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  1. Dan:

    "I did as you requested.  He says "the". The th consonant cluster is there, but it gets lost a bit in the transition from "space" to "the". You don't hear it because you don't want to.".

    Now, what do you think Mark will say? "Well, in that case, I'm wrong"? 

    No, he'll have another angle...another video..and another example. 

    How many videos are we going to watch? How many articles are we going to read? How many hoops are we going to jump through?  


    You can't fight a position with reason...that wasn't arrived at through reason.


    You're stronger than I am, this just wears me out. 

    1. Dan Riffle

      Dan Riffle

      There has to be a voice of reason. 

  2. I hope they find your shriveled corpse in Princess Balestra's torture dungeon.
  3. If your head could talk, what do you think it would say?
  4. Try as I might, I couldn't find anything in this post to argue with. There is so much that is beyond our control. We can't control who our parents are, or how they raised us. We can't control our color, our language, or where we were born. We can't control what religion we were born into, or the traditions we believe in. We can't control our prejudices, our ambitions,or our work ethic. We can't control our intelligence, our social abilities, our drive, how quick we are to anger.....in fact, we can control very little. For example, when I met my wife, I went out of my way to talk to her, ask her out, and be around her. Sometimes I asked myself what early events in my life caused me to prefer her (her type) over others....what about her triggered this attraction? But I know this, I did not choose to be attracted to her. I just was. I didn't choose to be narrow in my views, I just am. And I often wonder what brain chemistry, past events, memories, or trauma caused my personality to be shaped the way it is.
  5. Tony Robbins (and this kid) have information that can be useful if...if...you already have some resources, live in a democracy, live in an area where you can easily see opportunities for businesses, education, investment. That leaves a lot of people out. If you are dirt poor, you will find it far harder to advance at all. Having a little bit of money makes a whole lot of difference. There are people that live in areas where they will never even know that there are ways to get ahead...besides simply working more hours. If you are white (or an exceptional person of color),are educated, a native English speaker, and have some money already (not a lot is needed), then a Tony Robbins (or another guru) can show you the road to greater wealth. But even if I showed someone the road to monetary success, that information would do them little good if they didn't have a car...have access to a car...didn't have gas...or knew how to drive. It takes several things to be in the top 5% in income. Intelligence, education (although maybe not from a college), drive, social skills, and some luck. There are two kinds of people that go to Tony Robbins rallies. (or any meeting to get wealthier)...people who are already doing well and just want to get a new idea or two...and the desperate. ...people looking for someone to save them. And there is very little in between. And it's almost impossible to make money as a speaker by just selling to the already successful. I speak from experience and the experience of friends in that business. About the kid. I know nothing about him. But it's possible that he believes everything he says. But 20 years from now? No. You may be a motivational speaker...but the business of being a motivational speaker teaches you a lot about the reality of achievement. Watch any "Get rich quick" speaker. Everything is easy...the secrets have just been withheld from you...ad they spend their time on stage talking about the benefits of being wealthy....what you can achieve in your business. An people buy into the results they could conceivably get. Sadly, very few people are really interested in the "How"...the work involved. They buy the fantasy. They are buying "hope". And that's the business of the motivational speaker. They sell Hope.
  6. For four years I paid $679 a month to be in a Mastermind group with 12-15 other members (each paying the same amount). We met once a month and we all worked on one member's business. The first couple of years, it more than paid for itself. But after a couple of years, I was mostly going because I shared similar interests with the group. and exceptional group of business owners. It was part of the Dan Kennedy group. Once a year about 1,000 business owners would each pay $1,500 to go to a three day event. Lots of speakers. Lots of money changing hands. One of the members and I shared a room at the hotel, and he told me that every year, he would get enough high paying clients that he had to do no other prospecting all year. He provided video marketing and production services. I used him myself on a few projects. Anyway, the single best group to network with (I have found) are people attending a large event in their niche (even if it's just business owners), if they have paid handsomely to be there. The 1,000 people that each paid $1,500 for a three day marketing event? Those people are there to spend money to build their business. You cannot get a more qualified group of prospects together. Half of my paid speaking gigs came from casually meeting these attendees.
  7. It would depend entirely on if the other people in the group are serious prospects for your service. And social selling in groups like this is far more complicated than handing out cards. You have to prove that you are an authority on your subject, and you have to individually find out if there is any need for what you do. It would also matter if your service needs to be sold individually or if it can easily be sold online.
  8. Big Mike called it all pseudo-science when all the article was about was the admission by Nature magazine and possibly others, that a sizeable chunk of what they publish has not been confirmed or reproduced by other scientists. 

    In the other thread about vaccinations I pointed out my misgivings about vaccination against "everything" and the ones for specific childhood illnesses in particular possibly having side effects/ailments yet to be clearly defined because they are still relatively new.  Boosters are required as the effects of the innoculations wear off, the body does not remember what to do if the threat re-occurs like it would do if you had had chicken pox for example. If boosters are neglected or simply not available, (another misgiving about the fragility of us being cocooned and dependant) then in adult life the ailments can be more severe. 

    That makes me a big picture guy, always looking at long term repercussions of actions on a grand scale.

    Mike is an intelligent, mind made up guy. Short term thinking. If he thinks the good outweighs the bad then that's it, every doubting argument is twaddle. 

    He is a hard taskmaster. However, he (by his admission) has a high IQ and a MENSA member. In fields that are his area of expertise and are cut and dried facts he will put us all to shame. Yes, even Riffle, there, I said it. ;)

    A useful guy to have around, just his execution and social skills needs a little work.

    Perhaps you should not expect that from an Einstein.;)



    1. Claude Whitacre

      Claude Whitacre

      You can always be nice to others. It costs nothing, and insulting someone (I mean real insults, not the playful ones) makes people stop listening to you. 

      Anyway. it was the fact that he was being insulting to you, and you did nothing to deserve it.


  9. But the vast majority of authors never think of themselves as marketers or salespeople. Inventors are the same. Authors think that the books should sell themselves. I get it. Writers are almost never promoters. It's a different mindset..especially for fiction writers. On Amazon, you can self publish your books on Createspace. The books look great, and are printed one at a time, as they are sold. Lots of great books are published on Createspace. In fact, you can use Createspace to publish your books on Amazon, and create your own publishing business (with a separate name)... so nobody knows Createspace published your book. The only disadvantage of using Createspace instead of a traditional publisher, is that there is no bookstore selling, and Amazon only markets your book on Amazon, although you can also use B&N and other online book sellers. About the forums on Amazon...so far, I've received great advice from the contributors there. I don't think they promote themselves there. They are there to help, just like 99% of people writing book reviews do it out of the love of books, and wanting to share their experience and help others make a better choice in reading. For example, I write lots of reviews for books that have nothing to do with selling, just because I enjoy reading and commenting on the books. It's only the books on selling, that I'm reviewing partly to help sell my own books.
  10. The people on Amazon discussion groups are truly there to help. I've asked questions there before, and got quite a lot of great response. It was the question I asked that brought out the ire in a few....OK, more than a few. But I understand that it was a sore subject. Nobody here is snotty. But the people there are nice too. Why don't you PM me your full name and the title of one of your books. I'd be happy to read one and review it.
  11. No. Not Amazon, but Google does. I was talking about articles showing up in the Google search results. The links are still there, but they aren't helping with traffic. But the same articles on my blog...are showing up in Google search results.
  12. Yes. And I've created do-follow links just to build page rank on my Amazon sales page. But for the last few years, the links I use are mostly blog posts and videos pointing to my sales pages...to drive qualified traffic to my sales pages on Amazon. One of the benefits of writing reviews for other author's books...is that my name (at the head of the review) links right back to my Author Profile page. I used to write articles, spin them (so they still read like a real article) and submit them to article directories...with a link back to my Amazon sales page. I stopped doing that a year or so ago, because they stopped showing up in Amazon search results.
  13. First, thank you Theresa. I know several business people that write books. That's what I am. But authors are a different breed. For example, on Amazon...in the discussion forums for authors (that sell on Amazon), pretty much anything about marketing or selling books is met with a variation of "That's in bad taste and sullies the image of a professional author". I once asked if placing a link to your book was allowed when writing reviews for other books. I was going to put it in my signature "Claude Whitacre, author of One Call Closing" I just wanted to know the rules. The first half dozen replies were giving opinions that ranged from "you are scum for even suggesting it" to "you are scum for even suggesting it". Finally, a man posted something like "Claude. You can put your link to your Amazon book in your review But as soon as a member of the "Author conduct police" sees it, they will buy your book, so they can leave a one star review. A few of those will tank your sales" I got it. And I thanked him. So, no links for Claude. On the other forum right now, in the Offline Marketing section there is a publisher (I think) that asked about how authors marketed. I told her how I review other books, put the reviews on my blog, and create several short videos reviewing the book, and mentioning my books. I got the "That's in bad taste and sullies the image of a professional author" response. I've met people that tell me they are authors. Sometimes I mention that I have written books as well. But I quickly find out that what I do, isn't what they do. The best analogy I can think of, is that I raise rabbits to sell...and to eat. And they have pet rabbits. We may both be in the Rabbit Business..but that's where it ends. The truth is, I love books. In the past, my idea of a perfect life, would be to own a used bookstore, and talk to readers all day. But writing (right now) is a business venture. Eventually...not too far in the future, I can write what I love to think about....so obviously it will be an autobiography (couldn't help myself. A pre-emptive joke for Riffle)
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