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  1. I quit high school at 16 to go to work, there. I made $1.00 an hour and brought home $38.20 after taxes. I thought I was rich. lol I ate piles of breaded and deep-fried chicken skin for breakfast. Loved it. :-) Cheers. - Frank
  2. Personally, I never give a crap about what anyone else does and how old they were when they did it. Continuously looking outside yourself for validation, motivation, inspiration or hope of any kind is an exercise in futility. You ain't that person, so their achievements mean nothing. Take the measure of who you are as a person. You're either a winner or a loser and you know the truth regarding that. In my world there is no middle ground. That said, we all have different expectation levels of when we can consider ourselves a winner. I deemed myself a winner they day I got off the plane from Saigon. Everything else has been gravy. The only person I look to impress, is myself because my opinion of myself is the only one that actually matters. That's what makes me so special. :-) Cheers. - Frank
  3. Check out DAP (Digital Access Pass) I believe they just released 5.0. I used it for a couple years. It did everything I needed and they keep improving it. Not cheap, though. Cheers. - Frank
  4. If that's true, why does he still show 5 left? :-) Cheers. - Frank
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