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  1. I am in the same situation age wise. In the 80's I had huge hope for all the innovations and where science could take us. That has been scuppered thanks to global warming. Even though we have the tech to produce clean energy (if we build enough wind farms, solar panels, longer life batteries etc) and cease our reliance on fossil fuels, and building those devices to scoop CO2 out of the atmosphere. It is our constant in-fighting, lack of cohesion as a race, greed and wanting business as usual that prevents us from getting on with it. It may be too late anyway but at least we should make the effort. I see small pockets of humans who are wealthy building underground cities to try and ride it out, to emerge when the rest of the population is decimated. Hardly any humans means no more pollution. How long those shelters would last for is debatable though. The question I would like answering is: If the human population is decimated and we stopped polluting, would the Earth actually recover?
  2. I suspect you have seen one of the Predator movies in the past. Alien who comes to Earth to hunt humans. They recently re-booted it with "The Predator" Now showing on cable TV. In this one, a rogue alien comes to Earth, not to hunt humans, but to give them something. However, he is seen as a threat based on past visits and ends up killing a bunch. At one point they capture him and test his DNA. Lots of human DNA in him? He then escapes because he gets wind that he is being hunted by a member of his species and that the gift must be retrieved at all cost. I won't tell you what the gift was lest you feel like seeing the movie, not a total spoiler. A clever scientist works out and tells his fellow humans that the more and more frequent visits from them and the human DNA indicates they are harvesting it to become hybrids so they can live on the Earth in the future without breathing masks. He says: "Thanks to global warming, how many more generations of humans will be able to live on the Earth, about two?", he asks. Then the aliens can move in unfettered. Interesting how they worked what is probably a truth into the film.
  3. The Australian Committee are probably on their sleep cycle at present but when they awake, I'm sure they will drop out of the remaining trees and address this oversight.
  4. My Ouija Board told me he has got together with Chris Squire, Jimi Hendrix, Kieth Emerson and David Bowie to form a super-group. Their first album, "From The Other Side" is out soon.
  5. Spelt, also known as dinkel wheat or hulled wheat, is a species of wheat cultivated since approximately 5000 BCE. It's an old spelling 😉
  6. Allow me to explain. This is I must state a how can the Mandela effect phenomenon exist theory I don't subscribe too. Only one thing, I was taught in school was that the Earth resided in the outer western spiral arm of the galaxy, but now it is in Orion's Spur, considerably closer to the center. This conflicts with me being a keen amateur astronomer and not seeing any change to the night sky configuration which you would expect. The most out there theory states that in 2012, the Earth actually was destroyed and the Mayan Calendar ending was correct in predicting this, Just as it happened, all of our consciousness were magically transferred and amalgamated with duplicates of ourselves in a near exact copy parallel universe with a very near duplicate Earth. This Earth and solar system was however a bit closer to the center of the Galaxy. The amalgamation of the memories was not however 100% successful. Fragments of memories remained from the transfer.which caused conflicts and dual memories in some. The Earth duplicate being slightly different has thrown up conflicts in historical memory. Things are slightly different. and some people with very strong connections to specific things on the other Earth are very upset and confused to see they are different. In your case, if you really had a memory of Fry's being spelt Frye's you would have not come from either of these Earths, there has been no conflict So where did you come from? I always wondered 😉.
  7. Shocking Downturn. I expect they will be gone soon. A visit is not reccomended
  8. I have moved beyond obsession. My psychiatrist has pronounced me clinically insane, so I am at peace with myself.
  9. I moved off planet several years ago. From my location on Mars (a beautiful cream colored world) I look through my telescope at Earth and see a blue/green planet. I have heard from you, part of the 3% who sees the sky still as blue.
  10. Rather an extreme reaction from you. I would suggest you see a psychiatrist. 😉
  11. 97% of the Earth's population suddenly announce that the the sky is green. Nothing else in the way of coloring is disagreed on. The remaining 3% that see it as it is/was are enough to demand that everyone takes a color blindness test. Everybody it taken into windowless rooms with artificial light and take the test. All pass (except for people who are already color blind), the testing goes further, brain scans, testing for illness or disease, or signs of mental illness, other extensive eye testing too. No problems and no differences between the 97% and the 3%.are found. If you were part of the 3%, how would you handle this. Would you carry on insisting that the sky is blue? Would you rely on what you are still seeing with your own eyes and remembering that it always was blue. The 97% remember it being blue too but now insist it is green, but no scientific research on the atmosphere composition can account for it changing color, which to your perceptions, it hasn't. Would you begin to feel ostracized by the majority opinion and go along with them? I will add that this state of affairs goes on for generations, always with the same percentage of green and blue perceivers. So, for the majority of the population, the blue sky memory fades, except for the 3% I suspect it will eventually turn into something akin to racism
  12. An Island off Japan. It has a lifetime social structure of companionship and support, family or otherwise. People are kept interested in life and included. Another reason is to have long standing hobby, a passionate interest in something. Look at David Attenborough, still going strong in his nineties. Interesting. https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20191218-tips-for-longevity-from-the-oldest-people-on-earth
  13. Yet again,you are missing the point..If you look at this guys thought processes and some good evidence, you would find it compelling and yes, it does matter. The fact is, historically, now, there has never been a single instance of the words ""May" be closer than they appear" on any US wing mirror. You look, you will not find any, even in films. So why do I, and countless others remember this, and I remember having the debate in the car as to why they would put "May", most inappropriate. Well, something listened and it never was, it never happened! That in itself is an anomaly, call it a Mandela Effect, call it what you like, yet it is true. You realise that you, Claude and others are quite simply exactly the deniers that the guy points out in the first video.
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