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  1. Mike

    Is it my eyes, my computer, or has all the text of posts look too light, faded and difficult to read?


  2. Did you read the update on my 4k TV thread. Although it's not advertised, the TV is HDR. You need one of these for each room of your house, and the attic. (at those prices)

    1. Dan Riffle

      Dan Riffle

      I saw that, but haven't had time to research it. If it truly has HDR capability, you've found the Holy Grail. 

  3. Sal

    I told the wife about your predicament and she implored me to tell you about The Gerson institute. I said you probably knew about that being an alt remedies expert, but I suppose I had better anyway, just in case. 

      https://gerson.org/gerpress/ They have clinics all over and specialise in blasting away cancers with vegetable and fruit juce and special diets, coffee enema's, you name it.  Saw an interesting docu on it a while back. A bit like Nikken in a way, though they use supplements to build up your body to resist and fight off afflictions. Lots of info on youtube about Gerson

    If conventional medicine offers you nothing but morphine then anythings worth looking at.



    1. HeySal


      Thanks, Mark.  I know about Gerson - and Budwig, both.  The cottage cheese mixed with ground flax seed that I eat almost daily is from those diets.  I fed it to Ricky when I was curing his bone cancer.  I'm trying to dig up funds for a rife machine or find a used one.  (Read "50 Years of Suppression: The Cure That Worked" - it's the best outline of how our med system got hijacked by money you'll find. Goes a long way in showing people how the industry works behind the scenes.)  Can't afford therapies like Ozone or C infusion, etc. So I'm just doing what I'm familiar with and continuing to research. 

      I'm also doing the black raspberry (organic, dried and ground myself), Turmeric, of course, colostrum, liposomal glutathione, liposomal Vit C, sour sop (Graviola) and a few topicals. I'm looking for liposomal ubiquinol, and some chewable probiotics and I'll have a full set of current knowledge remedies. 

  4. My head's fully loaded with the latest audio in and out technology and I would hope yours is as well. Although, reading some of your posts, perhaps the audio out is coming from somewhere else?
  5. I've often wondered about that myself Said mr potato head
  6. I see you scraped the original idea: "Here Comes Big Claude Whitacre", Can't say I'm surprised. Congrats and good for you.
  7. It's such a radical departure, I was not prepared for this, will be seeking therapy.
  8. Big Mike called it all pseudo-science when all the article was about was the admission by Nature magazine and possibly others, that a sizeable chunk of what they publish has not been confirmed or reproduced by other scientists. 

    In the other thread about vaccinations I pointed out my misgivings about vaccination against "everything" and the ones for specific childhood illnesses in particular possibly having side effects/ailments yet to be clearly defined because they are still relatively new.  Boosters are required as the effects of the innoculations wear off, the body does not remember what to do if the threat re-occurs like it would do if you had had chicken pox for example. If boosters are neglected or simply not available, (another misgiving about the fragility of us being cocooned and dependant) then in adult life the ailments can be more severe. 

    That makes me a big picture guy, always looking at long term repercussions of actions on a grand scale.

    Mike is an intelligent, mind made up guy. Short term thinking. If he thinks the good outweighs the bad then that's it, every doubting argument is twaddle. 

    He is a hard taskmaster. However, he (by his admission) has a high IQ and a MENSA member. In fields that are his area of expertise and are cut and dried facts he will put us all to shame. Yes, even Riffle, there, I said it. ;)

    A useful guy to have around, just his execution and social skills needs a little work.

    Perhaps you should not expect that from an Einstein.;)



    1. Claude Whitacre

      Claude Whitacre

      You can always be nice to others. It costs nothing, and insulting someone (I mean real insults, not the playful ones) makes people stop listening to you. 

      Anyway. it was the fact that he was being insulting to you, and you did nothing to deserve it.


  9. I have an annoying re-direct on Firefox on my laptop. I have not been able to get rid of it yet. I am using Chrome, no problems with that. However, I still want to get rid of it. So, like many, I have Googled it. Sure enough, there are pages of answers, some are You-Tube Vids, some are web-pages of instructions, but many are advertising browser cleaning software. Some of course will give instructions but then say well the easy way is to buy xyz software. Answering peoples questions, solving problems is a great way to market, we all know that. Putting up a page full of answers and advertising makes money.and easily gets to the top of the search results. But of course, you don't want to put up a page that only half a dozen people will see because the question is only asked that many times a year. So, question, is their any software or quick method you know of for finding low hanging fruit in this area that you know of for uncovering these obscure questions that may surprisingly be getting a lot of asks for a reasonable amount of time?
  10. Aside from saying, and it also comes in pink, how do you differentiate selling to women as opposed to men. Men are very much specs oriented and go to a store, grab the product and walk to the checkout. Women take longer to browse and make a decision. Is there a pattern to this. Does the approach have to be different etc?
  11. That's why your currently showing zero posts
  12. Mine has gone down from 150 to 5 and everyone else is showing similar numbers? :
  13. As I said, it is a fantasy, but let's say it happened, would the Sharks fear for their lives, run a mile?
  14. You should be thinking how much the world economy would be trashed if such an invention was publicised and how many people would try and stifle it. Take the Rose colored glasses off. I seriously doubt if he would even get a patent
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