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  1. It's the same as any betting "System'. They always rely on an incomplete understanding of the math. Always. I'm not talking about counting cards, that's a skill. I'm talking about real gambling, thinking you have a secret way to beat the odds.
  2. Whenever I read something like "It's a tax write off" I remember that it doesn't mean it's free. He still gave all the money, he just didn't have to pay taxes on the contribution. But ....he still paid 10 billion real dollars. A guy came into our store asking me to donate to his cause by advertising in his book.. He told me it was (I think) $200. I thought about it and said 'I don't think so', and he said 'but it's tax deductable". And I said "Yes. That means it only costs me $200".
  3. He's an idiot. Global warming is a hoax. All the temperature increases are lies, and all the climatologists are in on it. Oh, and those weather girls? They are in on it too. That fact that I live in Ohio...in February...and haven't had to shovel snow at all this year.....or last year.....is a coincidence.
  4. I'm not joking here. Have you read any of her books? Is she disjointed and sporadic in her thinking in the books as well? Flights of imagination are much harder to write down, because the structure of language and writing kind of forces cohesive thinking. And quite a lot of the appeal of this kind of "thinking" is based on personality and being entertained. In reading a book, much of that is lost.
  5. I know nothing about ball lightning. I have no idea if it exists. I posted the video to show that this would be extremely easy to fake on a video.
  6. Of course, there is no way to fake something like this.
  7. Your face changes with the seasons? I'm sure it gives your family something to look forward to.
  8. When your photo was taken as your new Avatar.....was it just after you got caught embezzling company funds? Only guilty men cover their face with beards..... And the Amish....but only guilty men and the Amish. And 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche....but nobody else. And Abraham Lincoln....but that's It! And I mean it!
  9. That made me cry. Are you happy now?
  10. Maybe more "Mini-us" than you think Remember, no man has ever admitted to being his father.
  11. Seriously, I had no idea Kurt wasn't a member. Good, more victims for me.. And my ever present Mini-me..Riffle.
  12. Today marks the birthday of my dearest friend, Kurt Melvin. OK, maybe "Dearest Friend" is a stretch. Yes, definitely a stretch. In fact, I've never met him. Nor do I want to. Ever. OK, so maybe we should just forget the whole thing. On the other hand, Kurt likes nothing more than a great insult. So.... Kurt, you remind me of Dan Riffle, without the sexual charisma. That is all.
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