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  1. So your thinking that if we all just go extinct, it will reverse global warming? It may be worth a shot.
  2. You would be the greater evil...if you were taller.
  3. Your "Claude's rectum" fetish is endearing. But there are children reading this. Right now. I mean you, of course.
  4. A tad off subject, but every time I read a post of yours, I see this... The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them. - Turkish proverb. I'm not sure I've ever read a more sobering or profound thing in my life. It grabs me at my core.
  5. Max Von Sydow is dead. And the chief suspect is Dan Riffle. It had to be said.
  6. Don't call me a Proclamation! Nobody calls me a Proclamation and gets away with it! Except that one guy once, that called me a Proclamation and then ran away...I guess he got away with it. But most people who call me a Proclamation don't get away with it. Actually, that guy who got away with it is the only guy that ever called me a Proclamation. So, after today..only half the people who have called me a Proclamation will have gotten away with it. Yes, I feel my time on this was well spent.
  7. I've given some thought as to why some people believe the Earth is flat. Assuming no knowledge of physics, I can see why someone not into astronomy would assume the world is flat. I can understand why people thousands of years ago thought the world was flat. It's intuitive. But why do some modern people find it impossible to believe the world is a sphere? To understand how this works, we have to be able to imagine in three dimensions, and ignore the effect of gravity. For example, you se in videos of people in the International Space Station, showing a bit of water. The water always turns into a sphere, because that way gravity (which is absent externally) forces the molecules together, and a sphere is the most economical space. I strongly suspect that there is something missing in these "Flat Earther"s brains that won't allow them to see this image, and understand how it works. That, and these people are generally poorly educated. Bu I truly think it's a brain issue, just not having the ability to see the effects of microgravity (even on a planetary scale), in a zero gravity environment (like space). Anyway, it's a guess.
  8. Nobody calls me a Parliamentary cur and gets away with it! Except that one guy once, that called me a Parliamentary cur and then ran away...I guess he got away with it. But most people who call me a Parliamentary cur don't get away with it. Actually, that guy who got away with it is the only guy that ever called me a Parliamentary cur. So, after today..only half the people who have called me a Parliamentary cur will have gotten away with it. So there! Possibly my favorite Family Guy scene.
  9. It is! And that is why I hate you.
  10. It's not the gore that terrifies you...it's the anticipation. The shark in Jaws wouldn't work well in water, so they had to shoot the movie by showing the expressions of the terrified people, and the anticipation of seeing the shark made the film much scarier. The reviews of the new Invisible Man movie say much the same thing. For nearly the whole movie, you don't see the Invisible Man, but the anticipation of whether he's there or not is overwhelming. I may see the movie just for that idea.
  11. In 1973 I saw The Exorcist in a theater. The entire movie, I couldn't move. I couldn't look away. i was terrified. At the end of the movie, the entire packed theater got up...and silently walked out of the theater. Nobody said a word. The second scarriest movie I ever saw was Exorcist 3. George C. Scott absolutely sold it. Nearly all the movie was seeing horror through other people's expressions. A truly terrifying movie. I saw The Exorcist again, with my adult Son a decade or so ago, and it was like a different movie. Not scary to me at all (or to my Son). I suspect in 1973, our expectations were different.
  12. Yes...yes they do. Remember the candy AIDS? Same thing. I suspect that Riffle Beer, would suffer the same fate.
  13. OK, that was pretty good. Good enough that Mark wishes he said it, and good enough that I'll claim I did say it.
  14. I know quoting yourself is weird. But I was thinking about how these figures seemed low. And then i re-read the statistics. 25% of the people who were asked if the Earth revolved around the Sun, or the Sun revolved around the Earth...got it wrong. But that means they didn't know, and guessed wrong. which means that half of the people who didn't know, guessed right. So the reality is; Half of the people in the US don't know whether the Earth revolves around the Sun or the Sun revolves around the Earth. Half are unaware of what the Big Bang is. This reality is unbelievable to me...until I factor in that the majority of people are not curious at all about anything outside their immediate lives.
  15. I understand. I've heard dumber arguments against evolution and global warming. I think much of this is a matter of education, not just stupidity. If you have no knowledge of science, just about everything makes equal sense. For example, your post shows knowledge of how gravity works, and why all planets are spherical. Many people cannot make that connection. I'm not joking. 25% of Americans do not know if the Earth revolves around the sun, or the Sun revolves around the Earth. Half don't believe in evolution, the big bang, or that electrons are smaller than atoms. Half think anti-biotics kill viruses. And, I think I mentioned in another thread that lots of people lead normal lives with severe prefrontal lobe damage..either due to a birth defect or trauma. It's just much harder for them to make these connections. And all statements seem equally plausible. . Most people are smart enough to survive, and not much else. About 40% of adults in America have not read a book in the last year. And most books read are fiction. Only 15% of books read are any form of non-fiction.
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