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  1. Into 2018 and Beyond

    Gotta say, Forum overall is kinda neato — self-streamlinin' month by month like sum hypertoned athlete slippin' on ever sneakier apparel. For sure, combinin' relatively unpopulated subcategories makes sense, an' yr suggestion for Paid Traffic sounds kinda cool. You might also wanna consider a Princess Balestra Adoration section where zealots can proffer praise an' general sweetness in exchange for personalized haikus 'bout their pets or spouses. *kiddin'*
  2. Why do people fail?

    Gotta pack this trio... 1) Intrinsic aptitood. 2) Intrinsic desire. 3) Intrinsic tenacity. to breach the wall fulla 7) Potentially beyond-yr control exterior crapola.
  3. We now have reactions

    Thing is, Mikey, site was down when I las' looked in. I figured 2 options... 1) Aliens ate your ass. 2) Smart forum update. So ... uhm ... jus' checkin' I was wrong about (1)...
  4. Eye Fatigue

    Third Eye stuffs here. Purely filosophical cos I am havin' onea those moments rn. Question here is what is the max we got on what is kinda the permissively visualizible? What stuffs gotta function ... beyond like who is fuckin' who in Hollywood an' 10 KILLER METHODS FOR TRAINING YOUR PARROT TO *SPEAK ONLY THE TRUTH* ... ? I would wanna figure that focus beyond the immediate always gotta focus also on the eternal, othewise u gonna be shat the fuck out alla the time on swankily mis-confluxorial middlemen. yy so I want those guys in my ass rn, the frickin' charmers. Forgive Moi, but I love so the iconography an' transformative powera ... the lens. Guy lens is always TARGET, but I would wanna always figure on havin' a sweet paira realitifiers danglin' sweet sumplace before I even can see. Aperture holdin' out for sighta fancy. Lotsa thoughts 'bout stuff rn I am kinda slooshyin' around with In Contrast To What (exactly, O Princess?) — Your Typical ... and may i say, also 'tedious' ... Proclamations 'pon Sensibility's Essentials? You sayin' I am a drama queen cozzin I max out on the sensory-input-to productive-zoomcraft-output scenario, c/o it is Monday an' I am yet to regain consciousness from evrythin' went on before? Sorry, We Don't Give a TITS By meansa which lenso defineth thee thy tits? *lame headline* *rest is clearly gowin' noplace*
  5. Protecting Your Content 2017 Style!

    Seems the only solution is to be in no way worthya replication. Gotta wonder how online crypt dumps might figure here. Lickin' envelopes is lickin' envelopes, but docs uploaded to anyplace surely gotta have sum stamp on 'em — jus' like if ... uhm ... Whatto posted HOT PATELLA SHOTS to Instagram. Thing I figure always is the kinda generosity/protecto axis. Sum stuff, you want shared out an' available for all; other stuff got necessary limits on — an' I am thinkin' purely hoomanitarian ticket here, but at what point does SHARE FOR ALL switch out to PROTECT OWN ASS? I guess this is how lawyer types reconcile individyool vs communitarian pursuits, levelin' out always on fairness over moolah ker-chingoin' dans pocho. Been thinkin' kinda how boundaries're more flooid than fixed — mood an' precedent an' circumstance locked sweet together in an everfirin' crucublea possibility ... for good ... or for ill. Can I be random on this one plz? I forgot what I wrote about but I would always wanna make sum appeal to intellectyool pursuits over whatever, even though I lack hard evidence internally. FFS that last gonna read smutto, but I figure perhaps that is the ultimate deal on what is outered for free vs what is outered in exchange for sum other shit.
  6. I figure targeted ads are like a workout. Sum whizz past, way outta reach. Others fly close, but you can catch 'em if you wanna. Thenya got shit gonna wingya — or slice holes inya best outfit. Alla these scenarios're versionsa SEEIN' THE AD COMIN' & dodgin', Black Widow style. Beyond that ... a worlda cosmetics smacks out on instant allure.
  7. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Supercongrats. Spin the kudos!
  8. Sumtimesya gotta play tough, sumtimesya gotta play cool, but always the narrative gotta be consistent. Gentle teasin', always, to sum climax you ultra wanna. Tellya, I am srsly disturbed by incalculably wankoid plotters.
  9. How do some people churn out an insane amount of writing?

    * FFS — What A Buncha Crap Is Comin' Up Next! * Gonna offer myself up as an unusual channel. One week only. Special offer. Cos I am so frickin' stoopid. Send me your stuff an' I'll mebbe mangle it forward. * tweakolicious * Message Moi if'n your words're bustin' out on crapola rn an' you wanna REAL LIVE EXPERT DITZ in on your SHIT.
  10. Google Recaptcha is Broken

    I get that also — lames stores no one ever gonna visit, stoopid street signs for places no one ever goes. * sigh * I would wanna mebbe see "Please click all of the squares with Benedict Cumberbatch's nipples" or "Please click all of the squares with Matt Damon's lips". Tellya, that would keep me happy for weeks.
  11. Soothin' flautist. Never forget her ass.
  12. I guess the desire to start up meansya got a head start on others wanna jus' mosey on or shut down. Corporations kinda thrive on that kinda TEAM WORK. Problem outsidea that network is pullin' up summa the expertise (an' time) (an' passion) you don't got alongside alla the stuff you DO got. I am cool to write, but alla the admin fucks me off. An' I guess whateverya selfstarto forte, you gonna be lackin' sumplace holdsya back. Independent asya are, inevitably you gotta be a recruiter, I guess. Thing is, I seen a tweet las' coupla days sayin' how successful organizations thrive cozza 10 typesa people (an' I do not have the ref to hand, sry), so mebbe your lista 6 is a positive. Guessya gotta fess up onya strengths an' weaknesses — maintain dominion over skillsya got prompt screamin' pernicketies when sum other useless fucker got the reins & mebbe exercise gratitoodinal hoomility when THE SMARTASS SHOWS UP MAKESYA LOOK STOOPID BY SAVINGYA TIME AN' MONEY.
  13. Gotta say also — this is how quick it was to reconfigure. An' remember: I am STOOPID.
  14. Thanks, MKI. I figured I had jus' been a bad girl.
  15. Born Writers VS People Who Write Well

    Thing I always wanna do with WRITER is drop in sum other -ER, see if stuff still plays true. Potential. Environment. Diligence. That is sum 3-way flux, open to all. Any -ERer. Potential, cos when sum baby looks up atchya, it is a crisp trusta all possibility they got shinin' out. Environment, cos like William Carlos Williams said — "no ideas but in things". An' diligence, I guess, cos there is forever gonna be a mismatch between emergence an permanence — brightest space between eyeball an' eyeball we all gotta work at to see eye to eye. An' mebbe -ERa writecraft is wantin' to get close to summa that — cosya kinda gotta, orya kinda wanna, orya kinda happenta be sumplace cansum. I would always wanna make max sense outta shit is happnin' out there, an' by meansa whatever I got in my locker, shape it selflessly true enoughta wax communal on hearts an' minds. Problem is, mosta the time I am fulla schwango.