturally constrained DOWNTON STYLE servant gal Lucy SIMPLY COULD NOT HELP HERSELF when her Lordship's "Old friend from my Egyptian days" swankied forth from the horse-drawn carriage brandishing SRSLY WANNA WANNA curvature in the WITHIN TOUCHIN' DISTANCE legwear department. An embarrassingly visible ROUGE flushed Lucy's face — powered from down deep by fleshy tumescence to fix up Hollywood with weirdsy alien prosthetics till 2079. "Can I take your bag?" she said, barely able to carry herself with the essential kinda respectability demanded of these FOR SURE NOWAN WANTSTA LICK ON THEIR SWEETIES REAL YUMMO, THIS WHOLE SHOW JUS' BOUT DEPORTMENT TECHNIQUES AN' SHOWIN' HOW ACTSCHWLLY EASY MOST OUTFITS IRON IN 2018 dramas. "Such is your duty," barked THE LORDSHIP'S OLD EGYPTIAN FRIEND, "but please be aware that my bag is remarkably heavy and contains majesties as would turn the heads of the very Gods." Later that night, as Lucy lay in her bed ... her starch-blasted sheets pinnin' her so far away from her dreams she could die ... aw yeah, that one was real frickin' juicy. On the morrow, she rose up and POURED THE GUY A CUP OF TEA, moderating her just-so pot-to-cup action with a raging firecracker of suppressed muscular spasms meant her toes never finally undid till the followin' full moon. (I feel a bodice ripper comin' on. To hell with sellin' cheese for vipers!)
  13. Princess Balestra

    Tips for writing a classic romantic novel

    Romance blossoms forevah. That ain't troo, nowan frickin' here rn. See, cos alla us busted outta sweethearts smoochied up.. Eacha them figured on sumthin' equally timeless an' time-centric said I WANT YOUR LIPS UP SO CLOSE ON MY FACE IMA SMOOSHIE LIKE IDC BUT ACTSCHWLLY DEEP DOWN I SO KINDA DO. Course, nowan quotes nuthin' like that in no romance novel, cos that be TELLIN' ... naht SHOWIN'. So I would wanna lay on CANDLES in the BOUDOIR where the ultimate blendyjuicy SWANKS THE HELL ON OUT bcs ignition metaphors play supermaxo amongst the sekshwaally numbed. Hey, but thing is, whatever the classics dust out, an' whatever modernity demands as Snoopy dancin' spunkz, romance is happnin' — in your neighborhood, your coffee bar, your workplace, your mall, LIKE THERE IS NUTHIN' ELSE GOWIN' ON BUT MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH. Jus' gotta go these places, sit all incognito kinda generous vampire ... an' watch evrywan smoochie the the unsaid words on out. ARE YOU SUGGESTING HERE THAT ROMANCE IS SO VERY MUCH ALIVE IT COULD LEAP RIGHT UP AND SNAP ON YOUR ASS WHILE YOU ARE TAKING A PEE AT MEBBE 3am, O PRINCESS? Aw yeah, cos when my panties trailin' round my ankles an' my knees kissin' up close jus' for sumthin' to frickin' do ... for sure I am forever gazin' on out past time an' space for succor. Guy got a PONY, mebbe I mute alla my bestie contacts for like 24hrs. Tellya, las' time a guy broke my heart, my shoulder blades busted offa my back like I was a winged demon never gonna walk again. Thankfully, my Yoga teacher said YEAH to my musical yoga pants. Way I see it, we got heart an' head an' soul an' spirit ... all slooshyin' up together in a menage-a-quoi we mebbe ain't figured yet. Ain't that whatchya wanna reach for an' touch on, always?
  14. Princess Balestra

    1 on 1 SEO Coaching

    Gotta figure we all on top with this baby.
  15. Princess Balestra

    Looking for "YUKON" from Warrior Forum

    tbh Danno, I seek only YOU. the toucha your lips 'pon my leatherbound thesaurus as I lash your bared ass with Christmas tinsel I PURPOSEFULLY REFRAINED FROM BOXIN' UP bcs ... sternum-thrustin' romance with a confirmed hotster. However, slippin' sweetly into Reduced Immodesty Mode, I wanna hope Flutterlily & the Yukester make out sumplace mutually procreative. Such are forums for maxin' out all beautysuccor.

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