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  1. Is this the 'dip'? https://news.bitcoin.com/china-block-all-bitcoin-transactions/ http://www.bbc.com/news/business-41320568 If it's true China drove the price up - might this go the other direction?
  2. I had my first eye surgery two days ago - and the difference is amazing....the lens replacement took about 15 minutes and it wasn't until last night the eye reverted to normal dilation. Now anxious to get the other eye 'fixed' but have to wait 3 weeks to make sure no problems with the first one. I can go back to driving and normal activity tomorrow so it's all good.
  3. I had that same "switch" - my doctor called it 'second sight" - it's the point where someone who was always a bit nearsighted gets better vision as they age and become more 'farsighted'. I went in for an eye exam - overdue and knew something was not right as my eyes didn't seem to be focusing 'together' - weird way to look at the world. Fairly new - and rapidly developing cataracts was the diagnosis - so surgery today and again in the 3 weeks and - according to my doctor - I'll have great vision again. The horse that kept me on my toes yesterday (and almost dumped me in the dirt a few times) - hadn't been ridden for months. She'll be great when she gets back in the swing of it. Take a couple "me" hours - the riding will do you worlds of good. You know that - just easy to get in a rut of work work work go go go...
  4. Hey - what happened to "going to work with the horses more"??? What is the excuse? I have eye surgery tomorrow - so I spent 3 hrs today riding! Made some new friends who own a trail riding horse farm nearby - beautiful family farm with great wooded trails and some pasture I can use for a ring if I want. Spent a half hour on a horse they just bought (arrived 2 days ago) - big horse and so scared of everything she was a trick to handle. Poor thing - feel sorry for them when they arrive to a new herd and new people and place. Then I took my fave horse there for a ride in the woods and then rode back guide for a fun group of people. I just wanted to keep riding today - so I did. Assuming everything goes as it should - I'll be back out riding by next weekend. I've been using (when I remember to) a product my eye doctor recommended -it's a tube of OTC ointment you use before you go to sleep - and your eyes feel so much better the next day. It's called "Refresh P.M" and stopped that 'sandpaper' feel I had after not sleeping well..
  5. According to an article I read last week - about 51% of people in the US still have a landline. That surprised me.
  6. I haven't indented paragraphs for years and years. Blocks work just fine.
  7. I keep getting errors trying to log into the WF today (and yesterday) so can't find the thread - but saw one recently where the fellow was talking about how he "promotes his site" and one item listed "get links from PR8 and PR9 sites. And you lean back in your chair and go - yeah, right....
  8. The ESet security program was recommended to us by a computer guy. As 2 of our 6 computers are up for virus program renewals we are considering using this for everything. Not a cheap program but the quantity brings the price down. Has anyone had experience with this particular virus protection? Thanks.
  9. I saw the OP earlier and wondered why you were asking about an .in link....never considered you didn't notice it. Whether you should pay or not depends on what the agreement was. The site is not huffington.com - it's huffingtonpost.com - if you ordered a link "huffington" maybe you should pay for the lesson you just learned.
  10. Jill - This sounds like a perfect storm....she doesn't seem to understand what happened or where she went wrong. She hasn't kept up with changes online AND has escalating health problems, too. I tend to back away when people tell me how much they USED to earn - or how important their business was in the past. In my experience, there's almost always more to it.... It's easy to blame people who worked for her or worked on the site - but it's HER business and with her credentials she should be in control. So - she's had problems financially in the past? Did she pay back previous loans? I would not advise this as a logical way to proceed. What about a clean site with only top selling products - going smaller - basically taking what SELLS, buying for the best prices and going from there? I think you see this as a challenge - but it sounds more like a sinking ship to me. If you take it on by all means follow Mike's advice above and get a percentage. I think the previous financial problems say a lot about how she has run this business and it may be it can't be saved - or may not be worth saving. Try to step back and look at it critically if you can.
  11. From a female point of view -...that could be a much bigger market than you think.... Don't even ask how I know that....
  12. For over two years a while back I had a goal of 5000 minimum words per day - I started at 3000 but found once I got going I could reach 5k or more consistently. It was hard to start doing that but after a month or so it was a new "habit" - and the most productive years I've had online before or since. mki is right, though - writing for someone else is quite different than writing for yourself. I've been running into that wall and recently accepted I have to set those "daily" goals again - even if I start writing 5k of gibberish for a while. I need to retrain my Dragon - much easier on the hands that way.
  13. My desktop doesn't look like that - now - because I use FENCES and folders. Categorize all that stuff in folders (i.e., kindle, 2016 activity, sites (which has subfolders for specific sites), writing ideas, niche ideas, tools and tutorials, blah blah) and it makes a big difference. Take an hour a week and go through stuff you've "kept to look at later". Delete all except what you can actually USE - keeps down the clutter. You can use FENCES for free to try it - it's only 9.95 to buy it and it's really helpful if you use your deskto as we do. One of my worst habits (and I doubt I'm alone on this) was seeing something - an article, a method, a tutorial, a WSO, whatever - I wanted to look at "later, when I have more time". They got lost in the shuffle more often than not. Now those "saves" go into a folder where they fit the subject - or into a monthly "check out" folder where I can skim and delete or move. One of my fences is for programs - and that's where I have shortcuts to irfanview and pixie, photoshop and other programs, software and tools frequently used. It's not always organized - but it's close enough for me to USE. I never keep email accts open - just check them a couple times a day. I admire people who are organized by nature - i'm not one of them so I developed a system that works for the way I think.
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