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  1. Google Testing Mega SERP

    It wouldn't be so bad if it was just for questions (answer box) but it seems to be for all kinds of nonsense and pretty pointless in many cases. One thing I searched for was legally related to do with the UK and a related question showed a snippet from Flippa lol. I left some feedback for the answer box maybe a year ago because the answer it was showing was for the US and I'm in England. I can't remember what I searched for but whatever it was the answer box was showing was either dangerous or illegal in the UK.
  2. SSL and Ranking Boost

    I just added SSL to one of my sites couple weeks back, not noticed any difference to this point but did it really to see whether it would have any difference on conversions by maybe adding a bit of "trust factor" but haven't noticed any benefit. Also I have another far more profitable site I want to add it on but not having gone from http to https before I thought I'd use the first one just to get my feet wet.
  3. Seeing strange results

    Seems a fair number of people are reporting this issue now and those that have removed the videos have seen their rankings return to normal. Must be some kind of glitch, Hope my competitors don't figure it out for a while anyway.
  4. Seeing strange results

    No I checked the archive now, the videos have been there from day 1, or at least as far back as the archive goes. It's only this morning I noticed the dates showing by the meta in googles results (they weren't there previously), and rankings have dropped. I know one result was #1 at about 8.00am UK time with no date, and by mid morning the date is there and they are #3.
  5. Seeing strange results

    That's what I thought, but every page I've checked now that has an old video on it has lost ranking. Coincidence, I don't think so because why do people update their posts and put it in the content when the post has been updated other than to let google know it's recent?
  6. Seeing strange results

    I just found this actually -!topic/webmasters/HaVfQDgiyn8;context-place=forum/webmasters
  7. Seeing strange results

    Yes that's what they're doing, the 2010 page has 3 videos on it and the date showing in the search results of their post is the exact date of when one of the videos were published, 2010. Of course it doesn't show when I checked the page source. I should have checked the page properly before viewing the source I suppose but don't like to spend too much time on their site. But would this cause them to drop in ranking because google is viewing it as an old post that hasn't been updated in several years which would seem a bit of a flaw in their algo if it is.
  8. Seeing strange results

    The person who's site I keep an eye on is a business partner and his page had a youtube video from 2009 which he's changed to a more recent one so will wait to see if this has any effect. Might be google thinking it hasn't been updated for years and has put more recent results before his? Although I think that would be a bit stupid so don't think that's right but we'll see I suppose. The others, the 2014 date I could only see 2014 in the image url's (the upload folder dated 2014), and the 2010 page there is a small list of six dates, one of them being 2010-11 and that was all.
  9. I've noticed something strange today on, don't know about elsewhere as I haven't checked. Ok somebodys site that I keep an eye on has dropped down about 10 spots. I noticed that the meta description in google results now has the date displaying first, which is a date from 2009 before the domain was even registered. I check the main keyword for one of my domains and the person ranking #1 (one above me) has dropped to #3, and now there is a date displaying before their meta which wasn't before (2014). I checked another keyword but they're in the same spot, no date showing. Checked another keyword where they were #1 and now they are #8, date showing before meta where it wasn't before, and 2010, 3 years before the domain was registered. Anybody know if this is a coincidence, seeing the same thing, or have any ideas? Maybe the dates are coincidence but don't know why they've started showing and a couple are before the domains were registered.
  10. You visited this page on...

    Yeah seen it before, mostly on my phone. I usually clear my google search history in my account from time to time.
  11. I want to have an app made for a website, does anybody know any trusted app developers?. I'm no expert but should be a pretty simple task. Thanks.
  12. DMOZ gets a makeover

    I prefer the old style, not that I ever use it. Edit: Ok, I've just used the site to try to get a site submitted, yet again. Still prefer the old style.
  13. I am a regular person. Anybody can go and book an expiring domain for themselves if they're first in the que. There's no special skill in what I do. As I said I'm not a coder but researched what's needed, found people that could provide what's needed and paid for it. Unlike people who do have the skills I can't update or tweak my script and look for loopholes etc so I am at a disadvantage to those that can. I researched everything and paid for the script, VDS etc because my focus is the UK and rather than just be limited to backordering or buying expired .uk domains from catchers, or lose them to other people who might be competitors in my niches, I have another weapon in my arsenal so to speak. I'm not annoyed that people sell them for a profit I said it's annoying when you want to register a domain and find that somebody is holding it to sell. But that's how it is. Believe me, if I think a domain is worth what somebody is asking then I'll buy it, and have done as recently as last week. I don't catch many that I don't use myself, and those that I have caught and sold on or caught for other people for a small fee help cover the costs of the VDS, drop lists etc.
  14. I disagree. I'm not actively going to registrars and registering domains that are free to register to sell for profit. If there is a domain expiring that will likely sell for a profit then I'll try and catch it, the same as what anybody else in the world can do. As I said, most domains I catch or have catchers catch for me are for my own use. If I catch something that I won't use and somebody else will happily pay me for then that's a bonus. Also the people I sell to are also trying to catch the same domains so it's just a matter of who gets lucky. And I said it was annoying, I was not complaining.
  15. Almost instant Google answer box

    I've been in a few answer boxes, didn't really notice much difference in traffic got to say. I've typed in my keywords before and then looked at related searches and where any are questions I've edited any relevant pages or posts with the question in a heading and written a new paragraph on it and it's done the trick. Only done it couple of times though to be honest.